Month: April 2017

Aftermath – FFVII Ep. 36

Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII. Last episode… well, shit really hit the fan. Cloud basically went insane, handed the Black Materia over to Sephiroth, and then WEAPON woke up, and blasted out of the Northen Crater. The party, sans Cloud, all are assumed to have escaped on the Highwind with Rufus and the rest of Shinra. That’s where we left off, so… let’s see what’s going on now.

MUSIC: Anxious Heart

Oh hey, it’s Cloud! …in a featureless black void.


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The Northern Crater – FFVII Ep. 35

Welcome back to Save File plays FFVII! Last time, the party almost got destroyed by a boss, but managed to prevail and scale the entirety of Gaea’s Cliff. Now, they’ve made it to the Northern Crater, where Sephiroth awaits (apparently). Let’s see what transpires when we advance further on!

MUSIC: The Great North Cave

vlcsnap-2016-07-04-11h22m22s199 vlcsnap-2016-07-04-11h22m27s247


MUSIC: The Shinra Corporation

Scarlet: Kyaah haa hah haa hah haa… hah. This is incredible!
Heidegger: This is the Promised Land the President had been searching for!
Rufus: But I’ll be the one who gets it. Sorry, old man.

Hojo: That land is no one’s. It’s where the Reunion will take place… They will all gather here. I wonder if we’ll see… Sephiroth?


Uh… Oops – Heavy Rain Ep. 20

I mean, honestly, you should NOT go to investigate a known killer in a chop shop all by yourself. That is just a poor life decision.

What Would YOU Do For a Klondike Bar?

Would you… Would you KILL A MAN? Megan would, apparently. Wait, are we not talking about Klondike Bars here?

Antiquing – Heavy Rain Ep. 18

WHO KNOWS THIS MUCH ABOUT TYPEWRITERS?! And who makes a shop specifically catering to clocks and typewriters?