Mt. Corel – FFVII EP. 18

Welcome back to Save File Plays FFVII! Last time, we made it across the ocean, and got to hang out in a sweet resort town. We also encountered Hojo, and learned virtually nothing from said encounter. There… there’s no real indication of where we’re supposed to go next, but let’s just get back to it, I guess?

MUSIC: Main Theme of FFVII

Time to head on out! I’d just like to point out that this is the only town with a dock on this continent. Junon is the only town with a dock on the other continent. This… this is not a very highly populated world.

It looks pretty much like the other continent, I must say.

There’s a river in the way, so we’re forced to wrap around the cliff instead.

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h08m48s241 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h08m50s14
This guy is called a Grangalan!

He’s full of buzz saws, apparently, that he loves to spit at the party.

And if you don’t kill him quickly enough, he pops out a Grangalan Jr.! Who also spits out smaller buzz saws.

And then the Jr. spits out 3 Junior Jrs. And the most annoying bit about is that you can’t hit the one in the back unless a character has a long range weapon.

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h09m38s230 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h09m40s250
But I’ve got Yuffie! And if you kill the main guy, the others are defeated as well. It makes the entire battle go much more quickly.

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h09m57s170 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h10m02s222
The party continues to travel, going over a pretty sweet land bridge.

There’s a cave over there that we’re not going to be able to access for a very, very long time. Keep it in mind though!

We’re instead going to head into this other, unrelated cave. Which, once we enter it, isn’t a cave of any sort at all! And I also really love the variation on the main theme that plays here.

MUSIC: Holding My Thoughts in My Heart

It’s actually one of the prettier environments in the game.

Old Fella: You’re actually talking to me.
Cloud: What is it?
Old Fella: I just passed a guy in a black cape back there. I tried to tell him that it’s dangerous up ahead, and he ignored me!
Cloud: Sephiroth…
Tifa: Let’s hurry on!
Yuffie: Oh gawd, what a drag!

And then the party disappeared into the sun, never to be seen again.

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h11m34s113 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h11m37s142 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h11m40s170
Man, check out that lens flare!

Here are some of the enemies encountered here on Mt. Corel! The Dinobeetle, Thunderbird and Many-Mouthed Mushroom Worm! (NONE OF THESE NAMES ARE OFFICIAL).

The Dinobeetle defends its territory using its horn, claws, and teeth.

The Many-Mouthed Mushroom Worm holds many seeds within its many mouths, and used them as projectiles when encountered by a hostile entity.

The Thunderbird was killed too quickly for me to figure out what it does. You’ll get to see it later, though!


MUSIC: Mako Reactor

Aw… well, this ruins the whole nature walk!

Mako Reactors are apparently the natural habitat of the horribly mutated Dinobeetles. I’m not surprised. Are you surprised? Because I’m not surprised.

This area is also home to the elusive Hoover Fish. Why is it called the Hoover Fish?

Ah, yes.

Ooooooo, check this out! Cloud has learned his next Limit Break! It’s no surprise to me that Cloud was the first.  The next tier of Limit Breaks is learned by killing a set amount of enemies. By virtue of always being in the party, Cloud has the highest number to meet. But, also by virtue of always being in the party, he usually kills the most enemies, since I’m going to try and switch everyone around a lot. Yuffie gained a level too. Woo!

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h15m24s111 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h15m26s130
Cloud now is at Limit Level 2. It will take more damage for him to reach his Limit Break, but it’s also going to be much more powerful than either of the level 1 Limit Breaks. I’ll probably get to show it off this update.

All right, let’s get away from this thing.

Ahh, that’s much better.

MUSIC: Holding My Thoughts in My Heart

Ah yes, here we have the Purple Cockatrice. They’re not too threatening, except for the fact that…


Luckily, though, it’s a delayed status effect. If you defeat the monster first, it won’t happen. You can also use a Soft, and it will stop the timer. I go for the first option, as it is much more metal.

Ah, yes, we are starting to hit the point where some of our Materia is starting to level up. In the case of All Materia, at Level 1, you can only target all with a spell once per battle. Once it is Level 2, you can do it twice. So on and so forth. Once it hits Level 5 (Master Level), you can target all as much as you friggin’ want! All Materia also levels up the quickest.

Here we have Bombs. Bombs are assholes. At least at this point in the game.

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h18m14s21 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h18m19s63 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h18m19s71
If you can’t kill a Bomb in 3 hits…

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h18m44s65 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h18m47s91 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h18m49s109
They explode on you, causing a hefty bit of damage, but the more annoying part is that you’re denied any experience or AP for them. Sucks.


vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h19m15s117 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h19m18s149
We arrive on a train track that seems to be in an alarming state of disrepair. At certain points, the track gives way. You can jump over it, but there is loot to be found below!

The first time I fell, I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to do, and by the time I started to tap the button, it was too late.

So I miss out on all that sweet loot.

A new weapon for Barret is found in a treasure chest!

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h19m48s187 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h19m49s201
Luckily, or unluckily (however you want to look at it), there is another spot where the track gives way.

And I get to nab a new weapon for Aeris.

Ah, yes, more Thunderbirds!

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h22m01s236 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h22m02s251vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h22m03s5
And THAT is why I call them Thunderbirds.

Turbo Ethers are pretty great. Regular Ethers restore up to 150 MP. Turbo Ethers restore up to 999. They also only sell for 1 gil, so I have no reason to ever sell them like I do with regular Ethers.

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h22m38s97 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h22m51s226
One more section of weak track, and I get to nab a Star Pendant, an accessory that prevents Poison.

Transform Materia attempts to either shrink (Mini) an enemy, or turn it into a frog. It can actually be pretty handy. There’s one particular spot I always tend to use it.

Given the choice of two different directions to go, I head for the low road first.

Red: There seems to be an instrument in that hut that manipulates this bridge. Perhaps it’s best if we rest a moment.

I’m then given an option to switch the party up if I so choose. I should have done it, just for variety, but I didn’t. OH WELL.



vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h25m17s151 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h25m18s165
Cloud: Come on, Cloud, don’t let it get to you. Let’s see… this is it. Maybe if I turn this… something should happen.

There we go! And there they go too!

It’s also totally possible to climb up this… wall?

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h25m42s145 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h25m46s180
Oooo, looks like some free swag to me.

Tifa: Oh! Cloud! Your hair looks like a Chocobo!
Yuffie: Come to mommy!



Ah, yes, more Many-Mouthed Mushroom Worms and Thunderbirds. This looks like a good time to show off Cloud’s new Limit Break.

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h27m46s96 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h27m50s140 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h27m53s170 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h27m56s200 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h27m59s222
I can dig it.

Nice, more Materia levels!

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h28m32s54 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h29m11s186
Now we can loop back down and around to the low road to continue on.


You know, I don’t think I ever realized how many different ways there are to go on Mt. Corel. If we take the downward track here, we can find a cave with some treasure and a dude.

Inside are a Tent, Mind Source, and Power Source.

Guy: Look, I’m sorry, but I can’t do a thing for you!

At least he’s honest about it. Also, we stole all his stuff, and he seems to be fine with it.

Awesome! Now Tifa and Yuffie both have access to Ice2 and Lightning2. I’ll try and remember to show them off (I am bad at using any magic that isn’t Cure).

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h31m18s173 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h31m21s210
Damn, that’s a long bridge.


Really though, that just doesn’t even seem safe.

MUSIC: Mark of a Traitor

On the other side is the… town…? Of North Corel.

Hey, look, Barret’s already here!

WHOA. Damn!

Jerk #1: They kick you out of another town or somethin’? You destroy everything you touch.
Jerk #2: You got a lot of nerve comin’ back here! Look at this place! It’s all your fault North Corel turned into a garbage heap! Why don’t you say something? Or did you forget what you’ve done here already?!

Jerk #2: ^%$#! You ain’t even worth the effort.
Jerk #3: Don’t waste your time talkin’ to that Techno-freak!


Barret runs off before we can say anything to him. We may as well chat with the townsfolk to figure out what’s going on (or what went on) here.

Nope. I know who you SAY is responsible for North Corel winding up like this, but I don’t know the whole story.

Jerk #1: The only way we can make ends meet around here now is by collecting junk!

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h33m12s40 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h33m14s61
Yeesh… I know I should support the local business, but I think I’m good on that.

Cloud: What’s your story?
Shopkeeper: Take that road on the left to the Ropeway station! The Ropeway will take you to the Gold Saucer. It don’t mean much to us poor folks though…

He doesn’t have anything we haven’t seen before.

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h33m56s219 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h33m58s239
This guy, though, I always forget about. If I hadn’t stolen Shinra Betas on the boat, I’d want to pick up Carbon Bangles here. Yuffie came equipped with one by default. He also has the Force Stealer, a new sword for Cloud. It’s more powerful than the Hardedge, and even though it only has 3 Materia slots, it also has DOUBLE Materia Growth. Which means each battle gives the Materia in that weapon double the AP. VERY handy.

Cloud: I wouldn’t know. That’s right.
Miner: I guess I should get a ‘0’ tattoo! For a poor man like me, ‘0’ oughtta be perfect.


vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h34m36s110 vlcsnap-2016-05-30-01h34m40s151
NEXT TIME: We’ll find out what all this drama is about!

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