A Day At the Beach – FFVII Ep. 17

Welcome back to Save File Plays FFVII! Last time, we stowed away on a boat to cross the ocean in order to pursue Sephiroth, but it turns out that he was on the same boat! WHAT COINCIDENCE! And then we fought the arm of his mother that somehow turned into a gigantic monster. Or something. Listen. I never said that this game made a whole lot of sense when you start to think about it.

ANYWAYS. We made it across the ocean. Now we’re in the town of Costa Del Sol, which happens to have one of the grooviest songs in the game.

MUSIC: Costa Del Sol

Barret: But I sure feel better now that I can say goodbye to this sailor suit. Yo, listen up!! Y’all be sure to mingle like regular folks here!
Aeris: Oh, too bad. I liked Barret’s sailor suit. He looked so cute!
Barret: What’ya mean, “cute?!”
Tifa: Right, well… Barret, why don’t you use that sailor suit for pajamas? Right, Cloud?

Barret: The hell’s that supposed to mean?! That happens to be the most comfortable, so shu’up!
Red: *puff puff* Would you kindly hurry? The heat here is drying my nose.
Yuffie: Yeah, mine too!
Cloud: All right, we’ll take a break and then head off. Don’t wander too far off.
Barret: I’ll wander wherever I damn well want! Who made him the leader?

Good question. I think it somehow ended up being one of those unspoken agreements.

Red: I’m going to rest somewhere cool.
Aeris: Maybe I should get a tan for a change. Which do you like, Cloud?
Cloud: I like fair complexions. Maybe a healthy tan is nice.
Aeris: Got it. I’ll remember that.

Sailor: It seems like he’s here on business this time. I’m so jealous of him I could spit. We’re both about the same age, but he’s President.
Sailor #2: You’re stowaways, right? It’s okay, I’m used to them. The truth is, before I worked here, I was one of the best.

Lounging Lady: On the marine blue sea, Gazing at the eternal skies that seem to go on forever… Gives you the feeling like you’re taking a nap on the wing of a Cessna. It’s the ultimate high!

But that IS what you’re going! It would OBVIOUSLY give you that feeling if that is exactly what you’re doing! GET A JOB, YOU HIPPIE.

Speedo Man: Heh heh! Got nothing to do with us, does it?

After Cloud & Co. head off screen, a helicopter flies in.

MUSIC: The Shinra Corporation

Heidegger: Gya haa haa! Hurry up with that!

Heidegger: …yes.
Rufus: And it seems Cloud and the others were on board too.
Heidegger: … yes.
Rufus: They all slipped through… You messed up big this time, Heidegger.
Heidegger: I’m ashamed of myself.
Rufus: Is that all you can do? Give one word answers and apologize for everything?


To be fair, it’s pretty lucky for us that Heidegger is particularly abysmal at his job.

MUSIC: Costa Del Sol

All right, let’s explore a little, shall we?

Guy: Mmm… five more minutes. Huh?!

Guy: Take your  time and look around. So are you seriously considering buying?
Cloud: The heck do ya mean? What are you selling?
Guy: That’s pretty low. Are you pulling my leg? I’m talking about this house. This villa used to belong to President Shinra. It only recently came back on the market. How do you like it? It has a large lot, comes fully furnished with this goose-down bed, and there’s even a basement to boot. The villagers call it the Shinra Villa. Of course, we’re not giving it away…
Cloud: How much is it?

Guy: Well, the price, for your information, is a steal at 300,000 gul. Out of your range? Out! Go on, out!

Oh, mark my words. I will be back to purchase this damn house. I WILL BE BACK.


Sweet. At least we have free reign to loot the basement. We also find a Motor Drive (new weapon for Tifa), and a Fire Ring, which is an awesome accessory that allows the wearer to absorb all Fire elemental attacks.

Oh hey, it’s Johnny! Haven’t seen him since Midgar!

Johnny: We were in SOLDIER, and childhood friends before that. You were such a playboy. And a $#&^ murderer! Why can’t I remember your name?
Cloud: Who are YOU? I’m Cloud, and don’t forget it.
Johnny: That’s right. Long time no see. Do you remember me? That’s okay. We’ll just pretend like we don’t know each other. I started a new life in this town. A lot of things happened to us. Heh, I better stop my complaining! I sure envy you all living out under the stars. I’m sorry about that. He’s had some big shocks and has been depressed lately.

I, uh… have no idea what’s going on with Johnny here. It sounds to me like he’s envious of/angry at Cloud. The first time we saw Johnny, he was getting kicked out of Tifa’s bar. He was then on the train that the party took to take out the Sector 5 reactor. His accusations of Cloud being a murderer aren’t unfounded, since Johnny’s parents lived in Sector 7, and were presumably squashed by the Shinra when they smashed the plate in attempt to get at AVALANCHE. That last bit though… makes him sound like he has some sort of disassociative disorder.

WELP. Let’s get away from him before he decides to murder our faces off.

As a small side note, if Tifa weren’t in our current party, she’d be in here having a conversation with Johnny.

Red: It’s not as if I’m doing this because I want to. You see, this tail of mine, moves quite independently of my will.

Red XIII is lounging in the shade, and his tail keeps hitting the soccer ball back to the two kids that are running around.

Cloud can also punt the ball at him, but that seems rather rude.

I actually pick up another Revive Materia here. Can’t hurt. And if I end up not using it, I end up not using it. I’d rather have it and not need it than vice versa though.

Also, if Yuffie weren’t currently in the party, she’d be here “working” at this Materia shop.

I DO actually purchase some Softs. There are enemies in the next area that can cause the Petrification status, and Softs are the only way to cure that. It’s always better to be prepared!

Let’s hit the BEACH!

Tifa: Look! Look at that!
Cloud: Is that man over there Hojo?
Tifa: Go over and talk to him.
Aeris: I have a bad feeling about this.

Woman: (Hey, who do you think you are?) Professor Hojo. That scary man says he wants to talk with you.
Hojo: I’m busy right now.
Woman: …but, too bad.

Hojo: Long time no see, Cloud.
Cloud: Hojo…
Hojo: Sometimes you just gotta do something like this.
Cloud: What are you doing?
Hojo: It should be obvious. I’m getting a tan.
Cloud: Answer me!
Hojo: Hmm! I believe we’re both after the same goal.
Cloud: You mean Sephiroth?
Hojo: Did you see him? I see, ha ha!

If he’s trying to get a tan… why is he still wearing a lab coat?

Hojo: Nothing. I just remembered a certain hypothesis… Haven’t you ever had the feeling that something is calling you? Or that you had to visit some place?
Cloud: I’ll go anywhere Sephiroth is at! To beat him and put an end to all this!
Hojo: I see… this could be interesting. Were you in SOLDIER? Heh heh heh! Would you like to be my guinea pig?

Yuffie: Knock it off, Cloud! Look, I don’t know, but he knows a lot of stuff, right?
Hojo: Ha ha ha! … Say, aren’t you the ‘Ancient?’
Aeris: I’m Aeris. The least you can do is remember my name. I want you to tell me something, Professor Hojo… I know I’m an Ancient. My mother told me.
Hojo: Your mother? Oh, you mean Ifalna. How is she?
Aeris: You didn’t know?! She died.
Hojo: …I see.
Aeris: Professor Hojo? Is Jenova an Ancient? Is Sephiroth an Ancient? Do we all have the same blood?
Hojo: *mumble mumble*… head west.
Aeris: He’s mumbling slowly… that must mean he’s hiding something!

I don’t think that’s what it means. I mumble all the time. I just don’t speak loudly.

Tifa: Hey! Answer us!
Cloud: It’s no use. It’s no go.

And that’s all we can get out of Hojo. May as well rest up at the Inn before we head out.

At least I won’t have any trouble finding it…

Barret: Hey, yo!!! Someone’s in here, all right?!

Aeris: There’s so many things I don’t understand… I feel a little uneasy. Cloud? What do you think of me?
Cloud: I dunno. Nothing much. Sorry, but I never think about those things.
Aeris: How could you say such a thing? Sometimes you make me so mad! Oh, I never should have brought it up! I don’t want to talk about it!

Aw geez. You really dun goofed on that one, Cloud. The only thing worse than “We need to talk” is “I don’t want to talk about it!”

Innkeeper: You must be tired. The weather for Costa del Sol tomorrow is going to be… sunny, again. Cradled by the sound of the ocean… sweet dreams…

Man, I totally want to go to the beach now.

NEXT TIME: We have a whole new continent to explore!

Also, I’m trying to make updates a little shorter from here on out. It’s a lot easier for me to do, and it makes it easier for you to digest as well, I hope. Thanks for reading!

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