Month: November 2016

A Day At the Beach – FFVII Ep. 17

Welcome back to Save File Plays FFVII! Last time, we stowed away on a boat to cross the ocean in order to pursue Sephiroth, but it turns out that he was on the same boat! WHAT COINCIDENCE! And then we fought the arm of his mother that somehow turned into a gigantic monster. Or something. Listen. I never said that this game made a whole lot of sense when you start to think about it.

ANYWAYS. We made it across the ocean. Now we’re in the town of Costa Del Sol, which happens to have one of the grooviest songs in the game.

MUSIC: Costa Del Sol

Barret: But I sure feel better now that I can say goodbye to this sailor suit. Yo, listen up!! Y’all be sure to mingle like regular folks here!
Aeris: Oh, too bad. I liked Barret’s sailor suit. He looked so cute!
Barret: What’ya mean, “cute?!”
Tifa: Right, well… Barret, why don’t you use that sailor suit for pajamas? Right, Cloud?

Barret: The hell’s that supposed to mean?! That happens to be the most comfortable, so shu’up!
Red: *puff puff* Would you kindly hurry? The heat here is drying my nose.
Yuffie: Yeah, mine too!
Cloud: All right, we’ll take a break and then head off. Don’t wander too far off.
Barret: I’ll wander wherever I damn well want! Who made him the leader?

Good question. I think it somehow ended up being one of those unspoken agreements.


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