Month: October 2016


Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII! Last time, we managed to convince the President of Shinra that Cloud was a member of SOLDIER, so that we could sneak onto the Shinra boat to cross the ocean in pursuit of Sephiroth. Now that all that is said and done, we achieved our goal and are currently on a boat, deep undercover. Let’s see how this journey goes, shall we?

MUSIC: I’m On a Boat

Er, wait… no, that’s not right.

MUSIC: It’s Difficult To Stand on Both Feet

There we go.

We start right down in the cargo area. There are a couple of soldiers and sailors running around, but there is also some treasure in plain sight.

Oooh, that’ll be nice to help out my anemic wallet.

Sailor: The new President’s probably the same. He’s just gonna order us around anyway.

Well, that’s a pretty pessimistic view. Buuuutttt…. given what I’ve seen of they guy, he’s pretty much correct.

Yuffie: Hey, Cloud. You have any ‘Tranquilizers?’
Cloud: Here, use this. Nope.
Yuffie: Thanks. Gross… this is bitter.  Where are the others? I dunno. Aren’t they hiding somewhere around here? How should I know? Ugh… urk…

I feel kinda bad for her. I used to get motion sick all the time, it’s not a fun experience. Shit, sometimes I still get motion sick when playing some video games. Sucks.


Let’s Be RATION-al! – The Walking Dead S1 Ep. 2 P2

Let Me AXE You Something! – The Walking Dead S1 Ep. 2 P1

Soldier Life – FFVII Ep. 15

Oh, hello. Welcome back to Save File Plays FFVII. Last time, We screwed up playing the Fort Condor mini-game, and spent all of my money. We then made it to Junon, beat up a boss, saved a little girl’s life, and took part in a parade honoring the new president of Shinra Inc. Whoops. Now, I’m pretty sure we’re trying to find a way to cross the ocean? Things are a little muddy at this point. Let’s try and get it sorted, shall we?

MUSIC: Welcoming Ceremony

Oh, yeah. The office was mad because he cut himself on Cloud’s edge. So now Cloud is being punished by having to do more rehearsal. THE MILITARY, EVERYONE. (I am in no way shape or form mocking the REAL military, just this stupid, fake one.)

Ep. 14.mp4_001841823
Officer: I’ll keep drilling you until it’s time.

WHOA NOW, This game is only rated T for Teen!


Ohhhhhhhh, you mean…

Heh. My mistake.

Ep. 14.mp4_001862223
Officer: Today’s command is formation! Remember it! Ready? Junon Military Send Off, BEGIN!

Ep. 14.mp4_001897762
What ensues us a mini-game where the Commander gives us orders such as turn left, turn right, or use one of the four main buttons. Unfortunately for me, I had my controller mapped incorrectly, and didn’t think to fix it. So I don’t do as well as I should have. EXCUSES. I mean, I know I could have remapped it or done it again, but I am an impatient man (I eventually fix it).

Ep. 14.mp4_001930483
Soldier #1: Commander!! What’s today’s special pose?
Officer: Huh? …I haven’t decided yet. All right, rookie! I’ll let you decide! Show me your best move!

“Show me your move?” Who does this guy think he is, Captain Falcon?

Ep. 14.mp4_001954400

MUSIC: Victory!


Cloud proceeds to spin his rifle around like he does his sword at the end of battles.