Forest Ninjas – FFVII Ep. 13

Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII! Last time, we finished off the flashback, and then got eaten by a giant snake. That… that last part wasn’t supposed to happen. Okay, it was, but only because I wanted to show it off. This time, I’ll get around it the right way, and then our plucky party will get to continue on their adventures! So let’s hop to it.

Ep. 13.mp4_000071233
That means going back to the Chocobo Farm

MUSIC: Farm Boy

Ep. 13.mp4_000023913
I also took my own advice from last update and swapped Barret into my party to take advantage of his super OP weapon that I managed to steal. It basically doubles his attack power, which is pretty awesome, and it’s much stronger than anything else that I have at this point.

Ep. 13.mp4_000061614
Unfortunately, it isn’t long range, so I have to swap him into the front row. A small price to pay though, in my opinion.

Ep. 13.mp4_000081919
Cloud: Give me one


Ep. 13.mp4_000086935

Ep. 13.mp4_000089958
Yeah, seriously, what the heck?

Ep. 13.mp4_000092995
Choco Billy: You know, if you really want a Chocobo, you should go out and catch one. Want to know how to catch a Chocobo?

Here’s the lowdown:
1:  Buy Chocobo Lure Materia (2000 Gil)
2: Buy Greens
3: Equip Chocobo Lure Materia
4: Run around on Chocobo Tracks on World Map
5: Get into battle with Chocobo + Other Monsters
6: Feed Chocobo Greens to keep it from running away
7: Kill other monsters
8: ???
9: PROFIT!!!

Ep. 13.mp4_000142512

Ep. 13.mp4_000149814 Ep. 13.mp4_000153194 Ep. 13.mp4_000159625
The most expensive greens will stall a Chocobo longer. But they’re SUPER EXPENSIVE at this point in the game, and I’m trying to hold onto my money for a point that’s not too far off. So I go for the higher tier, yet middle of the road 800 gil Pahsana Greens. I mean, I’m only going to be riding this bird for like 15 seconds!

Ep. 13.mp4_000200226
So equip the Chocobo Lure Materia and get to steppin’!

MUSIC: Those Who Fight

Ep. 13.mp4_000213017

Ep. 13.mp4_000221810
Stupid Elephants! And why can’t I ride those other birds? They look perfectly rideable! What are they, Anti-Chocobos?

Ep. 13.mp4_000234538 Ep. 13.mp4_000239536Ep. 13.mp4_000241487

Ep. 13.mp4_000247234

Ep. 13.mp4_000257243
Dang, Barret is very oddly proportioned. But his fist pumping victory animation is still pretty great.

Ep. 13.mp4_000294018

MUSIC: Electric de Chocobo

Ep. 13.mp4_000352906
Ah, there we go.

QUICKLY, THE GREENS! I even switched my items around so the Greens were the first thing on the list, because it could possibly take me so long to scroll to them that the damn bird would run away.

Ep. 13.mp4_000355422 Ep. 13.mp4_000359163 Ep. 13.mp4_000361691
Also, if you happen to hit the Chocobo by mistake, it will attack you and run away. Don’t do that.

Ep. 13.mp4_000390025

MUSIC: Cinco de Chocobo

Ep. 13.mp4_000404031
We are now riding a big bird. We don’t get into random encounters, and this jazzy tune plays as long as we are on a Chocobo.

Ep. 13.mp4_000407007 Ep. 13.mp4_000412776 Ep. 13.mp4_000415875
We can also totally outrun the Midgar Zolom! Though if it manages to catch you, you will still get forced into the battle, so don’t get cocky about it.

And… that’s it! Time to let the Chocobo go already.

MUSIC: Trail of Blood

Ep. 13.mp4_000423853
Yeah, the music isn’t ominous or anything.

Ep. 13.mp4_000431428

…that isn’t what that snake looked like at all on the battle screen.

Ep. 13.mp4_000438981 Ep. 13.mp4_000442609
Gee, ya think?

Ep. 13.mp4_000464223
Into the cave!

MUSIC: Chasing the Black-Caped Man

Ep. 13.mp4_000466294
This is a pretty small area, but there are some good things to be found here for sure.

Ep. 13.mp4_000471412 Ep. 13.mp4_000476073
The Long Range Materia is pretty swanky, it allows any member it’s equipped on to hit full strength from the back row, or to hit enemies that are considered at Long Range. It will be useful quite soon.

Ep. 13.mp4_000498083
Ethers are always nice to bolster our gil.

Ep. 13.mp4_000503682 Ep. 13.mp4_000509362 Ep. 13.mp4_000511995 Ep. 13.mp4_000514862
You can also learn the Flame Thrower Enemy Skill from the Dragonfly enemies here. I was really lucky that it happened to aim for Barret first, because it has to attack the person who actually has the Materia equipped.

Ep. 13.mp4_000595571
Tents are always awesome.

Ep. 13.mp4_000609939
Here are some other enemies that look oddly nude. They can cause Darkness and/or Sadness status effects.

Ep. 13.mp4_000640867
Sources permanently boost stats by +1. Pretty awesome to have.

Ep. 13.mp4_000692567
Oh. Hey.

MUSIC: Turks’ Theme

Ep. 13.mp4_000692567
Rude: Do you know who I am?
Cloud: The Turks, right? Not interested.
Rude: Well if you know, then this won’t take long. It’s difficult to explain what the Turks do…
Cloud: Kidnapping, right?
Rude: To put it negatively, you could say that… But that’s not all there is to it anymore. …

Ep. 13.mp4_000725629 Ep. 13.mp4_000730224
Rude: Then explain, Elena.
Elena: I’m the newest member of the Turks, Elena. Thanks to what you did to Reno, we’re short-handed. …But because of that, I got promoted to the Turks… Anyhow, our job is to find Sephiroth. And to try and stop you every step of the way. Wait a minute, it’s the other way around… You’re the ones that are getting in our way.

Ep. 13.mp4_000757206
Elena: Mr. Tseng?!
Tseng: No need to tell them about our orders.
Elena: Sorry… Tseng.
Tseng: I thought I gave you your orders. Now go. Don’t forget to file your report.
Elena: Oh, right! Very well, Rude and I will go after Sephiroth, who’s heading for Junon Harbor!
Tseng: …Elena, you don’t seem to understand.
Elena: Oh! I… I’m sorry.
Tseng: …Go. Don’t let Sephiroth get away.

Ep. 13.mp4_000788377 Ep. 13.mp4_000795220
Rude: He wants to show his affection for you all… with a new weapon.
Tseng: Well then… Where’s Aeris? Isn’t she with you?
Cloud: Aeris isn’t with us. She’s with the others.
Tseng: Oh… then give her my regards.

Well, that was enlightening. I guess we’re supposed to head to Junon Harbor! GOALS AND DESTINATIONS!

But first, there’s one more room to check out in here.

MUSIC: Chasing the Black-Caped Man

Ep. 13.mp4_000823874 Ep. 13.mp4_000828194 Ep. 13.mp4_000830458
More items are always appreciated.

MUSIC: Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII

Ep. 13.mp4_000910706
WE’RE FREE!!! And is that some forest I see over yonder? I believe it is… there’s something special about the forests in this game, and this is the first time you can encounter them. There aren’t any forests on the Midgar side of the Mythril Mines. A SHOCKING SOCIAL COMMENTARY, PERHAPS?

Ep. 13.mp4_000914388
There’s also a big-ass bird chilling on a reactor over there, but we’ll get to that later.

Ep. 13.mp4_000960250
So… the forest… the encounters in here can be pretty rough.

MUSIC: Those Who Fight

Ep. 13.mp4_000975261
By far the most common encounter in the Junon forests are 5 of these little jerks, the Capparwires. First off, it just sucks that there are five of them…

Ep. 13.mp4_000978405 Ep. 13.mp4_000981496
But they also hit pretty dang hard. This is a good spot to grind out Limit Breaks though. A good way to take them out is to soften them up with a casting of Matra Magic, then it only takes one hit to kill them. And if you level up enough, you’ll be able to kill them in one cast of Matra Magic.

Ep. 13.mp4_001072944
The other most common encounter is three of these purple dudes, the Formula. It’s much easier to stomach, as there are fewer of them. Though they do have an attack that hits the entire party, and if all three of them use it in a row, things can get a little dicey.


Ep. 13.mp4_001120302
Hmmm… that looks… decidedly like a character model.

Ep. 13.mp4_001125244

Ep. 13.mp4_001148380
And when you win, she’s still standing there.  Hmm.

MUSIC: Descendant of the Shinobi

Ep. 13.mp4_001156502
After you beat the female ninja, you’re transported to this screen.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Never take your eyes off of her. That means don’t go to use the save point, and don’t try to talk to your party members. If you do, the ninja will steal some of your gil and run off.

Second… just tell her what she wants to hear. Without a walk through, this may mean some trial and error, but at least if you choose an incorrect option, she’ll just run away, and you won’t lose any money. But if you stroke her ego, she’ll be pretty into it.

Ep. 13.mp4_001164054
Yuffie: You spikey-headed jerk! One more time, let’s go one more time!
Cloud: All right Not interested

Ep. 13.mp4_001178228
Yuffie: Come on, what’s the matter? You’re pretty scared of me, huh?!
Cloud: Petrified… You’re gonna lose again
Yuffie: Hmm, just as I thought. What do you expect with my skills? Good luck to you guys, too. If you feel up to it, we can go another round. Later! I’m gonna leave! I mean it!
Cloud: Go ahead Wait a second!

Yeah, I know it’s obnoxious.

Ep. 13.mp4_001201588
Yuffie: …Hmmm. So is that it? I know you want my help because I’m so good! You want me to go with you?
Cloud: That’s right You kiddin’?
Yuffie: Heh heh… thought so. You put me in a spot. Hmm, what should I do? But if you want me that bad, I can’t refuse… All right! I’ll go with you!
Cloud: What’s your name? Let’s hurry.

Ep. 13.mp4_001218215 Ep. 13.mp4_001223184
Yuffie: I’m Yuffie! Good to meetcha! Heh heh… just as I planned. Now all I have to do is… a little this and a little that… nyuk, nyuk, nyuk… Hey, wait up! Wait for me!

Ep. 13.mp4_001275817
And that’s how we recruited a ninja into our party.

MUSIC: Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII

Ep. 13.mp4_001284742
All right, let’s see what’s going on with that bird.

Ep. 13.mp4_001321200
Guy: …time. We’ve settled in for a long war with them. Could you spare some time, and help us fight them? We don’t want to sound pushy, so if you’re busy with something, why don’t you finish that first?
Cloud: Where is Junon? We’ll help you
Really?! Then go on up and they’ll fill you in on the details.

Well, okay then!

Ep. 13.mp4_001341597

Ep. 13.mp4_001351566

MUSIC: If You Open Your Heart

Ep. 13.mp4_001364969
Old Man: …your eyes are different. Well, anyhow. Any minute now, this will be a battlefield against the Shinra. You’d better get down before you get involved.

Ep. 13.mp4_001378149
Yuffie: The Shinra? Here too?
Old Man: It appears you have a problem with the Shinra too. After all, you climbed up here. Why not listen to what I have to say for a moment?
Cloud: I guess so Not interested
Old Man: Do you know what’s at the top of this mountain?
Barret: Huh? Something’s up there?
Yuffie: Look close, old man.
Cloud: The reactor and the Condor.

Ep. 13.mp4_001400818
Old Man: It seems the Shinra don’t like the idea of having a Condor on top of the reactor.
Barret: Damn, that’s on big bird! But why are they trying to get rid of it with weapons??
Yuffie: I’m certain there must be state-of-the-art Materia inside the reactor. Am I right?
Old Man: It seems there’s some type of special Materia in the reactor above us. And because the Condor came, the Shinra rushed troops here. The military wants to get the Condor and all the villagers off this mountain. The Condor is now warming its egg, which hatches only one every few years. We would like to protect the Condor from being harmed.

Ep. 13.mp4_001432553
Barret: I’ll do it! I’ll protect them from Shinra!
Yuffie: Special Materia, huh? Well, well, things are getting interesting.
Old Man: Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to fight Shinra ourselves. That’s why we have hired soldiers to help us. As our sponsor, you can help us with a contribution or by fighting alongside us. What do you think? You want to join us in our fight?
Barret: What’s there to think about? We gotta do it!
Yuffie: If things go right, we might even be able to pray to that Special Materia.
Cloud: All right.
Barret: Hey! We’ll come to the rescue!
Yuffie: Okay, it’s settled. We’re gonna get the Materia, right?

Well, we’ve just committed to the fight. Unfortunately, I don’t have nearly enough money to do it right now… so I’ll grind for money between sessions and do it next time!

Ep. 13.mp4_001514042

NEXT TIME: Fort Condor! Junon! Other happenings!

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