The Tower Falls – FFVII Ep. 10

Welcome back to Save File Plays FFVII! Last time, the party successfully infiltrated Shinra Tower, successfully rescued Aeris, and then successfully got captured! Success all around! SO MUCH SUCCESS. And now, somehow, they’ve busted out of prison. So I guess the only thing to do now is get the hell out of Dodge. So that’s what we’re gonna do. Let’s cheese it!

MUSIC: Trail of Blood

Ep. 10.mp4_000044248
When last we left off, we were following the dead bodies and blood. Because, you know, that’s what SANE people do. Not just… leaving when they have the opportunity. Yep.

Ep. 10.mp4_000050310 Ep. 10.mp4_000054030
Yup. We should TOTALLY keep following it and not just be leaving. Completely logical.

Ep. 10.mp4_000064622 Ep. 10.mp4_000070505
Oh, gigantic furrows in what appears to be a metal wall! I’m sure that’s fine. That’s not a big deal at all, nope.

Ep. 10.mp4_000079172 Ep. 10.mp4_000084268Ep. 10.mp4_000087515
These enemies like to cause a lot of status effects like Sleep and Poison. More annoying than anything else.

Ep. 10.mp4_000174389 Ep. 10.mp4_000178654

I at least opt to take the clean stairwell, as opposed to the one that’s covered in blood.

MUSIC: The Shinra Corporation

Ep. 10.mp4_000221956 Ep. 10.mp4_000227158
Yep, this is all good. Hey, wait a minute…

Ep. 10.mp4_000237111
Tifa: Then this sword must be…
Cloud: Sephiroth’s!
Tifa: …Sephiroth is alive?
Cloud: Looks like it. Only Sephiroth can use that sword.
Barret: Who cares who did it?! This is the end of the Shinra!

Ep. 10.mp4_000264966
Oh hey, it’s Palmer!

Ep. 10.mp4_000271371
Cloud: What happened?
Palmer: Se… Sephiroth. Sephiroth came.
Cloud: Did you see him? Did you see Sephiroth?
Palmer: Yeah! I saw him with my own eyes!
Cloud: You really saw him?
Palmer: Uh! Would I lie at a time like this?! I heard his voice, too! Um, he said something about not letting use have the Promised Land.
Tifa: Then does that mean the Promised Land really does exist and Sephiroth’s here to save it from the Shinra?
Barret: So he’s a good guy then?
Cloud: Save the Promised Land? A good guy? No way!! It’s not that simple. I know him. Sephiroth’s mission is different.

Ep. 10.mp4_000323651
Tifa: Who’s that?
Barret: Vice President Rufus. The President’s Son.

At this point, we can talk to each party member, and they’ll tell us what they know about Rufus.

Aeris: I’ve heard that no one’s ever seen him bleed or cry.
Barret: I heard that he’s been assigned somewhere else for a long time…
Red: I only know his name.
Tifa: I wonder what sort of person he is?

Ep. 10.mp4_000354447
Welp, let’s go find out, shall we?

Ep. 10.mp4_000358703
Rufus: Just who are you?

Cloud: I’m Cloud, ex-SOLDIER, First Class!
Barret: I’m from AVALANCHE!
Tifa: Me too!
Aeris: A flower girl from the slums.
Red: A research specimen

…wow. You guys really need to work on your introductions.

Ep. 10.mp4_000386232
That… that’s pretty much the correct reaction to that.

Ep. 10.mp4_000393669
Barret: You’re only President ’cause your old man died!
Rufus: Correct. I’ll let you hear my inauguration speech.  …Father tried to control the world with money, and that worked for him. The people believed that Shinra would protect them. Work at Shinra, get your pay. If terrorists attack, the Shinra army will help you. It looked perfect on the outside. But I do things differently. I’ll control the world with fear. It’s too much to do it like my old man. A little fear will control the minds of the common people. There’s no reason to waste good money on them.

This is awfully topical for today’s political landscape…

Ep. 10.mp4_000440290
Cloud: Barret! Get Aeris outta the building!
Barret: What?
Cloud: I’ll explain later! Barret! This is the real crisis for the Planet!
Barret: The hell’s that supposed to mean?
Cloud: I’ll explain later! Just take my word for now! I’ll go after I take care of him!
Barret: All right, Cloud!

Ep. 10.mp4_000473311
I… I don’t really know why, but everyone but Cloud starts to book it out of the building.

Aeris: Cloud… I just thought of something.
Tifa: …I’ll wait for Cloud! Everyone, get to the elevator!
Aeris: Hmm, it’s going to get pretty ugly from here on. We should check on our equipment.

This is the game taking a moment to warn you that you should equip your current party of Aeris, Barret and Red XIII. Otherwise, you will be one unhappy camper.

Ep. 10.mp4_000542124

Ep. 10.mp4_000548237

MUSIC: Those Who Fight

This SEEMS like it should be a boss fight, but it doesn’t get the boss fight music, so I guess the game deems it not so.

Ep. 10.mp4_000556857
The party is up against the Hundred Gunner, which is conveniently in the elevator next to theirs, and not stopping at any other floors. I still think that this fight would take longer than it takes for an elevator to descend 69 floors, but hey, what do I know.

Ep. 10.mp4_000571980 Ep. 10.mp4_000577007
As the Hundred Gunner is in a completely separate elevator, it is considered to be at long range. To this end, Aeris and Red XIII are blasting it with Bolt spells, and while somewhat less effective, Barret is blasting it with his gun arm.

Ep. 10.mp4_000583236
The Hundred Gunner, meanwhile, is made of like, a hundred g… OH MY GOD, I GET IT.

Ep. 10.mp4_000604698
Barret’s single gun seems a little piddly by comparison 😦

Ep. 10.mp4_000621717 Ep. 10.mp4_000629728
Limit Breaks a-plenty in this battle.

Ep. 10.mp4_000686196
After disabling a bunch of guns (but not 100), the Hundred Gunner goes down.

Ep. 10.mp4_000693557
BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  Once the Hundred Gunner is defeated, the Heli Gunner takes its place.

Ep. 10.mp4_000720704
It’s really just the same old song and dance though, blast it with Lightning until it dies.

Ep. 10.mp4_000788819
And eventually it does die.

From there, we transition back to Cloud and his weird standoff with Rufus.

MUSIC: The Shinra Corporation

Ep. 10.mp4_000830950
Cloud: You want the Promised Land and Sephiroth.
Rufus: That’s right. Did you know that Sephiroth is an Ancient?
Cloud: Whatever, I can’t let either you or Sephiroth have the Promised Land!
Rufus: I see. I guess we won’t be allies.

MUSIC: Those Who Fight Further (Black Mages Version)

I figured it’s about time I start posting some remixes/remakes of songs that are played a lot. The above is a live instrumentation version played by the Black Mages, a metal band that features the original composer, Nobuo Uematsu on the keyboards. It’s pretty legit.

Ep. 10.mp4_000863386
Cloud takes on Rufus and the Dark Nation (which is a pretty badass name, I must say).

Ep. 10.mp4_000868769
PROTIP: Take down the Dark Nation first. It likes to cast support magic. Here, it’s casting Barrier on Rufus, which halves the damage he takes from physical damage.

Ep. 10.mp4_000883207
This is a great opportunity to try out that new Poison Materia I picked up not that long ago!

Ep. 10.mp4_000886833
In a stunning display of video game logic, Rufus blasting Cloud in the face with a double-barrel sawn-off shotgun does not, in fact, kill him. In that same vein, Rufus firing a double-barrel sawn-off shotgun one handed also doesn’t tear his arm out of his shoulder socket. Look, I know it’s a game, but maybe I’m spoiled by realism these days.

Ep. 10.mp4_000895296
Yet I’m completely unfazed by magic being cast. MAGIC, I TELL YOU.

Ep. 10.mp4_000943756
Damn man, do you even have eyes?

Ep. 10.mp4_000947070
Rufus then grabs onto the bottom of a helicopter one handed, and flies off. That must be one thin bar. And Rufus must be one strong dude. THERE IS SO MUCH WRONG WITH THIS FIGHT, AND THIS ENTIRE RUFUS SITUATION.

Ep. 10.mp4_000961151 Ep. 10.mp4_000970567

Ep. 10.mp4_000973497
Cloud: I couldn’t finish him. This is gonna get complicated.

Ep. 10.mp4_000982544
Wow, that is one heck of an elevator ride!

Ep. 10.mp4_000991349

Ep. 10.mp4_001000530
Barret: If I was alone, this wouldn’t be a thing, but I gotta reputation to protect.
Aeris: You all get out while you can. It’s not you they’re after… it’s me.
Barret: Yeah, well, that ain’t happening. You got caught up in this over Marlene. Now it’s my turn to help you! Okay, playtime’s over, jackasses…
Aeris: Thank you, Mr. Barret!
Barret: Who you callin’ Mr. Barret? That don’t sound right!
Red: Well then… if you are through talking, may I suggest that we think of a way to get out of here.
Barret: Huh? Oh, oh yeah… You’re cold, man. Just like someone else ’round here I know.
Red: Did you say something?
Barret: Not a thing. So what are we gonna do?

Ep. 10.mp4_001061102 Ep. 10.mp4_001068548
Tifa: Everyone! Over here!
Barret: Huh? What’s up? Where’s Cloud?
Tifa: He’s coming! Hurry, hurry!

MUSIC: Crazy Motorcycle Chase

Ep. 10.mp4_001083978 Ep. 10.mp4_001085782
Oh shit, that’s some FMV mode! I also love how Red XIII’s tail is lit on fire, just like a Charmander’s. And Barret is just a gigantic bear of a man.

Ep. 10.mp4_001088596

Ep. 10.mp4_001091889 Ep. 10.mp4_001095952
That’s like a weird reverse tricycle truck. AND LOOK HOW TINY THOSE WHEELS ARE.

Ep. 10.mp4_001098112 Ep. 10.mp4_001103106
Of COURSE Cloud gets the motorcycle.

Ep. 10.mp4_001110153
Dang, driving up and stairs can NOT be good for tires.

Ep. 10.mp4_001122758 Ep. 10.mp4_001125809 Ep. 10.mp4_001129100
AWWWWW YEAHHHHHH!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO! Though dropping 20+ feet is also probably not good for tires. Or any sort of vehicle. But hey, VIDEO GAME LOGIC!

Ep. 10.mp4_001189922
Thus ensues a little minigame where you control Cloud on the motorcycle and have to protect the rest of the party in the truck. There are HP meters for everyone, Cloud included. The more damage they take, the less HP they’ll have in the battle at the end of the road. Oh, by the way, there’s going to be a battle at the end of the road. Are you surprised?

Ep. 10.mp4_001196566
The Red Bikers are the most annoying little shits. They avoid Cloud extremely well and take potshots at the truck. Very hard to hit.

Ep. 10.mp4_001201857
The Yellow Bikers, meanwhile, are extremely straightforward in comparison. They gun it right for the truck, without any concern or any sort of dodging. If you’re lucky, knocking down one bike will cause it to crash into another, causing a chain reaction and making life much easier.

Ep. 10.mp4_001209624 Ep. 10.mp4_001233437 Ep. 10.mp4_001216844
It’s not too difficult of a mini game, but damn, those Red Bikes are still some of the most annoying things ever, almost 20 years later.

Ep. 10.mp4_001298580
Also, there are Blue Bikers as well. They must have been added at some point. In the Playstation version, there were only Red and Yellow. I’m playing on Steam, so… from what I can tell, the Blue Bikers gun straight for Cloud instead of the truck. It makes them pretty easy to take out though.

Ep. 10.mp4_001313421 Ep. 10.mp4_001319005

MUSIC: Those Who Fight Further (Black Mages Version)

Ep. 10.mp4_001333238
So not only do you start the fight with lowered HP, you also start from a back attack.

Ep. 10.mp4_001338037
Luckily, that means that the entire party is technically in the back row, and only take half damage from this attack. The first order of business is to have everyone switch rows.

Ep. 10.mp4_001353248 Ep. 10.mp4_001347680
The Motor Ball isn’t too tough. It has an Arm Attack, and a ram attack that can hit the entire party.

Ep. 10.mp4_001366671
As is standard for mechanical enemies, blasting them with Lightning is the way to go.

Ep. 10.mp4_001378084 Ep. 10.mp4_001381407
Unfortunately, the Motor Ball also has some pretty damn powerful fire attacks that hit the entire party.

Ep. 10.mp4_001392938 Ep. 10.mp4_001425928
But that means Limit Breaks! Tifa has learned Somersault, and Tifa’s Limit Breaks in particular are great. Each new learned Limit Break just adds an extra attack onto the chain. Beat Rush will always hit, but the further along you get, there are chances for the next attack to miss. Somersault will almost always hit, as there’s only one chance to “miss” it. So her Limit Breaks are cumulative, the best kind of damage dealers. For this reason, Tifa is probably going to be in my main party for the entire game.

Ep. 10.mp4_001441942 Ep. 10.mp4_001469962
And eventually, the Motor Ball is defeated.

MUSIC: On That Day Five Years Ago

Ep. 10.mp4_001493066
Cloud: Sephiroth is alive. …I have to settle the score.
Barret: Will that save the Planet?
Cloud: It seems so.
Barret: Then I’m going!
Aeris: I’ll go too. There are things I need to know.
Cloud: About the Ancients?
Aeris: …Many things.
Tifa: I guess it’s goodbye, Midgar.

MUSIC: Holding My Thoughts In My Heart

Ep. 10.mp4_001537477 Ep. 10.mp4_001546644
Tifa: I guess this is the start of our journey…
Cloud: You hate traveling? It’s dangerous. You sure you want to go?
Tifa: I don’t know. But I don’t have anywhere else to go. So I guess it doesn’t really matter whether I like to travel or not.

Ep. 10.mp4_001567108
Cloud: Really? Are you worried? It’s dangerous. You sure you want to go?
Aeris: I thought you’d say that!

Ep. 10.mp4_001578879
Cloud: Yeah, she should be. Hmm, I don’t know.
Aeris: She said she didn’t want to stay in Midgar anymore. …Maybe it’s for the best.

Ep. 10.mp4_001595937
Cloud: Let’s go!
Barret: We need a leader for our journey. ‘Course that could only be me.
Tifa: You think so?
Aeris: I think it should be Cloud.
Barret: &$#*…All right. Go Northeast to a town called Kalm. If something happens, we’ll meet up there. ‘Sides, we can’t all be strolling around out there. It’s too dangerous. Let’s split into two parties…

Ep. 10.mp4_001645292 Ep. 10.mp4_001651055
NEXT LOADUP ON SAVE FILE: The World Map, Kalm, and my least favorite part of the game; the FLASHBACK!!

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