Flowers &… Yeah, Flowers. – FFVII Ep. 4

Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII. Last time, AVALANCHE had an encounter with President Shinra. It didn’t go so well, what with the protagonist seemingly dying. Okay, he didn’t die, but wouldn’t it be cool if he had? I can’t think of many games where that happens. COME ON, SQUARESOFT, YOU DID IT IN CHRONO TRIGGER.  YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN. Anyways, yeah, Cloud is still alive. So let’s check that out, I guess.


Ep. 4.mp4_000001929
???: …Can you hear me?
Cloud: Yeah…
???: Back then… I only got scraped knees…
Cloud: What do you mean by “back then?”
???: What about now? Can you get up?
Cloud: …What do you mean by “back then?” What about now?
???: …don’t worry about me. Worry about yourself now.
Cloud: …I’ll try.

Ep. 4.mp4_000036077

Ep. 4.mp4_000038969 Ep. 4.mp4_000041801
Cloud: Hey… who are you?

Ep. 4.mp4_000055389

MUSIC: Flowers Blooming in the Church

Ep. 4.mp4_000062079 Ep. 4.mp4_000068724
Oh, come on, you knew she was gonna be important.

Aeris: This is a church in the Sector 5 slums. You just fell from above. You really gave me a scare.
Cloud: I came crashing down?
Aeris: The roof and the flower bed must have broken your fall. You’re lucky.
Cloud: …flower bed? Is this yours?

You know, I really don’t think that’s how physics work. He was falling hundreds, maybe thousands of feet. Crashing through a wooden roof and onto a flower bed probably still should have killed him. But, you know… video game logic ™.

Ep. 4.mp4_000111384
Aeris: That’s all right. The flowers here are quite resilient because this is a sacred place. They say grass and flowers won’t grow in Midgar. But for some reason, they have no trouble blooming here. I love it here. …so, we meet again. Don’t you remember me?
Cloud: Yeah, I remember… You were selling flowers.
Aeris: Oh, I’m so happy! You didn’t buy any flowers from me though. Well, that’s okay. Say, do you have any Materia?
Cloud: Yes, some. Nowadays you can find Materia anywhere.
Aeris: But mine is special. It’s good for absolutely nothing.
Cloud: …good for nothing? You just don’t know how to use it.
Aeris: No, I do… it just doesn’t do anything. I feel safe just having it. It was my mother’s. Say, I feel like talking. Do you feel up to it?

OKAY, I’M SORRY, BUT WHAT WERE WE JUST DOING? I’m pretty sure that conversation that you just had counts as “talking.”

Ep. 4.mp4_000207294
Let’s be honest here, this is the only correct answer.

Aeris: Oh, I see. Ahhh. I wonder whose fault that is. It’s not easy to grow them, you know. Poor flowers. Just a little longer. Oh! Now that you mention it, we don’t know each other’s names, do we? I’m Aeris, the flower girl. Nice to meet you.
Cloud: The name’s Cloud. Me? I do a little bit of everything.
Aeris: Oh… a jack of all trades.
Cloud: Yeah, I do whatever’s needed. What’s so funny? What are you laughing at?
Aeris: Sorry, I just… Sorry, bad timing on my part.

Ep. 4.mp4_000293520 Ep. 4.mp4_000296158

Ep. 4.mp4_000300120
Well, okay then.

I have no idea what’s going on anymore.

Ep. 4.mp4_000305642
Aeris: You CAN do anything, right?
Cloud: Yeah, that’s right.
Aeris: Then get me out of here. Take me home.



Ep. 4.mp4_000323359
Aeris: Okay then, let’s see… How about if I go out with you once?

MUSIC: Turks’ Theme

One of my personal favorite tracks in the game.

Ep. 4.mp4_000340551
Cloud: You don’t know me…

Ep. 4.mp4_000348583
Cloud: Oh yeah, I know you… That uniform…
Reno: Hey sis, this one’s a little weird.
Cloud: Shut up!! Shinra spy!!

Ep. 4.mp4_000365834
Reno: I haven’t decided yet.
Aeris: Don’t fight here! You’ll ruin the flowers!

Ep. 4.mp4_000380432 Ep. 4.mp4_000384351 Ep. 4.mp4_000392906 Ep. 4.mp4_000395575
Reno: Yeah, all right. C’mon. Get to work. Oh! And don’t step on the flowers.

Ep. 4.mp4_000411375

Ep. 4.mp4_000417694 Ep. 4.mp4_000437108
So on our way out, it’s possible to get into battles.

Ep. 4.mp4_000445201 Ep. 4.mp4_000448784 Ep. 4.mp4_000468847
Aeris is definitely a Mage-type character. But she still has a staff that she can hit stuff with. That’s probably what she’ll be doing for awhile since it’s so early in the game and enemies are still very weak. Plus, it doesn’t help that I forgot to give her any Materia. The game is nice enough to take whatever Materia Barret and Tifa had equipped off of them. Otherwise, I would only have what Cloud had on him.

Ep. 4.mp4_000490841 Ep. 4.mp4_000497934
Aw, crap.

MUSIC: Hurry

Ep. 4.mp4_000504985
Cloud: I know. Looks like they aren’t going to let us go.
Aeris: What should we do?
Cloud: Well, we can’t let them catch us, can we? There’s only one thing left to do.

Ep. 4.mp4_000521270
Cloud: All right, I’ll hold them off.
Aeris: Right. Make sure they don’t get through!
Reno: The Ancient is getting away! Attack! Attack!

Ep. 4.mp4_000536392 Ep. 4.mp4_000540965
Aw, crap again.

Ep. 4.mp4_000549675 Ep. 4.mp4_000551378
What ensues is Aeris getting chased around by the Shinra soldiers. You can tell her to run, which won’t do jack. You can tell her to fight them, which is easy enough, even though Aeris herself isn’t very fond of that idea.


Ep. 4.mp4_000563138 Ep. 4.mp4_000565882
You can drop barrels on them like it’s friggin’ Donkey Kong.

This happens a few times.

Ep. 4.mp4_000577376 Ep. 4.mp4_000591966
Ep. 4.mp4_000594224Ep. 4.mp4_000598393
Something of note is that if you push the WRONG barrel (totally possible), Aeris is forced into a fight with the soldier.

Ep. 4.mp4_000614035
Also, Cloud can still get into battles while running around in the rafters. Which also begs the questions of why are there barrels in the rafters? It doesn’t exactly seem very safe. I mean, it’s not like there are a lot of people hanging out in this church, but still. It’s the principle of the thing.

Ep. 4.mp4_000647776 Ep. 4.mp4_000657669 Ep. 4.mp4_000661200
Eventually, Aeris is able to make her way up to the rafters.

Ep. 4.mp4_000680140
And out we go!

Ep. 4.mp4_000689960
Cloud: You mean it’s not the first time they’ve been after you?
Aeris: …no.
Cloud: They’re the Turks. The Turks are a Shinra organization. They scout for possible candidates for SOLDIER.
Aeris: This violently? I thought they were kidnapping someone.
Cloud: They’re also involved in a lot of other dirty stuff on the side. Spying, murder… You know.
Aeris: They look like it.
Cloud: But why are they after you? There must be a reason, right?
Aeris: No, not really. I think they believe I have what it takes to be in SOLDIER!
Cloud: Maybe you do. You want to join?
Aeris: I don’t know… But I don’t want to get caught by THOSE people!
Cloud: Then, let’s go!

Ep. 4.mp4_000747965 Ep. 4.mp4_000751871

Ep. 4.mp4_000756167 Ep. 4.mp4_000763046
Oh, come on.

Ep. 4.mp4_000767849 Ep. 4.mp4_000770903
Cloud: Funny… I thought you were cut out to be in SOLDIER.
Aeris: Oh! You’re terrible! Hey… Cloud. Were you… ever in SOLDIER?
Cloud: I used to be. How did you guess?
Aeris: Your eyes. They have a strange glow…
Cloud: That’s the sign of those that have been infused with Mako. A mark of SOLDIER. But how did you know about that?
Aeris: Oh, nothing.
Cloud: Nothing?
Aeris: Right, nothing! Come on, let’s go, bodyguard!

MUSIC: Underneath the Rotting Pizza

Ep. 4.mp4_000839584
Aeris: My house is over here. Hurry before they come!

Ep. 4.mp4_000854781
And so we head off into the town proper. Er… if you want to call it a “town,” I guess.

Ep. 4.mp4_000864780
Guy: Have you ever heard of Wall Market? It’s a market in the slums of Sector 6. They’ve got everything you could ever want there. That is, if you can get there. The road is something else.

I’m sure we’ll make it there eventually. Otherwise, why mention it?

Ep. 4.mp4_000885008
Aeris: He passed out nearby and someone must have helped him here.

Haha, they fixed the translation. Probably the most infamous one in the game, Aeris used to say “This guy are sick.” I guess they had heard enough of that one.

Ep. 4.mp4_000897894
Aeris: This is the one. Won’t you help him?
Cloud: Listen, I’m no doctor.
Aeris: No, I guess not. Hey… that man has a tattoo. I think it’s the number 2.

Ep. 4.mp4_000933049
Woman: You find a lot of things people dropped when you look down. You never find them when you’re looking up. Right?

Well… I guess that makes sense, in a weird sort of way. But then you might walk into t streetlight or something.

Ep. 4.mp4_000945287
Man: I ain’t got no weapons to sell ya! And the reason for that is… the weapon store’s over that way.
Kid: Toot toot! Next stop… Midgar Midgar! Any passengers getting off at Midgar should please ring. You know, Midgar’s supposed to be sparkly ‘n springy ‘n sleeky. Oh yeah. Someday, I’m goin’ there.

Ep. 4.mp4_000981597
MUSIC: Flowers Blooming in the Church

Woop, music change. This must be where we’re headed. I see some swag over in the garden though! Inside is an Ether and the Cover Materia, our first Support Materia. Whoever has it equipped has a chance to take an attack for another party member. Kind of interesting, but make sure you give it to a character that can take the hits if you decide to use it!

Ep. 4.mp4_001017753 Ep. 4.mp4_001025111
Elmyra: Bodyguard? You were followed again? Are you all right?! You’re not hurt, are you?!
Aeris: I’m all right. I had Cloud with me.
Elmyra: Thank you, Cloud.
Aeris: So what are you going to do now?
Cloud: Is Sector 7 far from here? I want to go to Tifa’s bar.
Aeris: Is Tifa… a girl?
Cloud: Yeah.

Ep. 4.mp4_001070807
ANSWER WISELY. Also, what the hell is this early onset attraction? This does NOT happen in real life. Okay, maybe it does, but certainly not to me.

Cloud: Yes.

Ep. 4.mp4_001078145 Ep. 4.mp4_001080705
Perhaps… not the best answer?

Ep. 4.mp4_001084323
Cloud: You gotta be kidding. Why do you want to put yourself in danger again?
Aeris: I’m used to it.
Cloud: Used to it?! Well, I don’t know… getting help from a girl…
Aeris: A girl?! What do you mean by that?! You expect me to just sit by quietly after hearing you say something like that?! Mom! I’m taking Cloud to Sector 7. I’ll be back in a while.

Ep. 4.mp4_001122129
Elmyra: But if you must go, why don’t you go tomorrow? It’s getting late now.
Aeris: Yeah, you’re right, Mom.
Elmyra: Aeris, please go make the bed.

Ep. 4.mp4_001150045
Cloud: Yeah. Or, I used to be.
Elmyra: I don’t know how to say this, but… could you please leave here tonight, without telling Aeris? SOLDIER… the last thing Aeris needs is to get hurt again.

Ep. 4.mp4_001188020
Aeris: …dangerous, so you’d better get some rest tonight. Cloud? Have a good night.
Cloud: Oh, man…


Ep. 4.mp4_001222454
???: I haven’t slept in a bed like this… for a long time.
Cloud: Oh, yeah.
???: Ever since then.

Ep. 4.mp4_001276640
Cloud’s Mama: I’ll bet the girls never leave you alone.
Cloud: …not really.
Cloud’s Mama: There are a lot of temptations in the city. I’d feel a lot better if you just settled down with a nice girlfriend.
Cloud: I’m all right.
Cloud’s Mama: You should have… an older girlfriend. One that will take care of you. I think that would be best for you.
Cloud: I’m not interested.

END FLASHBACK (That’s where she’ll ask him if he’s gay in the remake)

MUSIC: Flowers Blooming in the Church

Ep. 4.mp4_001357926
Cloud: I must have fallen asleep. Sector 7’s past Sector 6. I should be all right by myself.

The bag next to the door has a Potion and a Phoenix Down.

Ep. 4.mp4_001371586 Ep. 4.mp4_001374655
This is kind of annoying. You have to walk around the edge of the room. If you run or step into the middle, a floorboard will creak, and Aeris will run out and shove you back in the bedroom.

Ep. 4.mp4_001382260

Ep. 4.mp4_001391143 Ep. 4.mp4_001401643

Ep. 4.mp4_001407672
Aeris: Are you done? You have to go through the slum in Sector 6 to get to Tifa’s 7th Heaven. I’ll take you there. Come on!

Ep. 4.mp4_001434917 Ep. 4.mp4_001443990
So, there are supposed to be random encounters in this area, but I somehow managed to get through it without a single one. Weird.

Ep. 4.mp4_001451776
Cloud: Thanks. I guess this is goodbye. You gonna be all right going home?
Aeris: “Oh no! Whatever will I do?!” …Isn’t that what you want me to say?
Cloud: Why don’t you come to Sector 7?
Aeris: I could do that. But won’t I be in your way?
Cloud: What do you mean, in the way?
Aeris: Nothing! Can we take a break?

Ep. 4.mp4_001514144Ep. 4.mp4_001522821Ep. 4.mp4_001539804Cloud: Rank?
Aeris: You know, in SOLDIER.
Cloud: Oh, I was… First Class.
Aeris: Just the same as him.
Cloud: The same as who?
Aeris: My first boyfriend.
Cloud: Were you… serious?
Aeris: No, but I liked him for a while.
Cloud: I probably knew him. What was his name?
Aeris: It doesn’t really matter.


Ep. 4.mp4_001603184 Ep. 4.mp4_001612174 Ep. 4.mp4_001614795 Ep. 4.mp4_001617656
Aeris: That girl in the cart was Tifa? Where was she going? She looked kind of odd.

Ep. 4.mp4_001630544 Ep. 4.mp4_001632190
Yeah, like that’s going to work.

Ep. 4.mp4_001639339 Ep. 4.mp4_001644348 Ep. 4.mp4_001660038 Ep. 4.mp4_001665769
Oh, boy.

NEXT TIME: Wall Market, and everything it entails! If you’ve played this game before, you know what goes on here. If you haven’t… well… just prepare. Wall Market is one of the more surreal, strange parts of the game. Which means I’m super interested to see how they’re going to pull it off in the remake. But you’ll see what I mean, next time!

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