Ain’t No Gettin’ Offa This Train – FFVII Ep. 3

Oh, hello. Welcome back to Save File Plays FFVII. Last time, we saw the fallout of our first mission. Billions of dollars worth of damage, civilians dead, our party caving in on itself. But it’s okay, because we’re the GOOD GUYS. This time, we’re going to do it again! So we best get right to it!

MUSIC:  None!

Ep. 2.mp4_001148836
Barret: This ain’t no private car! So split up!
Shinra Manager: Hoodlums again. God, don’t I just have all the luck?
Barret: You say sumthin’?

Ep. 2.mp4_001165978 Ep. 2.mp4_001172062
Barret: What’s goin’ on?
Shinra Manager: DAMN! It… it’s empty because of… g, guys like you. You… you’ve seen the news, right? AVALANCHE says there’ll be more bombings. Only devoted employees like me would go to Midgar on a day like today.
Barret: You work for Shinra?
Shinra Manager: I won’t give in to violence… and I’m no giving you my seat either!
Tifa: Barret!

Ep. 2.mp4_001199589
Ep. 2.mp4_001204376
Barret: @#$%! The hell you so calm? You’re bustin’ up my rhythm!
Tifa: Looks like they finished connecting the cars. We’re finally leaving.
Cloud: So what’s our next target?
Barret: Hah! Listen to Mr. Serious-about-his-work! All right, I’ll tell ya! Jessie’s probably already told you, but there’s a security check point at the top plate. It’s an ID scan system checkin’ all the trains.
Tifa: Which Shinra is very proud of.
Barret: We can’t use our fake IDs anymore…

Ep. 2.mp4_001250088
Tifa: That means we’ve got only three more minutes to the ID Check point.
Barret: All right, in three minutes, we’re jumpin’ off this train. Got it?!

Wait… what?

Doesn’t that seem the slightest bit, oh, I don’t know… suicidal? You can’t just tuck and roll off of a moving train. I mean, I guess I’m working under the assumption that it’s going at leash 65 MPH. But maybe it’s not? Oh well, who am I to question VIDEO GAME LOGIC ™?

Ep. 2.mp4_001265871

Ep. 2.mp4_001272339
The homeless guy is still super chill.

Shinra Manager: Don’t… don’t worry about me. (oh man, oh man, oh man…!! I’m gonna brag to everyone at work about this…)

Ep. 2.mp4_001285563
Barret: So let’s hear YOUR explanation!

Ep. 2.mp4_001297458
Tifa: It’s all right. Come a little closer.

Well, don’t mind if I…

Ep. 2.mp4_001306479
Aw, darn it…

MUSIC:  Hurry

Tifa: That’s odd. The ID Check Point was supposed to be further down.

Ep. 2.mp4_001312612
Announcement: Unidentified passengers confirmed… A search of all cars will be conducted! Repeat!! Type A Security Alert!! Unidentified passengers confirmed… A search of all cars will be conducted!
Tifa: What’s happening?
Barret: What’s goin’ on?!
Jessie: We’re in trouble. I’ll explain later. Hurry! Get to the next car!
Barret: @#$%! Someone blew it…

Ep. 2.mp4_001337828

Homeless Guy: You’d talk to me even now? I’m impressed. Here, take this.


Ep. 2.mp4_001356875 Ep. 2.mp4_001358127 Ep. 2.mp4_001363262 Ep. 2.mp4_001367351
Barret: All right! We clear?
Jessie: Not yet. They’re starting another check. If we’re caught, we’re done for! But don’t worry. If we move up the train, car by car, we should get past it!

Ep. 2.mp4_001387033 Ep. 2.mp4_001407769
Barret: All right! We made it! Yo! This way! Let’s go! We’re gonna dive out of here!
Tifa: Scary, huh?
Cloud: Too late for that now. Why’d you come along, anyway?
Tifa: Because…
Barret: Hey you two! There ain’t no time for that!?
Tifa: Yeah!! I’ve made up my mind! Watch Closely. I’m gonna jump!

Ep. 2.mp4_001456061
Welp, she just jumped out of a fast, moving train. She’s dead.

Cloud: You don’t care if I go first?
Barret: A leader always stays ’til the end. Don’t worry about me, just go! Yo, don’t go gettin’ your spiky-ass hurt! It’s only the beginning of the mission! Later, you take care of the rest!

Well, Cloud, Barret and Tifa are all dead from jumping out of a moving train. Let’s continue on with our party of Biggs, Wedge and Jessie!

MUSIC: Lurking in the Darkness

Ep. 2.mp4_001488199
You cannot be serious. THIS was the plan? How are you guys taken seriously?

Oh, yeah, the billions of damage and thousands killed thing.

Barret: Don’t let your guard down till we get to the Sector 5 reactor. Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie got everything ready for us. So MOVE it. The reactor’s just down this tunnel!

Ep. 2.mp4_001511700

Ep. 2.mp4_001518159
Barret: Yo, Cloud, what are we gonna do?
Cloud: Go down.
Barret: But damn, man, that gives me the chills.

Ep. 2.mp4_001530834
Down we go.

Ep. 2.mp4_001535304
I never use Ethers. Well, I sell them, so I guess that’s kind of like using them. 750 Gil this early in the game is a Godsend.

Ep. 2.mp4_001545136 Ep. 2.mp4_001550705 Ep. 2.mp4_001557544
It takes a surprisingly long while to get into our first battle. And now we also finally hear the battle music proper.

MUSIC: Those Who Fight

Ep. 2.mp4_001566721
We’ve got a 3 person party!

Ep. 2.mp4_001571201 Ep. 2.mp4_001575915
Tifa attacks  by punching and kicking. Let’s be honest, there’s always one.

Ep. 2.mp4_001580327 Ep. 2.mp4_001597614

MUSIC: Victory Fanfare

Ep. 2.mp4_001619326
You know, I guess I really never did notice how sexualized Tifa is. Her victory pose is just her shoving her chest out. Accentuated by her suspenders which go around her breasts. And then the whole fact that she’s wearing a miniskirt. Jeepers.

MUSIC: Lurking in the Darkness

Ep. 2.mp4_001629499 Ep. 2.mp4_001643082
Jessie: The ID scan problem on the train was all my fault. I modified your ID card, and that’s what did it… I did my best… but I failed.


It’s okay, Jessie.

Ep. 2.mp4_001655810 Ep. 2.mp4_001683617 Ep. 2.mp4_001690077
Biggs: Cloud, we’re counting on you to blow up the reactor!

Ep. 2.mp4_001696601

MUSIC: Mako Reactor

Ep. 2.mp4_001727912 Ep. 2.mp4_001731270
Okay, this is starting to look a little more familiar.

Ep. 2.mp4_001800973 Ep. 2.mp4_001808426 Ep. 2.mp4_001817787 Ep. 2.mp4_001904360
I guess all reactors are set up the same. That makes sense though.

Ep. 2.mp4_001920286
Uh oh, this is different…


Ep. 2.mp4_001925712
Young Tifa: Sephiroth?! Did Sephiroth do this to you? Sephiroth… SOLDIER… Mako Reactors… Shinra… I hate them all!


Ep. 2.mp4_001960484
Tifa: You all right?
Cloud: …Tifa.
Tifa:  Mmm?
Cloud: No… forget… Come on, let’s hurry!

Ep. 2.mp4_001992717
That… that’s it? The bomb’s set up? No security? No alarms? No boss? Nothing?

Ep. 2.mp4_002055431 Ep. 2.mp4_002066187 Ep. 2.mp4_002119549

Ep. 2.mp4_002139139
This is a little different. This shot just looks a little trippy because I caught it in the middle of a transition to battle.

Ep. 2.mp4_002146050 Ep. 2.mp4_002199378
Another Ether. Nice.

Ep. 2.mp4_002217153
This should be good.

Ep. 2.mp4_002219581

Ep. 2.mp4_002222899

Ep. 2.mp4_002227431 Ep. 2.mp4_002255980
There we go. Third time’s the charm.

Ep. 2.mp4_002261786 Ep. 2.mp4_002264893 Ep. 2.mp4_002268408 Ep. 2.mp4_002278506

MUSIC: The Shinra Corporation

Ep. 2.mp4_002283469
Cloud: …a trap.

Ep. 2.mp4_002308129
Tifa: Why is the President here?
Shinra: Hmm… So you all must be… What was it?
Barret: AVALANCHE! And don’t ya forget it! So you’re President Shinra, huh?
Cloud: Long time no see, sir.
Shinra: Long time no see? Oh… you. You’re the one who quit SOLDIER and joined AVALANCHE. I knew you’d been exposed to Mako, from the look in your eyes. Tell me, traitor… what was your name?
Cloud:  Cloud.
Shinra: Forgive me for asking, but I can’t be expected to remember everyone’s name. Unless you become another Sephiroth. Aah, Sephiroth… He was brilliant. Perhaps too brilliant.
Cloud: Sephiroth?

Ep. 2.mp4_002354054
Shinra: And such a waste of good fireworks, just to get rid of vermin like you…
Barret: VERMIN?! That’s all you can say? VERMIN?! Shinra are the VERMIN for killing the Planet! Guess that’d make you King VERMIN! So shut up, jackass!
Shinra: …you are beginning to bore me. I’m a very busy man, so if you’ll excuse me… I have a dinner I must attend.
Barret: Dinner?! Don’t gimme that! I ain’t even started wit’ you yet!
Shinra: But, I’ve made arrangements for a playmate for you all.?
Tifa: What’s that noise?!
Barret: The hell is that?!

Ep. 2.mp4_002390402 Ep. 2.mp4_002393763
Shinra: I’m sure the data he’ll extract from your dead bodies will be of great use to us in future experiments.
Cloud: Techno-soldier?

Ep. 2.mp4_002404442 Ep. 2.mp4_002407447
Barret: Yo, Cloud! We’ve gotta do somethin’ about him!
Tifa: Help, Cloud! THIS is from SOLDIER?
Cloud: No way! It’s just a machine!
Barret: I don’t care what it is!! I’m gonna bust him up!

MUSIC: Those Who Fight Further

Ep. 2.mp4_002432952 Ep. 2.mp4_002435634
So the side attack is pretty nice. Because any attack inflicted on the back of the Air Buster does double damage. Which is why Barret’s regular attack is doing so much in this shot.

Ep. 2.mp4_002438073 Ep. 2.mp4_002441154
An attack to the back prompts a counter attack though. It might attack with Rear Guns, but usually it will turn around and do a regular physical attack or Big Bomber, its most damaging attack. Turning around means that Cloud can now do double damage to its back though. Also, this shot has Tifa doing her limit break. At level 1 it’s just Beat Rush, and we get a reel. If we manage to land it on a Yeah! It’ll be a critical attack. A regular hit will just do normal damage.

Ep. 2.mp4_002445047 Ep. 2.mp4_002448347
This isn’t that impressive, but she didn’t get to hit its back.

Ep. 2.mp4_002450973 Ep. 2.mp4_002453399Ep. 2.mp4_002458183
Big Bomber in action. It hits pretty hard, around 100 HP, which is 1/3 from any of our characters, currently.

Ep. 2.mp4_002460042
Dang, maybe hitting from the back does 3x damage. That is a LOT of damage.

Ep. 2.mp4_002464468 Ep. 2.mp4_002470206 Ep. 2.mp4_002471535
Barret’s Limit Break, Big Shot.

Ep. 2.mp4_002475197
After doing enough damage, the Air Buster is unable to turn around.

Ep. 2.mp4_002509304 Ep. 2.mp4_002519326
After winning, we snag a Titan Bangle, the next step up for armor!

Ep. 2.mp4_002527840Ep. 2.mp4_002529353
Oh… oh, shit. That doesn’t look too good.

Ep. 2.mp4_002532466
Tifa: Barret! Can’t you do something?
Barret: Not a damn thing.
Tifa: Cloud! Please don’t die! You can’t die! There’s still so much I want to tell you!
Cloud: I know…
Barret: Hey, you gonna be all right?
Cloud: You worry about yourselves! I’m all right, but take care of Tifa!
Barret: All right. Sorry ’bout all this.
Cloud: Stop talking like this is the end!
Barret: Okay. Hold on!

Ep. 2.mp4_002569964 Ep. 2.mp4_002572453 Ep. 2.mp4_002575437 Ep. 2.mp4_002577388 Ep. 2.mp4_002578850 Ep. 2.mp4_002581562

Ep. 2.mp4_002584511

Dang, bold of a game to kill off a character so early. And one that they really make you get attached to. WELP. That sucks.

NEXT TIME: The continued adventures of AVALANCHE!!

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