Tutorial Level – FFVII Ep. 2

Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII. Last time, we managed to commit an act of terrorism and blow up the Number 1 Reactor of Midgar, denying electricity to thousands, potentially millions. But it’s to save the Planet! This is what happens when the hippies win and become militant. But this is becoming too political. IT’S JUST A GAME, PEOPLE. Plus, who knows if I’m being serious or not?


Now that the mission is complete, it’s time to do the mission wrap-up and get some more exposition, so let’s get to it!

PROTIP: If you want to play the FFVII drinking game, take a shot anytime you see a word that’s in all caps.

MUSIC: Anxious Heart

Ep. 2.mp4_000027519
Let’s leave behind Mr. Pee-Hands and his cool support pillar.

Ep. 2.mp4_000032601 Ep. 2.mp4_000036843
Barret goes inside and run everyone out of the bar. Remember people, we’re the good guys here!

Ep. 2.mp4_000046035
At least this kid knows what’s up.

Gossiper: Did you hear? There’s a news update. They say that there was a terrorist explosion up above, and that this time it was a Mako Reactor! Ya see, I keep on top of these things, and if ya ask me, if you knock out Midgar’s power, then all of its computers and signals are going to be knocked out too. Financially, there must have been about a billion gil worth of damage. An’ that ain’t all!! A lotta innocent people got killed too! If the explosion had been in the middle of the night, that woulda been one thing. At least the people coulda gone in their sleep.

Ep. 2.mp4_000079593
I just wanted to say Hi 😦

Ep. 2.mp4_000085378
Drunk: I thought that long blackout was strange. They say a Mako Reactor was destroyed above. I was just sittin’ here drinking, watchin’ the news by myself. All of a sudden, I get kicked outta the &*%$ store. What’s up with that?!
Johnny: Woo… ah, geez, I’m blitzed. I just love them homemade cocktails. But they sure do creep up on ya.

Ep. 2.mp4_000114954
Ah, good. At least we have permission

MUSIC: Tifa’s Theme

Ep. 2.mp4_000121392
Er… not quite.

Ep. 2.mp4_000131663 Ep. 2.mp4_000139825
Tifa: Did you fight with Barret?
Cloud: Yeah
Tifa: I should have known. He’s always been pushing people around, and you’ve always been in fights ever since you were little. I was worried. I’m so glad everyone’s safe.

Ep. 2.mp4_000167471
Biggs: *Hic!!* Why don’t you have one too?
Cloud: Yeah, why not?
Biggs: Oh!! That’s more like it!! Even if you were with SOLDIER, you’re still a rookie here. So you’d better listen to whatever I tell ya! Oh… don’t tell Barret what I just said.
Wedge: Oh, Cloud! Tifa really knows how to cook. Mmm… Anyway, let me tell you somethin’. Tifa always lets me taste her cooking. And look at me now, I’m rolly-polly. DOn’t know whether I should be happy or sad. But it’s the good food and drinks that make this shop famous.
Jessie: Hey Wedge, you’re getting all excited. Stop making such a mess!

Ep. 2.mp4_000223051 Ep. 2.mp4_000229299
Barret: Great!! Get in here, fools! We’re startin’ the meeting!!

Ep. 2.mp4_000241205
So… the pinball machine is a secret elevator. That doesn’t seem so secret. Like… at all. OH WELL.

Ep. 2.mp4_000250812
Tifa: How about something to drink?
Cloud: Give me something hard.
Tifa: Just a minute, I’ll make one for you. You know, I’m relieved you made it back safely.
Cloud: What’s with you all of a sudden? That job wasn’t even tough.
Tifa: I guess not… You were in SOLDIER. Make sure you get your pay from Barret.
Cloud: Don’t worry. once I get that money, I’m outta here.

Ep. 2.mp4_000299109
Down we go!

Ep. 2.mp4_000306663
Wedge: The next mission will be to blow up the Sector 5 Reactor. Cloud, you’re great! Don’t you ever get nervous? Or are you like, impervious to feelings? Naw, that couldn’t be it.
Jessie: Hey, look at the news… What a blast. Think it was all because of my bomb? But all I really did was just make it like the computer told me. Oh, no! I must’ve made a miscalculation somewhere.

THE INTERNET, ladies and gentlemen. Teaching you how to make bombs to blow up Reactors since 1997.

Ep. 2.mp4_000330145
President Shinra: …responsibility for the bombing. It is expected that AVALANCHE will continue its reign of terror. But citizens of Midgar, there is no need to fear. I have immediately mobilized SOLDIER to protect our citizenry against this senseless violence. Thank you, and good night.

Ep. 2.mp4_000348551
Barret: Was there anyone from SOLDIER fighting us today?
Cloud: None. I’m positive.
Barret: You sound pretty sure.
Cloud: If there was anyone from SOLDIER, you wouldn’t be standing here now.
Barret: Don’t go thinkin’ you so bad jus’ ’cause you was in SOLDIER. Yeah, you’re strong. Probably all them guys in SOLDIER are. But don’t forget that your skinny ass’s workin’ for AVALANCHE now! Don’t get no ideas about hangin’ onto Shinra.
Cloud: Staying with Shinra? You asked a question and I answered it… that’s all.

Ep. 2.mp4_000392081 Ep. 2.mp4_000398421

Ep. 2.mp4_000402062
Barret: Let him go, Tifa! Looks like he still misses the Shinra!
Cloud: Shut up! I don’t care about Shinra nor SOLDIER! But don’t get me wrong! I don’t care about AVALANCHE or the Planet, for that matter!

This game is built on overreactions, it seems.

Ep. 2.mp4_000430779
Jessie: Oh, my. It must have been for a lot of it. Sure! Well, what the hell? It’s a verbal agreement. Now let me figure this out. Oh, stop it, Cloud! Did you hear me?

Ep. 2.mp4_000451769 Ep. 2.mp4_000455482
Wedge: You say you don’t care, but you came to talk to me. Cloud… You just want friends. Isn’t that right?
Cloud: I really don’t care.
Wedge: You’re terrible. Real cold-blooded.

Ep. 2.mp4_000466185
Welp, time to blow this Popsicle stand, I guess.

Ep. 2.mp4_000478318
Cloud: Sorry, Tifa…
Tifa: The planet is dying. Slowly but surely, it’s dying. Someone has to do something.
Cloud: So let Barret and his buddies do something about it. It’s got nothin’ to do with me.
Tifa: So! You’re really leaving?! You’re just going to walk right out ignoring your childhood friend?
Cloud: What? How can you say that?
Tifa: …You forgot the promise too.
Cloud: Promise?
Tifa: So you DID forget. Remember? Cloud, it was seven years ago…

Ep. 2.mp4_000531435
Tifa: Do you remember now?
Cloud: Yeah… back then. I thought you would never come, and I was getting a little cold.


Ep. 2.mp4_000556033 Ep. 2.mp4_000569138
Young Cloud: Come this spring, I’m leaving town for Midgar.
Young Tifa: All the boys are leaving town.
Young Cloud: But I’m different from them. I’m not just going to find a job. I want to join SOLDIER. I’m going to be the best there is, just like Sephiroth!
Young Tifa: Sephiroth… the Great Sephiroth? Isn’t it hard to join SOLDIER?

Ep. 2.mp4_000619595
Young Tifa: If you make it, will you be in the newspapers?
Young Cloud: I’ll try.
Young Tifa: Hey, let’s make a promise. Umm… if you get really famous and I’m ever in a bind… you’ll come save me, all right?
Young Cloud: What?
Young Tifa: If I’m ever in trouble, my hero will come and rescue me. I want to experience that at least once.
Young Cloud: What?
Young Tifa: Come on, promise me!
Young Cloud: All right, I promise…


Ep. 2.mp4_000692130
Cloud: I’m not a hero and I’m not famous. So I can’t keep our promise.
Tifa: But you got your childhood dream, didn’t you? You joined SOLDIER. So come on! You’ve got to keep your promise…

Ep. 2.mp4_000722047
Barret doesn’t need a damn elevator, he just scales the elevator cables by hand.

Ep. 2.mp4_000724555
Barret: A promise is a promise. Here!!
Cloud: This is my pay? Don’t make me laugh.
Tifa: What? Then you’ll…
Cloud: You got the next mission lined up? I’ll do it for 3000.
Barret: What?!
Tifa: It’s okay! (We’re really hurting for help, right?)
Barret U…ugh (That money’s for Marlene’s schoolin’!) 2000!
Tifa: Thanks Cloud.

And Fade to Black…


Ep. 2.mp4_000764644 Ep. 2.mp4_000774665
It’s a new day! I wonder what it has in store for us.

MUSIC: Barret’s Theme

Barret’s theme is one of my favorites in the game, and we don’t get to hear it that much 😦

Ep. 2.mp4_000787428
Tifa: Did you sleep well?
Cloud: Next to you, who wouldn’t?
Tifa: I don’t know what you mean. I’m going this time.

Poor girl, that was far too suave for her.

Ep. 2.mp4_000797658
Barret: I’ll fill you in on the train. Yo! Cloud! Before the next mission, I got somethin’ I wanna ask you! I, uh… I don’t really know how to use Materia! I’ll give you that Materia we found. Just teach me how to use it!
Cloud: *sigh*… You wouldn’t understand.
Barret: So this is what makes them guys in SOLDIER so great, huh?! Ok, I’ll ask Jessie again later. But you’re in charge of the Materia!
Tifa: Cloud! I got a message from the Weapon Shop man upstairs. He has something he wants to give you. Don’t forget!

Ep. 2.mp4_000832641 Ep. 2.mp4_000835147
Uh, isn’t Marlene like… 9? She probably shouldn’t be left in charge of a shop that sells alcoholic beverages. Or any sort of shop in general.

…okay, then.


Ep. 2.mp4_000847590 Ep. 2.mp4_000862746
Guy: Get my friend on the second floor to teach ya.

Ep. 2.mp4_000870026
Shopkeeper: You can’t just walk outta here without buyin’ something! Might be unhealthy for ya, if ya know what I mean.

Ep. 2.mp4_000876611
While that does sound vaguely like a threat, he does actually have an armor upgrade for the party that I decide to purchase. The Iron Bangle offers 2 more defense over the Bronze Bangles everyone has equipped, and it also has a Materia slot, unlike the Bronze Bangles, so I scoop one up for everyone.

Ep. 2.mp4_000913383 Ep. 2.mp4_000919911 Ep. 2.mp4_000922683
Dude: That was Materia. Next, take this treasure chest!

Ep. 2.mp4_000929712
Dude: Now listen, hidden in these treasure chests are a lot of items. There are box types and bag types, so make sure you don’t overlook any.

Ep. 2.mp4_000942789
Man: You say you’re a beginner? But your eyes say you’re not.
Cloud: Don’t mess with me. I used to be in SOLDIER. I’ll tell you how much I know… an’ for free, too!

Ep. 2.mp4_000957711
I like that Cloud is actually the one to explain all of these. He isn’t a newbie, he’s a hardened mercenary. On the other hand, there’s no way I’m going to read, much less transcribe all of that. I’ll explain this stuff as it comes up.


Ep. 2.mp4_000984652
Materia Shopkeeper: If this keeps up, this store’s goin’ under. Can’t sell any really good medicine in a slum like this. Oh!! Look at this! This doesn’t happen everyday. Are you… a customer? Yes!! Welcome!! We sell! We buy!

Ep. 2.mp4_001000127
So this is a combination Materia/Item shop. It only carries the most basic of spell Materia, but I’ll be getting a bunch of it.

Cloud came equipped with an Ice Materia and a Lightning Materia. We also found a Restore Materia in the Reactor, and an All Materia in the beginner’s hall. I buy one more Restore Materia, another Ice Materia, another Lightning Materia, and one Fire Materia. I know I’ll be finding another one of those later, and I’ll have 2 of all the basic spell Materia.

Ep. 2.mp4_001016113
Most weapons and armor come with Materia Slots. There are single slots and linked slots. Green Materia is spell Materia, and Blue Materia is support materia, which enhances the Materia it’s linked with. Therefore, it needs to be linked up with another Materia, like in the above shot. By combining the Restore Materia with the All Materia, Cloud can cast Cure on the entire party. He can only do it once per battle, since it’s only Level 1, but it will level as the game goes on. Materia also causes some stat changes, which you can also see. Generally, it lowers Strength and HP and raises Magic and MP, but it varies.

There are also other types of Materia such as Independent Materia, Summon Materia and Command Materia, but I’ll show those off as they crop up.

So Cloud is kitted out with is Buster Sword, an Iron Bangle. Cure+All Materia, and an Ice Materia.

Ep. 2.mp4_001020429
Tifa is equipped with a Leather Glove, an Iron Bangle, a Lightning Materia, and an Ice Materia.

Ep. 2.mp4_001034423
And Barret has his Assault Gun, an Iron Bangle, Restore Materia, Fire Materia and an Ice Materia.

Ep. 2.mp4_001060903

Ep. 2.mp4_001067726 Ep. 2.mp4_001071740
Johnny’s parents have some regrets, it seems. Kind of sad, actually.

Ep. 2.mp4_001084824
Gossiper: Yeah, and you Mr. I-Don’t-Care! I’ll get a little more information that would pique even your interest. You wait and see!

Ep. 2.mp4_001091377
Drunk Guy: I don’t like to say it myself, but I’m just a lonely guy when I’m not drinking.

That… that’s also kind of sad.

Ep. 2.mp4_001100458

The slums are depressing. Let’s get the hell out of here.

Ep. 2.mp4_001113280 Ep. 2.mp4_001135615



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