The Gate – Super Mario RPG Ep. 27

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG! Last time, we did the rest of whatever I wanted to do outside. Now, there’s nothing left to do but beeline it to Smithy and kick his arse so hard he’ll kiss the moon! LET’S GET TO IT.

MUSIC: Weapons Factory

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000016880 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000023356
This area is super sparse and bare bones. The screws are an interesting mechanic, they need to be jumped on to move forwards.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000033841 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000040008

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000043344

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000050607
17 Exp for a OHKO? I love this place!

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000071372 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000075252
If you happen to fall off one of the screws, Mario lands right on a trampoline which bounces him back up.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000089567
The Ameboids have a terrible secret…

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000123837
If you don’t manage to kill them into one hit, it multiplies into 5. And it does NOT multiply the experience. So make sure you kill them in one hit.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000215279
There was a healing mushroom in that box. Also, a save box. I WONDER IF THERE’S A BOSS FIGHT COMING UP.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000219462 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000226899 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000239205
The Ultra Hammer would be Mario’s ultimate weapon, if I didn’t have the Lazy Shell. But the Lazy Shell is better in every way, shape and form. So screw the Ultra Hammer.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000247747 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000257318Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000259236

MUSIC: Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000272258
So the next fight is against 2 Ding-A-Lings, and Countdown. They have a lot of moves, I can’t list them all, so I’ll show off whatever I see.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000287222 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000289324Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000290366
Fear Roulette is a randomized auto-kill attack. Toadstool would have been immune, but Geno got nailed this time.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000306992
But I mean, that’s basically what Toadstool is here for, you know?

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000319855 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000321431
Dark Star targeted Toadstool. The results are less than impressive.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000330780
Yeah, I usually need some sort of recovery around 3 as well.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000395640
This basically means it skips its turn. I’ll take it!

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000397424 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000398686
Huh, he isn’t being very offensive this battle.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000440490 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000443712
Dinner time means Water Blast? I guess it’s like… boiling us? I don’t know, man.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000472813

MUSIC: Weapons Factory

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000498806 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000504828
I’m getting into a battle here. You can’t see against what though! And now, I can tantalizingly draw out what the gimmick of the Factory is…

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000507137 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000524075 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000529356
You fight against machine copies of old bosses. They’re all called “Machine Made,” though they aren’t anywhere near as strong as they once were. In some cases. Here, we’re fighting clones of Axem Red, Pink & Green. The other Axem battle is against 2 Blacks and 2 Yellows (boy, that sounds kind of racist).

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000566670
They’re pretty lucrative in terms of Exp though.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000632916

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000636889 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000640339 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000642091
In certain areas, if you fail the platforming, there’s actually some stuff underneath. In this case, a flower and another mushroom.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000681237 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000682671Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000687250
Mario has hit Level 28. He’s getting close to the level cap.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000757213 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000763908
We run into some conveyor belts feeding off enemies. In this case, the Jabit, Pounder and Poundette. Just regular enemies, but they’re new, so I wanted to show them off.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000800997
Shyper and the Puppox. I guess that name kind of reinforces the idea that they’re supposed to be puppets.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000840726 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000860674
We can also run into a Machine Made version of Mack, complete with the springy guys! He’s probably stronger than the original Mack, to be honest.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000863369 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000864433 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000872317
But Geno is too badass to waste time on that.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000907191 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000908525Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000912134
Mallow has hit Level 26.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000923889 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000937056
Some good loot around here. Royal Syrups, in particular, are pretty rad. Maple Syrups just aren’t cutting it anymore.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_000990553
It’s a Hippo. I don’t know what that thing on its back is supposed to be, though.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_001083996 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_001086873
Machine Made Bowyer. He even has the same gimmick and everything! He never gets to use it though. Because he gets murdered too quickly.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_001124672 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_001130774

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_001136229 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_001272444
If you time it right, it’s possible to get up the stacked conveyors without being forces into a battle against a Bowyer.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_001287190 Ep. 27 P1.mp4_001285516
Another flower and another mushroom.

Ep. 27 P1.mp4_001280662 Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000006862
There’s a Machine Made Yaridovich on that brick block. It is required to fight one to advance. Yarid is mostly the same, though instead of the Mirage Attack, it has the even more infuriating split, in which it turns into 6 Drill Bit enemies.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000043505 Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000046022Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000049244
One more level until Mario is maxed out!

I was GOING to switch the Exp. Booster to Geno, but I fell through the hole, and, well…

MUSIC: Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000070819 Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000074213
Cloaker: Behold! They’ve taken the bait!
Domino: Hee hee hee! I guess I can spare a few minutes! Maybe they’d like to… play!

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000087734
Cloaker is the physical attacker and Domino is a mage. That’s pretty much the gimmick here.

…at least until you beat one of them.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000182918
Domino: How shameful if they were to defeat me!

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000188384 Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000198684Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000203209
That’s the second time I’ve seen that phrase used in this game. I guess it isn’t copy written or trademarked or whatever.

One of the things I really like about this fight is that you can see the snake’s body intertwined in the pillars in the background. This snake is HUGE. It’s just a really cool detail.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000243777 Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000254865
When Domino is on top of it, it’s called the Mad Adder. If we had defeated Domino and it were Cloaker instead, it would be called the Earth Link. Its attacks also change depending on who is on top. It’s more magic-oriented with Domino.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000266016
And then it died.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000274020
We’re getting very close now, I can feel it. (Also, I’ve played this game a ton, so I just know).

MUSIC: End of Factory

It’s not so much music as it is the industrial sounds of the factory. It’s actually really cool.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000279700
Clerk: This, despite the fact that Mack, Bowyer, Yaridovich and the Axem Rangers were defeated. At this rate, Smithy will have a new army in no time!

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000290077
Mallow: You can’t be making more weapons! Haven’t you caused enough trouble already?
Clerk: Oh yeah? Who are you?
Mallow: This is THE Mario! Give up now, while you still have a chance! Shut down production NOW, or he’ll STOMP ya!
Clerk: What did you say, you little puff ball? Mad Mallet! TRASH ’em!

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000313098
The trashing doesn’t go so well.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000341471

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000344861
This doesn’t go so well for him either.

Mallow: Ha! Hope you learned your lesson! We’re almost there, Mario. Come on!


Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000392846 Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000397379
Mallow: Huh? What’s with the funny face, Mario? Oh, I know, you’re trying to make me look, aren’t you? I’m not going to fall for that one!

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000407739 Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000416048Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000419694
Mallow. Just as dumb as he was at the beginning of the game.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000423726 Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000431567
…what the hell? How did he make it up here?! IS TOAD MORE BADASS THAN OUR ENTIRE PARTY COMBINED?! Is this the Toad with the Bazooka? It has to be! There’s no other explanation.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000434521 Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000446143
Toadstool: I’m sorry I snuck out without telling you or the Chancellor. I just wanted to get things back to normal. I wanted to do my part to help…
Toad: Yes, that’s it! Any job that lets me help both Mario and the Princess is worthwhile!
Toadstool: You’re gonna help BOTH of us?
Toad: Well, I carried all I could! Now, what can you use?

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000470185
Good guy, Toad. I still wonder how the heck butt he made it all the way up here.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000487464

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000495511
Pounder #1: Sir! “Drill Bit” will be finished on time.
Pounder #2: We’re ahead of schedule!
Pounder #3: We’ll make Smithy proud!
Manager: Good work, everyone. The harder we work, the stronger Smithy will become! The weapons we manufacture here will be… Just think of it… When Smithy takes over Mario’s world, we can do anything we want!

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000521710 Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000523582Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000525524Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000527304
Bowser: You sure are a cocky bunch! I rule this world! Don’t you forget it!
Manager: It’s Mario! Mack 2 and Yaridovich 2 didn’t stop him?
Bowser: No, NO! Leave Mario out of this! I’m the one you need to worry about, not him!
Manager: Mario, you’re about to make the longest jump of your life!
Bowser: Y…You’re ignoring me!!

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000557687
Ya know, there’s really nothing about these mini-bosses that makes them interesting.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000616671 Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000621964 Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000625471
Poor Bowser. I guess he’s just misunderstood.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000639372
Toadstool: Do you know what your weapons have been doing to our world? Stop this nonsense at once!
Director: I’m afraid that isn’t possible. Any dissent against Smithy will be dealt with by immediate melt down.
Toadstool: M-melt down? You can’t scare me, I’ve got Mario by my side!
Director: Dissenters will be eliminated! Production will continue.

This guy at least gets some badass points for his awesome vocabulary.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000677664
And puh-lease, Toadstool being scared of this mook? I could probably solo the rest of this game with Toadstool without a problem.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000770400
Toadstool: But we can’t run away now. We’ve got to kick these lowlifes out of our world.


Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000795840
Factory Chief: Harrumph! You’ll be fodder for my incredible invention, the “Gunyolk!”

The, uh… the what now? It’s an Egg gun? I think Birdo already stole that gimmick.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000835874 Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000840624
Anyways, the Gunyolk has some of the strongest magic spells in the game. And the Factory Chief hits pretty hard too.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000846208 Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000847644

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000850512
Yeah, it’s attacking Toadstool. Definitely not worried.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000872430 Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000875049 Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000878172
HOLY FRACK. Okay, that’s a little more worrisome. And unlike the Blade, the Gunyolk doesn’t have to recharge after using the Breaker Beam.

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000911149 Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000930435
It still falls eventually though. After that, the Chief still needs to be dealt with. Oddly enough, if you defeat the Factory Chief before the Gunyolk, he’ll just come back. So take out the Gunyolk first!

Ep. 27 P2.mp4_000978615
geno: Look Mario, this is where the weapons come from. This must be where Smithy makes his weapons. To find the last Star Piece and stop the factory, we’ve got to defeat him first. Mario… there’s no turning back now. Are you ready? And when the time comes… Come on, let’s get this show on the road!

Ep. 28.mp4_000006181

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