Last Days on the Outside – Super Mario RPG Ep. 26

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG! Last time we managed to finish off Bowser’s Keep, and make our way to the… other dimension where Smithy is currently holed up. Or something like that. Anyways, it’s the last dungeon of the game, and I still have stuff to do on the outside before I finish it off, so that’s what we’re going to do this time around!

First stop:

MUSIC: Hardworking Moles are Good Moles

Ep. 26.mp4_000002452 Ep. 26.mp4_000003578 Ep. 26.mp4_000008562
We ran into this guy who just blatantly said that he was looking for stuff to sell.

Mine Dude: I found some neat stuff and I’m opening up a “Miner’s Store.” Come and take a look at what I’ve got to sell. Item #1: a “Lucky Jewel!” It’s sure to bring you plenty of good luck!

Gives you a 100% chance to play the Yoshi minigame at the end of battles. Only multiplies coins though. PASS.

Ep. 26.mp4_000020485
If you buy this, and then go to Marrymore and buy the B’tub Ring, equip that on Toadstool,  and have her use the Mystery Egg ONE HUNDRED TIMES, it turns into the Sleepy Sheep, or something like that, which puts enemies to sleep. TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT. PASS.

Ep. 26.mp4_000025661 Ep. 26.mp4_000027342

Ep. 26.mp4_000029158 Ep. 26.mp4_000037667
The “Metal Plate” is the Frying Pan, Toadstool’s ultimate weapon. It gives a whopping +90 to her attacking, making it the only weapon that can match up to the Lazy Shell. Yes, Toadstool is broken as all hell.

Ep. 26.mp4_000085045 Ep. 26.mp4_000097879 Ep. 26.mp4_000092000
I also buy some more Fireworks to get another Shiny Stone. It will be put to use very, very soon.

MUSIC: Booster Tower

Ep. 26.mp4_000108359
I wonder what happened to Goony Booster after his “wedding…”

We can also run into Knife Guy on the way up the tower. I hate this guy.

Ep. 26.mp4_000167163
Knife Guy: Here, I’ll make it up to ya! Hee haaaaw… Are we having fun yet? …Hee hee hee. Okay! That was just practice. This time it’s for REAL. Ya up to it?! …Hee hee. Guess which hand the yellow ball is in… IF YOU CAN! Now watch carefully.

Ep. 26.mp4_000184033
Ep. 26.mp4_000186328
If you do this 30 times correctly, you’ll get a “Bright Card.” If you do it 100 times correctly, you get a Red Essence. Every time you get it right, you get either a Wilt Shroom (heals 10 HP), a Rotten Mush (heals 5 HP) or a Moldy Mush (heals 1 HP). Sorry, not worth it to me. But at least I can tell you what you’d get!

Ep. 26.mp4_000188030 Ep. 26.mp4_000248626 Ep. 26.mp4_000253607

Valentina: Why should I marry you?

Ep. 26.mp4_000258932 Ep. 26.mp4_000264753
Valentina: What a wonderful thing to say!

Ep. 26.mp4_000274737
What… what the hell did he say?! I NEED TO KNOW.

Ep. 26.mp4_000380135
WOOOOOOOO, this tower is WAY easier to go down that it is to climb up.

Ep. 26.mp4_000429294
I pick up two Crystallines and two Power Blasts at Tadpole Pond, to make life a little easier later.

Ep. 26.mp4_000699693 Ep. 26.mp4_000704634
This place exists.

Ep. 26.mp4_000710265
But you need to win the Bright Card from Knife Guy to be able to get in. You can play Slots, Blackjack or “Look the Other Way.” I hate gambling, so I don’t even bother. You can also sell the Bright Card to the guy who’s been trying to get to the Casino all game long. I think he gives you like 500 Coins or something for it.

Ep. 26.mp4_000720890 Ep. 26.mp4_000780052
Back to Monstro Town! I have a lot to do here.

Ep. 26.mp4_000787664
Jinx: All right. Let’s see what you’re capable of.

MUSIC: Fight Against Monsters

Ep. 26.mp4_000793944 Ep. 26.mp4_000796437
Jinxed is a move where Jinx shadowboxes, and somehow it hurts one of your characters.

However, the first battle against Jinx…

Ep. 26.mp4_000800226 Ep. 26.mp4_000804501 Ep. 26.mp4_000808241 Ep. 26.mp4_000810985
…doesn’t last very long (1 round of combat).

Jinx: I guess I underestimated you. You pack quite a punch! But don’t let it get to your head, because I let you HAVE that round. Let’s have a rematch. All right, you asked for it. And no crying if you get hurt!

Ep. 26.mp4_000829373 Ep. 26.mp4_000830722
Quicksilver is a move where Jinx warps behind a character and trips them up.

Ep. 26.mp4_000842101 Ep. 26.mp4_000843578 Ep. 26.mp4_000851576
Triple Kick is just a damn powerful kick.

But round two isn’t so bad either.

Ep. 26.mp4_000871172
Jinx: Still haven’t had enough? It isn’t often that I have someone this competitive to spar with! All right, this match will be the one that counts, since I’m placing my reputation on the line! Watch closely, Jagger. You’re about to see your Sensei in action.

MUSIC: Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster

Ep. 26.mp4_000896934 Ep. 26.mp4_000898654
Bombs Away is basically a Hadouken. And it HURTS.

Ep. 26.mp4_000938001 Ep. 26.mp4_000939767
Jinx is just all around more powerful this time around. More HP, more defense, hits harder… but it’s inevitable.

Ep. 26.mp4_000975536 Ep. 26.mp4_000983716
Jinx: My reputation was staked on this last fight, so I’ve lost the title of “Sensei.” From today, you are the Sensei of this dojo. Please take this belt, which only the highest ranking fighter in the dojo can wear.

MUSIC: Monstro Town

Ep. 26.mp4_000994309
Ohhhhhh, YES.

Ep. 26.mp4_000997653 Ep. 26.mp4_000999682 Ep. 26.mp4_001007844
Jinx: 1000 warm up jumps! Ready, begin!

Ep. 26.mp4_001016513
Mario shows them how it’s done.

Jagger: Mario Sensei, the new regiment will strengthen us, right?
Jinx: Master! Share your wisdom with us!

Ep. 26.mp4_001029891
“Mario Style Dojo” has a nice ring to it.


Ep. 26.mp4_001038574 Ep. 26.mp4_001041403 Ep. 26.mp4_001043305
Okay, it’s time to get super serious.

No, I’m not kidding.

I am about to do the hardest fight in the game.

Harder than the final boss.

And I am going to BREAK IT WIDE OPEN.

By abusing my game-breaking equipment.

Let’s get to it!

Ep. 26.mp4_001049878 Ep. 26.mp4_001060845
I’m making Toadstool into the ultimate fighting machine. The Lazy Shell makes her defense astronomical, but tanks her attack by -50. To counteract that to make sure she still hits hard, I give her our newly won Jinx Belt, which raises her defense even more, and gives a +27 to her attack. Not as good as it was beforehand, but still pretty darn good.

Ep. 26.mp4_001075602


Ep. 26.mp4_001080435

Ep. 26.mp4_001082704

Ep. 26.mp4_001083864
culex: I have crossed into this dimension to fight for the Dark Mage. But this world is uninhabitable for me and my kind. I must return to my own world. Before I go though, I would like to challenge your strongest knight. You will enter combat against me? EN GARDE!

MUSIC: Fight Against Culex

Ep. 26.mp4_001110268
culex: I am antimatter… I can see your past… I can see your future… I consume time… And I will consume you!

Ep. 26.mp4_001123944
So here we are. The battle against Culex and his four elemental crystals (Fire, Water, Earth and Wind). They all have access to the strongest magic in the game, and a lot of HP.

Ep. 26.mp4_001128502
So I’m going to boost Toadstool, and then Geno and Mario are probably going to die pretty quickly.

Ep. 26.mp4_001137750
But for clarity’s sake, this is the battle that I’ve been hoarding all of the Rock Candies for.

Ep. 26.mp4_001142614

Ep. 26.mp4_001149611

Ep. 26.mp4_001163082 Ep. 26.mp4_001170730 Ep. 26.mp4_001174283 Ep. 26.mp4_001177050
It really, really sucks that they get to take 3-5 turns in a row.

Ep. 26.mp4_001179398
And Dark Star is, luckily, only a single-target spell. It takes off about 4/5 of Geno’s max HP.

Ep. 26.mp4_001187137
Light Beam attempts to put the entire party to sleep. Luckily, Toadstool is immune.

Ep. 26.mp4_001193896 Ep. 26.mp4_001196064
Geno is down, Mario is asleep, and Toadstool is still slinging Rock Candy.

Ep. 26.mp4_001199473 Ep. 26.mp4_001212237Ep. 26.mp4_001213911
The Wind Crystal is destroyed! but Mario and Toadstool are still getting pounded by hard hitting spells like Solidify and Water Blast.

Ep. 26.mp4_001219227 Ep. 26.mp4_001220704
Shredder is an interesting move. It removes all buffs on the party. So anything like Geno Boost is null and void. Super inconvenient in long, drawn out fights like this.

Ep. 26.mp4_001235683 Ep. 26.mp4_001237359
Ice Crystal on Mario. Surprisingly, he’s still up.

Ep. 26.mp4_001284518 Ep. 26.mp4_001294690 Ep. 26.mp4_001285650
Wow, I am impressed by Mario’s longevity in this fight. I expected him to be down much earlier.  I definitely appreciate the extra damage he’s helping to pump out.

Ep. 26.mp4_001348776 Ep. 26.mp4_001350481 Ep. 26.mp4_001352083
Well, it was nice while it lasted.

Ep. 26.mp4_001436029 Ep. 26.mp4_001437672
The Ice Bomb doesn’t do any damage to the Water Crystal, but it’s enough to take down the Fire Crystal!

Ep. 26.mp4_001578272 Ep. 26.mp4_001624509
Eventually, we’re met with this message. This means that the Earth Crystal can’t attack anymore! It only has magic attacks and is out of FP.

Ep. 26.mp4_001646790 Ep. 26.mp4_001653275
Now I feel like it’s safe to bring back Mario and Geno. It won’t be a waste anymore.

Ep. 26.mp4_001724038 Ep. 26.mp4_001804362
244 EXP, HOLY CRAP. Too bad I took the Exp. Booster off of Mario.

MUSIC: Victory Over Culex

Ep. 26.mp4_001807653 Ep. 26.mp4_001808921Ep. 26.mp4_001811910
Even without the Exp. Booster, it’s enough for Mario to gain a level.

Ep. 26.mp4_001814897 Ep. 26.mp4_001816664Ep. 26.mp4_001822175
Geno also gains a level after the battle.

Ep. 26.mp4_001824959 Ep. 26.mp4_001826407
As well as Bowser. Not a bad haul.

MUSIC: Conversation With Culex

Ep. 26.mp4_001836911
culex: Thank you, brave knight. I will treasure this memento of my journey here. Perhaps in another time, another game, we may have been mortal enemies…Let us part as comrades in arms. Take this. Treasure it as a keepsake of our fight.

Ep. 26.mp4_001855273

Ep. 26.mp4_001858113
Later, bro.

Also, good going breaking the fourth wall, ya jackass.

Ep. 26.mp4_001865267
And just like that… he’s gone.

Ep. 26.mp4_001901476

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