The Keep – Super Mario RPG Ep. 25

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG! Last time, we managed to finally make our way back to Bowser’s Keep, only to be stopped by game-padding bullcrap! At least we’re getting some cool items out of it.  And we will be getting far, far more, if I have my way. Now, 2 of the 4 (of the 6) doors that need to be completed have been, uh… completed.


MUSIC: Bowser’s Keep

Ep. 25.mp4_000010409
May as well just go in order, huh?

Ep. 25.mp4_000017520 Ep. 25.mp4_000023760
21 coins in the box. You can take UP TO 4 coins per turn. Whoever gets the last coin loses. Not that hard, just count, and make sure that you don’t take past the 16th coin, and you’re golden.

Ep. 25.mp4_000025873 Ep. 25.mp4_000028851Ep. 25.mp4_000100038

Ep. 25.mp4_000108756
This one SEEMS like it could be difficult. And if you screw up, it can be, and if you take too long, you lose. If you step on a button, the buttons next to it, top, bottom and both sides are activated. If they’re up, they go down, if they’re down, they go up. This can be solved in 4 easy jumps though.

Ep. 25.mp4_000114545
Ep. 25.mp4_000116205 Ep. 25.mp4_000117719Ep. 25.mp4_000119371

Ep. 25.mp4_000121953

Ep. 25.mp4_000131463
Eeesh… this one… is a little more difficult. Ever been to Cracker Barrel? It’s that solitaire game. every time a piece gets jumped, it disappears. The goal is to have one piece left. Damn if I can remember the exact order I did it in, but I manage to solve it.

Ep. 25.mp4_000140282 Ep. 25.mp4_000315661
Ep. 25.mp4_000335383Ep. 25.mp4_000344224Ep. 25.mp4_000347035
Dang, I even impressed myself. I’m usually not too good at this sort of thing.

Ep. 25.mp4_000353092
Not bad. Rock Candies are pretty damn good items, they cause upwards of 200 HP to every enemy on screen in battle. I’m hoarding these for… a certain fight.

Ep. 25.mp4_000365524
All right, time for door #4!

Ep. 25.mp4_000368771 Ep. 25.mp4_000407524
Ah, it’s an action course! You have ten tries to make it through the entire thing, which consists of 3 rooms. Don’t fall in the lava or get hit by any sorts of obstacles, and you’ll be fine. Most of these rooms have tons of treasure chests too, and they’re awfully tempting…

Ep. 25.mp4_000419878

Ep. 25.mp4_000437732
The next room has Mario run around on a ball, while Bob-ombs chase after him and attempt to explode.

Ep. 25.mp4_000443905 Ep. 25.mp4_000475277
Luckily, they go after you even if you aren’t on the ball, so it’s super easy to lure them away to give yourself some more space.

Ep. 25.mp4_000488970 Ep. 25.mp4_000509037
Not bad at all!

Ep. 25.mp4_000512289 Ep. 25.mp4_000528713
Ugh, this room suuuuuuucks. Mostly because I’m super impatient when it comes to games, most times. You have to wait for the tile to s l o w l y revolve around the one you’re standing around. Then jump to the next one and wait while the one you just jumped off of s l o w l y revolves to wherever you want to go next.

Ep. 25.mp4_000547142 Ep. 25.mp4_000577088
Ep. 25.mp4_000607403Ep. 25.mp4_000638112
Ep. 25.mp4_000656649
And then I failed on purpose. Now, I know that seems like an excuse like “HURR DURR, I FAILED ON PURPOSE GUISE, I SWEAR I DON’T SUCK AT THIS GAME!” …but I really did. The reason for that is that even if you fail the action courses, you get to keep all of the sweet, sweet loot that you gathered within. Sure, I don’t get the prize at the end of the course, and it doesn’t count towards my 4 door requisite, but I just got a LOT of great items. I stand by my decision. Plus, this way I can also show off all of the rooms. I got what I really wanted anyways (the Star Gun). Everything else is cool, but that’s the main item I was gunning for.

Ep. 25.mp4_000669059
So let’s check out Door #5!

Ep. 25.mp4_000670949 Ep. 25.mp4_000672307
Ah, it’s the other action course! The gimmick to this room is that the pathways are invisible, but there a bunch of Terrapins. Every time they land from jumping, the path becomes briefly visible.

Ep. 25.mp4_000675722 Ep. 25.mp4_000685356
Ep. 25.mp4_000708446 Ep. 25.mp4_000725206
Again, a lot more great items in here.

Ep. 25.mp4_000741856 Ep. 25.mp4_000759952
The next room is just a bunch of quick-moving tiles. You might notice that I skip all the items… it’s because I’m pretty much full-up! There’s a limited inventory in this game, and I don’t even know what else I would get rid of!

Ep. 25.mp4_000768494 Ep. 25.mp4_000771769 Ep. 25.mp4_000779093
Wow, now that is a throwback. There’s a monkey throwing barrels at Mario in this room. If you avoid the barrels and jump on him, he runs away. But again, I fail on purpose so I can show off the last room.

Ep. 25.mp4_000850675
And that means that Door #6 is the last Quiz door.

Ep. 25.mp4_000855214
And this room is a legitimate quiz room.

Just answer 8 questions right, and you win! If you get too many wrong, you fail. Pretty straightforward, I’d say.

Ep. 25.mp4_000861386
It’s multiple choice, but in order to cut down on images, I’ll just type up the answers: They all live in Monstro Town.

Ep. 25.mp4_000923637
A Game Boy

Ep. 25.mp4_000927435
Currant Juice. (By the way, I don’t know HOW you’re supposed to know some of these. I just remember them because I’ve played this game so much)

Ep. 25.mp4_000932770

Ep. 25.mp4_000940872
An egg.

Ep. 25.mp4_000944689
Getting his picture taken.

Ep. 25.mp4_000949977
La Dee Dah~♪

Ep. 25.mp4_000953768
Prevents damage.

Ep. 25.mp4_000958128

Ep. 25.mp4_000961928
A Carrot

Ep. 25.mp4_000965641

Ep. 25.mp4_000970276

Ep. 25.mp4_000979923 Ep. 25.mp4_000983025Ep. 25.mp4_000986376
This is pretty easy and straightforward. It’s just counting.

Ep. 25.mp4_000989544 Ep. 25.mp4_001002321

Ep. 25.mp4_001010437 Ep. 25.mp4_001012165
A little tougher, but 20 seconds is more than enough time to triple count and make sure you’re correct. Plus, I mean… you’re seeing it in still images. Of course it’s easy here.

Ep. 25.mp4_001042867
Dr. Topper: Boo, Goo, Bones, and Kipp competed int a Triathlon. The Triathlon included swimming, cycling, and a marathon. It’s up to you to guess which place each person came in. Listen well! You’re only gonna hear the story once!

Ep. 25.mp4_001093146 Ep. 25.mp4_001106502 Ep. 25.mp4_001099819Ep. 25.mp4_001102660 Ep. 25.mp4_001112219

Ep. 25.mp4_001139100 Ep. 25.mp4_001144824

Ep. 25.mp4_001148800
Another Rock Candy, Nice! For reference, the other items I would get for beating the action rooms would be Mallow’s Sonic Cymbal, his best weapon, and the Super Slap, Toadstool’s “best” weapon. But I’m not going to use Mallow for the rest of the game, and Toadstool can do better if you know where to find it (and I do).

Ep. 25.mp4_001158429 Ep. 25.mp4_001160637Ep. 25.mp4_001163217Ep. 25.mp4_001176748

Ep. 25.mp4_001181899 Ep. 25.mp4_001185550

MUSIC: Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster

Ep. 25.mp4_001193460 Ep. 25.mp4_001204462Ep. 25.mp4_001207125Ep. 25.mp4_001223342
Huh. Now that was interesting. Usually, Magikoopa summons a monster and hides behind it. But I killed him so damn fast, he didn’t even get a chance to! Some monsters include a King Bob-omb (the big one Punchinello summoned way back when), a Bahamutt or a Jinx clone.

MUSIC: Monstro Town

Ep. 25.mp4_001234227 Ep. 25.mp4_001239528
Magikoopa: Huh… where am I? Bowser, hello! How have you been? I, uh, made it back here SOMEHOW, but it seems like I’ve been brainwashed or something. I can’t seem to remember ANYTHING. Have I done something… wrong?
Bowser: Uh, don’t worry about it. Let’s just put this behind us. It’s great running into a loyal Koopa Trooper like you.
Magikoopa: I’m glad! It looks like you’ve got some tough new troopers now. But my magic can still help you.

Ep. 25.mp4_001267587
Ep. 25.mp4_001275734
Magikoopa: Just keep hitting it. I’ll be here if you need me. Come by whenever you need to rejuvenate your HP and magic.

This would be super handy if we didn’t just heal automatically after the battle, and really had no use for coins anymore, and this place were just a bit more convenient to get to. But, whatever.

Also, in the door on the left…

Ep. 25.mp4_001293731
Croco: I can’t always be coming to your rescue, you know. If there’s anything more you need, best to buy it now.

Ep. 25.mp4_001303288
Croco sells the usual items, but of more important note, he sells the best store-bought armor in the game. If you don’t find any of the extra stuff, this is the best you’re gonna get, and it’s really not that bad. Most of my characters will be wearing this stuff for the rest of the game.

Ep. 25.mp4_001367926
Ep. 25.mp4_001375792Ep. 25.mp4_001383669
Room with Thwomps and Bullet Bills.

Ep. 25.mp4_001386694
…room identical to the one Toadstool was rescued in so long ago? Just how big is this keep, anyways? DID I JUST GO IN A GIGANTIC LOOP!?

Ep. 25.mp4_001388487

Ep. 25.mp4_001397352
Say hi to the placeholder boss, Boomer!

Boomer: I’m impressed you made it this far. I didn’t think you could. Oh! Feisty little fellow, aren’t you? But this is the end of the line. Now you’ve got to deal with ME! EN GARDE!

MUSIC: Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster

Ep. 25.mp4_001434743
Boomer isn’t so tough. He uses physical attacks, and physical spells like Skewer and Pierce. Eventually, he turns blue, sacrificing his defense for more power, upon which time he starts using an auto-kill move (unless it’s blocked) and strong single-target spells like Storm and Blast.

Ep. 25.mp4_001476033 Ep. 25.mp4_001476865Ep. 25.mp4_001478250
And even if you successfully block Shaker (the auto-kill move), it knocks the character down to 1 HP. Better than dead though!

Eventually though…

MUSIC: Sad Song

Ep. 25.mp4_001503438
Boomer: This is absurd! I CAN’T be defeated by THEM! I won’t let this happen! I won’t fall in battle… *gasp… cough… hack…* H-having… an attack… *gasp* I don’t need your sympathy! I am a soldier… I am prepare to… go… Take a dive, Chandeli-ho!

Ep. 25.mp4_001535673
Ep. 25.mp4_001539491Ep. 25.mp4_001543866
Oh, poor Boomer! But not to worry! A little fall isn’t gonna hurt you!

Ep. 25.mp4_001556841
Chandeli-Ho: I’ll lead you to the top! We must hurry to the appointed place! Hang on tight! And away we go!

…and then the damnedest thing happens… I…  I can’t properly explain it. First, here’s the music:

MUSIC: Wine River

And… here’s what happens:

No. I have no answers for this.  Mario & Co. just start dancing as the chandelier takes them up.

Chandeli-Ho: Increasing speed…! Next stop, the top floor! Please fasten your seat belts and… Wait a sec! There ARE no seat belts!

Ep. 25.mp4_001607723

MUSIC: Fight Against an Armed Boss

Ep. 25.mp4_001617472
Oh shit, we’re actually fighting the sword! There are 4 targets in this fight: the Left Eye, the Right Eye, the Mouth (which is called Neosquid, for whatever reason) and Exor (the little minotaur head at the top). The battle ends when Exor is defeated, but he’s usually being protected by something. In this case, one of the eyes. We don’t even know which one. And even worse, taking out the eyes and mouth is only temporary, they revive after a few turns.

Ep. 25.mp4_001622302
Bowser’s Drill Claw is very similar to his unarmed attack, but more metal in the way that he stabs with his left claw, and then shakes it.

Ep. 25.mp4_001627301 Ep. 25.mp4_001640648

This battle can be tough. They all use hard hitting spells like Dark Star, Corona, Solidify, and also have status moves like Light Beam (sleep), Aurora Beam (sleep), Poison, and Petal Blast (Mushrooms).

Ep. 25.mp4_001744175
Here, the Left Eye and Neosquid are out of commission as I pound on Exor.

Ep. 25.mp4_001891490
And upon defeat, we get sucked inside!

Ep. 25.mp4_001901919
Classy, Nintendo. We don’t get the Toadstool upskirt shot, but we DO get the Geno Flash, if you know what I’m sayin’.

MUSIC: Weapons Factory

Ep. 25.mp4_001908511 Ep. 25.mp4_001911645
geno: It looks like Exor’s the contact between the two worlds. In other words… if we follow this road, we’ll find Smithy. So… what’s keeping us?

I think that would be YOU, Geno. With all your exposition and junk.

Ep. 25.mp4_001927622 Ep. 25.mp4_001931681
Bowser: I’m not going to be dragged along on this stupid hunt. This is as far as I go. I’m going to gather my troops and rebuild my castle. And you, Mario! You’re an official member of the Koopa Troop. It’s your duty to help with the repairs!
geno: Bowser, you’re completely missing the point.
Bowser: Gwaa?! I oughtta rip your stuffing out!

Bowser is the best.

Ep. 25.mp4_001958542
Bowser: Yeah, so?
geno: Even IF we defeated Exor… there will be OTHER weapon beasts to follow him. Your castle is at the entrance point to YOUR world. In short… they’ll be back! Is that what you want?
Bowser: Um… well… (More weapon things coming to take over my castle? What about my… PRIVACY?! Yikes… This isn’t good at all… In fact, this stinks! But I CAN’T just be pals with these cretins. I’ve got an image to keep up. I’ve got it!)

Ep. 25.mp4_001999777
Bowser: I’ve got a bone to pick with this Smithy guy! Come on, Mario! We’ll teach him a lesson! (I’m so sly!)
geno: It looks like we’re together on this one. Let’s go!

Ep. 25.mp4_002014489 Ep. 25.mp4_002017728
Forget that, I’ve got more shit to do!

NEXT TIME: Last days on the outside!

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