The Gauntlet – Super Mario RPG Ep. 24

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG! Last episode, we took on Barrel Volcano. We took on a dragon, a dragon zombie, and a rip-off of the Power Rangers. We also managed to snag the 6th Star Piece! However… we just went through a SKY CASTLE and a VOLCANO. Now, where the heck butt could that last Star Piece be? I guess I should head back and see Mallow’s parents like I said I would.

MUSIC: Nimbus Land

Ep. 24.mp4_000038566 Ep. 24.mp4_000058163
Turns out I forgot about this surprise chest. Whoops!

Ep. 24.mp4_000059306
It’s a Frog Coin. It’ll come in handy when I stock up for the last dungeon/battle.

Ep. 24.mp4_000073359
Mallow: Thank you so much! We were able to rescue my father with the key you gave us!
Guard: Don’t mention it… Besides, it was YOU, who actually rescued him!
Mallow: Good luck in the future!
Guard: Here, this is from me. Please, take it.

Ep. 24.mp4_000103936
Sweet. This is also the room that the King and Queen were locked in. Bowser should have just broken down the damn door.

Ep. 24.mp4_000118599
Queen Nimbus: Were you able to find the star, dear?
Mallow: Yeah. The Axem Rangers took it away from us, but… we got it back again!

He says that like she would know who they are… I mean, I had no idea until they introduced themselves.

Ep. 24.mp4_000135266
King Nimbus: I guess not… You’re… still… missing a piece, I take it.
Queen Nimbus: The last star… Wait! The only place left to look is in Bowser’s Keep!
Mallow: Yeah, we know. But… there’s no way to get in. Believe me, we’ve tried, but…

What? No, we haven’t. I went to Vista Hill ONCE back in episode 2, and haven’t even thought about that place once since. STOP SHOVING YOUR INTENTIONS DOWN MY THROAT, GAME.

Ep. 24.mp4_000165546
Queen Nimbus: That’s IT, dear! You should use the royal bus!
King Nimbus: Yes, Mallow, the time has come for you to take the bus! Why, when I was your age…
Mallow: Really?! Are you sure it’s all right?
Queen Nimbus: Of course, dear. I’ve ordered the repair man to have it fixed by the time you leave. You simply HAVE to help Mario and the others get that last star!


I’m having trouble suspending my disbelief here, is what I’m trying to get across.

Ep. 24.mp4_000198790
Well, all right, then.

Ep. 24.mp4_000225458
Let’s go check out this “royal bus.” Must not be very royal if it isn’t even capitalized.

Ep. 24.mp4_000234088
Mallow: We want to go to Bowser’s Keep… Could you give us a lift, please?
Guard: I’ve heard the story from King Nimbus. You’ll be there in no time! Here it comes, here it comes!

Ep. 24.mp4_000263641
Well, at least he has a sweet mustache.

Ep. 24.mp4_000270400
Driver: Oh, it’s purring like a kitten!
Guard: Could you take Prince Mallow to the entrance of Bowser’s Keep?
Driver: Of course! Can’t wait to get this thing running again! Come, Prince, hop on board.

Ep. 24.mp4_000296420 Ep. 24.mp4_000301738
Wow. I guess… I guess that bus ride is REALLY exciting.

Ep. 24.mp4_000308334 Ep. 24.mp4_000327406
Why are all of these people just randomly gathered on Vista Hill? How is this news getting out so quickly?

MUSIC: Bowser’s Keep

Ep. 24.mp4_000340748
Bowser: It’s so nice to be home! Smithy’s gonna pay for stealing my splendid castle from me!

Just for clarity’s sake, I’ve swapped out Geno and Mallow for Toadstool and Bowser. It just seems right, ya know? I mean, it’s BOWSER’S CASTLE. The main Mario cast should be here. Plus, there’s an added benefit to having Bowser in the party while you’re here…

Ep. 24.mp4_000365079 Ep. 24.mp4_000369315
He makes a majority of the enemies run away. Sure, you miss out on the exp. and coinage, but it makes things move so much faster.

Ep. 24.mp4_000376186 Ep. 24.mp4_000377501Ep. 24.mp4_000380118
Woo, Level 23!

Ep. 24.mp4_000384075
You know, I really HAVE been making it a point to fight every enemy I see, but…

Ep. 24.mp4_000406695

Ep. 24.mp4_000412210 Ep. 24.mp4_000422874
Some new enemies; the Gu Goomba is an upgraded Goomba, but by this point the party is so powerful, they may as well just be regular Goombas.  The Star Cruster is a tougher version of the Krusty from back in the Sunken Ship. It also isn’t intimidated by Bowser. SO THAT MEANS IT JUST GETS TO DIE INSTEAD OF RUNNING AWAY, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA

Ep. 24.mp4_000432734
I feel I need to reiterate my point from wayyyyyy back in Episode 1 that rope bridges over lava do not seem like the brightest idea.

Ep. 24.mp4_000498971
They didn’t even replace this one properly!

Ep. 24.mp4_000504023
The room that we first encountered Toadstool and Bowser in so long ago is now filled with enemies.

Ep. 24.mp4_000511927
Tub-O-Troopas are the new Heavy Troopas. Same gimmick; high HP, high defense, and they need a turn before they attack. Like their predecessors, they never get to attack. They also don’t run away when Bowser is present. The smaller green-shelled Koopas, the Malakoopas, DO run away.

Ep. 24.mp4_000553862 Ep. 24.mp4_000564240Ep. 24.mp4_000569206
Mario is now the one reaping the benefits of the Exp. Booster. So hopefully he’ll start catching up to Toadstool pretty quickly.

Ep. 24.mp4_000631170
The Forkies are the newly upgraded version of Jawful. Rather than sleeping, they start off enraptured, but once attacked, they come to their senses. They have access to some hard hitting single target spells like Storm or Blast. Alternatively, they might just stab you with their gigantic fork.

Ep. 24.mp4_000773580 Ep. 24.mp4_000819785
This is an odd, poorly lit area. There are some enemies scattered about, as well as a chest with a healing Mushroom.

Ep. 24.mp4_000912854
Uhhhhhh… what? Croco? Mini-boss time?

Ep. 24.mp4_000916623
Croco: There’s plenty of danger up ahead, so it’s best to save now! You need anything? I’ve got some items to sell!

He… he really does. He sells common items, as well as the Fire Armor, for whatever reason. I don’t really understand his change of heart, but it’s awfully nice of him!

Ep. 24.mp4_000948365
I DON’T! But YOU might! So here’s the deal: there are 6 doors. 4 of them must be cleared to advance farther into the Keep. Behind 2 of the doors are a long string of battles, behind 2 others are “action” courses (platforming), and behind the other 2 are quizzes or minigames. You get a reward for each door you complete, but you can only do 4. If you want the last 2, you need to come back again and hope you get the other 2 doors. Because they’re arranged randomly. Hopefully I’ll get what I want, because you get some GOOD items for this.

Ep. 24.mp4_000954303

Ep. 24.mp4_000968087
Oh, it’s a battle course. Hmm.

MUSIC: The Gauntlet

Ep. 24.mp4_000977613
Showing off Bowser’s last spell, Bowser Crush.

Look, it’s hard to make the battles exciting, I’m sorry 😦

Ep. 24.mp4_001013756 Ep. 24.mp4_001041988 Ep. 24.mp4_001085876
So I’m only going to show off new stuff. There will be a little, I promise.

Ep. 24.mp4_001168009 Ep. 24.mp4_001225687

Ep. 24.mp4_001261140 Ep. 24.mp4_001262646Ep. 24.mp4_001264691
Mallow gains a NEW LEVEL. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Ep. 24.mp4_001272648 Ep. 24.mp4_001304768

Ep. 24.mp4_001376348 Ep. 24.mp4_001377597Ep. 24.mp4_001382563
Five more levels until Mario is maxed out!

Ep. 24.mp4_001386165 Ep. 24.mp4_001387368Ep. 24.mp4_001390844
NO more levels until Toadstool is maxed out! These are her endgame stats.

Ep. 24.mp4_001398457 Ep. 24.mp4_001432637
Ep. 24.mp4_001478296Ep. 24.mp4_001533907
A shaman is the last battle? Really?

Ep. 24.mp4_001537965

Ep. 24.mp4_001595419 Ep. 24.mp4_001596914Ep. 24.mp4_001600020
Geno reaches Level 24 after slaughtering the shamans.

Ep. 24.mp4_001604692 Ep. 24.mp4_001607619
YES. WORTH IT. The Star Gun is Geno’s best weapon. I’ll show it off when I swap him back into the party.

Ep. 24.mp4_001642788
Aaaaaand… DOOR #2!!

Ep. 24.mp4_001646587

Ep. 24.mp4_001687501 Ep. 24.mp4_001721147
This is actually very tedious. I mean, I love Exp, but most of the enemies here aren’t even that great. They’re old enemies worth crap for Exp.

Ep. 24.mp4_001770281 Ep. 24.mp4_001771996Ep. 24.mp4_001776837

Ep. 24.mp4_001783217 Ep. 24.mp4_001833855
Ep. 24.mp4_001878381Ep. 24.mp4_001899826
This battle turns out a little interesting, at least…

Ep. 24.mp4_001936634
So… without any preventative equipment, my entire party got mushroom’d. I had no idea what to do, because the bees weren’t causing enough damage to match the auto-regen that being a mushroom gives you.

But it turns out…

Ep. 24.mp4_001944261 Ep. 24.mp4_001946598
They just run away, apparently.

Ep. 24.mp4_002053705Ep. 24.mp4_001954383 Ep. 24.mp4_001997033

Ep. 24.mp4_002077676 Ep. 24.mp4_002079181Ep. 24.mp4_002081070
Yay for levels!

Ep. 24.mp4_002087253 Ep. 24.mp4_002134661 Ep. 24.mp4_002137706
Now, I’m sure we all remember that Box enemies are weak to Jump, right?

Ep. 24.mp4_002147466 Ep. 24.mp4_002158204
huh, I guess this one is a little tougher.

Ep. 24.mp4_002161247 Ep. 24.mp4_002211208
He also coughs up a dragon names Bahamutt.

Ep. 24.mp4_002249916 Ep. 24.mp4_002252954
Not Bad! We’ve also managed to snag Bowser’s best weapon.

Ep. 24.mp4_002261012
Well, next time, I’ll take on some of the other doors. I hope it turns out well.

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