Month: March 2016

Last Days on the Outside – Super Mario RPG Ep. 26

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG! Last time we managed to finish off Bowser’s Keep, and make our way to the… other dimension where Smithy is currently holed up. Or something like that. Anyways, it’s the last dungeon of the game, and I still have stuff to do on the outside before I finish it off, so that’s what we’re going to do this time around!

First stop:

MUSIC: Hardworking Moles are Good Moles

Ep. 26.mp4_000002452 Ep. 26.mp4_000003578 Ep. 26.mp4_000008562
We ran into this guy who just blatantly said that he was looking for stuff to sell.

Mine Dude: I found some neat stuff and I’m opening up a “Miner’s Store.” Come and take a look at what I’ve got to sell. Item #1: a “Lucky Jewel!” It’s sure to bring you plenty of good luck!

Gives you a 100% chance to play the Yoshi minigame at the end of battles. Only multiplies coins though. PASS.

Ep. 26.mp4_000020485
If you buy this, and then go to Marrymore and buy the B’tub Ring, equip that on Toadstool,  and have her use the Mystery Egg ONE HUNDRED TIMES, it turns into the Sleepy Sheep, or something like that, which puts enemies to sleep. TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT. PASS.

Ep. 26.mp4_000025661 Ep. 26.mp4_000027342


The Keep – Super Mario RPG Ep. 25

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG! Last time, we managed to finally make our way back to Bowser’s Keep, only to be stopped by game-padding bullcrap! At least we’re getting some cool items out of it.  And we will be getting far, far more, if I have my way. Now, 2 of the 4 (of the 6) doors that need to be completed have been, uh… completed.


MUSIC: Bowser’s Keep

Ep. 25.mp4_000010409
May as well just go in order, huh?

Ep. 25.mp4_000017520 Ep. 25.mp4_000023760
21 coins in the box. You can take UP TO 4 coins per turn. Whoever gets the last coin loses. Not that hard, just count, and make sure that you don’t take past the 16th coin, and you’re golden.

Ep. 25.mp4_000025873 Ep. 25.mp4_000028851Ep. 25.mp4_000100038


The Gauntlet – Super Mario RPG Ep. 24

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG! Last episode, we took on Barrel Volcano. We took on a dragon, a dragon zombie, and a rip-off of the Power Rangers. We also managed to snag the 6th Star Piece! However… we just went through a SKY CASTLE and a VOLCANO. Now, where the heck butt could that last Star Piece be? I guess I should head back and see Mallow’s parents like I said I would.

MUSIC: Nimbus Land

Ep. 24.mp4_000038566 Ep. 24.mp4_000058163
Turns out I forgot about this surprise chest. Whoops!

Ep. 24.mp4_000059306
It’s a Frog Coin. It’ll come in handy when I stock up for the last dungeon/battle.

Ep. 24.mp4_000073359
Mallow: Thank you so much! We were able to rescue my father with the key you gave us!
Guard: Don’t mention it… Besides, it was YOU, who actually rescued him!
Mallow: Good luck in the future!
Guard: Here, this is from me. Please, take it.

Ep. 24.mp4_000103936
Sweet. This is also the room that the King and Queen were locked in. Bowser should have just broken down the damn door.