The Flashback Pt. II – FFVII Ep. 12

Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII. Last time, the party made it out of Midgar. I then ran straight to Kalm so I can get this annoying flashback out of the way. I understand that it’s very important to the story, but it’s kind of tedious to play. Still though, if you haven’t played this before or know what it’s about, this is extremely important. So I’m going to finish it off today.

Ep. 12.mp4_000014257
Aeris: Tifa… Were you waiting outside then?
Tifa: …Yes.
Cloud: We returned to Nibelheim. Sephiroth confined himself at the Inn. He didn’t even try to talk to me.
Tifa: Then all of a sudden he just disappeared, right?
Cloud: We found him inside the biggest building in Nibelheim.
Tifa: The villagers used to call it Shinra Mansion.
Cloud: Long ago, people from Shinra used to live in that mansion…


MUSIC: On That Day Five Years Ago

Ep. 12.mp4_000048592 Ep. 12.mp4_000057026
Why… why is everyone just standing outside of the gate? That is so weird.

Ep. 12.mp4_000080045

Ep. 12.mp4_000093250

Ep. 12.mp4_000099649

Ep. 12.mp4_000105200
Down the spiral staircase.

Ep. 12.mp4_000113520 Ep. 12.mp4_000116625
Huh… that door seems to be locked. I wonder why that is.

Ep. 12.mp4_000123968
Sephiroth: Professor Gast named that organism Jenova… X Year, X Month, X Day. Jenova confirmed to be an Ancient. X Year, X Month, X Day. Jenova Project approved. The use of Mako Reactor 1 approved for use…

Ep. 12.mp4_000149227 Ep. 12.mp4_000158404
Sephiroth: Professor Gast… Why didn’t you tell me anything? Why did you die?

Ep. 12.mp4_000177383
Well… okay then, I guess.

Ep. 12.mp4_000193685 Ep. 12.mp4_000206276

MUSIC: Those Chosen By the Planet

Ep. 12.mp4_000221228 Ep. 12.mp4_000238070 Ep. 12.mp4_000245698
Yeah, this isn’t foreboding at all.

Ep. 12.mp4_000259662

Ep. 12.mp4_000269940
Sephiroth: Hmph… traitor.
Young Cloud: Traitor?
Sephiroth: You ignorant traitor. I’ll tell you. This planet originally belonged to the Cetra. Cetra was an itinerant race. They would migrate in, settle the Planet, then move on… At the end of their hard, long journey, it was said they would find the Promised Land and supreme happiness.

Ep. 12.mp4_000294107
Sephiroth: They took that which the Cetra and the Planet has made without giving back one whit in return! Those are your ancestors.
Young Cloud: Sephiroth…
Sephiroth: Long ago, disaster struck the planet. Your ancestors escaped… They survived because they hid. The Planet was saved by sacrificing the Cetra. After that, your ancestors continued to multiply. Now all that’s left of the Cetra is in these reports.
Young Cloud: What does that have to do with you?

Ep. 12.mp4_000330529
Sephiroth: An Ancient named Jenova was found in a 2000 year-old geological stratum. The Jenova Project. The Jenova Project wanted to produce people with the powers of the Ancients… Or, the Cetra. …I am what was produced.
Young Cloud: Pr… produced?!

Well, you see, when a mommy and daddy love each other very much…

Ep. 12.mp4_000356914
Sephiroth: Professor Gast, leader of the Jenova Project and genius scientist, produced me.
Young Cloud: How… how did he? Se… Sephiroth?

Ep. 12.mp4_000372271

Ep. 12.mp4_000404029

Ep. 12.mp4_000406594
Oh… oh, dear. Also, DAMN he works fast. Must be that high-level Fire Materia in action. I guess a Fire-3 spell could level a town pretty quickly.

Ep. 12.mp4_000413164
Zangan: Then come over here and help me! I’ll check this house. You check that one over there!

Ep. 12.mp4_000436475 Ep. 12.mp4_000442035
Young Cloud: Terrible… Sephiroth… this is too terrible!

Ep. 12.mp4_000468008
Oh, he’s just over there mercilessly slaughtering some townspeople. That… that’s just great.

Ep. 12.mp4_000470411 Ep. 12.mp4_000474834 Ep. 12.mp4_000477467Ep. 12.mp4_000483017Ep. 12.mp4_000485808
One of the most iconic scenes in any game ever. You KNOW they’re going to make a huge deal about it in the remake.

Ep. 12.mp4_000491852 Ep. 12.mp4_000498456 Ep. 12.mp4_000503981
Cloud sprints to the reactor. To be honest, I don’t know how he made it there without Sephiroth supporting his Level 1, 140 HP having ass. Since it was well established that any monster in a random encounter can KO him in one attack. But, video game logic, whatever.

Ep. 12.mp4_000514109 Ep. 12.mp4_000522237
Young Tifa: Sephiroth?! Did Sephiroth do this to you? Sephiroth… SOLDIER… Mako Reactors… Shinra… I hate them all!

And on that day, an activist was born.

Ep. 12.mp4_000548468 Ep. 12.mp4_000555605Ep. 12.mp4_000562262Ep. 12.mp4_000565221Ep. 12.mp4_000568791
Tifa attempts to take Sephiroth out with his own sword. It doesn’t go very well, and she gets slashed down the stairs for her efforts.

Ep. 12.mp4_000577451
Ain’t no thang to a boss.

Ep. 12.mp4_000583461 Ep. 12.mp4_000596280

Ep. 12.mp4_000608666
Oh. Oh, yeah. That’s not creepy or weird or anything, right?

Ep. 12.mp4_000623441
Sephiroth: I’ve thought of a great idea. Let’s go to the Promised Land.

Ep. 12.mp4_000630441
Young Cloud: My family! My hometown! How could you do this to them?!
Sephiroth: Ha ha ha… They’ve come again, Mother. With her superior power, knowledge, and magic, Mother was destined to become the ruler of this Planet.

Ep. 12.mp4_000659910 Ep. 12.mp4_000664813 Ep. 12.mp4_000668997Ep. 12.mp4_000672659Ep. 12.mp4_000675656Ep. 12.mp4_000679894Ep. 12.mp4_000682865Ep. 12.mp4_000689232Ep. 12.mp4_000697464
Goddamn, when did this turn into a Resident Evil game?!

Ep. 12.mp4_000705293
Young Cloud: It’s the same as your sadness!
Sephiroth: Ha ha ha, my sadness? What do I have to be sad about? I am the chosen one. I have been chosen to be the leader of this Planet. I have orders to take the Planet back from you stupid people for the Cetra. What should I be sad about?
Young Cloud: Sephiroth… I trusted you…

Ep. 12.mp4_000738881Ep. 12.mp4_000748607

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END FLASHBACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ep. 12.mp4_000754050
Barret: Wait a damn minute! That’s it? No more?
Cloud: …I don’t remember.
Aeris: What happened to Sephiroth?
Cloud: In terms of skill, I couldn’t have killed him.
Tifa: Official records state Sephiroth is dead. I read it in the newspaper.
Aeris: Shinra, Inc. owns the newspapers, so you can’t rely on that.

Ep. 12.mp4_000782874
Cloud: I challenged Sephiroth and lived. Why didn’t he kill me?
Tifa: …I’m alive, too.
Aeris: A lot of this doesn’t make sense. What about Jenova? It was in the Shinra building, right?
Cloud: Shinra shipped it from Nibelheim to Midgar.
Aeris: Did someone carry it out later? It was missing from the Shinra building.
Tifa: Sephiroth?
Barret: Damn! None of this makes sense! I’m going, going, going, gone! And I’m leavin’ the thinkin’ to you! Yo, Cloud! Let’s get a move on!
Cloud: Wait a sec. Right.

Ep. 12.mp4_000825521
Barret: I ain’t lettin’ Sephiroth or Shinra get to no Promised Land. If they do, then we’re all screwed. Y’know what I’m sayin’?
Cloud: Beautiful, just beautiful! Is that all?
Barret: Jus’ leave it to me!
Cloud: Oh, brother…

Ep. 12.mp4_000845875 Ep. 12.mp4_000847669
Tifa: How bad was I after Sephiroth stabbed me?
Cloud: I thought you were a goner. …I was so sad.
Tifa: …
Aeris: I… The Ancients… Cetra… Jenova… Sephiroth and myself…
Tifa: Let’s go. Barret’s waiting.

Ep. 12.mp4_000873012
I used to agree, but now it’s kind of tedious to get through. But the first time, hot damn!

Ep. 12.mp4_000882050 Ep. 12.mp4_000884841
The PHS allows us to swap out party members on the World Map or at a save point.

Aeris: With PHS, I can see you anytime!
Barret: All right then, we’re outta here.

Now that the flashback is over, I can take my time and explore the town of Kalm

MUSIC: Ahead On Our Way

Ep. 12.mp4_000904453
Man: He’s got this killer sword and looks REAL scary…

Sounds like our guy.  INTO THE HOUSES! THERE’S LOOT TO BE HAD. We can get back to pursuing Sephiroth after we rob everyone blind.

Ep. 12.mp4_000934683 Ep. 12.mp4_000942038
Woman: Don’t you think?
Cloud: Yeah, maybe. You’re full of it.
Woman:  Hmm. But I’d hate to think of what life’d be like without Mako energy.

Ep. 12.mp4_000954436

Ep. 12.mp4_000964013
Kid: But a lot of plants and animals have been disappearing at a rapid pace. I think the old life was better. Don’t you think so?
Cloud: Yeah, maybe No way
Kid:  Yeah, sure I’m right! You think so, don’t you?


Ep. 12.mp4_000984318

Ep. 12.mp4_000990846
Man: I used to live there too. But I heard they got lots of troubles lately.

Ep. 12.mp4_001011638

Ep. 12.mp4_001030632

Ep. 12.mp4_001035689
Ep. 12.mp4_001043253Ep. 12.mp4_001049045
That’s not very nice. The kid has dedication. That’s a lot more than can be said for a lot of people nowadays.

Ep. 12.mp4_001061626 Ep. 12.mp4_001068254
What is this?

Ep. 12.mp4_001076640
Huh… it’s a weapon that no one can equip. Looks like a gun. WEIRD.

Ep. 12.mp4_001092834
Man: We’re better off with the Mako energy.
Man 2: I heard President Shinra was killed. And his son Rufus, the new president, was badly injured. Heh… just between us, I heard it was them Ava-whaddaya call-ums that got President Shinra and his son.
Woman: The famous floating city, Midgar… Just one I’d love to see it in person.

WHAT THE HELL. It takes like 30 seconds to get there on the world map. What is wrong with you? You can probably see it from here, you dink!

Ep. 12.mp4_001117885

There’s one more house to check out.

Ep. 12.mp4_001126037
Cloud: It’s true. Just a rumor
Woman: Yeah, well either way, as long as we use reactors, we can’t stand up to Shinra.

This kind of fatalistic attitude is still around today.

Ep. 12.mp4_001133309
More drugs in the cupboard. There’s a lot of Ethers just lying around this town. That’s kind of odd.

Ep. 12.mp4_001159838
Guy: Now all he does is sit around getting drunk in the bar…

Well, let’s head to the bar, I guess.

Ep. 12.mp4_001171856
Man: There have been a lot of dangerous accidents recently. I hate it, I just hate it.
Miner: Me? I used to work in a mine down south called Mythril Mine. But awhile back, monsters started appearing. After that, business went to pot and now I spend the days here drinking.
Bartender: It seems there was this group called AVALANCHE runnin’ around, but I guess SOLDIER finally wiped them out.

That’s everyone to talk to in Kalm… there’s only one last thing to do here.


Ep. 12.mp4_001249267
Some new Materia to be found here. Earth Materia is pretty self-explanatory. Heal Materia is used to heal status effects such as Poison or Darkness. I pick up one of each.

Ep. 12.mp4_001264331
The Weapon Shop has weapon upgrades for everyone but Red XIII. Something to note is that this is Cloud’s first upgrade, while everyone else had one in Midgar. Doesn’t really mean much, just something I’ve always noticed. Probably because the Buster Sword is so iconic. I grab the Mythril Claw for Tifa and the Mythril Saber for Cloud, since they’re in my current party. I don’t really see the need to get equipment for the other members that I’m not using at the moment.

Ep. 12.mp4_001335299
And that’s it for Kalm! It was a nice little town, full of plot, full of upgrades, and it has awesome music.

Now it’s time to strike out in the wide, open world.

MUSIC: Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII

Ep. 12.mp4_001342426
Now, before I advance the story, there’s a certain encounter I’m looking for. For more than one reason.

Ep. 12.mp4_001358684

Ep. 12.mp4_001717047
No, this isn’t it either… good gravy, what the hell are those things? Motorcycle cyborgs?

Ep. 12.mp4_001411056
THERE we go. 2 Custom Sweepers. Glad to see ya.

Ep. 12.mp4_001416374 Ep. 12.mp4_001419329
Reason #1: Learning Matra Magic, one of the better E-Skills.

Ep. 12.mp4_001674820
Reason #2: Stealing the Atomic Scissors. This is a BIG upgrade for Barret. I should probably put him into my party, in fact, as this is about 2 tiers above my current equipment. More powerful than anything I’ve got right now.

Ep. 12.mp4_001712103

Ep. 12.mp4_001804478 Ep. 12.mp4_001816837
As the party keeps moving, we see some greener plains off in the distance, as well as what looks like a farm.

Ep. 12.mp4_001889182
Yup. Definitely a farm.

Ep. 12.mp4_001894834

Ep. 12.mp4_001896391
It’s impossible to show off in screenshots, but when you answer correctly…

MUSIC: Waltz de Chocobo

Ep. 12.mp4_001902607 Ep. 12.mp4_001907725 Ep. 12.mp4_001904424
The Chocobos all start to dance.

Ep. 12.mp4_001927217
And then they gift the party the Choco/Mog Materia, our first Summon Materia!

MUSIC: Farm Boy

Ep. 12.mp4_001937176 Ep. 12.mp4_001938826
Uh… yes.

Ep. 12.mp4_001943360
Choco Bill: That way you can zip through the marshes with the Chocobo. It’s the only way to avoid being attacked by the Midgar Zolom.
Cloud: Midgar Zolom?
Choco Bill: It’s a serpent-like creature over 30 feet tall! It detects the footsteps of anyone in the marshes… and then, BAM!! It attacks! To avoid that, buy a Chocobo at me and Choco Billy’s Chocobo Farm. To purchase a Chocobo, please talk to my grandson. He’s in the Chocobo stables at the far right end of the farm.

Man, forget that! I don’t need no stinkin’ Chocobo!

Ep. 12.mp4_001980167

Ep. 12.mp4_001998791
Psht, Marshes. I bet I won’t even get caught by the stupid thing!

Ep. 12.mp4_002013229
See? Smooth sailing!

Ep. 12.mp4_002014798
oh crap, oh crap, oh crap

Ep. 12.mp4_002020842

MUSIC: Those Who Fight

Ep. 12.mp4_002031802 Ep. 12.mp4_002035555

Ep. 12.mp4_002040797
Oh. Oh, wow.

Ep. 12.mp4_002049958 Ep. 12.mp4_002063909
This is fine. This is all fine. I GOT THIS.

Ep. 12.mp4_002066432 Ep. 12.mp4_002076124


Ep. 12.mp4_002109606 Ep. 12.mp4_002118516
I mean, it only does 80% of our total HP in one hit, I can keep up with that!

Ep. 12.mp4_002134434 Ep. 12.mp4_002144621


Ep. 12.mp4_002147834
NEXT LOADUP ON SAVE FILE: I take this shit seriously. On a side note, it IS possible to avoid the Midgar Zolom without a Chocobo, but it’s pretty tricky. It’s also possible to defeat it, but I’d have to grind levels a whole bunch, and I’d really rather not do that. So next time I’ll actually just get a Chocobo and do it the way the game wants me to.

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