Barrel Volcano – Super Mario RPG Ep. 23

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG. Last time, we managed to reunite Mallow with his parents, as well as give Valentina the boot out of Nimbus Land. We also started to get our first glimpses of some of the game-breaking equipment that can be found. However, our next goal is to travel into a friggin’ VOLCANO. That’s pretty metal, so I think I’m into it. Let’s get to it!

MUSIC: Nimbus Land

Ep. 23.mp4_000000858
I haven’t shown these guys off because all they would do is scoff at us because we aren’t royalty.

Ep. 23.mp4_000006257 Ep. 23.mp4_000008533
Guard: Sorry about the misunderstanding before… There’s NO WAY that fat bird could have been a Prince, huh?
Mallow: No big deal. Anyways, do you think you could let us through here?
Guard: Of course! Go right ahead. Please, enjoy yourselves. But be careful not to fall into the Volcano.

Ep. 23.mp4_000037453 Ep. 23.mp4_000040124
The hot springs actually will heal you, it’s pretty awesome.

Ep. 23.mp4_000044695
Though Mario gets a little hot if you stay inside for too long.

Ep. 23.mp4_000050947

Ep. 23.mp4_000053815  Ep. 23.mp4_000057784Ep. 23.mp4_000060078

MUSIC: Barrel Volcano

Ep. 23.mp4_000065548
Barrel Volcano is probably my favorite dungeon in the game. It’s a cool environment, the music has a groovy bass line, and I just like the entire aesthetic of it.

Ep. 23.mp4_000067497
Of course, a new dungeon means new enemies!

Ep. 23.mp4_000070718 Ep. 23.mp4_000086041
The Magmus and the Armored Ants are pallet swaps of the Magmites from the Moleville Mines and Land’s End respectively. There’s nothing too exciting about them, though Magmuses tend to give out Lucky Flowers, which is pretty awesome.

Ep. 23.mp4_000110304  Ep. 23.mp4_000171272Ep. 23.mp4_000174040
Because I can get 40+ experience points per battle, and it’s AMAZEBALLS.

Ep. 23.mp4_000177614  Ep. 23.mp4_000179609Ep. 23.mp4_000182971
That, of course, means that Toadstool is getting 80+ Exp per battle.

Ep. 23.mp4_000191277 Ep. 23.mp4_000225752
I don’t know why I like this place so much, there’s really nothing to it.

Ep. 23.mp4_000285043  Ep. 23.mp4_000339296Ep. 23.mp4_000346297
Of course, finding a Star is always great.

Ep. 23.mp4_000362310
Vomers are upgraded Dry Bones, and have the same schtick. They need to be killed with a special attack.

Ep. 23.mp4_000366008
Hmm. I feel like a slavery joke would be in bad taste here. But seriously, they have Donkey Kong chained up. That is not cool.

Ep. 23.mp4_000379729  Ep. 23.mp4_000380873Ep. 23.mp4_000386432

Ep. 23.mp4_000418352  Ep. 23.mp4_000420027Ep. 23.mp4_000425103
Mario and Mallow both hit Level 22 as I make my way through the Volcano.

Ep. 23.mp4_000444316
There’s a Frog Coin. Over the lava. That is just NOT COOL.

Ep. 23.mp4_000449567
Pyrospheres. Nothing exciting about them.

The Corkpedite, however… there’s a trick to fighting them.

Ep. 23.mp4_000457319
You can actually target the body. That’s a smarter move, because if you kill the Corkpedite instead of the body, it will explode, which auto-kills a character. And that isn’t cool.

Ep. 23.mp4_000567365  Ep. 23.mp4_000572442
Geno gains another level. I don’t know if level-ups are exciting for you guys as they are for me, but they’re the only other thing to break up the monotony.

Ep. 23.mp4_000578214
It’s a good thing that jumping into MOLTEN MAGMA doesn’t cause any sort of damage, temporary or otherwise.

Ep. 23.mp4_000630884 Ep. 23.mp4_000633500 Ep. 23.mp4_000743413  Ep. 23.mp4_000744666Ep. 23.mp4_000750016
Barrel Volcano is actually a pretty big place. I guess volcanoes are big, right?

Ep. 23.mp4_000755720
More Frog Coins over lava. Who PUTS those there?

Ep. 23.mp4_000783344 Ep. 23.mp4_000790381
Bowser hits Level 22.

Ep. 23.mp4_000822597 Ep. 23.mp4_000824976
Flowers and Frog Coins!

Ep. 23.mp4_000832220
Stumpets are another enemy in the vein of “They take an extra turn to charge an attack.” Which means they never get to attack.

Ep. 23.mp4_000889266 Ep. 23.mp4_000892074
Pretty darn lucrative in terms of Exp. points, though!

Ep. 23.mp4_000922027 Ep. 23.mp4_001106427 Ep. 23.mp4_001201757 Ep. 23.mp4_001204867 Ep. 23.mp4_001208354
I love these guys.

Ep. 23.mp4_001270184  Ep. 23.mp4_001271712Ep. 23.mp4_001276311
Level 23 for Mario

Ep. 23.mp4_001289797 Ep. 23.mp4_001292511
Level 23 for Mallow.

Ep. 23.mp4_001279689  Ep. 23.mp4_001280924Ep. 23.mp4_001285152
Level 29 for Toadstool.

Ep. 23.mp4_001302693
At this point, since Toadstool is one level away from the maximum, I take the Exp. Booster and swap it over to Mario. At this point, Toadstool will still hit Level 30 far before the end of the game.

Ep. 23.mp4_001357613 Ep. 23.mp4_001359390
KEEP IT GOING. I don’t know how to make this more exciting 😦

Ep. 23.mp4_001423932  Ep. 23.mp4_001425479Ep. 23.mp4_001427561
Level 23 for Geno!

Ep. 23.mp4_001435430
Whoa, who’s that hip looking cat?

Ep. 23.mp4_001437461
This chest contains 150 Coins. How convenient! Not really necessary for me though, as I am constantly at the Coin Maximum limit. Still a nice gesture though.

Ep. 23.mp4_001444542
Hinopio: I’m Hinopio… This place is a regular INFERNO! Come on, step inside!

Ep. 23.mp4_001453926 Ep. 23.mp4_001455656
Nothing too special in the Item Shop. The Freshen Up is new, it’s a full-party Able Juice. Not really necessary if Toadstool is in the party though.

Ep. 23.mp4_001469767
Hinopio: 30 Coins will get you a room. You’re staying? Great! I’ll get everything ready for you!

Ep. 23.mp4_001477991
Cool, I bet Mario is down for a nice night of sleep.

Ep. 23.mp4_001480913

Ep. 23.mp4_001484843
You bastard, Hinopio.

Ep. 23.mp4_001490830 Ep. 23.mp4_001492539
New armor for everyone! I buy all of it, since I’m constantly switching my party up.

Ep. 23.mp4_001552481
Hmmm… a Save box. I wonder if that’s  a subtle hint about something.

Ep. 23.mp4_001555467 Ep. 23.mp4_001558967 Ep. 23.mp4_001562287
Dang, that’s quite a long bridge.

Ep. 23.mp4_001564394 Ep. 23.mp4_001571185

Ep. 23.mp4_001573095 Ep. 23.mp4_001574513
Okay, I’m sorry, but for such a cool intro, that is one doofy-looking dragon.

MUSIC: Fight Against an Armed Boss

Ep. 23.mp4_001577913
So yes, this is the “dreaded Czar Dragon” that King and Queen Nimbus were talking about.

Ep. 23.mp4_001583475
Of course, first order of business is to cast Geno Boost on everyone.

Ep. 23.mp4_001589701 Ep. 23.mp4_001596450
As would (hopefully) be expected, the Czar Dragon has access to a lot of fire-based attacks; Drain, Flame Wall, Flame, as well as physical attacks.

Ep. 23.mp4_001630391 Ep. 23.mp4_001659355
Unfortunately for it, it can’t stand up to the might of Mario’s Lazy Shell. Then again, not much can.

Ep. 23.mp4_001661461

Ep. 23.mp4_001664555
UP.. he… rises? The Czar Dragon immediately zombifies upon death, apparently, and becomes the Zombone. No breaks in battles this time around!

Ep. 23.mp4_001666942 Ep. 23.mp4_001668936Ep. 23.mp4_001672465
Zombone has some damn powerful magic attacks, which is something to keep in mind.

Ep. 23.mp4_001678720
Unfortunately, being made solely out of bone and connective tissue without any muscular system to speak of, Zombone’s defense is piss-poor and it goes down extremely easily.

Ep. 23.mp4_001717395 Ep. 23.mp4_001722691 Ep. 23.mp4_001739800
Well, damn, that was pretty easy!

Ep. 23.mp4_001740711

Ep. 23.mp4_001750146
Oh, who’s this ass clown?

Ep. 23.mp4_001753928
Oh, no way.

Ep. 23.mp4_001758040
You’ve got to be kidding me.

Ep. 23.mp4_001761690
You CANNOT be serious.

Ep. 23.mp4_001765622
It’s… it’s a Power Rangers spoof.

Ep. 23.mp4_001771725 Ep. 23.mp4_001777606
Axem Pink: Eww! Gross!
Axem Yellow: That guy’s worse looking than that clod, Mario!
Axem Green: That IS Mario, you IDIOT!!
Axem Red: Listen, everyone! We gotta get this star to the Blade immediately. We’ll deal with Mario LATER!!

So… Pink is the girl, Yellow is the dumb muscle, Green is the nerd, Black is the “cool” one, and Red is the leader. Hooray for tropes!


MUSIC: The Axem Rangers Drop In

Ep. 23.mp4_001799575 Ep. 23.mp4_001801009
Ep. 23.mp4_001809208Ep. 23.mp4_001825938Ep. 23.mp4_001827602Ep. 23.mp4_001829539

Ep. 23.mp4_001834458
Axem Red: He’ll be here!
Axem Black: Are you sure?!
Axem Red: Relax, people!
Axem Yellow: Mario’s HERE!!
Axem Red: He’s too late!
Axem Green: Where’s the Blade?!
Axem Red: Shuddap, already!

Ep. 23.mp4_001855511 Ep. 23.mp4_001859013

MUSIC: Fight Against an Armed Boss

Ep. 23.mp4_001862779 Ep. 23.mp4_001865712 Ep. 23.mp4_001868875
Ep. 23.mp4_001872093Ep. 23.mp4_001875377Ep. 23.mp4_001879275
Axem Red:
This Star Piece gives people hope! It needs to be destroyed!

Yep, so now it’s a 3 v 5 battle against the Axem Rangers. And wouldn’t ya know it, they all have gimmicks!

Ep. 23.mp4_001891409 Ep. 23.mp4_001893792
No, I did not mix up my image order. Axem Black’s gimmick is that whenever he gets to attack, he ALWAYS gets to go twice in a row. His attacks don’t hit very hard, but the damage can add up quickly if you don’t pay attention.

Ep. 23.mp4_001897862 Ep. 23.mp4_001901474Ep. 23.mp4_001903416
Because this is such a fast-paced battle, instead of using Geno Boost, I went to Tadpole Pond and spent some of my Frog Coins on a Crystalline and a Power Blast, which raise teh defense and offense of the entire party, respectively. Much faster.

Ep. 23.mp4_001908030
Axem Pink, being a girl and being pink, is relegated to being a healer, which is lame. She also can use Petal Blast though, which is mildly annoying and quite the inconvenience.

Ep. 23.mp4_001911593
Axem Red is just tough in general. Hits hard, has the highest HP.

Ep. 23.mp4_001917208 Ep. 23.mp4_001919509
Now the entire party is boosted, and it only took 2 turns. Pretty handy, but given that each Crystalline and Power Blast cost 5 Frog Coins each, I can’t go using them too often.

Ep. 23.mp4_001931283 Ep. 23.mp4_001933896
Axem Green is the magic user. Spells like Meteor Blast (pictured here), Flame Stone, and Solidify.

And Axem Yellow is just tanky, being the fat one. High defense, and counters every attack as well.

Ep. 23.mp4_001947690
And as you take them out, they all have an excuse.

Axem Red: What?
Axem Pink: My make-up’s running!
Axem Red: Then change brands!


Ep. 23.mp4_001966615
Axem Red: What?
Axem Green: I have a headache!
Axem Red: You’re totally out of shape!

Axem Yellow: Yo, RED!!
Axem Red: What?
Axem Yellow: I’m… hungry!
Axem Red: Then chew on your tongue!

Axem Black: Yo, RED!!
Axem Red: What?
Axem Black: I broke my shades!
Axem Red: Serves ya right!

And then, eventually, when Red goes down…

Ep. 23.mp4_002112270
Axem Red: Now I’m angry! Time to FINISH this! Formation… HO!! Here we GO!

Ep. 23.mp4_002128972

Ep. 23.mp4_002136970
Axem Rangers: Maximum charge! NOW!! Fire the BREAKER!!

Ep. 23.mp4_002146352 Ep. 23.mp4_002149541

Ep. 23.mp4_002152459
AAAAAaaaaahhhhh okay, that’s not that bad. Plus, it takes a turn to recharge before it can shoot it again. Kinda like Hyper Beam, ya know?

Ep. 23.mp4_002168681
Axem Red:  We are.. invincible!
Axem Pink:
Can this be happening to the AXEM RANGERS?!

Ep. 23.mp4_002180602 Ep. 23.mp4_002186060
WHAT. 17 experience points? Are you serious? What a country crock of not butter.

Ep. 23.mp4_002190393 Ep. 23.mp4_002201778 Ep. 23.mp4_002211540

Ep. 23.mp4_002220679
Well, we’ll find out… NEXT TIME!!!

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