Queen Valentina -Super Mario RPG Ep. 22

Welcome back! Today, we will resume our adventures through Super Mario RPG. Last time, we managed to get into Nimbus Castle by posing as a statue. Now it’s time to depose “Queen” Valentina and find out what’s really going on with Mallow’s parents.

MUSIC: Nimbus Castle

Ep. 22.mp4_000026193
There’s only one door we haven’t gone through yet, and of course it’s the once being guarded by the Heavy Troopa.

Ep. 22.mp4_000031871
3 Heavy Troopas. I still manage to kill them before any of them get to attack. WOO!

Ep. 22.mp4_000074494  Ep. 22.mp4_000076046Ep. 22.mp4_000078563
That’s enough for Mallow to hit Level 21. Dandy!

Ep. 22.mp4_000088391
Shy Away: …grow to be big and strong! Oh, oh, oh… Mario’s already here. He’s a fast one, he is.

Ep. 22.mp4_000103189
Well, that seems poorly planned.

Ep. 22.mp4_000107087
Okay, yeah, that’s not ominous or anything.

Ep. 22.mp4_000114527
Um… Okay, I guess.

MUSIC: Fight Against A Somewhat Stronger Monster

Ep. 22.mp4_000138271
The first part of the battle against Shelly, which is nice. Shelly doesn’t attack, so that means that I have time to use Geno Boost on everyone! The shell cracks a little more every time it gets attacked, and it doesn’t matter how much damage you do. It just needs to be attacked a set amount of times.

Ep. 22.mp4_000161526 Ep. 22.mp4_000169286

Ep. 22.mp4_000171601

birdo: I’m Birdo!

Ep. 22.mp4_000186100
Just like in Super Mario 2, Birdo attacks by shooting eggs at the party.

Ep. 22.mp4_000202193
birdo: Ouch, you’re hurting me! Now it’s my turn! Get it while it’s hot!

Ep. 22.mp4_000211231

So there’s a gimmick going on here. If you consistently defend, one of Birdo’s attacks will bounce off.

Ep. 22.mp4_000215992 Ep. 22.mp4_000247522 Ep. 22.mp4_000255266
And then if you attack the Eggbert…

Ep. 22.mp4_000259401 Ep. 22.mp4_000260560
It does… 80 damage. I’m causing about 140 damage with regular attacks. YEAH, THIS WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Ep. 22.mp4_000265842  Ep. 22.mp4_000268436Ep. 22.mp4_000278369
Well, to be fair, I’m still pretty over leveled. And Geno Boost is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Ep. 22.mp4_000284553 Ep. 22.mp4_000286696
Now how in the blue hell did Birdo manage to get that key? INSIDE of the shell, no less? And how the hell is the shell whole again? I FEEL LIKE I’M TAKING CRAZY PILLS HERE.

MUSIC: Nimbus Castle

Ep. 22.mp4_000317670 Ep. 22.mp4_000319192
Ep. 22.mp4_000323714
Toadstool hits Level 26 and breaks the 200 HP marker! WOO!

Ep. 22.mp4_000392650 Ep. 22.mp4_000393948
There’s a hidden chest one top of this regular chest. I really don’t know if I have any use for these Frog Coins anymore… but  it still feels pretty cool to get them.

Ep. 22.mp4_000402424 Ep. 22.mp4_000410305
Mallow: Hey, wait a sec… It won’t open. It’s locked!

Ep. 22.mp4_000420481 Ep. 22.mp4_000424985
Bowser: Feast your eyes on this show of brains… and brawn! STAND BACK!

Ep. 22.mp4_000437818 Ep. 22.mp4_000441270
Mallow: We need another plan. I guess we should find Valentina and force the truth out of her!
Bowser: But, what about the door?… Listen, YOU! Never EVER talk tot he leader of the Koopa Troop like that! Ooh, I hate… THAT! I’ll ignore it this time… but DON’T let it happen again!

Ep. 22.mp4_000464884 Ep. 22.mp4_000467516 Ep. 22.mp4_000471189 Ep. 22.mp4_000475301
Shy Away is very good at his (her?) job.

Ep. 22.mp4_000529006
This door seems IMPORTANT!

Ep. 22.mp4_000533422
Shy Away: That Mario creature who beat up Smilax is here.
Valentina: Mario…?! What… does a “Mario” look like?
Shy Away: Well… it’s got a bushy mustache, long sideburns, and, uh, a pair of… mean looking legs!
Valentina: Hmmm… I have the feeling I’ve seen this “Mario” before…

Ep. 22.mp4_000554207

Ep. 22.mp4_000560935
Shy Away: What, what , what are we gonna do? What are we GONNA DO, VALENTINA?!
Valentina: Well, we certainly aren’t going to listen to your pointless chatter. Frankly speaking, I’m not going to worry. Without this key, the King can’t go ANYWHERE!

At this point, Dodo keeps trying to get Valentina’s attention by pecking her, but it’s like one frame of animation, so it’s super hard to catch.

Ep. 22.mp4_000579559

Ep. 22.mp4_000590691 Ep. 22.mp4_000595892 Ep. 22.mp4_000604804
Mallow: Me? I’m the REAL prince, that’s who!
Valentina: Brat! And how DARE you listen in on a private conversation!
Mallow: Private? PRIVATE?! Everyone in a 10 mile radius could hear you!


Ep. 22.mp4_000622604 Ep. 22.mp4_000625267
Shy Away: Eh? Hey! Valentina ran away… I shall fly the coop, too…

Ep. 22.mp4_000641017
Mallow: So…… we’d better get moving too!! C’mon, let’s get ’em!!

Ep. 22.mp4_000650987

Ep. 22.mp4_000653779

Ep. 22.mp4_000697714  Ep. 22.mp4_000700071Ep. 22.mp4_000703253
Geno is able to gain a level from my slaughtering of the Bluebirds

Ep. 22.mp4_000777150 Ep. 22.mp4_000780860 Ep. 22.mp4_000784430
There’s also a pretty random star in this hallway. I tried to catch it, but you catch up to Dodo in the last part. He takes up the entire hallway, so if it wasn’t for the star, you’d be forced into battle against him.

Ep. 22.mp4_000787314  Ep. 22.mp4_000789538Ep. 22.mp4_000791993
Good enough!

Ep. 22.mp4_000798751

Ep. 22.mp4_000804349 Ep. 22.mp4_000805931 Ep. 22.mp4_000808275
Well, at least Mario seems to be enjoying himself while plunging to his death.

Ep. 22.mp4_000828472 Ep. 22.mp4_000834309
As Mario works his way towards terminal velocity on his way to the ground, Valentina makes it back into Nimbus Town, and is mobbed by the townspeople.

Ep. 22.mp4_000837677
General Babble: And Tubby… er, Prince Mallow… Where is he hiding these days?
Know what I think? I think…
Get outta here! The truth is…

Ep. 22.mp4_000851894 Ep. 22.mp4_000855211
I like how they scatter out into the shape of a Star. It could be a coincidence, but I seriously doubt it is.

Valentina: I have better things to do than to listen to your half-wit opinions! And LOOK…! While I’ve been wasting my time listening to your endless chatter… Mario has managed to find me! Dodo!! DODO!! Ooh! That bird has a permanent brain cramp! Dodo! Do you hear me?! Get over here NOW! I need some help… entertaining Mario! So MOVE IT!! Come here NOW!


MUSIC: Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster

Ep. 22.mp4_000907324
Valentina: Come here this minute! Don’t just sit there. HELP ME!

Ep. 22.mp4_000921342
Oh shit, looks like a one-on-one battle between Dodo and Geno! Unfortunately, Geno has a special weapon on his side…

Ep. 22.mp4_000935705

Ep. 22.mp4_000952711
Dodo is so terrified at the prospect of facing a boosted Geno that he runs away immediately.

Ep. 22.mp4_000954921

It actually took 2 rounds of attacking, but I like to embellish the story.

Ep. 22.mp4_000960898 Ep. 22.mp4_000970771
Meanwhile, Mario and Mallow are taking on Valentina and her gigantic rack, which jiggles every time you hit it and every time she casts a spell. Seriously, they put way too much time and effort into animating her boobs.

Ep. 22.mp4_001001062
Valentina: Well, come on! Get over here!

Ep. 22.mp4_001010262
mario: You know how this is going to end, don’t you?

Ep. 22.mp4_001085757
Valentina: The show’s over, folks! Dodo…! Let’s get outta here!! Well, everyone… Until we meet again! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha…

Ep. 22.mp4_001104360

MUSIC: Nimbus Land

Ep. 22.mp4_001112055 Ep. 22.mp4_001117723

Mallow: Hurry! Let’s go after her! I KNOW she has the key!

Ep. 22.mp4_001128667
Mallow: Owwwww… Huh?! Mario! Look!

Mallow grabs the key and runs into the castle

Ep. 22.mp4_001145457 Ep. 22.mp4_001149968
Mario knows what’s up.

Ep. 22.mp4_001176401
Mallow: And my other travel companions!

Ep. 22.mp4_001190641
Queen Nimbus: Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for looking after my dear child.
Mallow: Allow me to introduce everyone! This… is Princess Toadstool from Mushroom Kingdom
King Nimbus: Ah! I’ve heard so much about you! May I… have your autograph?
Queen Nimbus: Don’t embarrass junior, dear!

King Nimbus is the greatest.

Ep. 22.mp4_001225521
Mallow: THIS… is Mario! He helped me from the start!
King Nimbus: I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. …You don’t mean… THE Mario?! Jumping Mario?! Autograph, please!
Queen Nimbus: That’s quite enough dear.
King Nimbus: Okay, okay! Then… how about showing me just a little jump? A tiny hop will do!

Ep. 22.mp4_001255091
I know it looks like Mario is going to spike his head into the ground, but he’s just doing like a quintuple front flip.

Ep. 22.mp4_001267605
Mallow: This is Bowser, leader of the Koopa Troop.
King Nimbus: Oh! Another famous person! This is just too much! I MUST have YOUR autograph!
Queen Nimbus: Dear… behave yourself, please!
King Nimbus: No? Not even a little scribble? Okay, okay… Yes, yes. I’m quite forgetting my manners. Well, who do we have over here?
Mallow: This is Geno, who I told you about before.
King Nimbus: Oh! Yes! That story about the Star Street! How awful!

Ep. 22.mp4_001306583
Queen Nimbus: By the way, a little before Valentina took over, a large star fell into the volcano!
King Nimbus: Hmm, but the dreaded “Czar Dragon” inhabits the volcano. it’s going to be tough getting a star out of there!  Hmm… perhaps all of you working together COULD handle the beast…

I bet it will only take three of us.

King Nimbus: Why, when I was young, I…

Ep. 22.mp4_001332790
Queen Nimbus: You be careful, Mallow!
Mallow: Okay, mom! But I probably won’t come back until we find the star!

Ep. 22.mp4_001354856 Ep. 22.mp4_001360322
Dang, those guards got back in position FAST.

Ep. 22.mp4_001362992
Also, the room that Birdo was in now has statues of the entire party! Garro works fast too, holy crap.

Ep. 22.mp4_001387552
This room was initially filled with people who were kicked out of the castle. I wonder who’s in there now??

Ep. 22.mp4_001395386
Croco: But hey, I’m not sweatin’! This device’ll tell me where the treasures are hidden! The rest of ’em are mine! All MINE! Adios, fools!

Ep. 22.mp4_001404715 Ep. 22.mp4_001409552

Ep. 22.mp4_001414061   Ep. 22.mp4_001420378Ep. 22.mp4_001426858Ep. 22.mp4_001429699
Hmmm… Seed and Fertilizer… I think it’s time to pay a visit to Rose Town.

MUSIC: Rose Town

Ep. 22.mp4_001469659
What a funky, fresh tune. It’s been awhile.

Ep. 22.mp4_001473082
This path wasn’t here before. In fact, it won’t appear unless you talk to the mouse in Monstro Town who mentions an old geezer in Rose Town.

Ep. 22.mp4_001475625 Ep. 22.mp4_001480381
Gardener: I’ve spent many years seeking the legendary “Seed” and “Fertilizer” to fill it with, but no luck. Sigh… if I could only find them!


Ep. 22.mp4_001505464
I mean, after that, how could I NOT?

Gardener: I finally have it! This is extraordinary!


Ep. 22.mp4_001520728
Gardener: Yes, you might say I have fertilizer on the brain. Will you give it to me?

Again, I’d feel bad if I didn’t.

Ep. 22.mp4_001537679
Gardener: I finally have both the “Seed” and the “Fertilizer.” I’ll try them out right away. I’ll plant the seed… then give it fertilizer.


Ep. 22.mp4_001578790
Gardener: Oops, maybe not, huh? This will get me in Happy Gardener Monthly Magazine!

Well, there’s really only one thing to do with a gigantic beanstalk! Besides eat delicious beans, of course.

Ep. 22.mp4_001592219 Ep. 22.mp4_001595361
What can we find above?

Ep. 22.mp4_001602912 Ep. 22.mp4_001606251
Hmmm… two of the same item?

Ep. 22.mp4_001613068 Ep. 22.mp4_001630594
Say hello to the first of my game breaking equipment!

The Lazy Shell Weapon is Mario’s best weapon, hands down. It gives a whopping +90 to attack, which is 30 more than the Mega Glove he currently has equipped, and 20 more than the other “best” weapon that you’ll find naturally throughout the course of the game.

And the Lazy Shell Armor… well… it turns a character into a tank. They’re basically impossible to kill with the Lazy Shell. It prevents all status effects, and is immune to any elemental damage. It also give +127 to both Attack stats. On the other hand, it tanks speed and both attacks by -50. Meaning whoever has this equipped is going last. Always. No questions. Also, they’re not going to be causing much damage. But if you give this to Toadstool… well… game over, man. Game over. You will not die. Ever. ANYWAYS, I’m not going to use it for now. But I will later.

ANYWAYS… one last thing I want to take care of in this update.

MUSIC: Monstro Town

Ep. 22.mp4_001674569 Ep. 22.mp4_001684862
Greaper: Hey, you’re not half bad!
Dry Bones: You did pretty well!
Big Boo: We had a great time too. Thanks for playing our game.
3 Musty Fears: Now, the grand prize giveaway! Don’t forget what we told you!

Ep. 22.mp4_001712937
The Ghost Medal says “Raises defense while attacking.” That’s kind of hard to understand, but what it amounts to is that it raises defense by 50%. We’re getting close the end game now, the game breaking equipment is starting to show up!


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