Nimbus Land – Super Mario RPG Ep. 21

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG! On the special “We’re Legal Now” episode, we try to make sure that Mallow isn’t as stupid as he was showing us at the end of last episode. Because… damn, he showed off that he was pretty darn stupid.

Ep. 21.mp4_000033245

MUSIC: Nimbus Land

We’re still kind of beat up from the Smilax encounter, as well as the subsequent battles. so I stop by the Inn.

Ep. 21.mp4_000043018
Sounds pretty cool to me.

Ep. 21.mp4_000058127 Ep. 21.mp4_000065625
Wow. That was totally not worth 60 Coins.

Ep. 21.mp4_000077134

Ep. 21.mp4_000084510

Ep. 21.mp4_000092183 Ep. 21.mp4_000094902
The store also has a hidden chest with a Frog Coin inside. That’s cool, but I’m more interested in new equipment.

Ep. 21.mp4_000100749 Ep. 21.mp4_000105502 Ep. 21.mp4_000107072 Ep. 21.mp4_000110204
New weapons and armor for everyone that isn’t named Bowser! I’LL TAKE IT!

Ep. 21.mp4_000160708
Townsperson: Valentina told me I was fired! I just don’t get it… He NEEDS help. He’s sick!

Ep. 21.mp4_000167397

Ep. 21.mp4_000178716
Townsperson: But these days he has nothing but time on his hands, what with the King being sick and all…

Ep. 21.mp4_000188159 Ep. 21.mp4_000193049
Garro: Oh, you meant THAT? That’s King Nimbus when he was… a… young lad. …!…! Huh? What the?! WHO are YOU?!
Mallow: Hello. My name is Mallow. And this is my friend, Mario.
Garro: Mallow… So it is YOU, my boy! It’s been so long. My, you’ve become a splendid young prince!
Mallow: WHAT?! I’m… I’m really a… prince?!

Mario decides this is a prime moment to bust out his shapeshifting ability again.

Garro: Yes indeed! I understand. So! You were raised by Frogfucius! There’s no question about it! You ARE, WITHOUT A DOUBT… Prince Mallow.
Mallow: Mario! Look at me! I’m a prince!

Ep. 21.mp4_000254398
Don’t encourage him, Mario.

Ep. 21.mp4_000256858Garro: That must mean that the King really ISN’T gravely ill!
Mallow: Then let’s go inside the castle and save my father!

Ep. 21.mp4_000267136
And off he goes.

Ep. 21.mp4_000271050
It goes about as well as can be expected.

Ep. 21.mp4_000284312
This seems… ominous.

Ep. 21.mp4_000289435
Garro: Just stay still for a little while, okay? It won’t take long.

Ep. 21.mp4_000309082Garro: Hey! Don’t move! You’re going to be a “statue” for a little while, okay?

Ep. 21.mp4_000323569 Ep. 21.mp4_000330461
Guard: You may enter. …Halt! Who goes there?

Ep. 21.mp4_000339823

Garro: That’s because… uh… this is a statue of Valentina’s nephew, Mari..Mariotta! Okay?!
Guard: Uh… okay. Proceed.


MUSIC: Valentina’s Castle

Ep. 21.mp4_000363100
Garro: …person named Mariotta. Ha!
Valentina: O ho ho ho!!!

Ep. 21.mp4_000374378
Valentina: …make something THIS stunning!
Garro: Thank you, your majesty. I’ll be on my way now…
Valentina: HALT! What, may I ask, is THIS ugly thing?
Garro: That’s my latest masterpiece. I… I created it just for YOU… It’s called… “A Plumber’s Lament.” Observe… the thick mustache… covering the sad, innocent smile of a simple fool… And the sideburns… conveying his blue collar roots. And the legs… well defined… Strong. The legs of the masses! Is it to your liking?
Valentina: Hmmm… I consider myself something of an art buff! And I’ve got to say… This is spectacular!! Garro… only YOU could have created sculptures with such gentle beauty and… raw power!
Garro: Thank you, your majesty. I’ll be on my way now…

Ep. 21.mp4_000446432
You know, the sad part is this is what art observation actually seems like to me.

Ep. 21.mp4_000452156
Valentina: Step on it!!

Ep. 21.mp4_000485240
Dodo places us in a room that seems to have no purpose other than to display statues. How pretentious can you get?

Ep. 21.mp4_000514509
Valentina: Did you display the statues properly? Fine! Now polish them to a fine luster and make them a tribute to my beauty! Pay attention to me! Hurry up, and DON’T let me catch you dozing again!

If anyone past the age of 8 or 9 says the sentence “Pay attention to me!” to you seriously, cut them out of your life immediately.

Ep. 21.mp4_000535810   Ep. 21.mp4_000538968Ep. 21.mp4_000541011Ep. 21.mp4_000543589

MUSIC: Dodo’s Coming!

Ep. 21.mp4_000579253 Ep. 21.mp4_000598084 Ep. 21.mp4_000595818 Ep. 21.mp4_000585254
Sneaky bastard. This is a little mini-game. If you screw up, your eventually forced into a battle against Dodo, but it’s less frustrating to just do it properly.

Ep. 21.mp4_000610148
And for doing it properly, you get a Feather accessory, which boosts Speed by a massive 20.

Ep. 21.mp4_000614847 Ep. 21.mp4_000624626
Birdy #1: But I guess this beats Dodo’s job. Dodo has to plish Valentina’s statues EVERY single day!
Birdy #2: Ha! Here’s how I’d do it.

Ep. 21.mp4_000638127
They proceed to jab at Mario with their spears. Understandably, he freaks out.

Ep. 21.mp4_000644917
Birdy #2: No… statues don’t move.
Birdy #1: Then… explain… THIS!
Birdy #2: It’s… one of those high-tech… er… life-like… realistic ones. Let’s get outta here.

MUSIC: Valentina’s Castle

Ep. 21.mp4_000657370
They book it on out of there. We’re now free to explore the castle as we please.

Ep. 21.mp4_000669560 Ep. 21.mp4_000681937 Ep. 21.mp4_000677622
Of course, there are encounters scattered about. These are Geno’s, Mario’s, and Mallow’s new weapons, respectively, in action.

Ep. 21.mp4_000728720  Ep. 21.mp4_000730441Ep. 21.mp4_000734673
Geno hits Level 20 as we fight our way through.

Ep. 21.mp4_000739849
Woo! Flower!

Ep. 21.mp4_000751604
Here are some new enemies: the Sling Shy, and the blue stethoscopes are Orbisons.

Ep. 21.mp4_000784962
Some more new enemies: the fan looking guys are Pinwheels, and the jellyfish is a Muckle. Which is a really fun word to say. Just try it. Muckle.

Ep. 21.mp4_000878447 Ep. 21.mp4_000956565
Also, a lot of the Birdy statues like to come to life and attack. We can also see some Shamans on screen here. we’ve encountered them before, but never in battle.

Ep. 21.mp4_000957872 Ep. 21.mp4_000961371
Shamans have access to a lot of spells, such as Blizzard and Diamond Saw. That new enemy back there is Jawful. He’s sleeping, until you hit him. Then he wakes up. But unless you hit him, he just stays asleep. So you may as well take out everything else first.

Ep. 21.mp4_000997079  Ep. 21.mp4_000998485Ep. 21.mp4_001000373
Boy, Bowser’s magic stats kind of suck.

Ep. 21.mp4_001035671  Ep. 21.mp4_001036963Ep. 21.mp4_001041582
Toadstool hits Level 25, and is so close to breaking the 200 HP mark.

Ep. 21.mp4_001253187 Ep. 21.mp4_001428439 Ep. 21.mp4_001352726
Another Flower. And we already see the pallet swap of the Birdy, the Bluebird. It’s a little more powerful.

Ep. 21.mp4_001428439 Ep. 21.mp4_001548542
The Jawful is guarding that door, for some reason.

Ep. 21.mp4_001634985  Ep. 21.mp4_001636091Ep. 21.mp4_001643940
Killing it helps Mario hit the next Level!

Ep. 21.mp4_001650566
Former Guard: Guess I won’t be needing this master key anymore… would you like it?

May as well!

Former Guard: All right, here you go! Just don’t tell me what you’re gonna do with it, okay?

Ep. 21.mp4_001673317 Ep. 21.mp4_001675384
Sweet! Everyone else in here just blathers on about the Hot Springs. This seems like a good stopping point though. Next time, I’ll finish off the rest of this place!

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