Bean Valley – Super Mario RPG Ep. 20

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG. As we hit Episode 20, we managed to make it to Monstro Town and do a whole bunch of stuff. We met some of Bowser’s AWOL Koopa Troop, we met Belome again, and we got some pretty sweet loot. Unfortunately, we have to go through Land’s End a third time, as we need to scale the cliff to get to Bean Valley in search of the 6th Star Piece. Let’s hop to it!

Ep. 20.mp4_000029803 Ep. 20.mp4_000031213
There’s a hidden chest at the exit to Monstro Town with another Frog Coin.

Ep. 20.mp4_000033788
There’s also this note. Nobody ever said that monsters had to be mean!

Ep. 20.mp4_000086382 Ep. 20.mp4_000088190
I have some… stuff… to find before I advance the story though. My first stop is back at Mario’s Pad.

Ep. 20.mp4_000092293
Did anyone else remember that Mario has a green bed?

Ep. 20.mp4_000094248
Nailed it.

Rose Town is the next stop on my list.

Ep. 20.mp4_000108405 Ep. 20.mp4_000111429
This one seems fairly obvious.

But the last one… between O and A, huh? Hmmmmmm…

Ep. 20.mp4_000137319 Ep. 20.mp4_000142052
Tricky, tricky!

Also, Raz and Raini are here on their honeymoon after getting married a few updates ago.

Ep. 20.mp4_000149044
Raz: Oh, life is just GREAT! By the way, do you know of a place called… Grate Guy Casino? It’s supposed to be around, somewhere. Have you been there?
Raini: Hello, Mario! Raz here can’t even hop on Yoshi! But that’s okay. I still love him.

All right, let’s get this stupid shit over with.

Ep. 20.mp4_000191952
MUSIC: The Road is Full of Monsters

Ep. 20.mp4_000193945 Ep. 20.mp4_000202011

Ep. 20.mp4_000208673
An action shot of Geno’s Double Punch, which I haven’t shown off yet. His fists turn into rockets. Geno has the best weapons.

Ep. 20.mp4_000245090  Ep. 20.mp4_000245909Ep. 20.mp4_000252984
Level 22 for Toadstool.

Ep. 20.mp4_000376658  Ep. 20.mp4_000379859Ep. 20.mp4_000381730Ep. 20.mp4_000384168
This is Geno’s last special attacks, Geno Flash. Geno turns into a cannon and fires a SUN at the enemy, which EXPLODES. GENO IS THE BEST CHARACTER.

Not showing off any more battle for now, you’ve seen all the enemies here.

Ep. 20.mp4_000564231  Ep. 20.mp4_000565660Ep. 20.mp4_000571248
Level 19 for Mario.

Ep. 20.mp4_000599709  Ep. 20.mp4_000600660Ep. 20.mp4_000603142
Level 19 for Mallow.

Ep. 20.mp4_000754593  Ep. 20.mp4_000755942Ep. 20.mp4_000759858
Level 23 for Toadstool.

Ep. 20.mp4_000885578
Upon making it to the Cliff, the Sky Troopas spread out in an attempt to help us scale the cliff.

Ep. 20.mp4_000890781
Sgt. Flutter: Mario, you mission is to scale the cliff, by jumping from shell to shell.

Ep. 20.mp4_000923816 Ep. 20.mp4_000931012
Ep. 20.mp4_000941779If you do it quickly enough, you can get an accessory out of it. It’s possible to do it pretty darn fast, you can jump at specific spots and completely skip over certain troopas.

Ep. 20.mp4_000949913

MUSIC: Still, the Road is Full of Dangers

Ep. 20.mp4_000979572  Ep. 20.mp4_000980795Ep. 20.mp4_000985680
Wow, just stepping foot into Bean Valley was enough for Geno to gain a level! (That’s a lie, but there aren’t any new enemies in Bean Valley until a little further in).

Ep. 20.mp4_001027882
There are some branching paths in Bean Valley to check out.

Ep. 20.mp4_001085409

Ep. 20.mp4_001089336
The enemies regenerate pretty quickly, but they’re not great experience wise, so Bean Valley isn’t the best place to grind out Exp.

Ep. 20.mp4_001139489
Hidden Chest here with a Frog Coin inside.

Ep. 20.mp4_001146197

Ep. 20.mp4_001171536  Ep. 20.mp4_001173686Ep. 20.mp4_001177909
Bowser hits up level 19 after slaughtering more Bees.

Ep. 20.mp4_001218349 Ep. 20.mp4_001219759
One of the pipes leads to a dead end with a Flower. I’ll take it.

Ep. 20.mp4_001231332
The next area has 5 pipes with baby Piranha Plants. A Shy Away appears and waters the plants, turning them into full-grown plants that you can battle.

Ep. 20.mp4_001270052
I wait for all of the plants to be fully grown before going down any of the pipes. If you go down a pipe before wiping out all of the plants, you have to wait for the Shy Away to water them again, and I’m impatient.

Ep. 20.mp4_001277386
Chewys, just like the old Piranha Plants back in the Pipe Vaults are surprisingly tough and not worth the experience they give out.

Ep. 20.mp4_001415221
Now all the pipes are clear, and we can go up and down them at our leisure.

Ep. 20.mp4_001449018
I don’t know why there are brick and mortar dungeons underneath the valley, but I don’t question these kinds of things.

Ep. 20.mp4_001509553  Ep. 20.mp4_001510907Ep. 20.mp4_001513977
6 more levels until Toadstool is maxed out! And I don’t even have the 6th Star Piece yet!

Ep. 20.mp4_001521364
Chomp Chomps are the cleverly named, upgraded pallet swaps of the Chomps back in Booster’s Tower. They look like they’re made out of gold though, which would make them softer and weaker… BUT AGAIN, I DON’T QUESTION THESE KINDS OF THINGS.

Ep. 20.mp4_001542720
Hmmm… I found a secret exit, but if I take it, I’ll leave Bean Valley, and I’d have to go through it again. I’ll come back later. I have an objective to complete.

Ep. 20.mp4_001552054 Ep. 20.mp4_001555780 Ep. 20.mp4_001559187
In this pipe, there’s a slots treasure chest. I know it looks like I got three flowers, but it just happened to be on that when I screencapped it. I got something else that resulted in me getting a Frog Coin though. That’s all that’s down this pipe. NEXT.

Ep. 20.mp4_001567949 Ep. 20.mp4_001572790 Ep. 20.mp4_001575757

Ep. 20.mp4_001579706 Ep. 20.mp4_001587260 Ep. 20.mp4_001599446
Just like the other chest enemies, Box Boy is weak to Jump.

Ep. 20.mp4_001604735 Ep. 20.mp4_001608411
It also casts Water Blast, because it is a gigantic jerk. It also occurs to me that my current party is made of glass when it comes to Magic Defense.

Ep. 20.mp4_001611451

This unique monster is a genie called Fautso, that has some hard-hitting magic spells.

Ep. 20.mp4_001626730 Ep. 20.mp4_001629414 Ep. 20.mp4_001632094
Like so. Ow. It still dies though.

Ep. 20.mp4_001675143
Flowers are always appreciated.

Ep. 20.mp4_001681068
Well, that was exciting and lucrative.

Ep. 20.mp4_001697559
I also swap Bowser out for Toadstool and sub out the Exp. Booster to slap a Trueform pin on her. This is important. You will see why very soon.

Ep. 20.mp4_001715513
Oh, it’s another Chewy.

MUSIC: Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster

That isn’t the normal battle music…
Ep. 20.mp4_001730053
Smilax, huh?


Ep. 20.mp4_001737545
Shy Away: It’s shower time~♪ There there, my pretties!

Ep. 20.mp4_001745630
Oh, I see your game. It’s like a Hydra piranha plant.

Ep. 20.mp4_001763915
Shy Away: La dee dah~♪ It’s recycled water! There there, my pretties!

Ep. 20.mp4_001777270
Does that mean it was pee water?  Ewwwwww.

Ep. 20.mp4_001810410
Shy Away: I added some nutrients~♪ There there, my pretties!

Ep. 20.mp4_001818784

Ep. 20.mp4_001829950  Ep. 20.mp4_001831932Ep. 20.mp4_001835563
And that right there is why I put Toadstool back into the party.

Ep. 20.mp4_001843884
I don’t know if I mentioned it, but along with healing, Toadstool’s Therapy and Group Hug spells also heal statuses. Yes. She’s absolutely broken. Toadstool is the easy button. And this isn’t even the end of it. I’ll show off more later.

Ep. 20.mp4_001864505
By taking away it’s myriad status effects, MegaSmilax goes down easy. It tried to put the party to sleep, or turn them into Mushrooms or Scarecrows. But having Toadstool with a Trueform pin on negates basically all of that.

Ep. 20.mp4_001868993  Ep. 20.mp4_001870425Ep. 20.mp4_001873897
That battle is enough to tip Mario up to Level 20. He’s 2/3 of the way to max level!

Ep. 20.mp4_001882941
Shy Away: Oooh, I’m going to get it! Queen Valentina told me to keep everyone out of Nimbus Land. What should I do? ……………I know, I’ll run away!

I think our next villain just got name dropped!

Ep. 20.mp4_001906765  Ep. 20.mp4_001909017Ep. 20.mp4_001910240
…seems legit.

Ep. 20.mp4_001918432  Ep. 20.mp4_001927220Ep. 20.mp4_001933920
MAGIC. Also, I like how it connects to Mario lore. Hitting a brick that a vine comes out of. Nice.

Ep. 20.mp4_001940281
New area, new enemies, woo!

Ep. 20.mp4_001943500
I really like this battle screen. Also, the new enemies are the Birdy and the Heavy Troopa. Heavy Troopas are tanks, high defense and high HP. However, it takes them 2 turns to attack. That is more than enough time, and you will never see a Heavy Troopa attack on this playthrough.

Ep. 20.mp4_001961151  Ep. 20.mp4_001962715Ep. 20.mp4_001968160
Mallow gains a level!

Ep. 20.mp4_001984200 Ep. 20.mp4_002015545
I hate this area. At least I get a Frog Coin out of the deal.

Ep. 20.mp4_002021892  Ep. 20.mp4_002057471Ep. 20.mp4_002242707
I got a flower, too!

MUSIC: Nimbus Land

Ep. 20.mp4_002247597

Ep. 20.mp4_002251292 Ep. 20.mp4_002257559
Valentina King Nimbus’ condition is growing worse… This means we’ll be losing… our magnificent ruler. BUT! It just so happens that I have found the missing Prince! Prince Mallow, that is! Prince Mallow… Please… Sir… Prince? GET OVER HERE! Well, well… it seems that our little prince has a mild case of stage fright. Excuse me… ha ha ha.

Ep. 20.mp4_002318337
Valentina: (What?! You can’t get through? Well, just LOOK at you, tubby!)

Ep. 20.mp4_002328540Ep. 20.mp4_002333113

Townsperson #1: My, you’ve… er… filled out a bit, Prince Mallow!
Townsperson #2: You’re looking fit, Prince!

Ep. 20.mp4_002350996
Valentina: WHAT?! You’re asking ME to…? Gracious! You’re serious, aren’t you? Why, I don’t know what to day! Dear me… I’ve made my decision… At the request of the Prince, I agree to become his queen. (Queen… Valentina… Ooh! It just makes me SHIVER!!) Well, that’s that! Back to your business, everyone!

Ep. 20.mp4_002393138
Mallow: Don’t we have anything better to do than hang around HERE? Come on, let’s go and find the rest of the Star Pieces!

You… you can’t be this dumb. You CAN’T be this stupid! YOU ARE THIS STUPID, AND I HATE YOU FOR IT.

NEXT TIME: Nimbus Land!

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