Land’s End Levels – Super Mario RPG Ep. 19

Welcome back to Save File plays Super Mario RPG! Last time, I botched a mini-game, but then I ended up fulfilling an old man’s (frog’s?) wish, so I guess it evened out? This time, I’m going to do what I’m SUPPOSED to do and get through Land’s End properly. I hope.

Ep. 19.mp4_000057500
Alllllll the way back at the start.

Ep. 19.mp4_000064487
You’ll excuse me if I don’t show most of the battles.

MUSIC: Victory!

But I WILL show off the level ups. Of which there are many.

Ep. 19.mp4_000093609  Ep. 19.mp4_000095376Ep. 19.mp4_000102343
Bowser hits Level 16, which means the entire party is more than halfway to max level.

Ep. 19.mp4_000231227  Ep. 19.mp4_000232323Ep. 19.mp4_000238313
The Exp. Booster is really putting in work, Toadstool is now 3 levels above the rest of the party. And her HP gains are enormous.

Ep. 19.mp4_000447544  Ep. 19.mp4_000448729Ep. 19.mp4_000452886
It’s pretty funny though, since she is quickly becoming the most powerful character I’ve got.

Ep. 19.mp4_000483316  Ep. 19.mp4_000484702Ep. 19.mp4_000486046
Last one for now, as Mallow hits Level 17 at the same time as Mario.

MUSIC: The Road is Full of Dangers

Ep. 19.mp4_000713817 Ep. 19.mp4_000719234
When you’re NOT playing the mini-game on the Sky Bridge, it’s pretty hard to fall off unless you do it deliberately. When you land, it locks you in place for a second, so you can’t really slip off of any of the blocks.

Ep. 19.mp4_000724973
What… I REALLY don’t get the geography of this place. I just fell from a grassy plateau and am now in the desert. This makes no sense. Anyways, there’s a little mousey dude here that we can speak to.

Mouse: Where are you heading? Is it Monstro Town by any chance? OK, listen up. Look for the whirl where the ant pops up and proceed after it. Keep following it and you’ll find your way underground. Once there, Monstro Town’s just around the corner. I’ll see you there.

Ep. 19.mp4_000744666
So the gimmick for the next area is whirlpools. You have to make sure you go down the right one, or you will be frustratingly led in circles.

Ep. 19.mp4_000869696  Ep. 19.mp4_000870996Ep. 19.mp4_000877050
2/3 of the way to max level!

Ep. 19.mp4_000891027
So the ant pops his head out of one of the pools. If you run into it, he’ll pop up and you have to fight him. Then you go down that whirlpool to advance. The game tries to mess with you and spins the pools around after the fight though.

Ep. 19.mp4_000895258

Ep. 19.mp4_000931279  Ep. 19.mp4_000934392 Ep. 19.mp4_000932385Ep. 19.mp4_000939108
Geno hits Level 17 and learns his final special attack, Geno Flash. I’ll show it off.

Ep. 19.mp4_001032915 Ep. 19.mp4_001035324
Every time you bump into one of the ants, it’s a battle with 3 Shoguns. They’re pretty beefy, but Toadstool and Mario can one-shot one of them each. Mallow… not so much. To be fair, Toadstool can only do so because she’s so over-leveled.

Ep. 19.mp4_001070293  Ep. 19.mp4_001071585Ep. 19.mp4_001074915
And you level up surprisingly fast when you fight every single enemy you see.

Ep. 19.mp4_001085601 Ep. 19.mp4_001088909
Continuing on…

Ep. 19.mp4_001123001 Ep. 19.mp4_001156609
I’m SUPPOSED to go down the whirlpool, but I don’t see a problem with going off the beaten path a bit…

Ep. 19.mp4_001160297
…climb what? This isn’t Assassin’s Creed, Mario can’t just scale a sheer cliff wall!

Ep. 19.mp4_001163262
Mouse: Isn’t this incredible? It really does look like the edge of the world, doesn’t it? It’s too spooky for me! I’m heading back to Monstro Town. See ya!

Finally, the origin of the 2spooky4me meme has been discovered. Mario RPG, you had so much to teach…

Ep. 19.mp4_001186307 Ep. 19.mp4_001219826
All right, this is where we’re supposed to be.

… for whatever reason.

Ep. 19.mp4_001224114
I mean, I GUESS I’m okay with it…

MUSIC: The Invincible Star

Ep. 19.mp4_001230066  Ep. 19.mp4_001232648Ep. 19.mp4_001234138
Nomnomnomnom levels!

MUSIC: Victory!

Ep. 19.mp4_001238033 Ep. 19.mp4_001242509 Ep. 19.mp4_001240148
Ep. 19.mp4_001246796
Mario hits Level 18 and learns his last Special Attack, Ultra Flame, which hits all enemies. Just like with Ultra Jump, the damage varies on how many orbs hit an enemy.

Ep. 19.mp4_001250528  Ep. 19.mp4_001254757Ep. 19.mp4_001258453
Toadstool gains yet ANOTHER level.

Ep. 19.mp4_001261502  Ep. 19.mp4_001264236 Ep. 19.mp4_001262703Ep. 19.mp4_001267112
Mallow also learns his final Special Attack, in which a giant star falls on your enemies.

Ep. 19.mp4_001273507
Oh… But, I…


Ep. 19.mp4_001278654
Um… OF COURSE!!!!!

Ep. 19.mp4_001287922 Ep. 19.mp4_001294546

Ep. 19.mp4_001300321  Ep. 19.mp4_001302705Ep. 19.mp4_001305809
Geno was the only party member to gain a level out of that last star, but I’ll take it anyways. It was way faster than fighting all of the battles one by one.

Ep. 19.mp4_001311239
What… this guy seriously has a whole TEMPLE devoted to him? That’s hardcore.

MUSIC: The Dungeon is Full of Monsters

Ep. 19.mp4_001320026
No need, thank you. I don’t want to have to go through Land’s End AGAIN.

Ep. 19.mp4_001343758
This chest contains 50 Coins. There is a reason for that.

Ep. 19.mp4_001348577 Ep. 19.mp4_001353234
Because we need to spend 50 Coins in order to advance, and given that most players just blew 400 Coins on a Star, there’s a chance that you might not have 50 Coins here. But I do. Because money is easy to get when you slaughter everything in sight.

Ep. 19.mp4_001357628  Ep. 19.mp4_001359365Ep. 19.mp4_001360729
I opted to go with Left, Right, Middle as my order.

Ep. 19.mp4_001362171
A pile of bricks and a scroll come tumbling down. The fortune is just icing on the cake. The bricks are necessary for you to advance, as you need to jump on them to progress.

Ep. 19.mp4_001366069 Ep. 19.mp4_001367001
I like snacks! It’s part of why I’m so fat!

Ep. 19.mp4_001384169
Oh cool, a Yoshi Cookie. The fortunes all vary. Some lead to treasure, some lead to battles. One of them probably leads to nothing.

Ep. 19.mp4_001399168  Ep. 19.mp4_001408744Ep. 19.mp4_001410610
Some more Coins and Frog Coins await in the next area.

Ep. 19.mp4_001416155
Lame. Getting this message means that you can’t advance.

Ep. 19.mp4_001419725 Ep. 19.mp4_001422818
What this is SUPPOSED to mean is that you’re supposed to go back to the fortune room and redo it. But what you can ACTUALLY do is just leave this room and come back, and chances are good that you’ll get the other message that allows you to advance. And if you don’t, just keep trying, because you’ll get it eventually. There’s no need to keep going back and spending 50 Coins.

Ep. 19.mp4_001456473
Like so.

Ep. 19.mp4_001426338 Ep. 19.mp4_001466702
What’s down Pipe #1?

Ep. 19.mp4_001472039
You know, I thought he was dead. Guess I was wrong!

MUSIC: Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster

Ep. 19.mp4_001489610
Belome: In fact, I can clone someone after just one slurp! Watch!

Ep. 19.mp4_001496180
Belome: But how do you TASTE?

Ep. 19.mp4_001502100 Ep. 19.mp4_001507047
He then spits out a Mario clone.

Mario clones just jump on you. And herein lies my reasoning for bringing Mallow and Toadstool along; the clones of them are the weakest. Bowser clones are pretty beefy, and Geno clones have access to some dangerous magic. And you can’t really avoid Mario clones.

Here are the lines Belome gives for the other characters:
Toadstool: Tastes peachy!
Mallow: YES! THIS is YUMMY~
Geno: Bitter, but not bad…
Bowser:  Yuck! How repulsive!

It’s not really a difficult battle.

Ep. 19.mp4_001587314
Belome: I’m STARVING! Time to go home for dinner! Goodbye, boys and girls!

Ep. 19.mp4_001608410  Ep. 19.mp4_001611252 Ep. 19.mp4_001609652Ep. 19.mp4_001613852
Taking out Belome again was enough for Bowser to hit Level 18, upon which he also gains his last Special Attack. Bowser only has 4 Magic Attacks, but that’s okay, he’s way more of a physical attacker than a magic-user.

Ep. 19.mp4_001619111 Ep. 19.mp4_001624159
Mouse: That pipe is a shortcut to my home, Monstro Town. I’ll see you there.

Ep. 19.mp4_001636757
Oh, hey. Here we are!

MUSIC: Monstro Town

Ep. 19.mp4_001649148
This door has a roof. Kind of. That must mean it’s kind of special! Let’s check it out!

Ep. 19.mp4_001657544
Monstermama: Welcome to Monstro Town, where many of our kind mingle. I’m the landlady, Monstermama. A star, you say? Oh, you’re here to see OUR star! She’s upstairs, so feel free to go and take a look for yourself.

Er… she? I don’t think that’s quite the right way to talk about a Star Piece.

Ep. 19.mp4_001676656
Mouse: But the strangest person I met is this old geezer in Rose Town. He really is weird, but definitely worth meeting.

Hmm, I wonder if that will be important. Also, I managed to screencap that Pandorite blinking, which really just makes it look like it has no eyes and that’s kind of creepy.

Pandorite: Sometimes if you jump at the right places, a treasure box will pop out of thin air. Anything like this happen to you? These treasure boxes are known as “Surprise Boxes,” because they appear out of nowhere.

Ep. 19.mp4_001699251 Ep. 19.mp4_001703047
That… that’s not really what we’re looking for. Cute, though.

Ep. 19.mp4_001711309
Monstermama: She’s so talented too! Folks come to see her from afar. …Starbees? Oh, Star Piece! Nope, not familiar with ’em. So you came all the way out here to search for a Star Piece? It must be REALLY important. This is the last place on land. If you can’t find it here… The only place left is UP!

Ep. 19.mp4_001729571 Ep. 19.mp4_001732096
Monstermama: OK, here’s what you need to do. There’s a secret passage to the sky… at Bean Valley! But first you must scale the cliff beyond the desert to get there. Since you’re such a nice guy, I’ll introduce you to someone that can help you. Sky Troopas, I need you!

Ep. 19.mp4_001755337Troops: 8.52 second, Sergeant!

Ep. 19.mp4_001763369
Sgt. Flutter: We’re 0.52 seconds late! I hold myself personally accountable for the delay, Ma’am!

Ep. 19.mp4_001770442
Monstermama: No need to bother with the protocol around me, Sergeant. I’ve got a favor to ask of you.
Sgt. Flutter: Yes Ma’am! Anything we can do for a civilian.
Monstermama: This fellow here REALLY wants to get to Bean Valley. Could you help him scale the cliff?
Sgt. Flutter: Understood, Ma’am! The orders are: “Get Mustache over the cliff!” We WILL succeed! We will now deploy ourselves to the cliff at Land’s End. Troopas, keep a tight formation! We have lift off!

Ep. 19.mp4_001814956
Wait… so this means I have to go through Land’s End AGAIN??? DAMMIT!

Ep. 19.mp4_001824867
Hmm. How am I supposed to get that key?

Ep. 19.mp4_001829783
Chow: Those multiple jumps of yours are pretty amazing! I heard that your record for consecutive jumps stands at 13. How DO you do it? Jump more than 30 times in a row, and I’ll give you a prize!

Yeah, that’s not going to happen unless I abuse save states, and I don’t do that. OH WELL.

Ep. 19.mp4_001841677
Piranha Plant: He’s always mumbling about a Crystal-this and an Evil-that. Isn’t a “Crystal” some kind of shiny rock… or something? I know I’ve seen those somewhere!

Ep. 19.mp4_001852770 Ep. 19.mp4_001854924
Every time this Thwomp talks, he pounds the ground, causing everyone to jump.

Thwomp: I may be out-jumped, but you’re totally out-pumped! …The strong, silent type, eh? Don’t you dig these vibes?

Ep. 19.mp4_001881863
Luckily, that manages to shake the Temple key off of the ledge above.

Ep. 19.mp4_001886322
…well, then.

Ep. 19.mp4_001892375 Ep. 19.mp4_001897532 Ep. 19.mp4_001900559
Goomba: Bowser… it’s been ages, hasn’t it? Sorry about going AWOL on you. I ran away because I was scared to fight Smithy. A lot has happened since then, but look how far I’ve come. I’m managing this store now. And look, here are my little ones. Come on, show your manners and greet Uncle Bowser.

Ep. 19.mp4_001920684
Goomba: Although I can’t fight for you, I still have some items you can use. Maybe you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me if I can help you get equipped!
Bowser: …Don’t worry about it. I’m not angry with you. I’ve got new troops now, and we’re going to reclaim my castle! You go on with your life here. I wish you the best.

Ep. 19.mp4_001944111
Goomba runs a regular item shop, as well as carrying some new equipment for Bowser.

Ep. 19.mp4_001955116 Ep. 19.mp4_001957402

Ep. 19.mp4_002001344

Ep. 19.mp4_002004729
Don’t mind if I do!

Ep. 19.mp4_002015487 Ep. 19.mp4_002018709Ep. 19.mp4_002022724

Ep. 19.mp4_002025060
Greaper: He’s sleeping.
Dry Bones: Boy, he sure is.
Big Boo: Check those bubbles coming out of his nose! Maybe he can still hear us while he’s asleep? Hey, you! We want to play a round of “Find the Flag!”
Greaper: Right! We’ll each hide a flag somewhere around the world.
Dry Bones: Yeah. Find all three flags, and you’ll get an awesome prize. We’ll go and hide the flags. See you when we get back!

Ep. 19.mp4_002060229
Uh… thanks, anthropomorphic mushroom night light.

Ep. 19.mp4_002067857
Dry Bones: I’m hoooooome! My flag’s under a green bed.
Big Boo: I’m back! You’ll never guess my spot! It’s between “O” and “A.” Our flags are invisible, so search VERY carefully when you think you’ve found the spot.
3 Musty Fears: Don’t forget what we told you!

Ep. 19.mp4_002092491
Seems like we have a side quest on our hands…

Ep. 19.mp4_002097346

Ep. 19.mp4_002101665  Ep. 19.mp4_002106077Ep. 19.mp4_002109669
Jagger: Bowser! I haven’t seen you for so long. I’ve been studying here at the dojo under the Sensei “Jinx” because… tot ell you the truth, I… I knew I couldn’t beat Smithy. That’s why I’m here now. Someday I’m going to return and make you proud!
Bowser: …Don’t worry about me. I’ve got new Troopas now, and we’re going to take back my castle. You stick to your guns! Train like there’s no tomorrow!

Ep. 19.mp4_002142536
Jagger: In the meantime, will you accept a challenge from me? Great! You know that I’m not going to make it easy for you, right?

Ep. 19.mp4_002156030
Yeah, that’s a good way to show you appreciate your old boss… by thrust punching him right in the solar plexus.

Ep. 19.mp4_002168489  Ep. 19.mp4_002169041Ep. 19.mp4_002179773Ep. 19.mp4_002191619
Jagger goes down after one round of combat.

Ep. 19.mp4_002198252
Jagger: Mario, you’re a top-notch fighter!

Ep. 19.mp4_002203168
Jagger: Sensei! Have you been here all along?
Jinx:  Hmmm. You felt my Ki, didn’t you? Not bad for a novice!

Ep. 19.mp4_002226373 Ep. 19.mp4_002229550
Oh, I’ll be back for you… but I have one more thing to do before I’m done here.

Ep. 19.mp4_002240596
Ep. 19.mp4_002276092
Giving him the key allows you to pass by.

Ep. 19.mp4_002284724   Ep. 19.mp4_002287500Ep. 19.mp4_002291074Ep. 19.mp4_002293006
Some damn good items, then 8 Frog Coins and 4 Flowers. It’s awesome.


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