Silly & Serious – FFVII Ep. 6

Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII.  Well… the outfit is complete. I guess it’s time to see if we can go seduce a horny old man. Oh, and get reunited with our friend. I guess. I mean, that’s secondary, right? Right??

Anyways, let’s do it.

MUSIC: Oppressed People

Ep. 6.mp4_000134027 Ep. 6.mp4_000144853 Ep. 6.mp4_000152530
Guard: Come in, come in! Two ladies coming through!


MUSIC: Don of the Slums

Ep. 6.mp4_000169862
Host: I’ll go and let the Don know you’re here. Wait here. Don’t wander around…
Aeris: Now’s our chance. Let’s find Tifa.

Ep. 6.mp4_000183924 Ep. 6.mp4_000186620
Well, there’s only one open door, so I guess we’ll use that one?

Ep. 6.mp4_000189266 Ep. 6.mp4_000195651
FOUND HER. Down in the creepy… bondage… sex chamber. Eugh.

Ep. 6.mp4_000205000
Aeris: Nice to meet you, I’m Aeris. Cloud’s told me a lot about you.
Tifa: And you are…? Hey, you’re the one who was with Cloud in the park…
Aeris: Right, with Cloud.
Tifa: Oh…
Aeris: Don’t worry. We just met. It’s nothing.
Tifa: What do you mean, “don’t worry?” About what? Oh, no, don’t misunderstand. Cloud and I grew up together. Nothing more.
Aeris: Poor Cloud, having to stand here and listen to both of us call him nothing. Right, Cloud?
Tifa: …Cloud?

Ep. 6.mp4_000246112

Also, it’s pretty creepy to find an Ether down in the creepy S&M chamber.

Ep. 6.mp4_000253493 Ep. 6.mp4_000254986Ep. 6.mp4_000259007
Tifa: Never mind, what happened to you after the fall?! Are you hurt?!
Cloud: Slow down, let me answer. I’m dressed like this because there was no other way to get in here. I’m all right. Aeris helped me out.
Tifa: Oh, Aeris did…
Cloud: Tifa, explain what you’re doing in a place like this?
Tifa: Oh, um…
Aeris: *Ahem* I’ll just plug my ears.

Ep. 6.mp4_000300037
Cloud: Thanks. What happened?
Tifa: When we got back from the Sector 5 Reactor, we saw a weird man. Barret caught him and squeezed some information out of him.
Cloud: That’s when the Don’s name popped up?
Tifa: Right, Don Corneo. Barret told me to leave the lech alone… But something’s been bothering me.
Cloud: I see. So you wanted the story straight from Corneo’s mouth.
Tifa: Well, I made it here, but now I’m stuck. Corneo is looking for a bride. Everyday, he gets three girls, chooses one of them, and then… well… Anyway, I have to be the… girl for tonight.

Ep. 6.mp4_000344382
Aeris: If you know the three girls, there’s no problem, right? We have two here, right?
Cloud: No, Aeris! I can’t involve you!
Aeris: Oh? So it’s all right for Tifa to be in danger?
Cloud: No, I don’t want Tifa in…

Ep. 6.mp4_000368170
Aeris: I grew up in the slums. I’m used to danger. Do you trust me?
Tifa: Yes. Thanks, Ms. Aeris.
Aeris: Call me Aeris.

Ep. 6.mp4_000385554 Ep. 6.mp4_000391318
Host: I told you not to wander around… I tell ya, women nowadays… hurry it up, will ya?

Ep. 6.mp4_000400986
Cloud: … me, right?
Tifa: You’re right, you didn’t need…
Aeris: …to ask.


Ep. 6.mp4_000415123 Ep. 6.mp4_000420366
Tifa: I wonder what Barret would say if he could see you?

Ep. 6.mp4_000437711
In a surprising move of insight, I remember to give Tifa her new Metal Knuckle and Mythril Bangle very quickly. Before I even get in a fight. I surprised even myself.

Ep. 6.mp4_000461911 Ep. 6.mp4_000467300 Ep. 6.mp4_000476547
Kotch: Line up in front of the Don!

…this is going to go well. I can feel it.

Ep. 6.mp4_000489228
Don Corneo: Now, let’s see… Which girl should I choose? Hmmm… Hmmm!

Ep. 6.mp4_000501764 Ep. 6.mp4_000505732 Ep. 6.mp4_000515755 Ep. 6.mp4_000517951Ep. 6.mp4_000524323
Oh… oh, boy.

Cloud: Wa-Wait a sec! I mean, uh, please wait a moment!
Don Corneo: Woo-hoo! I love chickies who play hard to get! Yowza! You can have the rest!

Ep. 6.mp4_000541770 Ep. 6.mp4_000545529
Well, there’s no avoiding it now.

Ep. 6.mp4_000564508
Don Corneo: All right, pussycat… Come to daddy!!

Ep. 6.mp4_000573136

Ep. 6.mp4_000578446
Don Corneo: Do you… like me too?
Cloud: Of Course! Umm…
Don Corneo: You don’t like me? There… there isn’t someone else, is there?
Cloud: No, only you Yes, his name’s Barret…
Don Corneo: 
What? No way! Hmm? Barret? That sounds familiar…
Cloud: You know, he’s one of the ones you were trying to find out about. You know, AVALANCHE?
Don Corneo: Oh, yeah, yeah. In Sector 7. In the Slums… and how do YOU know that?!

Ep. 6.mp4_000616135
Don Corneo: Somebody get in here NOW!!

Ep. 6.mp4_000622837 Ep. 6.mp4_000625867 Ep. 6.mp4_000632034
Tifa: What did your assistants find out? Talk! If you don’t tell us…

Ep. 6.mp4_000642444
Don Corneo: No! Not that! I’ll talk! I’ll tell you everything!
Tifa: So… talk.
Don Corneo: I made ’em find out where the man with the gun-arm was. But that’s what I was ordered to do.
Tifa: By whom?
Don Corneo: No–! If I told you that, I’d be killed!
Tifa: Talk! If you don’t tell us…

Ep. 6.mp4_000668250
Don Corneo: Waaaaaaaaaah~~! It was Heidegger of Shinra! Heidegger, the head of Peace Preservation!
Cloud: The head of Peace Preservation?!
Tifa: Did you say the Shinra?! What are they up to?! Talk! If you don’t tell us…

Ep. 6.mp4_000705593
Don Corneo: …You’re serious, aren’t you… ohboy, ohbooy, ohboy. I’m not fooling around here either, you know. Shinra’s trying to crush a small rebel group called AVALANCHE, and wants to infiltrate their hideout. And they’re really going to crush them… literally. By breaking the supports holding up the plate above them.?
Tifa: Break the supports?!
Don Corneo: You know what’s going to happen, right? The plate’s gonna go PING, and everything’s gonna go BAMMM!! I heard their hideout’s in the Sector 7 Slums… I’m just glad it’s not here in Sector 6.
Tifa: They’re going to wipe out the Sector 7 Slums? Cloud, will you come with me to Sector 7?
Cloud: Of course, Tifa.

Ep. 6.mp4_000757999
Cloud: Shut up!!
Don Corneo: No, really, it’ll just take a second. Why do you think scum like me babbled on about the truth?
Because I’ve given up on life
Because I’m sure I’ll win
Because I’m clueless

Ep. 6.mp4_000778277 Ep. 6.mp4_000781447

…well, I guess that’s what happens when you threaten to castrate a man through different methods repeatedly.

MUSIC: The Shinra Corporation

Ep. 6.mp4_000787849 Ep. 6.mp4_000802035 Ep. 6.mp4_000808675
Reeve: President!! Are we really going to do this? Simply destroy a group with only a few members…
Shinra: What’s the problem, Reeve? You want out?
Reeve: No… but, as head of the Urban Development Department, I have been involved in the building and running of Midgar. That’s why…
Heidegger: Reeve, flush your personal problems with the rest of your crap!
Reeve: The Mayor’s against this anyways…

Ep. 6.mp4_000840790
Heidegger: He just sits in this building all day feeding his face! You still call that a Mayor? Now if you’ll excuse me, sir!

Ep. 6.mp4_000860065 Ep. 6.mp4_000872809
Shinra: Heh heh heh… this is perfect.

Hey guys. Did you know that Shinra is evil? They’re the BIG EVIL CORPORATION.

MUSIC: Lurking in the Darkness

Ep. 6.mp4_000886400
Aw, dammit, I hate sewers.

Ep. 6.mp4_000896216
AGH, I HATE SEWERS. Though it actually has been quite a while since the last battle.

Ep. 6.mp4_000901433 Ep. 6.mp4_000904747 Ep. 6.mp4_000911147
Sahagins. Not too tough. Weak to Lightning. They also have the annoying ability to be able to reduce physical damage to 1, so Magic is really the way to go against these guys.

Ep. 6.mp4_000977039
Yes, I went to go grab the Potion before checking on either of my teammates. So what? Big deal. Wanna fight about it?

Ep. 6.mp4_000991011
Tifa: Man, this is terrible!
Aeris: Yeah. Well, the worst is over.
Aeris: Maybe not…

MUSIC: Those Who Fight Further

Ep. 6.mp4_001020508
Say hi to Aps. That’s his name. Aps. Aps has an interesting gimmick (also he’s weak to Fire).

Ep. 6.mp4_001023618 Ep. 6.mp4_001026717 Ep. 6.mp4_001029354
Aps’ special move Sewer Tsunami hits all party members, but it also hits him. If the move comes from behind him, it will cause more damage to him than anyone else. If it comes from behind the party, it will cause more damage to them. But either way, he’s hurting himself, so I appreciate it.

Ep. 6.mp4_001031808 Ep. 6.mp4_001035229
It also builds up our Limit gauges pretty quickly.

Ep. 6.mp4_001084931 Ep. 6.mp4_001087042
This is a Sewer Tsunami coming from behind the party.

Ep. 6.mp4_001093266 Ep. 6.mp4_001097559 Ep. 6.mp4_001099152
Aeris’ Limit Break, Healing Wind, is pretty useful at the beginning of the game. It kind of loses its effectiveness as the game goes on, but it’s still pretty darn handy at this point in time.

And then Aps died.

MUSIC: Lurking in the Darkness

Ep. 6.mp4_001149285
Aeris: Don’t give up, never give up hope. It’s not easy to destroy the pillar, right?
Tifa: Yeah… you’re right! We still have time.

Ep. 6.mp4_001162255 Ep. 6.mp4_001228280

Ep. 6.mp4_001231021 Ep. 6.mp4_001237227
Hey, it’s our first Command Materia. It’s pretty self-explanatory, I think. The success rate isn’t so great, but if you’re lucky, you can get ahead of the game with this sometimes.

Ep. 6.mp4_001240729 Ep. 6.mp4_001255002 Ep. 6.mp4_001252598

MUSIC: Anxious Heart

Ep. 6.mp4_001266598
Aeris: Don’t tell me to go home.
Tifa: If we can just get past the trains that are lit up, we should be able to get out of here.

This is the Train Graveyard just east of Sector 7. We’re almost there!

Ep. 6.mp4_001283579 Ep. 6.mp4_001285686
There are a lot of items scattered about. Basically, if anything looks suspicious (e.g., isn’t pre-rendered), you should probably go check it out.

Ep. 6.mp4_001291980
Some new enemies. The little Beetle looking things look like they would hurt, but they’re not too bad. The Dragons can be a little more trouble though, as they’re really the first enemy we encounter that can cast magic back at us. They can cast Ice, and it HURTS. It can do as much as 25% of anyone’s total HP in one hit. Just something to watch out for.

Ep. 6.mp4_001377274Ep. 6.mp4_001358689 Ep. 6.mp4_001361277Ep. 6.mp4_001371845
A bunch more items.

Ep. 6.mp4_001383260
Ahhh, ghosts. Ghosts are a little more annoying. But first of all…

Ep. 6.mp4_001392987 Ep. 6.mp4_001395277
They’re weak to Fire. Enough so that it can OHKO them.

Ep. 6.mp4_001401276 Ep. 6.mp4_001404789
They can cast Drain, which as implied, drains HP from a party member and returns it to the Ghost.

Ep. 6.mp4_001408897 Ep. 6.mp4_001413304
And also, after being physically attacked, they disappear for a bit, making the next attack miss. Just make sure to hang on to your attacks and time everything right, and they’re not too bad. Still annoying though.

Ep. 6.mp4_001464433 Ep. 6.mp4_001518976
More items.

Ep. 6.mp4_001525389 Ep. 6.mp4_001530216 Ep. 6.mp4_001536668 Ep. 6.mp4_001544028
These much more defined trains can be moved, and need to be moved if we’re to advance forward.

Ep. 6.mp4_001635905
All right, we made it!

Ep. 6.mp4_001648045
Train Guard: …crushing this station that I’ve worked at for so many years. But I just can’t bear to leave here.

Aw, such dedication.


Ep. 6.mp4_001658232

MUSIC: Those Who Fight

Ep. 6.mp4_001663085 Ep. 6.mp4_001664864
Cloud: Wait! You hear something above us?
Aeris: …gunfire?

Ep. 6.mp4_001677598 Ep. 6.mp4_001686258 Ep. 6.mp4_001691265 Ep. 6.mp4_001697440

Ep. 6.mp4_001704555
Wedge: …Cloud. You remembered my name. Barret’s up top. …help him… An’ Cloud… Sorry, I wasn’t any help.


Ep. 6.mp4_001720458
Cloud: Aeris! You look after Wedge.
Tifa: Aeris, do me a favor. I have a bar called “7th Heaven” in this neighborhood. There’s a little girl named Marlene there.
Aeris: Don’t worry. I’ll put her somewhere safe.
Tifa: It’s dangerous here! Everyone, get away from the pillar, quickly! Everyone get out of Sector 7!

Ep. 6.mp4_001751516

Ep. 6.mp4_001755885 Ep. 6.mp4_001758531
That’s stupid. You’re both stupid. You should run.

Ep. 6.mp4_001763142 Ep. 6.mp4_001765175
This guy sells us items. I appreciate it.

Ep. 6.mp4_001786575 Ep. 6.mp4_001788987
This other guard is still an asshole.

Ep. 6.mp4_001793130
Aww, Pee-Hands. 😦 It’ll be okay!

NEXT TIME: Will it really be okay??

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