Seaside Town Remade – Super Mario RPG Ep. 18

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars! Last time, we managed to finish off the Sunken Ship and get our fifth Star Piece. We’re getting close now, (I think). Now that that’s taken care of, I think it’s time to take a well deserved rest in the slightly creep Seaside Town!

Ep. 18.mp4_000033126
But first, I figured I’ll give Geno a rest and sub Mallow in.

Ep. 18.mp4_000088585
Let’s do it!

MUSIC: Here’s Some Weapons

Ep. 18.mp4_000092579
Look. we’ve even got a welcoming party!

Ep. 18.mp4_000096909
Elder: But your journey ends here. You are so gullible! Don’t you know who I am? I’m “Yaridovich,” a member of Smithy’s gang. It’s no wonder! My impersonation of an ordinary person was flawless. Your search for the stars has worried Smithy. So if I take that star back to him, I’ll earn brownie points. THIS is the way to get ahead! It’s futile to try and fight me. Just hand it over, nice and easy.

Ep. 18.mp4_000123068
May as well. You know we’re just going to get it back right away… right?

Ep. 18.mp4_000127253
Yaridovich: I’m such a genius, it scares me sometimes. No wonder I’m so important! All right everyone, listen up. We’re returning to the castle! Our ride should be here about now.

Ep. 18.mp4_000144633 Ep. 18.mp4_000146853
We better get on that.

Ep. 18.mp4_000152455
Yaridovich: We need to get out of here. This is JUST great. Mario caught up with us. Only one thing we can do now. Although we may rust a little, we’ll have to swim for it.

Ep. 18.mp4_000164661 Ep. 18.mp4_000166331 Ep. 18.mp4_000169917
Awwwwww, shit.

johnny: You spineless dogs have no code of honor! We’ll make you walk the plank!
Pirate: Johnny, maybe we should leave Mario the pleasure of wrapping things up here.

Ep. 18.mp4_000187490   Ep. 18.mp4_000192149Ep. 18.mp4_000193193Ep. 18.mp4_000193965 Ep. 18.mp4_000196659

MUSIC: Fight Against an Armed Boss

Ep. 18.mp4_000199785
Say hello to Yaridovich. He’s kind of a jerk. Also, I believe his name is derived from the Japanese word for Spear, Yarid. I could be totally off the mark though.

Ep. 18.mp4_000204865
Toadstool don’t take no guff though.

Yaridovich always starts off the fight with the same attack, Water Blast. Which, despite the name, is a non-elemental attack.

Ep. 18.mp4_000207173    Ep. 18.mp4_000208676Ep. 18.mp4_000209784Ep. 18.mp4_000211452Ep. 18.mp4_000213541
It hurts. Also, you might notice Mallow taking about 20 more damage than everyone else. That would be because I forgot to equip him when I switched him into the party. OOPSY-DOOPSY!

Ep. 18.mp4_000217431  Ep. 18.mp4_000220871Ep. 18.mp4_000222856
But I brought in Mallow because Yaridovich is weak to lightning. 114 is pretty respectable, but I actually missed the timed attack on this one.

Ep. 18.mp4_000227803 Ep. 18.mp4_000232627
Mario takes a whack, and Toadstool heals up the party after the Water Blast.

Ep. 18.mp4_000235354 Ep. 18.mp4_000238500
Then we start trading blows.

Ep. 18.mp4_000246816 Ep. 18.mp4_000249079
Shocker is a lot more substantial when I hit the timing correctly.

Ep. 18.mp4_000263534 Ep. 18.mp4_000266686

Ep. 18.mp4_000287513 Ep. 18.mp4_000289904
At some point he splits into 2. You do way more damage to the clone, which also in turn does less damage to you. Taking out the clone doesn’t do much for you, so you’re better off hitting the real Yarid.

Ep. 18.mp4_000383888

Ep. 18.mp4_000411738  Ep. 18.mp4_000413087Ep. 18.mp4_000418468
Yet another level for Toadstool.

Ep. 18.mp4_000421916   Ep. 18.mp4_000423297Ep. 18.mp4_000424388Ep. 18.mp4_000429572
Bowser as well!

Ep. 18.mp4_000435438  Ep. 18.mp4_000439111Ep. 18.mp4_000441489
Got it back!

MUSIC: Seaside Town

Man, that tune is much better than the other one.

Ep. 18.mp4_000451033
Found a key!

Ep. 18.mp4_000457251
There’s a note that’s supposed to be attached to that tree, but it looks more like the dagger is piercing nothing and the note is just floating in mid-air.

Note: To Mario; knowin’ you, it must’ve been a breeze knockin’ down Yarid, eh? By the way, my pirates say they saw a huge AXE flyin’ across the sky. It’s probably one of Smithy’s friends. Go GET him, pal! Well, my gills are failing on me, so I’ll be headin’ back down. Drop in whenever you have time, okay? Your true mate, Johnathan “Johnny” Jones

Ep. 18.mp4_000485925
Well, there’s only one place that key could go to.

Ep. 18.mp4_000487822
So let’s check it out!

Ep. 18.mp4_000490476 Ep. 18.mp4_000493891
Well, we found all the townspeople.

Ep. 18.mp4_000497671
Oh, crap, it’s a hippie!

Ep. 18.mp4_000502498
Aw, it’s a mole person!

Ep. 18.mp4_000504727 Ep. 18.mp4_000506721
Some of the Shopkeepers.

Ep. 18.mp4_000513841

Ep. 18.mp4_000518718
Elder: Thank you for saving out little town of Seaside. You exposed the fake townspeople, and gave up your star to save us! Please take this with our thanks.

Ep. 18.mp4_000538208
Nice! If we hadn’t given the star right over, Yaridovich would’ve come in here and tortured (READ: tickled) the Elder. Which would have downgraded us to a Flower Jar. Further refusals would get us a Flower Tab, and then nothing.

Ep. 18.mp4_000555644
Now it’s time to check out the new shops! Since they’re REALLY shops now!

Ep. 18.mp4_000558953
New weapons for everyone but Bowser! For some odd reason, they also have all the old weapons in the game in stock as well. I get everyone some new stuff.

Ep. 18.mp4_000568551
The Armor shop doesn’t have anything new, unless you’re interested in old equipment for some reason.

Ep. 18.mp4_000600627 Ep. 18.mp4_000609908 Ep. 18.mp4_000606960
Item shop.

Ep. 18.mp4_000624979
Mushroom Boy: Did you know that hidden amongst the regular mushrooms are some special ones? Unreal, huh? I’ll give you items in return for those special mushrooms. But you’ve got to taste them to find out what kind they are. So I’ll take a nibble first. I’m hoping for a special mushroom, but even if it isn’t, at least I’ll get a meal out of it. Hey, far out! Munch munch munch.

So yeah, there are a few special kinds of mushrooms. The best way to find special ones are to either win them from battles, or go pick them from the Forest Maze. In this case, I had a Berry Mushroom, which I got a Maple Syrup for. The rest were all regular ‘shrooms, but at least I cleared out my inventory.

Ep. 18.mp4_000744635
This is the accessory shop, but we already have everything for sale.

Ep. 18.mp4_000845143
Maybe the elder has something cool to say!

Ep. 18.mp4_000851861
At the far side of “Land’s End” is a town made up of reformed monsters. A mouse came by the other day, and I overheard him boasting about a “star” of theirs. I don’t know exactly where this town is located, but if you follow the road, you’ll get there.

Ep. 18.mp4_000875506 Ep. 18.mp4_000878443
Next dungeon, let’s do it!

MUSIC: The Road is Full of Dangers

Ep. 18.mp4_000886648
I like this place’s style. The first thing we see is a cannon to jump into to launch us places.

Ep. 18.mp4_000889599

Ep. 18.mp4_000897272
And yet another one!

Ep. 18.mp4_000898761
When we land, a bunch of Chows jump out. Time for some new enemy encounters!

Ep. 18.mp4_000905836 Ep. 18.mp4_000909507
The Parasol is an Umbrella attack, and the Ribbit Stick is just a re-hash of Mallow’s old FroggieStick

Ep. 18.mp4_000913759 Ep. 18.mp4_000952134
The Troopa Shell is a red shell with wings. I like it. Also, the Shogun is a new enemy type. Like, completely new. High defense, but that’s about it. Nothing to write home about.

Ep. 18.mp4_001001493
I like that Land’s End is full of cliff-like areas. Makes aesthetic sense.

Ep. 18.mp4_001003352 Ep. 18.mp4_001005814
We’ve got some more enemies. The Geckos attack, poison or put a character to sleep. That green monstrosity is a Spinthra, which will attack or poison a character, as wella s haunt your dreams.

Ep. 18.mp4_001111472 Ep. 18.mp4_001113129
If you fall down, there’s a cannon to blast you right back on up.

Ep. 18.mp4_001159849 Ep. 18.mp4_001161441
What. How does a rocky cliff turn into a grassy hills area. I don’t think that’s how geography works.

Ep. 18.mp4_001208814 Ep. 18.mp4_001210718
The Bees here are irritating. They are fast, faster than anyone in the party, and have a tendency to either poison someone or turn them into a mushroom.

Ep. 18.mp4_001220204 Ep. 18.mp4_001225682
Ep. 18.mp4_001228584Ep. 18.mp4_001230363
They’re weak to Ice though, so Mallow’s Snowy attack works wonders here. A giant snowman forms, then explodes. I’ll take it.

Ep. 18.mp4_001282610  Ep. 18.mp4_001283935Ep. 18.mp4_001289395
Level up for Mario!

Ep. 18.mp4_001333631  Ep. 18.mp4_001334259Ep. 18.mp4_001339215
Level up for Mallow!

Ep. 18.mp4_001343746 Ep. 18.mp4_001358718
We’ve got some of the bouncy flowers that launch you places. Also, Fink Flowers. Nothing too special, though they’ll try to put a character to sleep or turn them into a scarecrow.

Ep. 18.mp4_001395496   Ep. 18.mp4_001396774Ep. 18.mp4_001397788Ep. 18.mp4_001400769
Toadstool has hit level 18. She gains her last magic spell at this level, Psych Bomb, her only offensive attack. I’ll show it off later.

Ep. 18.mp4_001444909 Ep. 18.mp4_001446821
That path drops us off into another… plateau? I don’t get the geography of this place.

Ep. 18.mp4_001449269 Ep. 18.mp4_001454297
The Sky Bridge challenge is as follows, increasing in difficulty:Normal Course: Bet 5 coins, win 5 coins back.
Expert Course: Bet 5 coins, win 10 coins back.
Special Course: Bet 5 coins, win a Frog coin back.

You can double down twice. I tried to do the Frog Coin bet to try and win 4 Frog Coins…

Ep. 18.mp4_001535144
…I failed 😦

Ep. 18.mp4_001551450
It’s possible to get back up, but I just jump into this cave instead, because WHY NOT??

MUSIC: The Dungeon is Full of Monsters

Ep. 18.mp4_001555476
Well, this is different.

Ep. 18.mp4_001586060
Kriffids are hardy enemies. Tons of HP, high defense. Not too terrible though.

Ep. 18.mp4_001615997   Ep. 18.mp4_001618312Ep. 18.mp4_001620067Ep. 18.mp4_001622326
Just wanted to show off Psych Bomb. It’s pretty strong, but Mallow and Geno do the blasting magicks much better.

Ep. 18.mp4_001637134
Frog Coin.

Ep. 18.mp4_001718163  Ep. 18.mp4_001719270Ep. 18.mp4_001724010
Level up!

Ep. 18.mp4_001729343
This cave is pretty long, actually. It looked like I was just in a little plateau, but video game dimensions are always a little wonky.

Ep. 18.mp4_001758057

Ep. 18.mp4_001765889
Ribites are pallet swaps of the old Frogog enemies from way back when.

Ep. 18.mp4_001816685

Ep. 18.mp4_001901877 Ep. 18.mp4_001903431
Hmmm, I wonder where this leads us.

Ep. 18.mp4_001906763

Ep. 18.mp4_001910436
Hmmm, I think we know someone who might like this.

Ep. 18.mp4_001922348 Ep. 18.mp4_001932555 Ep. 18.mp4_001938717
frogfucius: That delicious smell! You have some Cricket Jam, yes? Mmm, this is wonderful! Thank you, Mario. You’ve made an old man happy. Here’s a little allowance for being so good to me. My wish has come true!

D’awwww. That’s nice. Even nicer are the 10 Frog Coins he hands over.

NEXT TIME: Let’s try Land’s End again, maybe?

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