Sunken Ship: Level Up Extravaganza – Super Mario RPG Ep. 17

Well, herro there. Welcome back to Save File plays Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Last time, we made it into the Sunken Ship, got some swag, figured out a puzzle, and fried up some Calamari. I think it’s about time to finish off this dungeon. So let’s hop to it!

MUSIC: Sunken Ship

Ep. 17.mp4_000044515
This is where the party gets dropped off after roasting King Calamari.

Ep. 17.mp4_000079235
There was a Dry Bones here. It’s dead (again) now.

Ep. 17.mp4_000082860
The next area has some rat-mounted cannons. I don’t know either.

Ep. 17.mp4_000083680
The Bullet Bills in this room don’t cause encounters, they just shove you down to the lower area, causing you to have to climb back up again. More of an inconvenience than anything else.

Ep. 17.mp4_000247085
You can just assume that I obliterate every visible enemy in the game.

MUSIC: Victory!!

Ep. 17.mp4_000388863   Ep. 17.mp4_000390310Ep. 17.mp4_000391684Ep. 17.mp4_000395266
And I am justly rewarded for it. Ultra Jump is Mario’s last Jump attack, and he bounces from enemy to enemy. Basically, it’s a Super Jump that has potential to hit every enemy. In a nice touch though, it’s randomized how much he lands on each enemy, and if he lands on a certain enemy more, that one will take more damage.

Ep. 17.mp4_000399578  Ep. 17.mp4_000401000Ep. 17.mp4_000405300
Toadstool has now caught up in levels, and her HP and Magic Attack are coming along quite nicely.

Ep. 17.mp4_000509294   Ep. 17.mp4_000510638Ep. 17.mp4_000511792Ep. 17.mp4_000514655
Mallow gains a level as well, and learns Snowy, which I believe is the only Ice elemental spell we get access to in the game. I’ll show it off later.

MUSIC: Fight Against Monsters

Ep. 17.mp4_000529451
I also realized I forgot to show off Geno Whirl, the most OP spell in the game (behind Geno Boost, of course)

Ep. 17.mp4_000532546
It brings to mind the Destructo Disc from Dragonball Z.

Ep. 17.mp4_000534257

Yeah, that’s right, Geno Whirl does 9,999 damage if you hit the timed attack right. Unfortunately… it doesn’t work against bosses. Still, it feels pretty cool to blast enemies for 10k damage in a game where you’re lucky to hit for about 300 at the highest level.

MUSIC: Sunken Ship

Ep. 17.mp4_000664515
Now you see them…

Ep. 17.mp4_000815256
Now, you don’t.

Ep. 17.mp4_000817590
Oh, goody, more enemies to slaughter. And remember kids, you can’t spell slaughter without laughter*!

*(I only apply this rule to video games).

Ep. 17.mp4_000873459   Ep. 17.mp4_000874960Ep. 17.mp4_000876339Ep. 17.mp4_000878347
Geno scoops up a level and also learns Geno Blast. I know that Mallow is supposed to be the Black Mage archetype, but Geno is just such an all-around badass, that it’s hard to sub out Geno for anyone, much less Mallow.

Ep. 17.mp4_000882204
Anyway, I believe I see some pirate loot up there.

Ep. 17.mp4_000935625   Ep. 17.mp4_000937848Ep. 17.mp4_000939376Ep. 17.mp4_000943396
But first, Toadstool gains another level! She’s starting to get ahead of everyone now, that Exp. Booster is really doin’ thangs. Mute is a pretty useless spell though. It attempts to keep enemies from casting spells. But like any debuff spell that would actually be of any sort of use, it rarely works on bosses.

Ep. 17.mp4_000948900 Ep. 17.mp4_000953606 Ep. 17.mp4_000964690
Those two treasure chests contain 100 Coins each, and I’m back at the 999 Coin cap. Didn’t take long.

Ep. 17.mp4_000977764
I think the Alley Rat is supposed to be able to sneak under those crates, but it never does.

Ep. 17.mp4_000979750 Ep. 17.mp4_000982457
This is the doppelganger room.

Ep. 17.mp4_001002344
And out the other side.

Ep. 17.mp4_001008657
Hmmm… that Dry Bones looks a little suspicious.

Ep. 17.mp4_001028606
And it’s got the best encounter on the ship? Time for Geno to THROW DOWN!!!


Ep. 17.mp4_001030333 Ep. 17.mp4_001032719 Ep. 17.mp4_001032143 Ep. 17.mp4_001031751
And THAT’S how you take out an encounter in style in this game. One-shotting an entire mob with lasers from the sky.

MUSIC: Sunken Ship

Ep. 17.mp4_001044997 Ep. 17.mp4_001056223
Oh yeah, there’s a room back there with a Frog Coin.

Ep. 17.mp4_001117628 Ep. 17.mp4_001119856
Hmmm… a Save Box and a full-heal shroom? We already fought a mid-boss… this is actually a pretty substantial dungeon, now that I think about it.

Ep. 17.mp4_001133147
Ohhhhh, it’s a trapped box! Haven’t seen one of these in a long while! I think the last one was in the Kero Sewers.

Ep. 17.mp4_001139168 Ep. 17.mp4_001152894
But I remember something about these treasure chest enemies (I didn’t even get its name)…

Ep. 17.mp4_001157191  Ep. 17.mp4_001159548Ep. 17.mp4_001166484
They’re weak to Jump.

Ep. 17.mp4_001170645

Ep. 17.mp4_001173976  Ep. 17.mp4_001175575Ep. 17.mp4_001178362
And Bowser scoops up a level from that encounter as well.

Ep. 17.mp4_001182729
It’s an accessory that does a thing. I don’t remember exactly what. I think it’s pretty good though.

Ep. 17.mp4_001189002 Ep. 17.mp4_001192346
Looks like we’ve got to go under to get any further.

Ep. 17.mp4_001195253 Ep. 17.mp4_001200777 Ep. 17.mp4_001299086
I really like that the enemy types are completely different when you’re underwater though.

Ep. 17.mp4_001331055 Ep. 17.mp4_001332329
Heading back into the previous room while underwater nets us 4 Frog Coins.

Ep. 17.mp4_001410749
This is where we’re SUPPOSED to be going though.

Ep. 17.mp4_001414511  Ep. 17.mp4_001417632Ep. 17.mp4_001490399
This next room is seriously just a gauntlet of enemies. And I love it so.

Ep. 17.mp4_001570519 Ep. 17.mp4_001575853 Ep. 17.mp4_001572064
Mario gains another level.

Ep. 17.mp4_001579429  Ep. 17.mp4_001581082Ep. 17.mp4_001586054
As well as Toadstool, who is now one level above the average party member.

Ep. 17.mp4_001591600 Ep. 17.mp4_001634385
Geno looks pretty cool when poisoned. He can rock the purple.

Ep. 17.mp4_001645709  Ep. 17.mp4_001646861Ep. 17.mp4_001650993
Mallow joins the party with another level.

Ep. 17.mp4_001754560

Ep. 17.mp4_001758516
The next room has a family of Bloobers!

Ep. 17.mp4_001837458
huh… I seem to remember when you killed the big one, the little ones scatter (but are still regular encounters). Didn’t happen this time though.

Ep. 17.mp4_001859616
There’s another cool accessory in a semi-hidden room. If you look in the Bloober screenshots, you can kind of see a door behind the barrel stacks.

Ep. 17.mp4_001866119 Ep. 17.mp4_001874685 Ep. 17.mp4_001878649
And if we surface, we can snag one more Frog Coin before moving on.

Ep. 17.mp4_001889977
Whoa. Sharks. Pirates! Shark Pirates? Pirate Sharks!

Ep. 17.mp4_001891634
pirate: What? You’re lookin’ for a STAR? I’LL let ya see stars, arr harr! Anyway, yer outta luck! Oh, and one last thing… read my lip… WE AIN’T LETTIN’ YA THROUGH! GOT IT?!

Ep. 17.mp4_001933199 Ep. 17.mp4_001934147
Bandanna Reds aren’t that bad. Though we aren’t one-shotting them, two characters are able to take down one of them easily.

Ep. 17.mp4_001994293
pirate: Better warn the upper deck. Come on, mates!

Ep. 17.mp4_002006030
Don’t think I really needed that, but I’ll take it!

Ep. 17.mp4_002008871
They plow right through Mario on their way back down the stairs.

Ep. 17.mp4_002012498
In a fit of quick thinking, Mario plays dead.
pirate: Did he get away??

Ep. 17.mp4_002020446

Ep. 17.mp4_002023933
Wait, what?

Ep. 17.mp4_002025297

Ep. 17.mp4_002028385
I don’t know why, but this is one of the best lines in the game to me. Probably just because of how incredulous they seem at the fact that Mario just… ducked under the barrel.

Ep. 17.mp4_002034744
pirate: Well, your “luck” has run out! We don’t take kindly to strangers here!

How… how did he get up here so hast? It was like 10 steps, and you clearly just saw him dodge your barrel. Why are you so surprised?

Ep. 17.mp4_002047358 Ep. 17.mp4_002050241
Anyways, Geno drops a sick beat on them, and cleanup is easy as pie from there on out.

Ep. 17.mp4_002103032
Time to meet this Johnny they keep going on about.

Ep. 17.mp4_002120772
johnny: Well, this star fell into MY SEA, so it’s MINE! If you want it, you’ll have to fight for it!


MUSIC: Fight Against an Armed Boss

Ep. 17.mp4_002135897
Johnny comes with a quartet of Bandanna Blues, who are slightly tougher than their red bandanna toting compatriots.

Ep. 17.mp4_002140123
They can at least clear double-digit damage.

Ep. 17.mp4_002220165

Anyways, there are two ways to take this fight. You could just focus on Johnny, and take him down. Or you could take down all of his flunkies.

Ep. 17.mp4_002251160  Ep. 17.mp4_002253465Ep. 17.mp4_002255502
Also, after doing enough damage to Johnny, he uses “Get Tough!” which ups both his attack and defense. It also turns him a lovely shade of red.

But as I was saying, if you take down all of the flunkies…

Ep. 17.mp4_002266647
johnny: Not bad, fellas. How about it, Mario? Mario versus me! Wanna mix it up?

Ep. 17.mp4_002282377
Mario steps forward in the affirmative.

johnny: And good for you, too! All right. Here comes my backup!

Ep. 17.mp4_002294370
Two more Bandanna Blues show up for Johnny. Geno and Toadstool move off to the sidelines to become cheerleaders. Johnny calls them his backup, but make no mistake, if you lose here, it’s game over. And you have to start over.

Ep. 17.mp4_002298295 Ep. 17.mp4_002302152
So yeah, the battle is just Mario and Johnny wailing on each other until one of them falls. That’s about it.

Ep. 17.mp4_002308631 Ep. 17.mp4_002345289
But eventually…

MUSIC: Victory!!

Ep. 17.mp4_002352041
Unfortunately, the Lucky Flower only gave us chance to double our coins, which is worthless to me since we’re already maxed out.

Ep. 17.mp4_002356790  Ep. 17.mp4_002358333Ep. 17.mp4_002362329
But Geno gains another level!

Ep. 17.mp4_002366999
johnny: Think of is as a souvenir of our fight!

Music: Got a Star Piece

Ep. 17.mp4_002375303  Ep. 17.mp4_002391374Ep. 17.mp4_002402736
Damn, we’re getting close. 5 of 7!

Ep. 17.mp4_002413053 Ep. 17.mp4_002417652
johnny: Now go on! Get outta here before I change my mind.

You’re all right, Johnny.

Ep. 17.mp4_002425727 Ep. 17.mp4_002430102
I believe I will.

Ep. 17.mp4_002434952
And out we go!

NEXT TIME: The Return to Seaside Town!

But really quickly, I just want to say that everyone gained at least 2 levels in this episode. Pretty nice!

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