To The Sea – Super Mario RPG Ep. 16

Well, hey there. Welcome back to Save File plays Super Mario RPG. Last time, we plunged into debt by staying at a hotel for too long, worked it off, returned Toadstool to the Mushroom Kingdom (kind of), crushed a young apprentice’s dream, did some mass privacy invasion, and found the fourth Star Piece just kind of chilling. We ended it by having someone stare at us while we slept. Weird.

ANYWAYS. Something weird is going on in Seaside Town. We should probably investigate, like good heroes would do.

MUSIC: Here’s Some Weapons!

Ep. 16.mp4_000013973
So there’s the Innkeeper. Just, uh… just chillin’ on the reception desk. That’s cool, I guess.

Ep. 16.mp4_000017670
I guess we should check out the rest of the town.

Ep. 16.mp4_000022288
A-all right then…

Ep. 16.mp4_000027391
I mean, if you’re offering…

Ep. 16.mp4_000032370
Huh. An offensive item shop. That’s new. The Bad Mushroom causes 30 damage and attempts to poison an enemy. Poison is pretty worthless though. The Muku Cookie heals everyone in the party for 69 HP. I used to think this was the only place to get them, but if you use a Yoshi Cookie on a MukuMuku, you can get Muku Cookies. Fright causes 50, 100, or 150 damage to an opponent (Fright is actually an element in this game). Fire Bombs and Ice Bombs seems pretty explanatory. I get one of everything except for the Bad Mushrooms, since they’re pretty worthless.

Ep. 16.mp4_000060498
Wow, there are a lot of shops in this town.

Ep. 16.mp4_000066326  Ep. 16.mp4_000069072Ep. 16.mp4_000074702

Ep. 16.mp4_000080966  Ep. 16.mp4_000082857Ep. 16.mp4_000088439
I’m definitely getting an “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” vibe from this place.

Ep. 16.mp4_000094792 Ep. 16.mp4_000099055
How the hell would he know that? Does Mario wear Star Badges on his overalls? Actually, that would be kind of cool…

Ep. 16.mp4_000108784 Ep. 16.mp4_000112878

Ep. 16.mp4_000121997
Now THIS dude, I can get behind.

Ep. 16.mp4_000133339 Ep. 16.mp4_000136819
NOPE. Not weird or suspicious at all!

Ep. 16.mp4_000141900 Ep. 16.mp4_000147107
Elder: I am the ELDER of this village! I got to my exalted station in life by… pleasing my superiors, which is something I do well. A star has fallen into the ocean. I need it for… a certain purpose. You… must find it for me.

No, I think I need to find it for ME. Maybe, MAYBE, you can borrow it if you knock off the creepy pod people act.

Ep. 16.mp4_000169121
Let’s see what’s happening upstairs.

Ep. 16.mp4_000184795
Frog: Do you remember me? We met at Tadpole Pond, when I was still a tadpole. I’ve graduated from Frogfucius’ school, and now I’m searching for the meaning of life. It’s been so quiet around here, it’s almost eerie… is something going on? It probably doesn’t concern me. But if you have any Frog Coins, I’ve got some neat items to sell.

Ep. 16.mp4_000198462
FINALLY! This is the Frog Coin Shop. All of these items are pretty sweet, though I’ll only be getting a few of them. Here’s a quick rundown:
See Ya ~ Assures escape from a battle. Probably doesn’t work on bosses. But who runs from battles?
EarlierTimes ~ Restarts a battle. I GUESS this would be the item to use if a boss fight is going poorly.
Coin Trick ~ Doubles amount of Coins earned after battles. This is pretty cool, but money is NOT hard to come by in this game.
Scrooge Ring ~ Halves the cost of magic spells on whoever has it equipped.

The Scrooge Ring is the eventual goal, but for now I buy the Exp. Booster, because HOT DAMN.

Ep. 16.mp4_000225203
I slap that baby right on Toadstool. She’s got some catching up to do, and this will speed it up considerably.

Ep. 16.mp4_000239677

MUSIC: To The Sea

Er, wait… that’s not right.

MUSIC: The Dungeon is Full of Monsters

Ep. 16.mp4_000244170 Ep. 16.mp4_000246963 Ep. 16.mp4_000249971
Ah, now this is a PROPER shop.

Ep. 16.mp4_000253452
Some new stuff here.The Hurly Gloves are a new weapon for Bowser, and they are awesome. I also scoop up new armor for everyone but Bowser, who gets left out.

Ep. 16.mp4_000264580
Shopkeep: The ship sank into the briny sea because a giant squid attacked it. Some people went in to survey it, but they never came back.

Good to know… I think.

Ep. 16.mp4_000309325
Wow. Each of those Starfish represents a battle. This might take awhile.

Ep. 16.mp4_000312310

MUSIC: Invincible Star

Ep. 16.mp4_000315184 Ep. 16.mp4_000319138

MUSIC: Victory!!

Ep. 16.mp4_000325927  Ep. 16.mp4_000329317 Ep. 16.mp4_000327740Ep. 16.mp4_000333537
Already putting that Exp Booster to good use! Sleepy Time attempts to put an enemy to sleep… it’s kind of worthless.

Ep. 16.mp4_000337389  Ep. 16.mp4_000339687Ep. 16.mp4_000344288
Geno also gained a level from my Star spree.

Ep. 16.mp4_000347653
Now, I didn’t get to kill all of the enemies, so I guess I’ll show off what’s new.

MUSIC: Fight Against Monsters

Ep. 16.mp4_000352276
Zeostars are really nothing to write home about. They have a physical attack, I think they can cast Bolt, and if you don’t kill them in one hit, they usually cast Recover on themselves. However, I DO have to show off the Hurly Gloves.

Ep. 16.mp4_000353919  Ep. 16.mp4_000354878Ep. 16.mp4_000355596
Yes, that is Bowser throwing Mario at the enemies. Yes, it is awesome.

Ep. 16.mp4_000385453
It took me forever to figure out what that name was supposed to be. But it’s “Leuko” as in “Leukocyte.” They have a lot of HP and cast magic spells like Static E. They’re pretty annoying.

MUSIC: The Dungeon is Full of Monsters

Ep. 16.mp4_000500469 Ep. 16.mp4_000502425
A heal Mushroom, a Flower and a Frog Coin. A nice, if somewhat standard, haul.

Ep. 16.mp4_000510732  Ep. 16.mp4_000516783Ep. 16.mp4_000525209
Some whirlpool shenanigans nets us a Max Mushroom, which heals for max HP. Well, 255 HP, but I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to get that high.

Ep. 16.mp4_000529092   Ep. 16.mp4_000593496Ep. 16.mp4_000596102Ep. 16.mp4_000594819Ep. 16.mp4_000598563
Bowser gained a level somewhere in there!

MUSIC: Fight Against Monsters

Ep. 16.mp4_000609321
Here’s the Bloober, a Mario staple.

…Bloober? Blooper? It’s usually Blooper, but it’s Bloober here. Weird. (It IS usually Blooper, right?)

Ep. 16.mp4_000624824
Mr. Kipper just bonks into someone with his head.

Ep. 16.mp4_000630288
The Kruster though… the Kruster is pretty tough. It just did 40 HP to Toadstool. That’s half her HP.

Ep. 16.mp4_000639570
Trying to return the favor does not go so well.

Ep. 16.mp4_000657050
This is Therapy in action, Toadstool’s single-target heal spell.

Ep. 16.mp4_000674168
Down we go!

MUSIC: The Sunken Ship

Ep. 16.mp4_000677891
Well, this is different.

Ep. 16.mp4_000682056
The room to the right has a Save Box and a note we should probably read.

Ep. 16.mp4_000695814
Note: The treasure will sink with the ship, but… so it goes!

Ep. 16.mp4_000707940

Ep. 16.mp4_000712511

Ep. 16.mp4_000717857
Greapers are pretty annoying. They have a regular attack, an attack that can inflict fear, and several magic attacks (Bolt, Blizzard, Crystal). They’re also FAST, getting to go before anyone in the party. Luckily, they don’t have much in the way of defense or HP.

Ep. 16.mp4_000732419
Note: In order to proceed, you’ll have to decipher the password using the 6 hints…

Ep. 16.mp4_000798277
Note: …pretty tough to solve. Maybe impossible.


Ep. 16.mp4_000818922  Ep. 16.mp4_000821009Ep. 16.mp4_000826932
Everyone’s breaking the 100 HP threshold now.

Ep. 16.mp4_000840906
Ah, Dry Bones. Dry Bones CANNOT be killed by conventional means. Regular attacks won’t work. They are only defeated by a magic attack. It doesn’t matter what (I think). You can use the weakest attack, and they will die. Once upon a time, I got stuck in a battle against Dry Bones, and I had no FP. I couldn’t run away and I had no Syrups, so I had to reset the game. It kind of sucked.

Ep. 16.mp4_000861568

Ep. 16.mp4_000871882 Ep. 16.mp4_000876078
That Exp Booster is putting in some good work.

Ep. 16.mp4_000880991 Ep. 16.mp4_000883415
That was far too suspicious for there to be nothing in there.

Ep. 16.mp4_000889877 Ep. 16.mp4_000903206
Alley Rats are just the upgraded versions of the Rat Funks from way back in the Kero Sewers. They can cause poison and slap you with their tails. Nothing too worrisome.

Ep. 16.mp4_000980627  Ep. 16.mp4_000983058Ep. 16.mp4_000986820
Hobgoblins are a little more dangerous. Physical attacks, and access to spells like Will-O-Wisp and Lightning Orb, as well as the ability to mute a character.

Ep. 16.mp4_001155950
This treasure chest holds 100 Coins. Hey, it’s a pirate ship! Lots of swag.

Ep. 16.mp4_001198075
The next area has 6 puzzles. If you solve a puzzle, you get a little treasure and a hint at the password.

Ep. 16.mp4_001218476
This one is pretty easy. There’s a Paratroopa in the air that follows Mario’s movements. Just get it to push the cannonball onto the switch, and voila.

Ep. 16.mp4_001221669
I… I don’t think that’s how his name was spelled…

Ep. 16.mp4_001226893 Ep. 16.mp4_001229312
Ah, some new enemies! The Skeleton is a Reacher, and Reachers are JERKS. Lots of HP and high defense. But I have Pure Waters on hand, which will kill any undead enemy in one hit, so they’re pretty easy to take care of. The Hobgoblin can poison or turn characters into Scarecrows, but they’re not too bad.

Ep. 16.mp4_001262738
Bowser actually looks kind of awesome when he’s poisoned.

Ep. 16.mp4_001276499
The next puzzle is pretty simple as well. Hitting the boxes stops the trampolines. You just have to line them up correctly.

Ep. 16.mp4_001291632 Ep. 16.mp4_001293141
So that the cannonball hits all three and lands on the switch.

Ep. 16.mp4_001294001

Ep. 16.mp4_001297525
Again, I’m pretty sure that isn’t how his named is spelled.

Ep. 16.mp4_001368363

Ep. 16.mp4_001486121
So forget it.

The Dry Bones down there is always the same encounter. ALWAYS.

Ep. 16.mp4_001497694
And it’s awesome. This encounter is always the same.

Ep. 16.mp4_001564660
Oh, baby. 27 Experience is A LOT for this game. And there’ a pretty good chance you’ll get a Lucky Flower to try and double your experience up to 54. This is a great place to grind up levels.

The chest holds 150 Coins, and the Shaman sells the same stuff as the one back in the sea, if you need anything.

Ep. 16.mp4_001568146   Ep. 16.mp4_001569144Ep. 16.mp4_001570520Ep. 16.mp4_001575552
This level is where Toadstool becomes truly broken. “Come Back” is a revival spell. So now, as long as she’s in the party, you have access to single-target healing, a full party heal (both of which ALSO cure status effects), and a spell to revive a KO’d character. Basically, you just need to make sure you have 2 or 3 Pick Me Ups on the off chance that Toadstool gets KO’d, and you never have to worry about healing ever again.

Ep. 16.mp4_001681819  Ep. 16.mp4_001684258Ep. 16.mp4_001689090
Geno also gains a level. It’s pretty sweet.

At this time, I decide to switch out Bowser for Geno in my active party. There’s a boss coming up, and Geno Boost is just way too good to pass up.

Ep. 16.mp4_001735436  Ep. 16.mp4_001739316Ep. 16.mp4_001742740
The next puzzle room is very simple. A trail of coins goes around the border of the room. Collect all the coins, but don’t take the lead one until it stops.

Ep. 16.mp4_001747323
The reward is the 160 coins you collected, as well as a hint from DeGama.  …I don’t even know if that is spelled correctly either, but I really don’t remember. Vasco De Gama? That sounds right to me.

Ep. 16.mp4_001828948 Ep. 16.mp4_001830162
The next puzzle has a couple of cannons. Just jump and hit the cannonballs to pop them up into the switch boxes.

Ep. 16.mp4_001845368 Ep. 16.mp4_001849295
A Mushroom? Really? Weeeaaaaaaak.

Ep. 16.mp4_001859644
The next room has 2 switches that need to be pressed simultaneously. Unfortunately, Mario is only one man. And Lord knows where his party members disappear to… some sort of pocket dimension in his pants or something, I guess. I mean, come on, how hard would it be to just have Geno or Bowser go and stand on the other switch?

Ep. 16.mp4_001863906
The really solution is to knock down one of the barrels. It’s the only one that isn’t pre-rendered.

Ep. 16.mp4_001869594 Ep. 16.mp4_001875457
Then you just ride it up onto the switch, which provides us another hint, and a full-heal shroom.

Ep. 16.mp4_001878852
Okay, we’ve got 5 of the 6 hints available…

“There is an ‘s’ in the word.”
“It is found on the bed of the ocean.”
“It has four consonants.”
“At least… two consonants are side by side.”
“The ‘r’ comes before the ‘l.'”

Ep. 16.mp4_001913421
And it’s also 6 letters.

Hmmmm… Lobster? No, the R comes BEFORE the L.
Coral? No, that’s only 5 letters…
Oysters? No, that doesn’t have an L.

Ep. 16.mp4_001927664

Ep. 16.mp4_001931712

MUSIC: Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster

Ep. 16.mp4_001938106
EWWWWWW… so here’s a bunch of tentacles. Of course, the first order of business is to have Geno Boost the party up.

Ep. 16.mp4_001957279
A good piece of information to have going into this fight is that the Tentacles are weak to Fire.

Ep. 16.mp4_001959174  Ep. 16.mp4_001961974Ep. 16.mp4_001965206
FRIED CALAMARI, ANYONE??? (hur hur hurrrrr)

Ep. 16.mp4_002047528
Toadstool using Group Hug to heal up the party.

Ep. 16.mp4_002049964
One of the more annoying things that can happen in this fight is that the tentacles can “abduct” one of your characters, and then returns them inflicted with the Fear status.

Ep. 16.mp4_002053674
Which then needs to be healed and then the character needs to be boosted again. A minor inconvenience.

Ep. 16.mp4_002084489 Ep. 16.mp4_002087163
And then, after battling 2 sets of 3 Tentacles…

Ep. 16.mp4_002089922
We run into the big guy himself, King Calamari.

Ep. 16.mp4_002173709 Ep. 16.mp4_002178067
But like the Tentacles, he is weak to Fire as well. And with only 800 HP total… he doesn’t last very long.

Ep. 16.mp4_002211462  Ep. 16.mp4_002214890Ep. 16.mp4_002216295Ep. 16.mp4_002221600
That’s enough to tip Bowser up another level!

Ep. 16.mp4_002225876
Now that that is taken care of, we’ll finish off the rest of the Sunken Ship next time!

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