Month: February 2016

The Flashback Pt. II – FFVII Ep. 12

Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII. Last time, the party made it out of Midgar. I then ran straight to Kalm so I can get this annoying flashback out of the way. I understand that it’s very important to the story, but it’s kind of tedious to play. Still though, if you haven’t played this before or know what it’s about, this is extremely important. So I’m going to finish it off today.

Ep. 12.mp4_000014257
Aeris: Tifa… Were you waiting outside then?
Tifa: …Yes.
Cloud: We returned to Nibelheim. Sephiroth confined himself at the Inn. He didn’t even try to talk to me.
Tifa: Then all of a sudden he just disappeared, right?
Cloud: We found him inside the biggest building in Nibelheim.
Tifa: The villagers used to call it Shinra Mansion.
Cloud: Long ago, people from Shinra used to live in that mansion…


Barrel Volcano – Super Mario RPG Ep. 23

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG. Last time, we managed to reunite Mallow with his parents, as well as give Valentina the boot out of Nimbus Land. We also started to get our first glimpses of some of the game-breaking equipment that can be found. However, our next goal is to travel into a friggin’ VOLCANO. That’s pretty metal, so I think I’m into it. Let’s get to it!

MUSIC: Nimbus Land

Ep. 23.mp4_000000858
I haven’t shown these guys off because all they would do is scoff at us because we aren’t royalty.

Ep. 23.mp4_000006257 Ep. 23.mp4_000008533
Guard: Sorry about the misunderstanding before… There’s NO WAY that fat bird could have been a Prince, huh?
Mallow: No big deal. Anyways, do you think you could let us through here?
Guard: Of course! Go right ahead. Please, enjoy yourselves. But be careful not to fall into the Volcano.

Ep. 23.mp4_000037453 Ep. 23.mp4_000040124
The hot springs actually will heal you, it’s pretty awesome.

Ep. 23.mp4_000044695
Though Mario gets a little hot if you stay inside for too long.

Ep. 23.mp4_000050947

Ep. 23.mp4_000053815  Ep. 23.mp4_000057784Ep. 23.mp4_000060078


Queen Valentina -Super Mario RPG Ep. 22

Welcome back! Today, we will resume our adventures through Super Mario RPG. Last time, we managed to get into Nimbus Castle by posing as a statue. Now it’s time to depose “Queen” Valentina and find out what’s really going on with Mallow’s parents.

MUSIC: Nimbus Castle

Ep. 22.mp4_000026193
There’s only one door we haven’t gone through yet, and of course it’s the once being guarded by the Heavy Troopa.

Ep. 22.mp4_000031871
3 Heavy Troopas. I still manage to kill them before any of them get to attack. WOO!

Ep. 22.mp4_000074494  Ep. 22.mp4_000076046Ep. 22.mp4_000078563
That’s enough for Mallow to hit Level 21. Dandy!


The Dark Tower – FFVII Ep. 9

Welcome back to Save File Plays Final Fantasy VII!  Last time, we… uh… did some stuff. We’re still in Shinra Tower, I know that much. Oh, we infiltrated it, yeah, that’s right. We’re on a rescue mission to try and get Aeris out.  We did pretty okay not calling attention to ourselves by taking the long way up.

As a side note, there apparently are exactly 60 sets of stairs that the party climbs up when you take them. The only problem with that is that the party comes out on the 59th floor, not the 60th. Whoops. Anyways, we start this episode off with free reign up to Floor 65. But I skipped a floor in my haste to finish off the last update, so we’re going to take care of that first!

MUSIC: Infiltrating Shinra Tower

EP. 8.mp4_000051729
Back down to the 63rd Floor!

EP. 8.mp4_000063514
Machine: Level B employee: verified. You are permitted to open doors on this floor up to three times. blip… if you receive an item coupon, remember to exchange it for an item. …Warning… do not enter the air conditioning ducts, they are very dangerous.

So there are a plethora of locked doors on this floor, and three coupons to be collected that can be exchanged for items. The goal is to find the right combination of doors to unlock so that you can get the 3 coupons. You can try as many times as you need, however.


Nimbus Land – Super Mario RPG Ep. 21

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG! On the special “We’re Legal Now” episode, we try to make sure that Mallow isn’t as stupid as he was showing us at the end of last episode. Because… damn, he showed off that he was pretty darn stupid.

Ep. 21.mp4_000033245

MUSIC: Nimbus Land

We’re still kind of beat up from the Smilax encounter, as well as the subsequent battles. so I stop by the Inn.

Ep. 21.mp4_000043018
Sounds pretty cool to me.

Ep. 21.mp4_000058127 Ep. 21.mp4_000065625
Wow. That was totally not worth 60 Coins.

Ep. 21.mp4_000077134

Ep. 21.mp4_000084510