Star Hill – Super Mario RPG Ep. 15

Well, hello there. Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG! Last time, we managed to break up Booster and Toadstool’s wedding, and saw Mario get a kiss on the cheek from Bowser. We then battled the Lovecraftian horror that was Bundt. Now that all that is said and done, Toadstool is in the party’s possession, and it’s time to take her back to Mushroom Kingdom. Though… there’s something else to do in Marrymore first.

MUSIC: The Merry Mary Bell Rings

Ep. 15.mp4_000066287
I think it’s time to check out that suite everyone keeps going on about.

Innkeeper: We here at the Marrymore Hotel are offering a very special deal for a limited time only. If you choose to stay in our lovely deluxe suite, you shall receive a once in a lifetime gift!

Well, sign me right the heck up!

Ep. 15.mp4_000085096
Innkeeper: Sir, this is the gift we promised you upon selection of the suite. We hope you will enjoy it.

It’s a Flower Tab. I’ll take it!

Ep. 15.mp4_000098228    Ep. 15.mp4_000101010Ep. 15.mp4_000105424Ep. 15.mp4_000108607Ep. 15.mp4_000114682  Ep. 15.mp4_000121222
Wow, pretty good service.

Ep. 15.mp4_000123829

Ep. 15.mp4_000126793

Ep. 15.mp4_000130306
Ah, whatever. Why the heck not?

Ep. 15.mp4_000132714
Hmmm… he said to ring the bell for service, right??

Ep. 15.mp4_000139534
How about a drink?

Ep. 15.mp4_000145429
Dang, I think this is the only place in the game that you can buy Kerokero Colas. At least for now. I mean, we’re here, we may as well splurge, right?

Ep. 15.mp4_000147568   Ep. 15.mp4_000152577Ep. 15.mp4_000154650Ep. 15.mp4_000156805
Cool, thanks!

Ep. 15.mp4_000158919

Ep. 15.mp4_000160363
I SAID “Thanks.”

Ep. 15.mp4_000163413

Ep. 15.mp4_000170963

Ep. 15.mp4_000177165
THERE. Now Mario can shower in peace!

Ep. 15.mp4_000193721
WHOA. Maybe Mario should have turned the water down a bit.

Ep. 15.mp4_000202031

Ep. 15.mp4_000207302
Oh, well. Time for some shut-eye!

Ep. 15.mp4_000213893
Ah, much better!

Ep. 15.mp4_000222810 Ep. 15.mp4_000225756
You know, it’s okay. Mario’s had it rough lately.

Ep. 15.mp4_000228223
What’s a few…

Ep. 15.mp4_000259148

Ep. 15.mp4_000259273

Ep. 15.mp4_000281960
Innkeeper:  ONE NIGHT! I’ll have to receive 100 coins for each night you have extended your stay. Wait a minute,,, you’re broke! I have no choice but to make you work for the remaining amount!

Ep. 15.mp4_000291183

Ep. 15.mp4_000303135Ep. 15.mp4_000311292 Ep. 15.mp4_000315390
Ep. 15.mp4_000318830Ep. 15.mp4_000322943
Ep. 15.mp4_000329219
Guest:  Hey, you’re mighty handy around here. You deserve a tip. Go on, take it!

30 Coin tip. Not bad!

Ep. 15.mp4_000341755  Ep. 15.mp4_000346725Ep. 15.mp4_000350984
Dang. There’s a chance you can get another Flower Tab from doing this, but I don’t really think it’s worth it. Mario’s broke now, but you make money so quickly in this game that it doesn’t really matter. It’s a far, far cry from Legend of Legaia in that sense.

Ep. 15.mp4_000361396 Ep. 15.mp4_000368029 Ep. 15.mp4_000403677
Now when we leave Marrymore, the game automatically makes Mario travel to Mushroom Kingdom. Oh well, let’s get it over with.

MUSIC: Hello Happy Kingdom

But first, let’s check in with our hidden friend!

Ep. 15.mp4_000408477
Invisifriend:  The Chancellor’s been worrying since you left. Come see me later!

Ep. 15.mp4_000418548 Ep. 15.mp4_000423690
Toadstool: I’m finally home! And with Mario… and some wonderful… new friends! They saved my life.
Toad: Let’s go find the Chancellor.
Toadstool: Lead on! Come on, Mario. We mustn’t keep the Chancellor waiting!

Ep. 15.mp4_000450203 Ep. 15.mp4_000457195
Chancellor: I’m a nervous wreck!
Toadstool: I know I’ve worried everyone… But I’m fine! I can take care of myself… With a little help from Mario!
Chancellor: Come, everyone! Let’s get out of this drafty doorway!

Ep. 15.mp4_000482093
Toadstool: But… you MUST tell me one thing! How on earth can you trust… Bowser?
Chancellor: Trust… Bowser? What ARE you talking about?!

Ep. 15.mp4_000494891  Ep. 15.mp4_000501006Ep. 15.mp4_000503379
Toadstool: Chancellor! Listen, everyone, RELAX! Mario’s got things under control!

Ep. 15.mp4_000514427
Ep. 15.mp4_000520675Ep. 15.mp4_000528650
I actually really like this picture. Mallow’s got the whole “I’ve got you, bro” thing going on, while Mario is giving Bowser some space.

Ep. 15.mp4_000533243
Mallow: …the others can add their comments along the way! The Princess, Bowser, and Mario were thrown in different directions after a terrible explosion… Something HUGE crashed through the Star Road high above Bowser’s place… and…

Ep. 15.mp4_000553270 Ep. 15.mp4_000553737
Mallow: Right into Bowser’s Keep!

Ep. 15.mp4_000560797
Mallow: Now Bowser’s Keep has been taken over by monsters who work for some creep named “Smithy.”
Bowser: They’ve thrown me out of my own… I mean… I decided to take a vacation! They can’t DO this to me! Anyways, I was working on a plan to get my house back, when… Mario walked up to me and BEGGED me to let him join the Koopa Troop! I had no choice but to let him in. It was pathetic.
Toadstool: It’s okay, Mario. we know Bowser’s stretching the truth a little! And… Mallow… how about you? Why are you traveling with Mario?
Mallow: Well, because Mario’s helping me find my real home… and my parents… That’s why we’re on the road together.

Ep. 15.mp4_000598857
Uh… it’s actually not. It’s kind of NICE that Mario is helping him out. Geez.

Toadstool: I hope you find your real parents soon! And… um, Geno… was it? Why are you and Mario…
geno: The Star Road is destroyed. I’m here to fix it. Mario is helping me search for the Star Pieces. I need them to rebuild the road…
Toadstool: Star… Pieces?
Mallow: The Star Road grants our wishes! Unless we find all the Star Pieces and fix the Star Road, we can kiss our dreams goodbye!
Toadstool: WHAT?! This is dreadful news! Awful! Horrible…! Isn’t it?

Ep. 15.mp4_000632799
geno: Say Bowser kidnapped you. Without the aid of the Star Road, you’d probably never be rescued!
Bowser: Actually, that sounds pretty GOOD to me! Let’s just forget about these… Star… things!
Toadstool: Great, Bowser. Then you can just kiss your precious “Keep” goodbye!
Bowser: HUH?! WHAT?! Huh? Let’s see. If Mario can’t find the stars… Toadstool will be MINE! But I won’t get my Keep back… unless Mario finds that stars! So if I want my Keep back… we need those star things, but… Huh?! Run that past me again!

Ep. 15.mp4_000683879
Toadstool: I just don’t think I could take a world without wishes… We need to go and find those Star Pieces, NOW!
Chancellor: Princess! You CAN’T be serious! You’re NOT thinking of joining them, ARE YOU? This is sheer madness… You’re a Princess! What will people say?!

She’s a Princess. She can do whatever she pleases.

Ep. 15.mp4_000705994
Toadstool: I’m tired… I think I need to lie down in my room for awhile.

Ep. 15.mp4_000718259 Ep. 15.mp4_000720752
Chancellor: Now then! Thanks to Mario, the Princess is back. I now declare this date to be known forever, as… Hey, wait a minute! You don’t suppose… could it have been this “Smithy” who attacked our Kingdom? I fear we have no cause to rejoice. In fact, Mario, we must ask you for yet another favor. Please… on behalf of all of us, you MUST defeat Smithy… It is the only way we shall ever live in peace again.

Ep. 15.mp4_000756947 Ep. 15.mp4_000789196
Well, I guess it’s time to head out.

Ep. 15.mp4_000792484

Ep. 15.mp4_000797261

Toadstool: Please, Mario! Take me along with you, please! Don’t worry. Grandma helped me through this one, so no one will ever notice that I’m gone! So… let’s go find us a star! Hmm… But I wonder where it could be. I have absolutely no idea! Do you?
Mallow: Mario!

Ep. 15.mp4_000827024 Ep. 15.mp4_000829947
Toadstool: What should we do?
Mallow: We should ask Grandpa! My Grandpa should know!
Toadstool: Okay then! Let’s do it!

Ep. 15.mp4_000846121
Well, the narrator seems pretty pumped about it.

Ep. 15.mp4_000858929
For some reason, a Mario/Toadstool/Bowser party is amusing to me. Maybe because they’re the true “Mario” characters, while Mallow and Geno were created for this game.

Ep. 15.mp4_000871359
Anyway, Toadstool comes equipped with the Slap Glove and the Polka Dress. She’s also 1~2 levels behind the rest of the party. She is very much the “White Mage” archetype, as she joins with 2 spells. A single-target heal spell, “Therapy,” and a group heal spell, “Group Hug.” Basically, Toadstool breaks the game wide open, as it’s pretty much impossible to die with her in the party. To people who say this game is too easy (and it is actually pretty easy), try playing it without any of the game-breaking equipment, and without using Toadstool in your party.

That’s my Toadstool rant. Let’s get back to the game.

Ep. 15.mp4_000886623
So like Mallow said, let’s hit up Tadpole Pond and talk to Frogfucius to figure out our next destination.

MUSIC: Grandpa and the Delightful Tadpoles

Ep. 15.mp4_000900534 Ep. 15.mp4_000907745
frogfucius: A large star has been sighted on “Star Hill.”


Ep. 15.mp4_000916933 Ep. 15.mp4_000922248
(You actually have to do that to open up the next area)

Ep. 15.mp4_000932285
I’m also making a quick pit stop at Booster Pass. If you remember, about 2 updates ago, I stepped on a switch in Booster Tower that said “Go check out Booster Pass!” So… I’m finally doing that.

MUSIC: The Road is Full of Dangers

Ep. 15.mp4_000935436

Ep. 15.mp4_000939208
What? Spikeys? Seriously?

Ep. 15.mp4_000942462
Apprentice: If I beat you, they’ll make me Snifit 4! If I’m lucky!

Ep. 15.mp4_000953367 Ep. 15.mp4_000961703
He is not lucky.

Fun fact though, if you can manage to lose to him (I’ve done it before, by doing a deliberate low-level run, and removing all armor and weapons before battling him), he actually DOES become Snifit 4. All that means is that he wears black, and stands guard outside Booster’s room at the top of the Tower. You can also lose to more apprentices, and create more Snifits. I think I’ve managed to get like 4 or 5 more Snifits.

Ep. 15.mp4_000966035

Ep. 15.mp4_000974366  Ep. 15.mp4_000976192Ep. 15.mp4_000977886
This is the real reward for hitting that switch though, not crushing the dreams of a young apprentice. Which is still pretty awesome, regardless.

Ep. 15.mp4_001025277

MUSIC: The Starlight’s Flower

Ep. 15.mp4_001030241
…it’s very blue.

Ep. 15.mp4_001039680
So to get through Star Hill, you need to turn on the Star Flowers. There’s about 4-5 in every area. When you activate them, the Star Gate opens up, and you can proceed.

Ep. 15.mp4_001049448
geno: Some wishes that haven’t been granted yet are falling because the Star Road was destroyed. Frogfucius mentioned hearing about a Star Piece on this hill. Let’s see if we can find it!

Ep. 15.mp4_001066640
The little stars on the ground that have smiles can be interacted with. They’re actually wishes! I’m able to figure out most. This one is obviously Frogfucius, and is actually a hint towards a little side quest later on.

Ep. 15.mp4_001071731
Of course, new area means new enemies! The Sackits are super fast, getting to go before anyone in the party. They usually just run away. The lizards are Geckos, and the adorable mole looking things are MukuMukus.

Ep. 15.mp4_001093418
The Princess’s Slap Glove acts exactly as advertised. Slap/backhand/slap.

Ep. 15.mp4_001125473
Pulsars have an auto-kill move that activates if you don’t kill them in one attack. But it’s pretty easy to defend against.

Ep. 15.mp4_001163493 Ep. 15.mp4_001169177
I feel like these wishes are probably Raz and Raini’s.

Ep. 15.mp4_001175665
Er, this one… um…

Ep. 15.mp4_001179800
Mallow: C’mon, our quest for the Star Pieces is important! Everyone’s counting on us! We’ve got to hurry!

Ep. 15.mp4_001190139
It’s cool, Mallow.

Ep. 15.mp4_001208908

Ep. 15.mp4_001213060
Of course, being undead, it’s super weak to Fire.

Ep. 15.mp4_001303737
Well, that’s the first area down. No Star Piece yet.

Ep. 15.mp4_001310814
This is from Toadofsky, whom we haven’t talked to yet.

Ep. 15.mp4_001374614  Ep. 15.mp4_001376139Ep. 15.mp4_001381788
Bowser snags a level as I battle my way through Star Hill.

Ep. 15.mp4_001389430 Ep. 15.mp4_001393221
Mallow: It’s from my mom and dad. They’re wishing for me to come home!

Ep. 15.mp4_001401025
MUSIC: Sad Song

Ep. 15.mp4_001409636
Mallow: Come on, Mario. We’ve got a busy schedule to keep. I’ll make you eat dust if you don’t hurry!

That’s the right attitude to have, Mallow!

MUSIC: The Starlight’s Flower

Ep. 15.mp4_001506612  Ep. 15.mp4_001507913Ep. 15.mp4_001510932
Mario snags himself a level.

Ep. 15.mp4_001610960 Ep. 15.mp4_001613539
Don’t mind if I do!

Ep. 15.mp4_001616918  Ep. 15.mp4_001617843Ep. 15.mp4_001622015
Toadstool just gained 13 HP in one level. That is MASSIVE for this game.

Ep. 15.mp4_001628421  Ep. 15.mp4_001629213Ep. 15.mp4_001631365
Mallow also gains a level!

Ep. 15.mp4_001637266
Chef Torte!

Ep. 15.mp4_001644861
…Belome? Shouldn’t he be dead?

Ep. 15.mp4_001721172
Locke: That’s right, TREASURE HUNTER! I’m not some two-bit thief!

Locke Cole from Final Fantasy VI (Easter egg!)

Ep. 15.mp4_001751902
Hrmm, that’s area 2, still no Star Piece.

Ep. 15.mp4_001853686
Hey, remember when the Mario Bros were supposed to be plumbers?

Ep. 15.mp4_001882727
Geno yells at you if you try to leave without finding the Star Piece.

Ep. 15.mp4_001887737
Oh, hey, there it is. It’s just… sitting there? No enemies? No boss fight?

Ep. 15.mp4_001891803
How… anti-climactic.

MUSIC: Got a Star Piece

Ep. 15.mp4_001918132 Ep. 15.mp4_001928911
Well, whatever, I guess! I won’t complain.

Ep. 15.mp4_001937994
More than halfway done!

Ep. 15.mp4_001949303
Oh hey, a new town! I salivate at the thought of all the new equipment.

MUSIC: Here’s Some Weapons

Ep. 15.mp4_001954690
Oh, uh… hmmm.

I guess the Inn would be the best first stop.

Ep. 15.mp4_001962396
Why… why is he standing on the desk? Oh well, free lodging, can’t complain!

Ep. 15.mp4_001969643
See ya on the flip side!

Ep. 15.mp4_001975193

NEXT TIME: Something’s Fishy in Seaside Town! (HAHAHAHAHahahaAHBLAUGAHLGHALHBLAHG I hate myself for that pun)

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