Marrymore – Super Mario RPG Ep. 14

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG! Last time, we managed to scale Booster’s Tower. Along the way, Bowser joined the party, everyone gained several levels, Toadstool was found, then promptly lost again, Booster was a gigantic goon, and some clowns were murdered. It was an eventful update. Now, the part has suicided off the top of the tower, so let’s see how that goes.

MUSIC: Slope

Ep. 14.mp4_000007003
mario: Let’s-a go!

Ep. 14.mp4_000011839
Ep. 14.mp4_000016387
Booster: Eh? Hey, where’s my bride-to-be? I wanna play hide and seek too!
Toadstool: Yuck, I don’t want to play ANYTHING with you!
Booster: What a poor sport! Well, we really should hurry along. A yummy cake is waiting for us after we climb this hill! Let’s GO!
Toadstool: NO! I don’t want to marry you. Please let me go! Help! Mario! Please help meeeeeeee!

Ep. 14.mp4_000039884

Booster: Mario, you aren’t invited to our wedding! Besides, we still have to have the rehearsal! I’ll be happy to race you to the wedding hall, but… you’d better not get in my way. Ready?

So now we run up the hill!

Ep. 14.mp4_000062258 Ep. 14.mp4_000062861
Occasionally barrels come rolling down the hill. If they hit Mario, he goes tumbling backwards. If Mario jumps on them, he springs forward. Or he could just jump over them. There’s an added benefit though!

Ep. 14.mp4_000066941
If you manage to reach Toadstool, she gives you a flower before Booster turns around and knocks you back.

Ep. 14.mp4_000074699 Ep. 14.mp4_000088876
I manage to pull it off a few times. As you can see, the Snifits will also hike up their skirts and sprint up from behind. They have the same effect as the barrels.

Ep. 14.mp4_000133245 Ep. 14.mp4_000178562
I didn’t screencap all of them, but I managed to snag 7 Flowers overall. Not a bad haul!

MUSIC: The Merry Mary Bell Rings

Ep. 14.mp4_000184124 Ep. 14.mp4_000187235
And we end up in Marrymore. 7 Flowers richer. Also, totally loaded and capped out at 999 Coins. Luckily, I’m about to do something about that!

Ep. 14.mp4_000197059 Ep. 14.mp4_000199440 Ep. 14.mp4_000204112 Ep. 14.mp4_000205566 Ep. 14.mp4_000210178
I buy new weapons and armor for everyone except for Bowser. The Chomp is superior to the Chomp Shell, but I guess it’s possible that you could have missed the Chomp back in Booster’s Tower.  I’ll show off the new weapons in battle soon enough. I also buy everyone their “Happy” armor. I deal enough damage as it is, and I think I’d rather the extra defense over the power boost that the Work Pants offer.

Ep. 14.mp4_000246220 Ep. 14.mp4_000254152
The Inn in Marrymore has a regular room costed at 10 Coins, and a Suite that costs 200 Coins per stay. I’ll show off the Suite eventually for now, but I need to bust into the regular room to grab something quickly.

Ep. 14.mp4_000256665
There’s a hidden chest on the shelf containing a Frog Coin!

Ep. 14.mp4_000262642
There’s also this guy, who we ran into in the Mushroom Kingdom Inn. He’s still looking for his Casino.

I guess the next place to check out is the Chapel.

Ep. 14.mp4_000310806
Wuh-oh. That doesn’t sound too good.

Ep. 14.mp4_000317451
Snifit 1: We’ve barricaded the door, so don’t even bother trying to sneak inside.
Raz: This was supposed to be my wedding day… All my plans have been ruined…
Raini: It was my dream to stay in the SUITE after we got married!

Raz and Raini, of course, were the couple who were engaged back in Mushroom Kingdom, but had their plans postponed by the invasion of Mack. They’re not having a lot of luck with their marriage.

Ep. 14.mp4_000339298
Snifit 1: At least I THINK it is…

Ep. 14.mp4_000343946 Ep. 14.mp4_000345734
Well, whaddaya know… it wasn’t locked!

Ep. 14.mp4_000350802
Apprentice: Yeah, the groom-to-be ordered something special. Wait until he sees THIS!

Ep. 14.mp4_000359933
Apprentice: Oh, that’s nice, you just stepped on the…

Ep. 14.mp4_000364540
Note to self: Do not stand on wedding cakes. It will piss off EVERYONE.

Ep. 14.mp4_000366879
Okay, let’s mosey on upstairs.

Ep. 14.mp4_000369973
Snifit 1: Listen, Mustache, you and your overgrown turtle-friend can take a hike! Go! Scat! Make like Mario and jump outta here! GET LOST!
mario: It’s-a me, Mario! YOU MORON!
Snifit 1: Oops… We’ve got a problem… I’d better go tell Booster!

Ep. 14.mp4_000386838
He then bounces off of the door in his attempt to go through.

Snifit 1: It won’t budge. Say, wanna help me bust this door down? On the count of 3, we’ll run TOGETHER! Timing’s the key! Ready? Here we go!…

Ep. 14.mp4_000403248 Ep. 14.mp4_000405746
Snifit 1 goes smashing through Snifit 2, and through the door. Mario tosses on the brakes though.

Snifits 1 & 2: Booster, Sir! Mario’s here!
Booster: You clowns! You DON’T break a door down when entering a room! Shut it! SHUT IT NOW! Move it, MOVE IT!!!!

Damn, that’s the most authoritative I’ve heard Booster be yet. Maybe he isn’t such a goon after all.

Toadstool: Mario! Is that you, Mario?! I’m in here! Hurry! I’m scared!

Ep. 14.mp4_000434967
Snifits: But that turtle looks pretty mean. He could be trouble!

Ep. 14.mp4_000440283
Bowser: I’m lightning in a bottle! I’m an earthquake in a can! I’ll bust this open in no time!

Ep. 14.mp4_000447596
Hrmm. Looks like he might need some help. Let’s give him a hand!

Ep. 14.mp4_000450739 Ep. 14.mp4_000452833 Ep. 14.mp4_000456871
Toadstool: Now I’ve dropped my shoes, my ring, my brooch and… MY CROWN!!
Snifits: Booster, Sir!

Ep. 14.mp4_000473382
Booster: Don’t bother me now. Okay, everyone. The bride is growing impatient! Let the wedding begin! What’s this…? Water… coming from your eyes?! Are you leaking, my dear? Tastes Salty!
Snifit 2: Booster, Sir, uh… I believe that the bride may be… uh… crying.
Booster: Crying? But that’s what people do when they’re… sad!! What could be making her… cry, anyway?
Snifit 3: I believe she is crying because she has dropped some her… wedding gear.
Booster: Aha! Of course! She has dropped her gear. But those tears will ruin the cake! Make her stop… before Mario breaks in!
Snifits: But… Mario’s ALREADY in…

Ep. 14.mp4_000520538
Snifit 2: In the meantime, perhaps we can… do something about the cake…
Booster: 10-4, good buddy. You find her stuff… I’ll move the ceremony forward. Hurry!

Ep. 14.mp4_000541464 Ep. 14.mp4_000545291

Snifit 3: Booster, Sir! I found the Ring!
Snifit 1: Booster! Here’s the Brooch!
Snifit 2: Booster, Sir! I found the Shoes!
Booster: …hey, wait! Wasn’t there one more thing?

Our goal is now to grab all of the items from the Snifits, and then find the crown. And as the game says…
Ep. 14.mp4_000568404

Ep. 14.mp4_000572675  Ep. 14.mp4_000589846 Ep. 14.mp4_000580194Ep. 14.mp4_000597114 Ep. 14.mp4_000602865
Let’s see if we were quick enough…

Booster: So! You’ve come to crash my wedding, I presume?
Ep. 14.mp4_000610701 Ep. 14.mp4_000617089
Bowser: What a waste of time! I’ve got bigger fish to fry…
Toadstool: I know I’m in good hands when you’re around, Mario! Here’s a kiss for my hero!
Bowser: Oh, isn’t that great! You’re gonna kiss HIM when I’m the one who saved your skin!
Booster: Me too! I want a reward! I’ll take a kiss! Give me a KISS!
Toadstool: Stop it, all of you! I’m getting SO confused! Mario, let’s start with you!

Ep. 14.mp4_000657888
Awww, yeah.

Ep. 14.mp4_000660373
Er, wait, uh… Princess?

Ep. 14.mp4_000662760
Aw, what the crap?

Ep. 14.mp4_000671322 Ep. 14.mp4_000675186
Toadstool: Now THAT’s one for the scrapbook! Come, Mario, let’s get back to Mushroom Kingdom. The Chancellor’s waiting for us.

Ep. 14.mp4_000694080 Ep. 14.mp4_000700171
Chef Torte: Heir ist cake… But… vhere are bride und groom? Where… is… EVERYONE?
Apprentice: This is BIG trouble!
Chef Torte: Za bride ist LEAFING?
Apprentice: You’re taking the bride… AWAY?!
Chef Torte: But… Zhere von’t be anyone to eat zees cake!
Apprentice: What?! This can’t be! We worked ALL DAY on it!

MUSIC: Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster

Ep. 14.mp4_000733259 Ep. 14.mp4_000747264
We are then forced into a battle against… the chefs and the cake? All right then… as usual, Geno boosts the crap out of everyone.

Ep. 14.mp4_000777987
Mario’s new Super Hammer has him swing from side-to-side rather than up and down.

And then… the cake twitches.

Ep. 14.mp4_000786632
Torte: Ouch! OUCH! Vat are you doing?
Apprentice: Chef Torte! The cake’s MOVING!
Torte: Vas?! Ist NOT moving! Back to verk!
Apprentice: I KNOW it was moving!

Another round of battle, and then…

Ep. 14.mp4_000826546
Torte: Ouch! OUCH! Now vat?!
Apprentice: Chef Torte! The cake’s MOVING!
Torte: Talk no more of zees!
Apprentice: No! Really, truly. Why would I lie?
Torte: Because you are… IDIOT!

Man, I can’t help but read that line in Ren’s voice from “Ren and Stimpy.”

Ep. 14.mp4_000852625 Ep. 14.mp4_000856399 Ep. 14.mp4_000854056
Damn, that is terrifying. Has there been a movie made about an anthropomorphic, murderous cake yet?

Torte: Zee cake’s alive! RUN!!
Apprentice: See? I was RIGHT!

Ep. 14.mp4_000865994 Ep. 14.mp4_000871977 Ep. 14.mp4_000885647
So Bundt is our next challenge. It’s kind of a gimmick fight. It has five candles on its head, and every time it gets attacked, a candle gets blown out. Every time it gets to make a move, it gains a candle back. So it will take at least 3 rounds to take it down.

Ep. 14.mp4_000886847 Ep. 14.mp4_000888748
Bundt has a couple of party magic attacks.

Ep. 14.mp4_000891207
Luckily, the entire party has boosted defense by this point.

Unfortunately, Bundt is not the only target either. Bundt is just the top 2 layers of the cake. Underneath Bundt is Raspberry, the bottom layer of the cake, who also gets to move. Luckily, Raspberry’s attacks do not cause a candle to re-light.

Ep. 14.mp4_000894018 Ep. 14.mp4_000896936 Ep. 14.mp4_000895385

Ep. 14.mp4_000921628Ep. 14.mp4_000923497Ep. 14.mp4_000951657Ep. 14.mp4_000954467
After a few round, the party is able to eliminate Bundt, leaving only Raspberry to deal with.

Ep. 14.mp4_000985079
Snifit 2: This is Booster’s wedding cake!
Snifit 3: He’ll have a fit if we nibble on it!

Ep. 14.mp4_001002493
Booster: Where’s my cake?!
Snifit 1: Booster, Sir! There’s a 70% chance that the object you’re standing on is a cake.

I love that line.

Booster:  …? THIS thing’s a cake?

Ep. 14.mp4_001020479
Booster: Here’s the stumper! How do we eat this? I say we boil it! #2, what do you say?
Snifit 2: WAY too messy! Why don’t you just swallow it?
Booster: WHAT?! In one GULP?! That’s easier said than done!

Ep. 14.mp4_001045440
Snifit 3: You can do it! Open wide, please!
Booster: My nerves are shot! I feel like I’ve forgotten to tie my cord before a bungee jump!
Snifits: Here it comes!
Booster: WAIT! WAIT! Did the cake just move?
Snifit 1: Concentrate, Sir!
Booster: This just doesn’t feel right.

Ep. 14.mp4_001075386 Ep. 14.mp4_001079631
Booster: Delicious! It’s so good it makes me want to cry!
Snifits: Congratulations, sir! The wedding is now officially over.
Booster: Thanks, everyone. That’s a wrap! Let’s go.

Ep. 14.mp4_001109711

I, uh…

Okay then.

Ep. 14.mp4_001112856 Ep. 14.mp4_001116776  Ep. 14.mp4_001115213Ep. 14.mp4_001122286
Hey, Geno leveled up! That’s pretty sweet.

MUSIC: The Merry Mary Bell Rings

Ep. 14.mp4_001129724
Toadstool: Finally… let’s get back. Oh, what a day…! Can you believe it?! I almost got MARRIED to that… thing! But I… I hope someone marries me someday!

Well, if the Super Mario Galaxy canon is to be believed, it isn’t gonna be Mario. *COUGHIT’SLUIGICOUGH*

Ep. 14.mp4_001145034

Ep. 14.mp4_001160241
Raz: That creepy guy just left! Does that mean we can go on with our wedding?
Raini: Oh Raz, I’m so happy! Let’s get this wedding over with so we can stay in the suite, and then go on our honeymoon!

Ep. 14.mp4_001187876
Good for them.

Well, let’s head back to Mushroom kingd–
Ep. 14.mp4_001215208 Ep. 14.mp4_001219630
You know what? Nah.

Ep. 14.mp4_001224644 Ep. 14.mp4_001228893

Ep. 14.mp4_001236886

Ep. 14.mp4_001246810 Ep. 14.mp4_001250180

Ep. 14.mp4_001256051
All right, all right, sheesh.

NEXT TIME: Back to Mushroom Kingdom!

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