Booster Tower – Super Mario RPG Ep. 13

Hey there, devoted reader/viewers. Welcome back to Save File plays Super Mario RPG! Last time, we took a Mine Cart Ride and passed through Booster Pass. We also did the fetch quest, which seemed… not very worth it. But oh well. We’ll try it again later. But for now, we’re about to enter one of my favorite parts of the game, so let’s hop to it! This is going to be a beast of an  update, by the way.

Ep. 13.mp4_000038804
Booster Tower is the party’s next destination

MUSIC: The Road is Full of Dangers

Ep. 13.mp4_000043665
Oh, hey, it’s Bowser!


Ep. 13.mp4_000045704
Bowser: I miss the good old days… Toadstool screaming in terror, Mario rushing in to save her…

Ep. 13.mp4_000059132

Ep. 13.mp4_000061720 Ep. 13.mp4_000068706 Ep. 13.mp4_000071927
Bowser is just the best.

Ep. 13.mp4_000076410 Ep. 13.mp4_000080599
Bowser: If… Toadstool were at my castle waiting to be rescued… she’d be crying like a baby!

Ep. 13.mp4_000091908
And then we pan up the tower…

Ep. 13.mp4_000096683 Ep. 13.mp4_000099529
Toadstool: Did I just hear some voices? It couldn’t be…! I can’t believe it! It’s… Mario! Mario~!!! I’m up here!

Ep. 13.mp4_000129504
Bowser: I thought she got away, but she’s been stuck HERE… Mwa ha ha!

Ep. 13.mp4_000136301

Bowser: I guess I’ll be returning to my castle now.

Ep. 13.mp4_000141945
And then he was gone…

I guess we should try and head inside.

Ep. 13.mp4_000150193 Ep. 13.mp4_000153508

Bowser: What?! You’re STILL here? That look on your face… Mwa ha ha! I get it now! Outta my way, Shortie!

Ep. 13.mp4_000168520 Ep. 13.mp4_000172256
Bowser: All this power, AND looks too! I know, I know! You’re thinking “a big strong guy like him would be great to have along!” Right? I’m gonna do something I may regret later! I’ll let you join the “Koopa Troop.” You can thank me later…

Ep. 13.mp4_000191887 Ep. 13.mp4_000198136
We now have our 4th party member! Unfortunately, we can only have 3 in our party at any given time, and Mario is required to be in the party. So as it is now, I’m going to replace Mallow with Bowser. Sorry, my fluffy little friend. Party members even not in the active party still gain experience though, and I’ll be switching the party around as the game goes on. I toss a pair of Work Pants on Bowser and move on.

Ep. 13.mp4_000231245
In we go.

MUSIC: Welcome to Booster Tower

Ep. 13.mp4_000234454
Just a bunch of people hanging out… I guess I should talk to the secretary.

Ep. 13.mp4_000250091
Snifit 1: Come back some other time, of you can try to force your way in…

Ep. 13.mp4_000268645 Ep. 13.mp4_000269577
Bowser’s unarmed attack is pretty damn metal. He slashes them with his right arm, then stabs them with his left.

Ep. 13.mp4_000282963  Ep. 13.mp4_000298840Ep. 13.mp4_000299676  Ep. 13.mp4_000293349Ep. 13.mp4_000316554
We’ve got some new enemy types, the Jester and the Spookum. Jesters have a physical attack, and an attack that can OHKO if you aren’t careful, as well as Flame Stone. Spookums have a physical attack and can cast Bolt, and Blizzard as well.

Ep. 13.mp4_000330904 Ep. 13.mp4_000333632
The other Spookum realizes his companion is dead, and he runs and hides under stairs. He dies as well.

Ep. 13.mp4_000368832   Ep. 13.mp4_000399814Ep. 13.mp4_000403036Ep. 13.mp4_000401138Ep. 13.mp4_000408530
Mario gains a level, learns a new move, and also gains a bonus +4  to HP.

Ep. 13.mp4_000420984
There’s a hidden chest in the next room containing a Frog Coin. There’s also a neverending stream of Spookums marching out. For the next 20 or so minutes, I decided to grind out some experience here.

Ep. 13.mp4_000494406 Ep. 13.mp4_000497699  Ep. 13.mp4_000495933Ep. 13.mp4_000502440
Mallow is the first to reap the benefits. Learns a new move, and gains an extra +6 HP.

Ep. 13.mp4_000510640 Ep. 13.mp4_000528970
Here are some new enemy types. I don’t know what the heck the Remo Con is supposed to be, maybe a puppet of some sort? And the Orb User looks kind of like a Stethoscope. Yeah, I don’t know either.

MUSIC: Victory!

Ep. 13.mp4_000614982  Ep. 13.mp4_000616693Ep. 13.mp4_000622257
Bowser gains a level as well, and gets an extra +2 to Attack.

Ep. 13.mp4_001018402  Ep. 13.mp4_001019909Ep. 13.mp4_001024535
Geno gains a level and gains some extra HP.

Ep. 13.mp4_001208986  Ep. 13.mp4_001210203Ep. 13.mp4_001214119
Mario gets some extra Magic Attack on his next level.

Ep. 13.mp4_001270362 Ep. 13.mp4_001271837Ep. 13.mp4_001276843
Bowser’s next level gets him a little bit of extra HP.

Ep. 13.mp4_001281596 Ep. 13.mp4_001284842
Mallow rounds out the level up extravaganza with some extra Magic Attack as well.

But I think that’s good enough for now, let’s move on, shall we?

Ep. 13.mp4_001309348

Ep. 13.mp4_001315394 Ep. 13.mp4_001320394
Booster: Normally I welcome visitors to play with me and my Snifits. However, a girl fell out of the sky and into my lap, recently. Since then, I’ve been busy keeping her happy and entertained. I no longer have the time to play. So please enjoy yourself… at your own risk, that is!

Ep. 13.mp4_001334664
MUSIC: And My Name’s Booster

One of the grooviest tunes in the game.

Ep. 13.mp4_001346403
There’s a Flower Tab hidden off in the corner of this room.

Ep. 13.mp4_001376722 Ep. 13.mp4_001380586
One new enemy type here, the Rob-Omb is a pallete swap of the Bob-Omb.

Ep. 13.mp4_001513587
Ya know, Booster is just a big goon. Anyways, I take the first path here.

Ep. 13.mp4_001516770   Ep. 13.mp4_001518180Ep. 13.mp4_001523241Ep. 13.mp4_001523759 Ep. 13.mp4_001525968 Ep. 13.mp4_001529663 Ep. 13.mp4_001532963
Jumping down and landing on the seesaw makes the Bob-Omb go high enough to launch us up to hit the Treasure Chest, which contains a Masher, a new Hammer for Mario. It has high Attack power, but it also unfortunately has very high variance. I opt to keep the Punch Glove equipped on Mario, which is a sure bet, rather than the Masher. I prefer guaranteed damage, even if it is a bit lower.

Ep. 13.mp4_001605080 Ep. 13.mp4_001609271
We’ll do that… eventually.

Ep. 13.mp4_001615098
Hmm… what’s going on here?

MUSIC: Long, Long Ago…

Ep. 13.mp4_001619884 Ep. 13.mp4_001623520
Um… hmmmmmm…

Ep. 13.mp4_001639159 Ep. 13.mp4_001641145
Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap…

MUSIC: And My Name’s Booster

Ep. 13.mp4_001649564 Ep. 13.mp4_001655211
Damn, Bullet Bills look badass in this game.

Ep. 13.mp4_001658893
Blasters are a new enemy we can run into if we run into the Bullet Bills. They’re basically gigantic fuck-off cannons.

Ep. 13.mp4_001691923
And then he died. Violently.

Ep. 13.mp4_001766502
The portraits were in order down in the first room of the tower.

Ep. 13.mp4_001769724   Ep. 13.mp4_001770749Ep. 13.mp4_001801217 Ep. 13.mp4_001803525Ep. 13.mp4_001804838
If you mess up, you get forced into a battle and then have to start over. If you do it correctly, Booster barfs out the key for the locked room.

Ep. 13.mp4_001816017 Ep. 13.mp4_001819125
mario: Oh, shit!

Ep. 13.mp4_001823714
I bet there is some sort of horrific slash fiction written about this moment somewhere on the internet.

Bowser: Mario, she’s a bit shy. Look the other way, will you?

Ep. 13.mp4_001835637  Ep. 13.mp4_001839451Ep. 13.mp4_001842102

Ep. 13.mp4_001853318
The Chomp gives Bowser a nice +10 Attack boost.

Ep. 13.mp4_001870766 Ep. 13.mp4_001876957

Ep. 13.mp4_001906261 Ep. 13.mp4_001906935
The Chomp is pretty cool. Bowser wings it at an enemy, and if you do the timed hit correctly, it takes a few chomps at them.

Ep. 13.mp4_001937698 Ep. 13.mp4_001947103
This is a booby-trapped room. If you step on… something… a Fireball pops out for battle. I never quite figured out what you’re not supposed to land on. Maybe the dark squares? Anyways, you can go directly to the left to progress, but there’s treasure to be had, dang it!

Ep. 13.mp4_001977521  Ep. 13.mp4_002026095Ep. 13.mp4_002039513
The Zoom Shoes up a character’s speed. Perfect for Bowser’s slow self.

Ep. 13.mp4_002052233 Ep. 13.mp4_002552547Ep. 13.mp4_002556680
I guess this is where the railway ends, too. Because there’s just a wall there. Where the heck else is it supposed to go?

Booster: Eh? My! It’s you again! I’m amazed you made it this far. Yes, quite amazing you are! Since you’re here, maybe you could clear something up for me. My bride-to-be is chanting “MARIOHELPMEMARIOHELPMEMARIOHELPME.” Is she showing her happiness? Hey, wait a second! Maybe “MARIO” is another guy! What if you’re this “Mario” she keeps talking about? Trying to take my bride away? Why don’t you take THIS instead!

Ep. 13.mp4_002593929 Ep. 13.mp4_002599894 Ep. 13.mp4_002615213  Ep. 13.mp4_002617286Ep. 13.mp4_002621078

Ep. 13.mp4_002637445
There’s a hidden chest with a Mushroom in this corner.

Ep. 13.mp4_002642776
There is a Frog Coin here as well.

Ep. 13.mp4_002651494 Ep. 13.mp4_002656678
And an extra Goodie Bag in a hidden chest ON TOP of the Frog Coin Chest. The Goodie Bag is a pretty cool item, which gives you 10 Coins each time it is used in battle, and is a reusable item. Alternatively, you could just sell it for 555 Coins. But as my party is filthy rich, I’m not worried about it.

Ep. 13.mp4_002662599 Ep. 13.mp4_002674332
In the next room, I guess it’s Booster’s… play room? We can see a Toadstool doll, a Samus doll, a Mario doll and a birdcage as well.

Ep. 13.mp4_002685181
Toadstool: But now that you’re here… the door won’t open? I think we need Booster’s spell to undo the lock on it. Oh, what should we do?

Ep. 13.mp4_002701936
Toadstool: What should we do?! Booster is returning, isn’t he? I know! Hide somewhere and wait until he opens the door!

Ep. 13.mp4_002715980
So, yes. Mario is hiding behind the curtains.

MUSIC: Heart Beating a Little Faster

Ep. 13.mp4_002732790
Booster: Right! Now, about the girl in my life, who thinks I should marry her? Well? Speak up!
Snifit 2: A wedding ceremony would make a great PARTY!
Booster: Ah, a party! We haven’t had one of those. It could be fun! So… what is a party?
Snifit 3:  Well, you drink punch and eat CAKE! …I think.
Booster: Hmmm… Drink punch… eat cake…? It sounds… complicated. I don’t know if I can muster the energy to do it. Let’s walk through it once! It’s wedding rehearsal time!

Ep. 13.mp4_002827185
Snifit 1: Walk down the aisle with the… (hey, someone make her smile!) beautiful bride-to-be.
Booster: Wait! Mario always shows up about now to ruin the fun. We’ve got to take that into consideration, you know. Someone go and get the Mario doll.

Ep. 13.mp4_002851714
Booster: Of course it’s here! You lazy slobs couldn’t find water if you were fish! It’s behind those curtains! Number one, you go and look.

Ep. 13.mp4_002867817
Thus ensues a silly mini-game where the Snifit walks and opens curtains at random and you have to avoid being seen. If you get spotted, you have to play it again. If you get spotted THREE TIMES, you’re forced into battle against Booster and his Snifits. But it’s more worth it (and less time consuming) to just beat the mini-game.

Snifit 1: Nope, it isn’t here.
Booster:  I wouldn’t go and lose my Mario doll, you idiots! Argh!! Number two, YOU look too!

Ep. 13.mp4_002893559 Ep. 13.mp4_002914568
Booster: We can’t give up! It’s gotta be here somewhere! Number 3! It’s your turn!

Ep. 13.mp4_002924344 Ep. 13.mp4_002940997 Ep. 13.mp4_002946145 Ep. 13.mp4_002949683
Booster: Wait a second! It’s right up there. I found the Mario Doll! But we’ll NEVER be able to reach it up there. Oh! The sorrow! What AM I gonna do…? I’m about to lose it… sniffle…

Ep. 13.mp4_002975365 Ep. 13.mp4_002979985
Booster: I’d like to reward you. Here, take this.

Ep. 13.mp4_002990042
Booster: May happiness follow you, wherever you go. All right! Enough is enough… cancel the rehearsal, we’re going on with the show! Here’s the password!

Ep. 13.mp4_003003261 Ep. 13.mp4_003007214
Snifit 3 comes back for a good old “…wait a second,” moment.

Yes, Booster is a goon. He’s crazy. HE’S CRAZAYYYY!!!!

Ep. 13.mp4_003017719
Anyways, the Amulet is a pretty awesome accessory. Boosts to all stats! I toss it on Geno.

MUSIC: Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster

Ep. 13.mp4_003027262

Knife Guy: You took all the trouble to come here, so… stick around!

Ep. 13.mp4_003038876 Ep. 13.mp4_003040667 Ep. 13.mp4_003045391 Ep. 13.mp4_003054483 Ep. 13.mp4_003077145
So yeah. Knife Guy and Grate Guy. They seriously come out of nowhere. It’s like the developers though “This was a huge dungeon, we can’t NOT have a boss at the end of it!”

Ep. 13.mp4_003105790  Ep. 13.mp4_003107444Ep. 13.mp4_003109545
They stack up at one point and get some slightly stronger attacks.

Ep. 13.mp4_003114295 Ep. 13.mp4_003115363 Ep. 13.mp4_003117541
But it takes one more round of attacks to take out Knife Guy.

Ep. 13.mp4_003124801 Ep. 13.mp4_003126401
And Grate Guy quickly falls soon after.

Ep. 13.mp4_003169559 Ep. 13.mp4_003170453 Ep. 13.mp4_003174839
And then the party commits suicide by jumping off the top of the tower.

For that matter, where the heck did Booster, his Snifits and the princess disappear to anyways?

Well, that was Booster Tower.

NEXT TIME: We’ll wrap up this Booster arc!

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