The Mines of Moleville – Super Mario RPG Ep. 11

Welcome back to Save File plays SMRPG! Last time, the party took a slight detour through the Pipe Vault. I think it was worth it though, as we were able to scoop up some coinage, get some flowers and also get some Frog Coins. AND we got to see some Yoshis! But now it’s time to get back to our regularly scheduled adventure.

Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183748.549
Here’s the next section of the World Map. Looks like… a mountain, a ridiculous tower, and a chapel as well.

Music:  Hard Working Moles are Good Moles

I don’t know who named those tracks, but they’re awesome.

The first stop, of course, is the shop. Because NEW SWAG!

Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183757.892
Shopkeep: Everyone’s up on the mountain, but I’m stuck mindin’ the store. So, whatcha need?

Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183804.381Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183807.180
New weapons for everyone, though the party managed to snag a free Finger Gun for Geno back in Rose Town.  There’s also new armor for everyone, plus an extra little item…

Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183812.132
We could go with the “Mega” items, but there are also the Work Pants, which can be equipped by everyone, and are pretty rad. So I bought everyone a set, and let’s see the boosts they get from their new equipment.

Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183838.972
Mario’s new Punch Glove gives him +10 attack over the NokNok Shell.

Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183843.029
And the Work Pants only add +3 to Defense over his old Thick Shirt, but the MORE amazing think about the Work Pants is that they add +5 to Speed, and an extra +10 to both regular Atk AND Mg. Atk. They are a great piece of equipment.

Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183850.852
The Cymbals give Mallow a +10 over the old FroggieStick, and he gets a pair of Work Pants as well.

Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183858.972
And as Geno already has a new weapon, I’m sure he appreciates the new armor, as he didn’t have any before.

Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183914.052 Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183916.628
As the party heads further north in Moleville, they are interrupted by a scene.

Bowser’s troops are looking a little… diminished… from last time we saw them.

Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183918.508 Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183927.764Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183930.476
BowserShut up, all of you! I’m the biggest, baddest brute around, and don’t you forget it. But if Mario hears that I’ve been kicked out of my own castle… My reputation will be ruined! Even I have an image to keep up, you know! Let’s show ’em who’s the boss around here.

Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_183953.404
And off they go.

Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_184000.043
Apparently they stroll right past Mario without caring at all. I mean, he’s right there. I guess Bowser is a little preoccupied.

Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_184008.011
Mole Lady: To make things worse, one of the men folk be stuck inside too. Please Mario, you gotta help us!

Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_184018.275
Mole Lady #2: Yeah, and so are the men. Everyone’s diggin’ and diggin’… I can’t keep up with ’em. I knew it was bad news when that star fell on the mountain. Sure enough, it’s causin’ trouble!

A star, you say?

Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_184039.403 Ep. 11.mp4_20151001_184044.275
Mole Lady #3: We gotta help ’em folks out!

Ep. 11.mp4_000259399
Well, let’s head on in.

Music:  The Dungeon is Full of Monsters

Ep. 11.mp4_000262657
Mole Man #1: I know how you’re feelin’, but mopin’ around here ain’t gonna help a thing!

Ep. 11.mp4_000274283
Ma Mole decides to head out.

Ep. 11.mp4_000277429
Mole Man #1: We’re gettin’ nowhere FAST! We’ll never reach the kids at this rate! See that up there? That’s the old entrance to the mines… but we can’t reach it anymore! If only that fellow… uh… Mario were here! He could reach that in a heart beat! Wha…?! Well, speak o’ the devil!
Mole Man #2: Well, I’ll be a Goomba’s uncle! If if ain’t HIM in the flesh! Mario, you’re a life saver! Mario, have you heard the news?Mario: Sure have!
Mole Man #2: Mario, will you help rescue them?
mario: Of course!
Mole Man #1: Thanks, Mario! Well, there’s the entrance up there!

Ep. 11.mp4_000317648

Ep. 11.mp4_000320169
Don’t mind if I do.

Ep. 11.mp4_000323163
Now we’re here in the mines proper, and some new enemy types as well.

Ep. 11.mp4_000328902
We’ve seen the Sparky before. Magmite is a rock-type enemy with a high defense, and Bob-ombs are pretty standard enemies, though they have a tendency to blow up on you, being bombs and all. I decided to try and show off the Yoshi Cookie as well.

Ep. 11.mp4_000332880 Ep. 11.mp4_000334368
Using a Yoshi Cookie has Yoshi appear and attempt to eat an enemy and turn it into an item. Sometimes it doesn’t work, it all depends on the enemy. It obviously won’t work on a boss, but it won’t work on some regular enemies either.

Ep. 11.mp4_000335427
If Yoshi is unable to turn the enemy into an item, you get a Yoshi Candy instead, an item that heals 100HP, so you don’t just waste your cookie.

Ep. 11.mp4_000347984
The Cymbals are seriously just Mallow clashing a pair of cymbals in front of an enemy.

Ep. 11.mp4_000363177
And the Punch Glove is Mario adding an extra swing to his unarmed Punch combo.

Ep. 11.mp4_000402085
The Clusters are an interesting enemy. If you attack it and don’t kill it in one shot, it responds with an attack that takes itself out as well as knocking out one of your characters.

Ep. 11.mp4_000420621
Also, they’re just a pair of red eyes surrounded by pink crystal. I’d be interested to see an enemy like that modeled in modern, realistic graphics.

Ep. 11.mp4_000515119
And then there’s this guy just chilling in the mines. How the heck did he get in? Mario had to jump on someone’s shoulders to make it in here!

Dude: There’s a rare item hidden in the mines! If I find it, I’m gonna sell it to someone in town! I’m in it for the money!

Well, at least he admits it freely.

Ep. 11.mp4_000527539
Mario & co. then reach a fork in the road, as well as a trampoline.

Ep. 11.mp4_000600835
Going either way shows us that the way is blocked.

Ep. 11.mp4_000605801
So I guess it’s time to take the trampoline!

Ep. 11.mp4_000606853 Ep. 11.mp4_000608953
Oh… oh, my.

Ep. 11.mp4_000615863
Croco: Listen up! Let’s leave dis half-wit Mario here and SPLIT! Anyone got a beef wit’ that?!

Ep. 11.mp4_000625058  Ep. 11.mp4_000626168Ep. 11.mp4_000628720
And off they go… Time for a CHASE SCENE!

Ep. 11.mp4_000635961
Croco: Heh, heh… I’ve got a bomb…! Never leave home without ’em.

Ep. 11.mp4_000644440  Ep. 11.mp4_000645745Ep. 11.mp4_000649337Ep. 11.mp4_000657554
That’s a pretty powerful bomb. It blasts through like 5 feet of rock.

Ep. 11.mp4_000666173
And we continue to chase Croco. His flunkies stay behind and try to “hide” in obvious spots.

Ep. 11.mp4_000669858 Ep. 11.mp4_000687891
Of course, we can’t have that.

Ep. 11.mp4_000691702
Flunkie: May not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day…

He then runs off, but he leaves behind a Flower Tab. I’ll take it!

Ep. 11.mp4_000700840
The party proceeds to take out the other 2 Flunkies as well, gaining the spoils of battle and 2 more Flower Tabs as well.

Ep. 11.mp4_000894360 Ep. 11.mp4_000896037Ep. 11.mp4_000901104
Mario gains a level and snags an extra +2 bonus to his attack.

Ep. 11.mp4_000904836  Ep. 11.mp4_000908001Ep. 11.mp4_000906704Ep. 11.mp4_000913266
Geno also gains a level and learns the BEST EFFING MOVE IN THE GAME, Geno Boost, which I will show off soon. He also grabs and extra +3 to his Mg. Attack.

Ep. 11.mp4_000993844  Ep. 11.mp4_000995268Ep. 11.mp4_000999133
And Mallow is also part of the level up party, gaining a respectable +3 bonus to his Attack.

Ep. 11.mp4_001149928
Croco spends his time looping around the mines. You actually have to run into him to begin the battle.

Music: Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster

Ep. 11.mp4_001154504
Time to show off Geno Boost.

Ep. 11.mp4_001157786  Ep. 11.mp4_001159057Ep. 11.mp4_001160625
It gives an appreciable boost to both Attack and Defense. Basically, every boss battle is going to start with Geno boosting the entire party. It takes 3 turns to boost everyone, but it is definitely worth it.

Ep. 11.mp4_001184587 Ep. 11.mp4_001206706 Ep. 11.mp4_001203033
After a few rounds of beating on Croco, he tries to up the ante.

Croco: You want them back? You’ve got to take me down first!

Ep. 11.mp4_001212160
He then steals all of the items. ALL OF THEM. It’s more of an inconvenience than anything else, because Mallow has a healing spell.

Ep. 11.mp4_001215202 Ep. 11.mp4_001218740
Also, after stealing the items, Croco’s only attack is Chomp, which consists of him pulling random enemies out of his bag and throwing them at someone. It can actually be pretty darn painful.

Ep. 11.mp4_001243413
Croco: Here’s your junk. I’m outta here!

Ep. 11.mp4_001252791
The party also gains an extra 50 bonus coins on top of what they got back.

He also drops another one of his little bombs.

Music: The Dungeon is Full of Monsters

Ep. 11.mp4_001262147
So yeah, the party is loaded as hell. There’s a 999 Coin limit, and I’m almost there.

Ep. 11.mp4_001358938
Pa Mole: My kids, Dyna and Mite are trapped back there. Let’s blast through and find ’em! Gwo ho! Thanks, Mario!

Ep. 11.mp4_001371984
Pa Mole: What? The star? It’s probably in the back. Thanks a million, Mario! Let’s mosey along now.
mario: I think-a not.
Pa Mole: Oh… guess you’re right. I’d just be a burden on you fellas. Well then, I’m countin’ on ya to find the kids, you hear? Well, thanks a lot, Mario! Guess I’ll be goin’ back to tell Ma ’bout everything.

Ep. 11.mp4_001394237
Mario & Co. elect to take the low road first.

Ep. 11.mp4_001400236
It doesn’t end well.

Ep. 11.mp4_001404281
But they at least get a Frog Coin out of the deal!

Music: Invincible Star

Ep. 11.mp4_001442185
Taking the high road turns out to be just a bit more fruitful.

Ep. 11.mp4_001453354
Every enemy is taken out along the way, but unfortunately, no levels are to be had.

Ep. 11.mp4_001516785
I think we’ll take pause here.

NEXT TIME: Will we find Dyna and Mite? What about the Star Piece?

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