Geno – Super Mario RPG Ep. 9

Welcome back to Save File plays SMRPG. Last time, Mario got the crap kicked out of him in Rose Town by a doll. I don’t really know how that works, but it happened! YOU ALL SAW IT. Said doll then came to life and walked right out the front door. We should probably so something about that.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170742.116
Mario wakes up in the Inn. I guess they dragged him upstairs somehow.

MUSIC: Here’s Some Weapons

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170746.117
Gaz: It was amazing, mom! I just saw Geno walk into the forest! Neat, huh?
Gaz’s Mom: Yes, dear. That’s nice, dear… And isn’t Geno the one who broke my lamp the other day?
Gaz: Awww, Ma, that was just, well, you know… now THIS WAS REAL! I SWEAR, Mom, REALLY! It’s true! I SAW HIM outside!
Gaz’s Mom: All right, Gaz, let’s hear it! What are you trying to get out of this time, hmmm?
Gaz: Mom, I didn’t DO anything. I really, TRULY saw Geno walking into the forest!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170810.885
Gaz: Geno… doesn’t know his own strength!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170820.629
We can now head to the Forest Maze.

MUSIC: Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms

Alternatively, HERE is a badass acapella version of the Forest Maze music by Smooth McGroove.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170826.245
There’s a hidden chest containing a Kerokerocola right in the first area of the maze. You can also see a mushroom up there…

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170830.412
You can pick them up, but be careful, as some of them turn into monsters.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170835.020 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170839.181
The next area has a Wiggler. You can jump on them, and if you do it right, Mario bounces, and you get a coin. If you can do it enough times, you’ll start getting Big Coins (worth 10 coins), and apparently Frog Coins as well. Unfortunately, it’s really tricky, and I can never pull it off. The tree trunk with a spotlight on it doubles as a pipe that the party needs to head down.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170843.196 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170846.636
Down in the underground are some familiar enemies and some new ones. The Rat Funks are the same ones as encountered in the Kero Sewers. The Mushroom enemies are new.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170848.900 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170851.380
So here are 2 new enemies the, uh… bee… (I don’t remember what it’s called, I think I have it in another screenshot though). It has a regular attacks, as well as Thornet, which as you can see here poisons characters. Poison is more of a nuisance than anything. It also turns characters purple, which makes Mallow kind of look like grape taffy. The Mushroom enemies are called Amanitas, and they have a physical attack, as well as another annoying attack that I’ll show off later.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170853.533
I don’t think I showed off the NokNok Shell. Mario just tosses it up and then kicks it at an enemy.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172022.576
The Amanita’s attack consist of it turning its mushroom cap upwards at a party member. It just makes them look like they’re grinning, to me.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172025.055  Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172026.999Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172028.943
Their OTHER attack, however…

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172030.951
…will turn a party member into a mushroom. When a mushroom, characters can’t do anything. They restore a piddly amount of HP per turn, but that’s about it. Definitely one of the more annoying status effects in the game.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172057.543  Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172111.839Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172118.071
Heading upwards, we run into some more enemies. The Guerilla is somewhat of a cameo (looks familiar, doesn’t he?).  Hits hard, and has a lot of HP. The Wiggler is an enemy from Super Mario World. It has a physical attack, can raise its own attack power, and also can cast Sand Storm, which is a full-party attack and also causes the Fear status, which suuuuucks.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172126.752  Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172131.223Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172140.863
The next area has a large number of tree trunks that we can head into, but none of them except the last one really have anything of interest.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172142.864 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172146.527
Inside is a sleeping Wiggler, and if you jump on him, he is NOT a happy camper.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172148.487
He’ll then launch you back above ground.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172152.431
And a new path has magically appeared! Video game logic.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172232.462 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172323.190
We can find the irritated Wiggler down the next trunk. He doesn’t react if jumped on anymore.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172330.583 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172335.278
There isn’t too much else going on, just traveling through to get to the next section.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172339.374
So there’s a Save Box in the next area, which means that something big is probably coming up.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172341.854
There’s also a hidden chest that has a Red Essence in it. Red Essence are basically the best items in the game. They make a character invincible for 3 turns. However, by virtue of being perhaps the best item in the game (and there are only a limited amount), I’ll probably never use them because I’ll be thinking “Well… what if I need them in the NEXT fight?” Video game logic.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172404.974
The next area is the “maze” part of the Forest Maze. There are 4 paths and a ton of enemies. For now though, Geno is only one step ahead of us, and we just have to follow him.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172414.478
I really have absolutely no idea what this enemy is supposed to be, but it’s called an Octovader.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172439.998  Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172442.206Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172512.542
Just keep following Geno, and you’ll end up where you need to be.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172523.837
Bowyer: For cover they run, nya! FUN this is, yes. Nya! Another 1,000 will I shoot!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172532.134

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172537.533
GOOD GOD. Look at that mug!

Flunkies: Woo hoo! They’re standing like statues!
Bowyer: Nya! More practice do I need!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172547.606 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172551.301
Personally, I like Mario’s approach.

Mallow: There are too many of ’em. We’ll be creamed! Oh no, someone’s coming! Let’s hide and see if we can learn anything.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172601.629
Bowyer: What? WHAT? Disturb me you must not! Practicing, I am. More arrows must I shoot! More statues must I make, nya!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172616.246 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172628.557
Bowyer: Gnya, NYA!? A stranger you are… and strange looking at that! Teach you, we must, who’s in charge!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172637.700
Bowyer: And who might you be?
geno: I serve… a higher authority. That Star Piece belongs to everyone. You can’t keep it.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172650.757
Good lord, that face is TERRIFYING.

Bowyer: Angry I am! Nya! A lesson I will teach you!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172700.853 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172704.877

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_172825.373
Mallow: It’s dangerous out there! You’re gonna help, huh? Whack that weirdo… save the guy in blue! Me too! I will do what I can! But… from over here!

Mallow takes a dive, but at least he’s trying.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_173225.802 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_173228.906
Geno proceeds to Shoryuken the hell out of Bowyer.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_173230.107
Bowyer: Strong you are. But stronger am I! Hurt you, I will! So long, Nya! Part now, we must! Nya nya NYA!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_192345.931
Mario with the save from out of nowhere!
geno: Thanks for the help! But… who are you?

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_192731.258
Mallow: …DITCHED me back there! Huh? Don’t I know you? You look… familiar!
geno: So! You’re THE Mario! WE know about you!
Bowyer: Knock knock! Nya! Insulted, I am!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_192813.346

MUSIC: Fight Against an Armed Boss

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_192817.162 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_192819.825
So here’s Geno, our new party member. His only special attack right now is the Geno Beam, which we’ll see in a bit. He doesn’t have any equipment, so his unarmed attack is just rocket blasting his fist at an enemy.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_192828.138
Bowyer: Now 3 against one! Nyat FAIR. Fix it, I will, nya! Shoot an arrow, I shall. When a target it hits, that Button… LOCKED!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_192904.873
So here’s this fight’s gimmick: Bowyer can lock out a command. Commonly, it will be whichever one you were using most. In most cases, that will be your regular attacks.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_192906.601  Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_192907.385Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_192908.417
Bowyer seems a little perturbed when I use Psychopath on him.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_192913.329 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_192914.585
Here you can see Bowyer locking out my normal attacks.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_193517.974 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_193540.446
Bowyer has a physical attack, a spell to try and put our party to sleep, and Static E, a full party attack. I get a better shot of it later on.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_193548.158
Geno Beam in action.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_193600.022
The results of a Super Jump from Mario.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_193605.751
Mallow’s HP Rain spell.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_193611.406 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_193612.718
Bowyer also has a Bolt attack, I guess. I forgot about that one.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_193709.469
Here’s a better shot of Static E.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_193754.925
And eventually, Bowyer explodes into a shower of Coins.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_193801.885
Pretty good reward. Flower Box is the next step up in the Hierarchy, and ups the party’s max FP by 5 points.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_193805.958
geno: Why are you staring at me? You know I’m more than just a doll, don’t you? Have you guessed the truth? I’m a visitor from above, and this is a form I’m borrowing briefly.
Mallow: You mean, like, from the sky or something?
geno: Higher than that, I’m afraid! Do you two know anything about the “Star Road?” Completely in the dark, eh? Well, it’s a big mess up there right now, and it concerns you too! Let me explain… You’ve heard of wishing upon a shooting star? At the “Star Road,” your wish is transformed into a star. When it’s granted, it then turns into a shooting star and falls down to earth. So you see, the Star Road plays an integral role in granting wishes. But ever since a sword destroyed the “Star Road,” everything’s come to a halt. No stars have been made since. The way things stand, yours is a world where wishes can’t come true anymore.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_193919.534
geno: That’s “STAR ROAD,” my fluffy little friend. Yes, that star is a broken piece of the Star Road. I’m here to find them all and repair the Star Road. The broken Star Pieces… There are 7 all together. For peace to return… we must get rid of Smithy, find the Star Pieces, and repair the Star Road.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_193949.540
geno: I chose him because he looked the strongest out of all the dolls. Now grab the star, Mario!

MUSIC: Got a Star Piece

I think Mario should be a little insulted by that. We could have had TWO MARIOS in our party! Or Bowser or Toadstool! I think we might have gotten shafted. (That’s a lie, Geno is awesome.)

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_194005.676 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_194009.909
We have 2 Star Pieces now!

geno: Come on! Let’s get this show on the road!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_194018.932
Things are definitely looking up!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_194032.556 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_194034.716
NEXT TIME: The aftermath?

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