Welcome back to Save File Plays SMRPG! Last time, we we treated to the shocking realization that Mallow is… NOT A TADPOLE! I know… I know… it’s hard to get over. We also caught a glimpse of Bowser and his Koopa Troop getting ready to storm the castle. Now, however, it’s time to head to Rose Town, where they apparently need help. Well, that’s what Mario does, so let’s do it!

I also went back to see if the hidden dude in Mushroom Kingdom had anything new to say, but that was not the case.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165513.442

MUSIC: Here’s Some Weapons

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165516.242
Ohhhh… that looks… good…

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165519.530
Townsperson: I can’t move a muscle. Now I know how a scarecrow feels!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165530.163
Immediately after, an arrow falls from the sky and hits her.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165535.034
This place is great

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165548.090 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165553.250

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165607.594
I could use the front door of the Item Shop. Or I could use the chimney. I feel pretty good about my decision.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165609.954 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165615.066
Using the chimney nets us an otherwise inaccessible flower. There’s also a hidden chest with a Frog Coin on the other bookshelf.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165634.553 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165636.657
The Item Shop has armor upgrades for Mario and Mallow. I also end up buying one each of the pins I don’t have since I’m loaded with cash. So that means I pick up an Antidote Pin and a Fearless Pin.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165647.449 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165653.561
The Thick Shirt and Thick Pants offer +6 Defense & Magic Defense over the vanilla Shirt and Pants, meaning it’s a +9 to both defense stats from unequipped status.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165704.274 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165709.697

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165733.650
Concerned Dad
Mario, only you could jump up there! Please… help me get back up to my house!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165740.417
While it IS true that Mario can get up there, the only way he can do so is by jumping on the dude’s head. He seems pretty okay with it though.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165742.929
There are some treasure chests inside, but Mario doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to steal someone’s treasures.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165747.537
The hidden Frog Coin, however, is fair game. It’s not like they even knew it was there!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165753.105 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_165756.249
Maybe you shouldn’t play with the button that makes the stairs disapparate, you fool!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170033.512
mario: Sure thing!
Concerned Dad: Oh! That’s great news! What a relief! Since we didn’t get hit by any arrows, I’ll tell you a secret. Enter the forest. When you hit an area with 4 paths, go left, left, straight, right, in that order. You’ll surely find something NICE.

Cool. I’ll take this advice soon enough.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170055.183
Also, now that the guy is back in his house, I don’t have any qualms about stealing his treasure (10 Coins).

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170118.896
Okay, I’ve been putting it off long enough. The Inn is where we’re supposed to be headed.

MUSIC: Let’s Play “Geno”

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170121.328
Gaz as “Bowser”: Mwa ha ha… hey, Mario! I’ll be taking care of Princess Toadstool now.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170136.400 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170140.272

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170143.632
Gaz as “Bowser”: Attention, Toadstool! You’re coming’ with ME! Zip your lip!
Gaz as “Toadstool”: HELP!!!! HAAAALP!!! Somebody, please HELP me!!!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170152.783 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170154.920Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170157.416
Gaz: Mom! Mom, look, we have a… GUEST!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170203.119
Gaz: For real? Well, you have the hat… AND the funky ‘stache…! Are you really Mario?! How do I know it’s you? You might just be pulling my leg! Show me! PROVE IT!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170239.391
Gaz: All right! Hey Mario, wanna play with me? I’m playing “Save the world!”
Gaz’s Mom: Now, Gaz…! Mario might be a little tired, dear.
Gaz: Awwww, come on, mom! YOU never play with me! It’s no fun playing alone!
Gaz’s Mom: Oh dear… Mario, I hate to ask, but… Could you play with Gaz for a little while?

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170258.519
Gaz: I’ll be “Geno,” okay? Ready? Let’s play from where I left off! All set?

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170309.375
Gaz: Better watch out, Bowser, cause Geno’s gonna blow you away! TAKE THIS!

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170314.982
He then proceeds to ram Mario into the wall.

Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170317.199 Ep. 8.mp4_20150902_170320.926
Mario sees fit to return the favor. I mean, Gaz’s mom is watching, so I guess it’s okay.

Gaz: Owwww… Oh no, if he keeps this up, I’m finished! All right, you asked for it! The super duper… custom, patented, one and only… SHOOTING STAR SHOT!!

Oh… oh, dear.

MUSIC: Geno Awakens

Geno1 Geno2Geno3Geno4
I think we’ll leave off here, or this update is going to get stupid long.


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