Mack – Super Mario RPG Ep. 5

Last time on Let’s Play Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, we managed to take down Croco and get back Mallow’s Frog Coin. I mean, I already HAVE a Frog Coin that I could have just let him borrow, but whatever. So now that that’s taken care of, we can head back to Mushroom Kingdom and take care of whatever business Mallow had to take care of.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134659.855
When last we left off, Mario & Mallow were still in Bandit’s Way. We COULD leave, but as you can see, there are enemies on screen. That is just not allowable.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134718.167
With all enemies vanquished, the party is able to leave with a clear conscience.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134721.447
Back to Mushroom Kingdom!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134725.536
Uh… this looks different…

MUSIC: Here’s Some Weapons

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134728.552
The guard is being accosted! That dude is awesome!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134732.095

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134737.279
Meet the Shyster, our only enemy for this next chunk of the game. They have 2 attacks, one where they bounce on someone’s head, or a fireball attack called Drain.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134742.112
This is their jump attack.

However, luckily for us…
Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134749.719
…Mallow is able to one-shot them with Thunderbolt. This is how all of these battles are going to go, so I’m probably not going to show off any more of them.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134759.880
Toad: By the way, look what I found!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134803.983

Let’s head into the Item Shop to take care of what we need to, then we can save the town.
Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134810.511
Shopkeep: You want to… WHAT? How can you shop at a time like this?! Just… take what you want and leave some money behind…

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134817.896
No, we don’t even get the option to steal. Mario is a Lawful Good character, no stealing allowed.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134831.135
With that in mind, we CAN sell the wallet we got from Croco, which is filled with fat stacks. But… that just doesn’t seem like something Mario would do. Plus, money is extremely easy to come across in this game, as long as you fight every enemy you see. Very rarely will you be wanting for money in this game.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134841.879 Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134851.807
Townsperson: Hey! THAT’S the wallet the crocodile swiped from me! Can I have it back?
mario: Sure.
Townsperson: Thank you so much! Here, I’ll give you this as a reward. Go on now, take it.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134905.878
So selling the wallet would have made us miss out on a Flower Tab, as well as another reward later. We already have more money than what was contained in the wallet, so I feel much better about giving it back. I can’t imagine how much it would suck if someone found your wallet and didn’t give it back. I feel sick every time I can’t remember where I left my wallet, thinking I lost it.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134924.727 Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134928.287
I forgot to introduce these two last time I was in Mushroom Kingdom. Raz and Raini are engaged. They seem pretty chill about the town being invaded though.

MUSIC: Victory!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134956.302
Mario gains a level as I battle my through the town.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134957.646 Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135002.503
I snag him an extra bonus to Magic Attack and Magic Defense this time around.

MUSIC: Here’s Some Weapons

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135019.311 Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135036.950
The Inn seems like it’s safe enough. It also only costs 3 Coins to get healed up if you need to. This really isn’t a good place to grind though, as Shyster battles really only give you 3-4 experience points per battle. But keep in mind that the level cap in this game is only Level 30, and I think you only need 10,000 points to reach it. I’m already level 5 and still only in the first world/area.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135046.950
I don’t save this annoying lady, because as soon as you do, she pulls her “look what you’re standing in!” prank right away again.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135103.590
Our mysterious advice giver is still here.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135119.206
This family’s house has been invaded. They’re hiding in the corner. I guess I’ll help them out.

Wife: EEK! There are… THINGS in our kitchen! HELP!!!!
Child: Hope my little brother is okay…
Husband: Look! SCARY THINGS! Get RID of them!

It looks like only the kid has any sense of priority. There is another child, but the parents don’t seem to care at all. Anyways, let’s give them a helping hand.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135129.342
I’m just showing this off, because I think this is the only time in the game you can see this battlefield. This is the only time you battle inside of a house, so… I just think it’s a cool little touch that there is a chance some people might not ever see this battle screen.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135145.998Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135148.974 Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135151.454

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135155.301

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135200.853
Well, at least the kid is having a good time.

MUSIC: Victory!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135209.206Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135210.510 Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135214.197
Mallow gains a level here after taking out that last Shyster pack. Normal level gains, and a bonus to Magic Attack and Defense. Definitely benefits Mallow more.

MUSIC: Here’s Some Weapons

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135220.622
Husband: Here’s a little token of my appreciation!
He hands over a Flower Tab. Sweet.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135227.061 Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135228.205

That takes care of everyone in town. It’s time to check out the Castle now, I suppose.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135238.718
Shysters continuously jump down the hallway, and Toad is also being pursued across it. As usual, I give him a hand.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135244.501
Toad: I and some others couldn’t escape in time. I hope no one got hurt…

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135248.061 Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135309.413
The Vault Guard is missing, so I’m able to loot the vault once more, which has been refilled. Also… this is kind of a pathetic vault for a Kingdom. 10 Coins, a Flower, and a Mushroom? What the heck is their economy like that this is all that is in their vault?

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135315.445
Okay, cool.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135319.293 Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135321.061
Okay, cool.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135326.949
The Wake Up Pin prevents Sleep, and also gives +3 to both Defense and Magic Defense. I pin it to Mallow, since he has an empty slot, and will appreciate any sort of defense boost. He’s a squishy mage type.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135336.389

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135344.972
Taking out some of the Shysters gives Toad the confidence to slide on through.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135347.389
Doing his best Solid Snake impression, no less.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135353.805
Shyster: Look at him! Can’t even bounce! Hey, maybe we could bounce ON HIS HEAD!!!!

And then they died.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135412.429

We make it into Toadstool’s room, where a number of people have taken refuge.
Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135416.820
Toad: Thanks to Mario, of course!
Other Toad: Saved by Mario again! How could I ever thank you enough?! OH NO! The Chancellor’s still in the throne room!
Toad: What?! That’s terrible! But, with Mario around… we’re… safe, right?
mario: You bet!
Toad: There we go, now! Hey, wait… hang on for a sec, okay? Please take this. The Princess would be happy to know you have something of hers.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135443.477
Man, I am just swimming in these things.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135504.476 Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135505.748
Toadstool’s Grandmother will heal us up for free.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135539.572
And now we head into Throne Room.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135542.332
There are a lot of Shysters in here.

Shyster: Where do ya think everyone went?
Shyster: Well, gang, looks like we have ourselves a new home!
Shyster: We can bounce around all day long! And there’s no one here who can stand in our way!
Shyster: Yahoo! Let’s bounce the night away!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135558.444 Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135601.100

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135604.603
Nice try, guys. Mario learned his lesson from last time.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135611.380

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135613.452
Mack: These guys are gonna put a stop to OUR party! Are we happy about this?
Shyster: You’re asking for IT!
Shyster: Ooh, you’re gonna get it!
Shyster: You picked the WRONG people not to bounce with, bub!
Shyster: How ’bout a fat lip to go with the ugly mustache?!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135626.556

MUSIC: Fight Against an Armed Boss

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135632.812
So, Mack. Mack comes with 4 Shyster buddies, and he has a weakness against Jump.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135638.131 Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135640.091
The Shysters are easily taken care of. From here, it’s just wailing on Mack for the rest of the fight.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135648.060
12 Damage isn’t great, but at least he’s contributing a little more.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135650.644 Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135654.307
Flame doesn’t hurt that bad.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135706.012Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135707.139 Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135709.403
Flame Wall looks cool, but again, isn’t much to worry about.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135714.307
Jump jump jump.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135723.715
Eventually, the Shysters reappear. However, that means that also takes up Mack’s turn, so he decides to bring them back, Mallow takes them out again, and the cycle repeats. From here, Mack won’t attack anymore.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135736.804
Eventually, Mack explodes into a shower of coins. We still have to kill the Shysters though. It isn’t much of a problem.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_135748.483

MUSIC: Got a Star Piece

We also get this thing. I WONDER WHAT IT COULD BE.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_141011.910
Shyster: The Mustachioed one is strong!
Shyster: Strong, YES!
Shyster: We MUST warn the boss!
Shyster: Come on!!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_141022.437
And off they go. I don’t know why Mario makes no attempt to stop them, but whatever…

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_141025.598 Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_141028.582
Chancellor: But who WERE those…

MUSIC: Hello, Happy Kingdom

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_141033.957 Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_141036.237
Toad: Mario! So it was YOU who got us through all of this! We owe much to you…!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_141047.998
Mallow: Mario! How about we ask my Grandpa for help? He knows… EVERYTHING!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_141058.005
Mallow: Oh, hello! My name is Mallow. I’m from Tadpole Pond…
Chancellor: Well, any friend of Mario’s is welcome here in Mushroom Kingdom. As I was saying, Mario, you are our only hope! Mario! Please! You MUST rescue the Princess, NOW!
Mallow: Mario! I’m in your debt too! Let’s head over to Grandpa’s place in Tadpole Pond. He can help! …wait. Why did I even come to Mushroom Kingdom in the first place? Guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Could Mack, the sword-like monster who crashed into Mushroom Kingdom have anything to do with the Star Piece that Mario found…? Our heroes move on towards the Kero Sewers.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_141502.267
This seems like a good stopping point, but let’s head to the Item Shop to care of Mallow’s business really quickly.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_141539.300
Mallow: Hey, mister! I got my coin back!
Shopkeep: Oh! Well DONE, lad! Okay, here’s the thing I promised you… There! Make sure it doesn’t get stolen, eaten, or… whatever! Your Grandpa needs it, okay?

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_141559.036
Mallow: You bet! Mario, thank you so much!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_141621.347
NEXT TIME: The Kero Sewers!

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