Croco – Super Mario RPG Ep. 4

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Last episode, Mario made his way to teh Mushroom Kingdom, where the Chancellor asked him to save Princess Toadstool for the umpteenth time. He also managed to recruit Mallow, a “frog” who had his coin stolen by a purple crocodile wearing a top hat, accurately named Croco. Our current mission is to hunt Croco down, so let’s get to it, I guess.

MUSIC: Hello, Happy Kingdom

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_143051.732
Mallow is Level 2, by the way. I forgot that I had gotten a Flower Jar from the Hammer Bros, so I decided to use that up.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_143055.076
Anytime you use an item in the menu, the party gets pretty pumped.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_143102.444
All right, let’s blow this Popsicle stand.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_143106.260
Where would a bandit go, but the aptly named Bandit’s Way?

MUSIC: Still, the Road is Full of Dangers

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_143132.411
Oh, come on! He’s just chilling at the entrance!

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_143136.364
Croco: Are you trying to tail me? Go on home to mommy before you get hurt, kid!

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_143142.708
And off he goes.

MUSIC: Fight Against Monsters

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_143149.139
Here, we get into our first battle with Mallow in the party. Also, we’ve seen the Goomba and the Spiky before, but the Frogog is a new enemy.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_143156.620 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_143217.691
Mallow’s unarmed attack is just socking the enemy with a left-right combo, which does pretty well against the Goomba, but, I mean… it’s a Goomba.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_144303.983 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_144305.511
The Frogog has two attacks, a regular bite attack, and a weird juice attack where he throws a bubble at a character.

MUSIC: Still, the Road is Full of Dangers

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_144323.302 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_144328.374
I figured I would show off a side by side of our two party members. Mallow is severely lacking in the defense department, but he has a natural 15 in Magic Attack right now, 1 Level below Mario. I think we may have found his niche.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_144351.063 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_144353.823
Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_144400.054Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_144403.686Mallow’s magical attack right now is Thunderbolt, which hits all enemies for a mere 2 FP. This is going to be his bread and butter for awhile, and makes battles a pinch. I’m not going to show it, but I fight every single enemy I see. Battles take no time in this game, ESPECIALLY compared to Legend of Legaia. It’s so great.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_144417.390
With all of the enemies vanquished, Mario moves on to the next area.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_144421.846

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_144423.487 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_144425.134
Hey, I wanted that coin, you jerk!

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_144432.414
As Mario jumps on these panels, the one in back swings around to be in front of the one he’s on.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_144435.470
We get some coins, and also form a convenient path to the next area… but I see some enemies down below.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_144441.774 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_144447.606
KILL THEM. K-9s have a regular bite attack, a stronger attack called Fangs, as well as a move called Howl, which causes the Fear Status. Fear SUCKS. Fear causes a characters stats to be cut in half. They will take more damage from all attacks, and cause less damage with their own attacks. I hate Fear.

MUSIC: Victory!

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_145558.609
Beating these guys up causes Mallow to gain a level!

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_145600.513
Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_145604.058
Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_145611.681He gains some normal stat gains, a new healing move called HP Rain, and also gains a bonus +3 Attack and +1 Defense. Not too bad!

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_145658.042 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_145706.121
Before heading to the next area, Mario snags himself another hidden chest. KerokeroColas are awesome, they’re a full heal to the entire party. I’ll probably end up hoarding these and never using them.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_145711.432
And he runs off once more.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_145713.401 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_150808.028
This area just consists of chasing after Croco, who we catch glimpses, and murdering anything else that I see.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_150829.092 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_150842.892
Murdering that K-9 gets the party another full-restore Mushroom.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_150856.884
Still chasing! Also, we’re about to destroy that Spikey.

And doing so gets Mario another level!

MUSIC: Victory!
Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_150902.812Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_150904.980 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_150911.964
And extra +4 to Mario’s HP is his bonus gain this level.

MUSIC: Still, the Road is Full of Dangers

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_150917.028 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_150920.187
Croco: Give it UP already! That treasure box is tempting, but now is not the time.

…I disagree, good sir.

MUSIC: Invincible Star

Stars are awesome. You run into enemies, and kill them, and you get all the experience as if you had defeated them in battle. Pretty darn sweet.

MUSIC: Victory!

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151457.681Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151459.201 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151503.729
Mallow gains another level, and nets a huge +6 to his HP, meaning he gained a massive +10 HP in one level. Nice.

MUSIC: Still, the Road is Full of Dangers

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151521.617 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151526.145
One panel slowly swings around the one you’re standing on this time. It takes a little bit, but we get the other chest which holds a Flower.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151530.449 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151532.424

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151535.697
Croco rushes off into the next area.

Mallow: He’s gone into hiding. Let’s see if we can sneak up behind him and catch him.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151554.321
Croco: Ha! Your eyes are much faster than your feet! At this rate, it’ll take ya… 100 more years to catch me!

And he runs off again.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151603.992 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151606.336

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151609.177 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151613.697
You’re telling me.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151619.912Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151621.456 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151624.016
Raise your hand if you’re surprised, then slap yourself.

MUSIC: Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151628.201 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151630.697
So here’s Croco… Croco’s got a certain weakness. One that Mario can take advantage of!

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151634.800Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151637.296 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151640.000
Croco: Yeouch!

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151646.137
Meanwhile, Mallow’s damage output… leaves a little bit to be desired. Mallow is basically here to heal Mario and toss out Honey Syrups as needed.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151648.489
Using Fire Orb on Croco also causes his first turn to go to waste.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151655.232 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151658.776
Fire Orb really makes quick work of Croco.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151703.953 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151706.744
I used Thunderbolt to see if it would help out Mallow’s damage, but even that doesn’t do so much.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151710.552Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151712.104 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151714.128
However, after only 2 turns of attacking, Croco is already healing himself, which means he’s pretty close to done, most likely.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151746.936Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151748.656 Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151750.655
After causing enough damage, Mallow gets all up in Croco’s face and nails him again. I’m sure those 2 HP of damage really hurt him a lot.

Croco: Ouuuch! I’m gonna pay ya back in spades, kid!

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151758.120
Croco returns the favor, body checking Mallow.

Croco: Go on! Take back your grubby old coin! Adios, amigos!

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151809.911
Mallow: We got it back!

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151815.728

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151819.544
Mallow: I can finish my errand now. Hey, look! That Croco guy left a wallet! I’m going back to the shop at Mushroom Kingdom. Are you coming?

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151834.656
A Warp Trampoline drops down out of nowhere…

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_151841.007
Which takes us back to the entrance of Bandit’s Way. Next time, we’ll make our triumphant return back to the Mushroom Kingdom!

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