Mushy Kingdom – Super Mario RPG Ep. 3

Hey guys, welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Last time, Mario explored Mushroom Way, saved Toad’s ass thrice, and then beat up the Hammer Bros. A hammer was stolen, and now it’s time to head to the Mushroom Kingdom!

Ep. 3.mp4_20150815_134957.864
You know what? I lied. Mario is super close to hitting Level 3, so I decided to head back to Mushroom Way instead.

MUSIC: Victory

Ep. 3.mp4_20150815_135018.423Ep. 3.mp4_20150815_135022.127 Ep. 3.mp4_20150815_135024.713
The usual plethora of stat boosts, and Mario also learns his next magic attack, Fire Orb! Not too shabby.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150815_135027.584
And as for the extra bonus stats, he nabs a +2 Attack and +1 Defense.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150815_135037.127
Looking good!

MUSIC: Hello, Happy Kingdom

Ep. 3.mp4_20150815_135048.335 Ep. 3.mp4_20150815_135051.551
Ah, there we go. Mushroom Kingdom!

Ep. 3.mp4_20150815_135054.655
The townspeople have some things to say. It’s nice to know that even they are exasperated by how often the Princess gets captured though.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150815_135101.040
Townshroom: I’m sure he’s up to no good! Hey… wait a sec! My wallet’s gone!!!

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193231.750
We can talk to this little girl down here as well.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193234.278
Little Girl: Just… give me a few years to grow into my mother’s wedding dress!

Weird. Also, this:

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193637.948
There are also an Item Shop and an Inn in town. The item shop is denoted by a spinning mushroom sign, while the Inn has a spinning star.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193648.165Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193652.740 Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193654.076
I went into the Inn specifically to mess with this kid. I don’t need to rest or anything. I just wanted to be a jerk.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193659.844
This guy is also asleep up on the second floor. We’ll be running into him quite a bit, actually.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193745.924
There’s also some stuff to do in the Item Shop. Funnily enough, none of that stuff is shopping for items. At least, not right now.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193749.740 Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193751.148
Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193756.660
Old Lady: Use your awesome jumping ability to look for ’em.

So yeah, there are hidden chests in this game. I think there are 46 altogether. It’s possible to miss one, and never be able to get it, in kind of a dick move. If you get all of them though, you get a lot of cool stuff, and there’s also a prize if you get all of them.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193841.524
There is a second one in the basement of the item shop that is kind of irritating to get, since the old lady walks around randomly, so you need to hope that she walks into this corner, and sticks around long enough for you to jump twice; once to make the chest appear, and again to open it.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193846.532
Mario can also pull some shenanigans on the bookshelf.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193848.868
The shopkeep isn’t too thrilled about it though.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193854.764Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193856.939 Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193858.339
This lady is really annoying, because if you walk to close to her, her dialogue triggers, and you have to jump to get out of it.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193902.860
There’s this invisible/out of sight person you can talk to throughout the entire game who always has something to say about what’s going on. Some people theorize that it’s Luigi, but you never see who it is, so who really knows?

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193910.652
Anyway, let’s do what we came here to do.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193912.323Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193914.971 Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193918.395
By the way, here’s that hidden chest I was talking about. You have to jump on Toad’s head, then jump onto the top of the doorway. This is your only chance to get this chest in the entire game. If you miss it, reload or start over. Unless you don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193925.844 Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_193933.179
Chancellor: We heard an explosion or something at Bowser’s Keep. It was so loud I almost dropped my spores!!!

Was… was that a poop joke?

Chancellor: Uh… excuse me? W…where’s the Princess? She departed for your house HOURS ago! I fear the worst! Could Bowser somehow be behind all of this?

MUSIC: Explanation

Chancellor: Spores alive!!! You’re telling us that Bowser has abducted the Princess AGAIN? Never mind. It will be up to you to enter the keep and rescue Princess Toadstool!

Mario may be a silent protagonist, but he still knows how to get his points across. Also, he’s apparently a shape-shifter. No idea when that happened.

MUSIC: Hello, Happy Kingdom

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_194140.106
Chancellor: Mario… her life is in your hands. Please, save our dear Princess!

Mario turns to leave, and…
Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_195440.941
…promptly faceplants as the Chancellor calls out to him again.

Chancellor: I almost forgot! This may not help you, but… why don’t you take it along!

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_195450.117
He’s right. It won’t help us.


Chancellor: Forgive me. But I can’t stop worrying about the Princess… Go to the cellar and prepare for your journey. The Vault Guard shall assist you.


Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_195941.242Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_195942.970 Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_195946.771
We can also find Toadstool’s bedroom in the castle.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_195950.251
Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_195953.874
We can jump on her bed.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_195957.339
We can also find… whatever this is…

Toadstool’s Grandmother: Hey there!! What do you think you’re doing? I’ll give you this in exchange. Just leave everything where it was!

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200006.819
Oh, Japan…

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200031.082Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200040.323Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200047.331Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200054.098
Well, the Flower and the Coin were nice. The Mushroom was kind of worthless. But hey, free swag, so whatever!

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200105.138
Well, that’s it for the castle. So Let’s-a go!

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200107.882

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200114.330
It’s… a purple crocodile… wearing a top hat.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200115.843
Being chased by the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man’s illegitimate son.

And he is graceful like a swan.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200412.617
Mallow: B… boo hoo… sniffle… I can’t cry. Big boys don’t cry. But it’s just not fair! What am I gonna do? Waaaaaaaah!!!

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200422.569
…Oh, dear.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200426.041
Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200437.105Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200448.393
I really like that the dialogue changes just for this little moment while it’s raining.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200502.409 Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200511.152
Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200517.745
I agree with Mario here.

Mallow: My Grandpa asked me to buy some things for him here. When I walked into town, that croc stopped me! Oh, yeah! He took it from me! He stole my coin! I chased him, but he’s way too fast…

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200527.328
This is that annoying Toad lady again.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200530.168
Mallow: Wow! You’re THE Mario? I know all about you! You’ve got more JUMP in you than a box of frogs! I’m Mallow from Tadpole Pond. I’m a frog, but can you believe it? I can’t jump. Embarrassing, huh? How about it, Mario? Will you help me catch that filthy thief?
mario: Sure thing.

MUSIC: A New Partner

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200548.704
Sweet! New party member! Well, we’ve got some shopping to do now that Mallow has joined up.

MUSIC: Hello, Happy Kingdom

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200559.416
Mallow: Wait until you hear this! You see…
Shopkeep: Wait… I’ve already heard… Old Frogfucius told me. He seems to know EVERYTHING! Hold on.
Mallow: Listen… The truth of the matter is, well, um… the coin was stolen.
Shopkeep: WHAT?! Well, if that’s the case, I guess we can’t trade. What a shame, huh?!
Mallow: Oh, but there’s no need to worry! Mario here will help us out!
Shopkeep: ‘Zat so? Well, if Mario’s on your team, you’ll have that coin back in a jiffy!

As we turn to leave…

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200625.224
He then gives us a Pick Me Up for free. Pick Me Ups are this game’s revival item. Unlike most other games, this will revive a character with full HP, which is pretty dang awesome.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200632.032
And with that, we have some shopping to do.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200640.496
Mushrooms, Honey Syrups and Pick Me Ups we’ve seen before. Able Juices are status clear items. There are some statuses in this game that suck pretty hard, so having a few Able Juices on hand is always a good idea.

What I’m more concerned about is the equipment.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200655.216 Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200706.816
The Shirt and Pants are for Mario and Mallow, respectively. That also gives the implication that they aren’t wearing any other articles of clothing, but whatever… both add +6 to Defense and Magic Defense, a welcome boost. Mallow, especially, is the squishy type and really needs the Defense Boost. Equipment also has flavor text. For the shirt and pants, they are as follows:

Shirt: “It’s a shirt.”
Pants: “A pair of pants.”

…hey, I never said it was GOOD flavor text.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200700.191
The Jump Shoes are an accessory that only Mario can equip. They add +3 to his Magic Attack, and +1 to both Defense and Magic Defense. They also allow him to jump on and damage spiky enemies.

The Antidote Pin is also for sale. It would add a bit to Defense and Magic Defense, as well as prevent Poison, but I can’t afford it. It’s not that important anyways, and I think we’ll probably find one in a dungeon.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200717.303
The guard at the edge of town seems a bit perturbed.

Mallow: Did he look something like… this?

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200724.432
There’s Mario with that unexplained shape-shifting again.

Toad: Why, yes! Exactly!
Mallow: He’s the one who took my coin! Why didn’t you stop him?
Toad: Because I forgot my bazooka at home! Sheesh… give me a break here.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200736.488 Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200740.519
Hey, there he is!

Ep. 3.mp4_20150820_200747.175
NEXT TIME: Croco!!!

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