The Way of the Mushroom. – Super Mario RPG Ep. 2

Hey guys, welcome back to Save File plays Super Mario RPG. Last time, we tried to save Princess Toadstool, who had been captured by Bowser for the 12,000th time. However, things went a little differently this time.

Now we’re headed back to the Keep to see what the heck butt was going on there.

MUSIC: World Map

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_161337.615
The world map in SMRPG is from location to location strictly. There’s no real overworld, just buttons on locations. I think there are 7 areas of the map, with the one Mario’s Pad is located on being the first. Mario heads to the left, which takes him to Bowser’s Keep.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_161341.799
That is a HUGE sword.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_161354.407
exor: A trespasser! This castle now belongs to us, the “Smithy Gang.” It’s our first step to taking over this world!And if it weren’t for nosy characters like YOU, we’d practically OWN this world! So let’s see you deal with THIS!

He starts jabbering really, really fast, which somehow… makes the bridge collapse?

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_164803.577
Welp. Mario won’t be getting back to Bowser’s Keep for a long, longggggg time.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_164809.960
He can only access Vista Hill now, so let’s head back to Mario’s Pad.

MUSIC: Super Pipe House

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_164841.720
Toad: No? What happened then?

Mario may be a silent protagonist, but that doesn’t mean he can’t communicate!

Toad: The bridge to Bowser’s Keep is out now? Just wonderful… We must inform the Chancellor of Mushroom Kingdom at once! Let’s go, Mario.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_165042.567
mario: MAMA-MIA!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_165045.951
Toad: Oh? That bump on your head reduced your “HP” level. One of Mushroom Kingdom’s famous items ought to perk you right up!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_165055.311
Toad: Do you know how to use items?
mario: Of course I do!

Items can be used either in battle or from the menu. Some items can only be used in battle. That easy, I don’t need a  tutorial to use items, dang it!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_165103.039
Toad: Uh, now why did I rush back? I had… something to tell you.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_165112.951
Toad: I came to warn you that Mushroom Way is swarming with monsters! I just barely made it back here in one piece! Mario, please do something. Perhaps I can help. Do you know about “timed hits?”
mario: You bet I do!

“Timed Hits” have to do with attacks. If you hit the attack button at the right time while attacking, you’ll cause more damage. Usually, it’ll be 1.5x damage, but if you nail the timing perfectly, you can do 2x damage. Defending also works the same way, you can defend from physical attacks if you hit the button at the correct time. You cannot, however, defend against magical attacks.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_165127.191
Toad: He’s gonna punch your lights out!
*Goomba leaves*
Toad: He’s got more bark than bite, huh? Uh, now why did I rush back? I had… something to tell you. That’s right! We need to tell the Chancellor about Toadstool! I’ll see you over at Mushroom Kingdom. Just in case, take these with you.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_165149.615

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_165156.327
MUSIC: The Road is Full of Dangers

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_165202.095
Here we are on Mushroom Way, the road to the Mushroom Kingdom. You can see here that Mario RPG does NOT have random encounters. instead opting to have all the enemies on screen. You can avoid them if you want to, but why the heck would you do that?

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_165203.679

MUSIC: Fight Against Monsters
MUSIC: Victory!!

DID YOU SEE HOW FAST THAT WAS? I JUST .GIF’D AN ENTIRE BATTLE. After playing Legend of Legaia, when a random encounter battle can take upward of 8 minutes, this is AMAZING. Also, the music in this game is so dang happy! The battle theme is so catchy! So is the victory theme. Make sure you give those links a click, the music is so good!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170447.385 Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170449.850
mario: Hey, how ya doing over there, Toad? You okay? Everything cool? Cool.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170524.825
Koopa Troopas here are a little tougher than Goombas, but just barely. Mario can’t quite take them out in one standard attack.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170530.034
They ARE weak to Jump though. Jump is an element in this game, just like in other RPGs how fire, blizzard, thunder, etc. are elements. Certain enemies are weak against Jump. Certain enemies are immune to it as well. Bowser, for example. If an enemy has spikes on top of it, it will not take any damage from Jump attacks.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170540.482
Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170541.138
This treasure chest contains some coins. 5 coins, to be exact. Coins are the currency in this world. You don’t get extra lives for getting 100 though.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170552.569
mario: Still good, Toad?

Mario destroys the goombas.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170602.577 Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170603.889
Honey Syrups are a consumable item that restores 10 FP.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170609.345
Here’s the next area in Mushroom Way. After fighting that Koopa Troopa, Mario gains a level!

MUSIC: Victory!!
Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170624.345 Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170627.577
The game is kind enough to show you your stat gains, and along with that, something else happens when you level:

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170630.864
You get a bonus! You can get a bonus to your HP, your Attack and Defense, or your Magic Attack and Magic Defense. Upon each level, one of them will level up a little more than the other. For example, on this level, the bonus can be +1 attack & defense, +3 HP, or…

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170636.425
+3 Magic Attack! I’ll almost always go for the biggest bonus, unless the character is going to suck in that department no matter what. Mario, however, is the standard jack-of-all-trades protagonist, proficient at all stats, professional at none. BUT HE’S THE ONLY CHARACTER WITH JUMP ATTACKS!

MUSIC: The Road is Full of Dangers

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170654.265
Now Mario’s timed attack hits for 30.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170700.673
Or 40 if I can nail the timing!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170708.305
Mario can jump on the flower there, which spins. He can then jump off of it, which will give him some extra distance and height on his jump.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170716.128 Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170718.232
The Treasure Chest contains a Flower, which increases Mario’s Max FP by one.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170721.424
Here’s the menu. Everything is pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, the flower gained from the treasure chest doesn’t restore our FP back to full.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170724.320
Here’s Mario’s status screen. He hits a little harder physically than magically.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170733.976
If you go to the Special Attack option, you can see Mario’s Special moves, and a little description of it. It also tells you when a character will learn their next special attack, which is kind of handy. I always forget about that.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170751.088
Looks like Toad is in a little bit of trouble again.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170805.464 Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170807.336
Flower Tabs are pretty sweet.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170815.736 Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170817.441
Flower Tabs also increase your FP by 1, but have the added benefit of restoring them to full as well.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170822.728
These Mushrooms are pretty cool too. They’re not an item, but instead they’re a full heal for the party. Fully restores HP & MP for the entire party. Kind of unnecessary, but still cool. I also really like the green effect they splash on the screen.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170830.152
There’s a Lakitu in the next area, but Mario can’t reach it.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_170832.456
It constantly drops Spikeys though, if you want to grind up a bit. It’s very easy to level up in this game, and the max level is only 30. OH MAN, THIS IS SUCH A RELIEF AFTER LEGEND OF LEGAIA.

Spikeys are a little tougher, but nothing Mario can’t handle. They’re also immune to Jump. If you try and use it, it will do 0 damage.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_171251.406
Toad: Mario! You better be careful. He’s definitely got a mean streak!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_171300.462
Maybe I can just sneak in…
Hammerbro: Now ya got my hammer angry! Ya shouldn’t have done that!

MUSIC: Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster

Hahaha, that’s the actual track title. I love this game.
Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_171305.630
So Mario is up against the Hammer Bros. I swear there was only one a second ago, but whatever…

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_171309.334
A Jump attack does a LOT of damage.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_171314.839
Mario’s defensive pose looks like it leaves a little to be desired.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_171320.262
One more unarmed attack, and the first Hammer Bro goes down. Most bosses explode in a shower of coins, which is pretty sweet.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_171325.430
The remaining Hammer Brother uses Valor Up, which raises his defense. It will not be enough to save him.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_171338.886 Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_171340.694
Hammer Time is the Hammer Bros special attack. You can’t defend against magical attacks… but they can miss. Which is what happens here.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_171349.630 Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_171353.542
NAILED IT! Flower Jars are awesome. They’re basically better Flower Tabs. +3 to maximum FP, and restores it to full as well.

MUSIC: The Road is Full of Dangers

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_171357.798
Toad: Mushroom Kingdom’s just ahead. We’re almost there, Mario. Hey, where did this hammer come from?
Toad: Hmm… hey, do you know what THIS is?
Toad: It has the Hammer Bro’s insignia on it. No one stands a chance against you when you whomp them with this.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_171420.221
Toad: Let’s get a move on! I’ll see you in Mushroom Kingdom.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_171433.485
The Hammer increases Mario’s Attack by 10 points.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_171449.125
Granted, he was one-shotting enemies without a weapon, but hey, I’m not gonna turn down new equipment!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_171457.157
Almost there!

NEXT TIME: Mushroom Kingdom!

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