IT BEGINS – Super Mario RPG Ep. 1

Oh, hey everyone! Welcome to the next Save File screenshot LP! If you’ve been keeping up, I just finished up Legend of Legaia on the Playstation. If you HAVEN’T been keeping up, go read that! Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Okay, good. Now, I am super excited to play this game for a number of reasons. First of all, this is the first game I fell in love with. I don’t know how much money I made my parents spend renting it over and over at Blockbuster. But I can virtually guarantee that it would have been far, far cheaper to just buy me my own copy.  I don’t think I got my own copy until I was well into my teenage years, but man, did I play the crap out of it. I still usually play through this game once a year or so.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars was a collaboration between Squaresoft and Nintendo. Nintendo was, of course, extremely popular due to franchises such as the Legend of Zelda and Mario, while Square was mostly known for RPGs such as Secret of Mana, Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy. So why not mash them together? Mario RPG takes the platforming elements and characters of Mario and smashes it into the RPG elements of Final Fantasy, and the result is a quirky, insanely fun and gorgeous game.

SMRPG was one of the last games to come out on the Super Nintendo, I believe it actually came out after Nintendo had released (or at least unveiled) the Nintendo 64, and really pushes the limits of the system, and it’s a beautiful game, with amazing music. I could keep gushing, but damn, I may as well just get into the game, right?

As an aside, I’ll be transcribing a lot of text in this game. Anything in italics is flavor text that I’ve added in myself. Everything else, you can assume is transcribed directly from the game text.

Of course, we have to name our slot. THE CHOICE IS FAIRLY OBVIOUS.
Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213130.062

MUSIC: In the Flower Garden
Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213135.231
Aw, look, Toadstool (That’s right, Toadstool. She wasn’t called Peach yet!) is hanging out in the flower garden.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213139.199
😯 …things quickly go south.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213145.959

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213150.646 Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213152.991
Well, crap.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213155.999

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213157.335
That’s right, jumpman, you better get your bottom moving!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213202.790
Bowser flies back to his castle, or his keep, as it were, with Toadstool.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213209.967
But Mario is in hot pursuit!

MUSIC: Bowser’s Castle
Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213217.102 Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213239.694
Bowser’s got some nice decor in here.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213244.983 Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213248.382
The next room is full of Terrapins that we can battle. I avoid them, because there’s no reason to fight any of them. But upon reaching the door at the end of the hallway, Mario is forced into battle with the Terrapins that are guarding it.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213311.670
Here’s the battle screen. As this is just very much a tutorial battle, I won’t get into it too much yet.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213318.758 Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213329.166
Though, since they’re tutorial battles, they are not very difficult.

I’ll show off some of the battle features though.
Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213336.622
The menus are opened by the four buttons on the face of the SNES controller. Hitting X give Mario access to his items, though he doesn’t have any right now.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213338.398
Hitting Y shows off Special Moves. Right now, since Mario is only Level 1, he only has access to his first move. Surprise, surprise, it’s a Jump attack! Special attacks use Flower Points (FP), which are the equivalent of Magic Points (MP) in most other RPGs.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213340.518
B leads to the “etc.” menu, which allows us to Defend, which is useful about once in the game, and Run Away, which is grayed out here anyway.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213342.542
And A leads to the default attack, the bread and butter of the battle system. Right now, Mario doesn’t have any equipment, so his attack is called Unarmed. Basically, he socks the enemies with a right hook, followed up by a left uppercut, if you play your cards right! More on that later.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213352.197
Mario’s victory pose is the standard V for Victory.

Continuing on…
Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213357.694
I feel like having a rope bridge over liquid magma isn’t the safest design, but what do I know? Also, those fireballs are adorable.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213401.486
Of course, the bridge collapses behind Mario. No going back now!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213405.901
This leads him into a rather ornate looking hallway.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213409.373 Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213411.726

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213419.590
Bowser is LOVING this shit!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213422.109
Bowser is NOT LOVING this shit!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213424.685
mario: LET’S-A GO!

MUSIC: Fight Against Bowser

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213427.109
Toadstool: Don’t let Bowser bruise you, Mario!
Bowser: Mario! Prepare yourself for the great beyond!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213439.829
You look a little shocked there, Bowser!

Anyways, this is a gimmick battle. You can damage Bowser, but after awhile, he will stop taking any sort of damage.
Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213446.926 Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213450.726
The REAL target is the chain holding up the chandelier. If you don’t notice this, Toadstool eventually chimes in with a hint. And by a hint, I mean she says:
Toadstool: Mario! The chain! Aim for the chain!

THANKS, BABE. It doesn’t take long to take out the chain.
Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213506.501 Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213511.749
Bowser: It’s a chain reaction! Hang on, Kinklink!

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213519.117
And down he goes.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213523.893 Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213526.181
Oh, that jerk.
Toadstool: Fight, Mario! FIGHT!!

…I don’t know what he’s supposed to fight here, but that’s what she says.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213532.701 Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213538.581
Well, crap.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213541.117
Ahahaha… Bowser has the best sprites in this game.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213544.693
Bowser: Mwa ha! Did you think I was just gonna GIVE her to ya? You’re ALWAYS in my way! This is IT! I’m gonna take you out, Mario!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213615.517

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213617.733 Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213623.021 Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213626.140
Oh my goodness, look how happy Toadstool looks! That is the happiest looking sprite I have ever seen!

Toadstool: You had me so worried! Let’s get out of here!

ALL OF A SUDDEN, the castle starts shaking violently!
Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213634.021 Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213635.405

MUSIC: The Sword Descends and the Stars Scatter

Sword1 Sword2

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213716.364
The Seven Stars scatter, with the last falling directly on top of the keep…

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213724.461
And Mario goes FLYING!

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213729.612 Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213740.340
Lucky for him, he lands directly in the Warp Pipe on top of his house! Toad goes rushing inside.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213749.252
Toad: Lots of people use something called a “door” to go in and out of their houses. Anyway, I came by to pick up Toadstool, since she’s a bit late.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213803.940
Forget that, Mario’s hitting the sack.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213808.252
Aw, I didn’t manage to catch a picture of it, but Mario has a huge bubble coming out of his nose when he sleeps.

MUSIC: Super Pipe House
Ep. 1.mp4_20150808_213815.851
Toad: Mario, what’s with the silent treatment?! You’re not telling me something. It’s Bowser again, isn’t it? Oh no, here we go again! Mario, would you please bring her back like you always do?
mario: Sure, why not.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_161317.248 Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_161318.975 Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_161322.351
Toad: In case of an emergency, you can always start over from the last place you saved.

Ep. 1.mp4_20150812_161330.808

I’m going to try and make updates a little short this time around to try and save my sanity. Legend of Legaia was a great game, but DAMN was it long, and did updates take FOREVER. SMRPG is a much shorter, faster paced game. So yeah, shorter updates. But maybe more frequent!

NEXT TIME: Let’s head back to the Keep!



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