Seru-Kai – Legend of Legaia Ep. 35

Welcome back to the penultimate episode of Save File Plays Legend of Legaia. Last time, it seemed like it was over, then Songi appeared and turn Rim Elm into a terrifying abomination of Sim-Seru/Town. Now, we have to travel to the Seru-kai to try and stop Songi’s plan (which I’m still a bit unclear on). To get to Seru-Kai, we need to go back to Uru Mais.

Thank goodness for the Doors of Wind.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163524.532 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163535.149
MUSIC: Uru Mais

Noa: Uru Mais is deserted! There’s no one here!
Gala: Ozma! Ra-Seru! Tell us! Is this where we can find the door to the Seru-kai you told us about?
Ozma: Gala, strain your ears… I mean, your mind. Listen! You can hear the Words.
Terra: Uru Mais has been destroyed, but the Words remain!
Meta: You heard them, correct? They say that Tieg will live forever.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163601.100
Tieg is Words. Humans! Rely not on your imperfect eyes!

Noa: It’s Tieg! Tieg is alive, everyone!
Gala: Let’s go to the ruins! Tieg will open the door for us!

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163618.148
Meta: Once we pass through the door, there is no turning back. Are you ready? Very well! Then we must focus our thoughts!
Noa: Tieg! It’s me, Noa! Open the door for us!
Gala: Tieg! Open the door! To restore order to the Seru-kai! Show us the way, so that we may retake the human world from the Mist’s henchmen!
Meta: Vahn! Call to Tieg! Now! Concentrate! Harder! Turn your bravery into Words!

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163641.644
Tieg: The Words are what show the way. Proceed, humans!

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163649.652Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163651.324 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163652.748
Vahn, just flies in all whatever, Noa flaps her arms and looks super happy, and Gala goes for a badass/superhero pose.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163658.803
Ozma: Gala, I need to tell you something.
Meta: Vahn, Noa, and Gala. We want to thank you… from the bottom of our hearts! I am so fortunate to have joined up with young people like you!
Ozma: When Tieg divided his body into human and Seru, the Seru were entrusted with order. Tieg had faith in human potential, and ordered the Seru not to interfere in human affairs.
Terra: But a thousand years ago, the Ra-Seru Rogue staged a rebellion and came to the world! The rebellion was put down with Tieg’s strength, but the humans had learned of the Seru. That’s when the Ra-Seru were sent to the human world, along with the Genesis Trees.
Meta: Our mission was to restore order when impending disaster threatened the human world. The Genesis Tree was also a means of maintaining order.
Ozma: But in the end, as you all know… Humans, possessed by the Mist, took over the Seru-kai.
Terra: I do now know for certain what transpires in Seru-kai. But you can save the Seru-kai and the human world! I am sure you can do it!

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163733.099
Terra: Noa, don’t be silly. Long ago, I made you a promise, right? I promised this old wolf would stay with you no matter what! That’s what we agreed, right?
Noa: Yeah! Terra! You promised! You promised, so don’t forget!
Gala: All right! It’s time to free the Seru-kai from Songi’s grasp!

MUSIC: Seru-kai

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163808.459

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163813.403
So this is the Seru-kai. It’s a pretty cool looking place, but this is absolutely it. It’s just a cloudy blue background, and the platforms that we step on.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163820.163Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163839.667 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163848.019
Of course, there’s plenty of treasure to be had.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163859.411
Vahn gets some new armor, but it’s barely a step up, and also doesn’t look very different. I’m just going to plow through the dungeon until we get to more plot. I promise you, it’s not that exciting.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163907.419 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163925.491 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163914.331 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_163931.410Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164013.987Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164012.435Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164033.779
All in all, it’s a very short dungeon. It just has a very high encounter rate.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164045.594
Terra: Look! That’s the Great Genesis Tree that the power of the Seru-kai and the Ra-Seru flows.

That… that’s not really a sentence, Terra.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164056.090
Ozma: The Great Genesis Tree seems weak. It will die unless we do something.
Meta: That is a special Sim-Seru. It’s robbing the Great Genesis Tree of its life force!

It just looks like gross purple goo to me…HOLY CRAP, IT’S CREEP. IT’S THE ZERG! WHERE’S JIM RAYNOR?!

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164142.170
Terra: Yes, I suppose… that is what will happen.
Noa: No! Vahn! Gala! We can’t let that happen!
Gala: Maybe we can save the Great Genesis Tree! Let’s get a closer look!

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164156.713 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164200.666

MUSIC: Songi’s Theme

Gala: Songi! What are you doing to the Great Genesis Tree?
Songi: Ha ha ha! The muscle-bound oaf must have a loose screw! It’s obvious! I am using my special Sim-Seru to drain the powers of the Great Genesis Tree! Once I absorb all its power, the Seru-kai will die. And then I, not Cort, will have the power to rule the world!
Noa: But this is the Seru-kai! And the Great Genesis Tree belongs to the Ra-Seru! So how can you come here and drain the Great Genesis Tree’s life away?

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164227.649
Songi: My Seru grew from a Ra-Seru Egg from East Voz Forest. In other words, this is a Ra-Seru.
Gala: Impossible!
Songi: It was Cort who took a Ra-Seru Egg that lost its strength and turned it into a Sim-Seru. By fusing myself with a Sim-Seru born of a Ra-Seru, I have become the ultimate life form! Ha ha ha! I am a God! The second coming of Tieg!
Noa: You’re Tieg? You can’t be Tieg!
Gala: Don’t be a fool, Songi! Cort’s evil ambitions have taken a hold of your soul!
Songi: You are the fool! And you, Gala! You and the rest are also being controlled by those Ra-Seru! Ha ha ha! So we are all heretics who have strayed from the path of Biron! We’re comrades! So let us settle things once and for all! Come at me! All three of you!

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164318.529

MUSIC: My Name is Songi

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164323.145
Songi looks like he’s seen better days. So… this is pretty much the hardest fight in the game. Yes, this is harder than the final boss (yeah, this isn’t the final boss, sorry). Strangely enough, Songi’s physical attacks are the most dangerous. He hits hard, and he hits a lot. It seems like the more damage he takes, the less dangerous he gets though. So that’s a plus.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164411.289Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164407.105 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164412.928
Chaos Flare is another single target attack that will do around ~1100 damage to an unspirited character.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164448.304
So I’ve been holding onto the Point Card all game. I’m finally going to use it here. It’s better used here than on the last boss.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164450.568
Unfortunately, the damage is only onscreen for like 1 frame, and I couldn’t catch it. Imagine it just says 9999 there. Because that’s how much it did. From here, it’s the standard.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164542.928 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164551.144 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164602.000
Yep. If Songi had hit once more, Vahn would have been KOed.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164612.368Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164939.759 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164946.934
Of course, it wouldn’t be a boss fight without an attack that hits the entire party.

Genocid-Cannon1 Genocide-Cannon2
That… doesn’t seem that bad. Maybe I had everyone use Spirit this turn though. I can’t say for sure.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164951.687 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_164958.806
eeeesh… Again, one more hit. I ended up getting pretty lucky during this fight.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_165657.651 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_165700.915
Like the battle with Cort, even though Vahn hit the killing blow, because Songi is so pivotal to Gala, it will always say that Gala’s team won the battle.

MUSIC: Henchmen of the Mist

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_165737.939
Songi: Ha ha ha! Look at me, Gala! How pitiful I am! Even with the power of the Ra-Seru, I couldn’t… couldn’t defeat… Ooh!

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_165746.987
Songi: Arrgh! My whole body hurts! I can’t take it!
Meta: The Seru-kai is a world intolerant of the presence of ordinary human beings.
Terra: Now that he has lost his Seru, Songi will return to nothingness.
Songi: Gala! Gala! The pain is unbearable! You’re my friend… help me!
Gala: Ozma, can’t we do something for him?
Ozma: I’m sorry, but he can no longer exist in the Seru-kai.
Songi: Arrgh!

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_165808.355
Songi: Gala… You… you’re next! Seru and Ra-Seru, they’re all the same! They’re all useless! Good for nothing Seru! Ha ha ha!

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_165817.867 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_165824.995
And thus ends Songi. He went out the way he would have wanted: a giant douchebag.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_165830.666
Noa: Terra, what’s wrong?
Terra: It’s no use, Noa! The Great Genesis Tree is too weak to be revived!
Gala: What? You mean the Great Genesis Tree is going to die?!
Noa: Look! The Seru-kai’s sky! It’s changing!

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_165858.379
Gala: The Ra-Seru are growing weaker too! The Great Genesis Tree is almost dead! No! Are our lives to expire with the Seru-kai?
Noa: Vahn, Gala! Let’s pray! Let’s pray to the Great Genesis Tree!
Gala: Our faith is all we have left! Vahn, let’s try!

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_165913.211
Noa: So will the Ra-Seru Terra and Ozma and Meta and us, too! We’ll all die! Please! Come back to life!
Gala: Great Genesis Tree! Show us a miracle! Give life back to the bodies ruined by the evil Sim-Seru!
Noa: Vahn! You must pray as well!
Gala: Vahn! Pray! We must all pray together!
Noa: Come back to life!
Gala: Great Genesis Tree! Hear our prayers!

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_165940.106Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_165951.394 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_165957.530  Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170001.675
MUSIC: Hari Speaks

Noa: Hari!
: Hari! But you disappeared into the earth below Octam!
Hari: The God of time, Rem… known also as Tieg… The prophecies of Rem. They are the words of Tieg! The spirit of Tieg that resides in this body has given us words that transcend time. Our bodies have died. But the death of our bodies has given our souls immortality. Like Tieg, our spirits are now beings that transcend time. Brave Ra-Seru! The will of Tieg will show you the path you must take! It is our mission to carry out the will of Tieg.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170034.105
Hari: The Great Genesis Tree is fated to die, and we cannot reverse that.
Gala: But… the Seru-kai!
Hari: All we can do is give the last of shining power to nurture the life of the Great Genesis Tree.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170110.129Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170250.457Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170257.649 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170301.362
Hari: Now we shall attain complete nothingness! But fate and your will are one and the same. Make your own fate with your own hands! Goodbye, Ra-Seru Heroes!
Terra: Noa…
Noa: Terra! Terra! Are you all right?
Terra: You don’t have to worry about me, Noa. Worry about the Great Genesis Tree.
Gala: Noa, Vahn! Let’s give the Ra-Seru the power of the Great Genesis Tree!

MUSIC: Reviving a Genesis Tree

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170337.073 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170348.681
Meta: Thank you, Vahn. We have received the ultimate power.
Terra: Now we can do something about Juggernaut!
Ozma: But we must hurry! Hari gave the Great Genesis Tree life, but I do not know how long that life force will last.
Terra: The Genesis Trees in the human world are linked to the Seru-kai! We must go to Rim Elm!

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170403.513Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170418.040 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170423.945
MUSIC: Mt. Rikuroa After Mist

Terra: Rim Elm’s Genesis Tree is dead. So we came here.
Gala: I have a bad feeling about this, Vahn! Let’s hurry to Rim Elm!
: Will everything be okay? Well, this is it.

Next episode will be the finale. The last of Legend of Legaia. BUT FIRST! There’s something special you can do if every member of the party has learned all of their Arts! If that’s the case, go to the Genesis Tree where they first gained their Ra-Seru. Noa’s happens to be right here on Mt. Rikuroa.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170439.712
Hari: Tieg now gives you the last of his power for you to use to correct history!

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170443.033Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170444.360Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170445.704 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170451.728
Noa now has a new spell. Let’s check it out, shall we?

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170732.406Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170736.319 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170741.007 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170743.391 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170747.711 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170751.070Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170814.615Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170816.159
Wow. It’s expensive, but holy cow, does it do a lot of damage. We can go to West Voz Forest for Gala next.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170833.735Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170835.663 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170837.887
Gala now has the Ozma spell.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170847.327Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170853.542 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170855.350 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170900.142Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170903.639 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170907.287
Again, very expensive, but very impressive. With Rim Elm’s Genesis Tree gone, to get Meta, we have to travel to Warrior’s Square in Sol.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170952.950Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170954.638 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170956.255 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170957.158 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_170958.078
And now we have Meta.

Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_171009.278Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_171011.149 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_171016.262 Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_171020.862Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_171031.926Ep. 34.mp4_20150726_171033.742
Now, armed with our Ra-Seru magic, NOTHING can stop us!


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