Jette’s Absolute Fortress (Pt. 2) – Legend of Legaia Ep. 33

We are getting alarmingly close to the end of the game now, dear readers. Last time, we managed to take out Jette, and now, we’re going to take out the final Mist Generator of the world. Once it’s destroyed, there will be no more Mist! It’s been a long time coming.


MUSIC: Mist Generator Fortress

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155521.470
Now that Jette is gone, we can finally head off to the left using the platform.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155526.325 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155554.613 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155538.886
This next part of the fortress is very straightforward. You just keep ascending trying to get to the top.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155611.357Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155625.541 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155629.180  Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155634.453
Another Warrior Icon is pretty cool. I wonder if they stack. I don’t think I end up trying it though.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155713.237
I realize here that I forgot to show off the new weapon I picked up for Gala. It’s pretty cool looking.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155726.581 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155731.276
We’re up at the top now!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155808.260

MUSIC: Young Nobleman of the Mist

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155814.236 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155821.220
Meta: We’ve got to work together! Attack!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155919.068
Uh oh.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155920.788
Noa: My head hurts! Oohh!
Gala: Hang in there, Noa!
Noa: Aarrggh! Shut up! Be quiet! Shut uuuupp! Get out of my head!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155932.780
????:  Little sister… my dear sister…
Noa: Who are you?
Gala: Noa! Are you alright?
Noa: It stopped hurting.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_155944.740
Cort: I must punish you, little sister, for trying to destroy the Mist Generator. Bad girl!
Gala: C-Cort?
Cort: Good to see you all again. You were so good to me in Conkram… so long ago. Noa, I didn’t know it was you. Who would have thought I was your brother!
Noa:  Ooohh. You’re wrong, Cort! You’re not my brother. If you’re my brother, how could you be so bad to Mother and Father?
Cort: Noa, you are such a foolish little girl. The Mist is our salvation. Our parents are happy the way they are.
Noa: Ooohh!
Cort: Rim Elm, that puny cave, East Voz Forest… I underestimated you. I was trying to lure out Ra-Seru to make the Mist Generator. But I never thought you would come this far. That was a miscalculation. But no matter. Once I kill you, everything will be right again. Hee hee hee! I will kill you gently, little sister! I will send all of you to a world free of pain and suffering.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_160027.611
Well, shit. Here we are. Cort is the big bad. And it’s time to take him down. It’s not too tough of a fight, but there are a few things to be aware of.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_160031.915 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_160037.060
The first thing Cort does is summon a Mystic Shield. The Mystic Shield blocks all damage that is not caused by Arts. So any attack that is not a string of Arts will cause no damage. Luckily, Cort’s defense is pretty abysmal, so Arts do as much damage as a full string of attacks would. It also helps him to resist Magic. Arts are pretty much the only way to go.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_160048.851Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_160057.027Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_160059.547 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_160107.243
That’s about as much as full on attacks do, so not too shabby.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_160110.515 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_160115.227
Mystic Circle causes ~1,000 damage. Not too scary, but make sure to keep your HP pretty high up!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_160119.795 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_160135.779
But with the party pounding out ~10,000 damage per round, I feel like we’re sitting pretty here.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_160147.915 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_160150.771
Guilty Cross is Cort’s standard single target attack. It’s not too bad.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_160239.435
Eventually the Mystic Shield will shatter. When that happens, heal as quickly as possible, the use Spirit. Use it OVER AND OVER AGAIN until Cort uses his Evil Seru Magic. Otherwise, you WILL be dead.  I had to wait a couple of round, but I figured better safe than sorry, because at this point in the game, battles take ASS LONG to complete, especially boss battles.

Jugg1Jugg2 Jugg3
As per the usual big, bad boss fight in any RPG, Evil Seru Magic is the standard, overly-long, super powerful magic attack. In this case, it’s Juggernaut. It’s not as powerful as I thought it would be, but I just started using Spirit immediately without bothering to heal first. I still had enough HP to tank it though.

And from there, it’s not too bad of a battle.
Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161323.870 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161327.406
An interesting touch here is that no matter who wins the battle, it will always go to Noa at the end. Because this battle means so much to her. She even gets a unique victory pose at the end of it.

She is not happy 😦

MUSIC: Soren’s Sad Song

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161359.798
Cort: The Mist is our salvation. The Mist is eternal. It is perfect harmony… The Mist Generator and I are one. If I die, the Mist Generator dies.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161410.925
And he plunges over the edge.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161412.501 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161414.581
Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161419.654Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161417.902Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161424.645
Noa: Why did you do it? My own brother!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161438.917Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161441.013 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161447.229
Noa: Why did this happen?
Gala: Vahn! We’re in trouble! The Fortress is collapsing. We haven’t got much time. If we don’t hurry, we’ll be buried alive! Let’s get out of here!
Noa: Why, why?
Vahn: Noa, if you want to live, hurry!
Noa: Y-You’re right, Vahn.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161526.149
Oh, snizzity snap.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161529.013
Noa: Vahn, what do we do now? We can’t move this boulder!
Gala: Vahn, I don’t plan on dying here.

MUSIC: Escape!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161538.501
Vahn: Aaaauuuuuggggghhhhh!!!!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161544.301

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161548.965 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161550.405

Noa: Cara?
Gala: Cara! What are you doing here?
Cara: I’ll tell you later. Just follow me!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161602.517Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161559.564 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161610.141
Cara: Ha ha ha! What do you mean, nowhere to go? We can go right here!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161625.741

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161650.844
Gala: Well, Vahn, should we jump down like Cara did?
Noa: Get ready to jump!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161656.397 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161702.452

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161710.236Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161711.397 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161718.964
Gala: Cara, I’ll never forget what you did for us. But how…?
Cara: Ha ha ha! Hey, you! Come down here!

MUSIC: The Ra-Seru Speak

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161748.364 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161749.988
Noa: Is that you, Grantes?
Grantes: Uh-huh.
Gala: Those Seru Wings…
Grantes: The elder gave his permission.
Noa: Hooray! Grantes, I’m so glad you came! Cara, I’m so glad to see you!
Cara: We were worried about you. We were watching the Absolute Fortress from the air. Then we saw this terrific flash of light, so we got here as fast as we could!
Gala: Grantes, that means you’re a Soren again.
Grantes: No, I’m returning these Seru Wings as soon as I’m done with them.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161810.820
Grantes: Cara…
Noa: I understand! You’re in love! You’re in love, aren’t you!
Cara: Ha ha ha ha! You have such a pure and honest heart!
Grantes: Cara…
Cara: All right. Let’s get out of here.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161829.956 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161833.092 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161834.643 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161837.507
Gala: Ah, it’s good to be human.
Noa: Now all the Mist is gone.
Gala: That’s right! And Juggernaut and the Mist Generator are destroyed as well!
Noa: Let’s go to Conkram. My mother and father are waiting for us.

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161902.323
Ohhhh… oh man, that does not look good.

MUSIC: Conkram

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_161912.027
Noa: Father… Mother! Mother!!! Faaaatheerrrrr! …Where are you? Where did you go? I destroyed the Mist Generator. The Mist is gone! Mother, father! Now you’re free of the Mist!
Gala: Ozma, tell me! What happened?
Ozma: …the Sim-Seru around Conkram grew in an unstable manner. The Sim-Seru could live only in the Mist. So when the Mist disappeared… The Sim-Seru died, and Conkram with it.
Noa: Terra! Terra! Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you tell me Conkram would die if the Mist disappeared?

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162028.019
Gala: Yet they ordered us to destroy the Mist Generator! So, Noa… don’t blame Terra. There was no other way.
Noa: No! NO! Terra, you lied! I hate you, Terra! Bring my father back to me! Bring my mother back to me!

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162048.547 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162051.395

What a tragic way to end…

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162109.210
Village Elder: and destroyed four Mist Generators to save the world from the Mist! Vahn, your deeds are legendary! Your bravery brought the world back from the brink of annihilation! Your determination created hope where there was hopelessness. The world is forever in your debt! Now, children of Rim Elm, Vahn is one of you now! Whatever happens, no matter what troubles you encounter, never forget that!

MUSIC: Rim Elm

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162128.484 Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162131.418
Nene: Gala and Noa are already up and outside! Why don’t you go out too?

Ep. 33.mp4_20150726_162148.178
Nene: Talk to everyone before it gets dark outside.

Ah, I guess we’re in the “go talk to everyone before the end of the game” epilogue.  I’M SURE NOTHING BAD WILL EVER HAPPEN AGAIN. Poor Noa, though 😦

NEXT TIME: We wrap it all up!

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