Month: December 2015

Frogfucius Say… – Super Mario RPG Ep. 7

Welcome back to SMRPG! Last time, we made our way through the Kero Sewers, smacked down Belome, and took a ride down the Midas River. Now, we can finally make it to Tadpole Pond to have a chat with Mallow’s grandpa. Let’s get to it!

Ep. 7.mp4_20150831_164327.797
We made it! Tadpole Pond!

Ep. 7.mp4_20150831_164331.709
MUSIC: Grandpa and the Delightful Tadpoles

Ep. 7.mp4_20150831_164340.148
Tadpole: Mallow! It’s you! We’ve heard all about your adventures with Super Mario. You guys beat up Belome, right?
Mallow: You know about that? See, Mario, the waterways of the world bring news to us here. That’s why Grandpa knows all the news that’s fit to hear!
Tadpole: Are you really THE Super Mario? Hey everybody! You’ll never guess who’s here!


Belome – Super Mario RPG Ep. 6

Welcome back to Save File Plays Legend of the Seven Stars! Last time, we liberated Mushroom Kingdom from Mack. We also got some Cricket Pie from the shopkeeper for Mallow’s Grandpa, which is pretty handy, since we’re headed that way anyway. To get there though, we have to head through the Kero Sewers. Now, normally, I hate sewer levels in any game, especially in RPGs, but this one really isn’t so bad. Let’s hop to it!

Ep. 6.mp4_20150823_170532.980
First of all though, I’m going to try to talk to this hidden person as much as I remember. I usually only remember to do it when I’m required to go back to Mushroom Kingdom because of the story, but I’ll try to stop in often and see what s/he has to say.

Ep. 6.mp4_20150823_182409.218
All right, we’re done here for realsies now.

Ep. 6.mp4_20150823_182412.627 Ep. 6.mp4_20150823_182418.795
We’re now into the next section of the World Map! Our first stop is the Kero Sewers, but our ultimate destination is going to be Tadpole Pond, where Mallow’s Grandpa Frogfucius lives.


Mack – Super Mario RPG Ep. 5

Last time on Let’s Play Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, we managed to take down Croco and get back Mallow’s Frog Coin. I mean, I already HAVE a Frog Coin that I could have just let him borrow, but whatever. So now that that’s taken care of, we can head back to Mushroom Kingdom and take care of whatever business Mallow had to take care of.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134659.855
When last we left off, Mario & Mallow were still in Bandit’s Way. We COULD leave, but as you can see, there are enemies on screen. That is just not allowable.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134718.167
With all enemies vanquished, the party is able to leave with a clear conscience.

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134721.447
Back to Mushroom Kingdom!

Ep. 5.mp4_20150823_134725.536
Uh… this looks different…


Croco – Super Mario RPG Ep. 4

Welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Last episode, Mario made his way to teh Mushroom Kingdom, where the Chancellor asked him to save Princess Toadstool for the umpteenth time. He also managed to recruit Mallow, a “frog” who had his coin stolen by a purple crocodile wearing a top hat, accurately named Croco. Our current mission is to hunt Croco down, so let’s get to it, I guess.

MUSIC: Hello, Happy Kingdom

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_143051.732
Mallow is Level 2, by the way. I forgot that I had gotten a Flower Jar from the Hammer Bros, so I decided to use that up.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_143055.076
Anytime you use an item in the menu, the party gets pretty pumped.

Ep. 4.mp4_20150822_143102.444
All right, let’s blow this Popsicle stand.


Mushy Kingdom – Super Mario RPG Ep. 3

Hey guys, welcome back to Save File Plays Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Last time, Mario explored Mushroom Way, saved Toad’s ass thrice, and then beat up the Hammer Bros. A hammer was stolen, and now it’s time to head to the Mushroom Kingdom!

Ep. 3.mp4_20150815_134957.864
You know what? I lied. Mario is super close to hitting Level 3, so I decided to head back to Mushroom Way instead.

MUSIC: Victory

Ep. 3.mp4_20150815_135018.423Ep. 3.mp4_20150815_135022.127 Ep. 3.mp4_20150815_135024.713
The usual plethora of stat boosts, and Mario also learns his next magic attack, Fire Orb! Not too shabby.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150815_135027.584
And as for the extra bonus stats, he nabs a +2 Attack and +1 Defense.

Ep. 3.mp4_20150815_135037.127
Looking good!