Jette’s Absolute Fortress (Pt. 1) – Legend of Legaia Ep. 32

Hello everyone. This game makes me feel sad. But we’re in the home stretch. This is the 3rd to last dungeon in the game, and it’s probably got the best name. The Absolute Fortress? I don’t know what it really means, but it sounds pretty cool.

Let’s mosey, shall we?

MUSIC: The Last Mist Generator

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152522.314 Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152529.354
Noa: If we destroy the Mist Generator here, then Conkram will be free.
Gala: Noa, the Nemesis Gem from your parents! Throw it towards the Gate of Hell!
Noa: Okay!

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152542.018Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152548.538Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152550.218 Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152554.154
Noa: Now we can go inside. Once we destroy the Mist Generator, Conkram will be free! Then my mother and father will…
Gala: All right, listen! This is the last Mist Generator! Let’s not get careless!

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152605.874Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152613.506 Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152618.682
Man, that message just never gets old.

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152636.874 Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152648.746
This is great for Noa. She’s still a glass cannon, so loading her up with more HP is extremely handy.

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152701.465
I don’t know why there’s a free heal so early into the dungeon, but here it is. Maybe it’s for grinding purposes?

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152756.865
Noa: Wow! Amazing! It looks like a lake made of Mist! Hey, what’s that?

MUSIC: Thick Mist

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152805.529Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152807.793 Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152811.081
Noa: That means we have to climb up from here!
Gala: either way, we have to go around the lake of Mist.
Noa: Vahn, I can’t wait to destroy that Mist Generator.

MUSIC: The Last Mist Generator

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152851.833Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152853.369Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152913.601  Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152916.136 Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152918.376

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152931.664Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152929.793 Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152933.048
Gala: Noa, don’t get carried away! Careful, or you’ll get hurt! What on earth is going on? Is there something under us?

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152944.072 Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152953.728

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_152955.672
Noa: It’s J-Juggernaut! Juggernaut is below us!
Gala: It stopped. Maybe he’s sleeping.
Noa: That must have been Juggernaut tossing in his sleep.
Gala: I guess so. Anyway, let’s hurry. We can’t afford to waste time.

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153020.385
We’re very close to the end of the game, and they’re still throwing new enemy types at us. That’s kind of cool, actually.

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153035.008 Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153039.800
We find a new weapon for Noa in a chest here. In fact, I don’t think I’ll be buying any more equipment for the rest of the game. Everything else will be found equipment.

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153050.119 Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153052.368
We can see some treasure up there, but it’s on the second level. I’m sure we’ll get there soon.

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153059.816Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153103.208 Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153110.696
Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153134.959Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153140.455Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153142.239
Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153144.112Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153209.711
I have not used a single Elixir this game. I don’t think that’s going to change.

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153217.887
Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153221.543Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153234.303Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153243.255
Awwwww yeah.

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153307.415
Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153311.599
Noa: Who’s there?

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153317.687
Jette: This is my castle. Keep your hands off that machine!
Noa: Come over here, Jette. I’ll kick your butt!
Jette: Well, well. What a brave girl you are. It’s too bad. If Juggernaut were not soundly sleeping in order to replenish his Mist elixir. He would silence you for all eternity with just one blow.

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153341.254 Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153344.294
Jette: Now I remember. At Conkram. I have read your mind and now know your thoughts. I believe this our second meeting.

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153404.311
What the shit?!
Jette:  Of course you also know well of Prince Cort.
Noa: Cort? Cort is my older brother.
Gala: What’s the matter with you? Have you forgotten what the Mist caused that day?

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153414.638
Jette: When a true ruler controls the Mist, humans will evolve. That is why Mist Generators are made. This Mist Generator is far more powerful that the prototype you have seen. With the power of the Mist, we have enhanced Seru, and have created Sim-Seru. And in the Fortress is the ultimate Mist Generator. With the powerful Sim-Seru created at Conkram, we are making an even thicker Mist.

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153440.950
Jette: With this power, I shall now destroy you all.

MUSIC: Mist Generator Guardian

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_153447.070
Wow, the enemy designs in this game are actually pretty grotesque.  It’s probably more by virtue of the fact that 3D was still pretty awful in this era of gaming.

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_154502.397 Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_154510.458
Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_154513.602Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_154520.761
Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_154525.025Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_154532.346
Man, what a beautiful string of images.

Shadow Break is Jette’s big move, and isn’t too bad. However, this isn’t the annoying thing about this fight.

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_154542.609
THIS IS. Jette can clone himself. The clones do piddly damage, and can’t use Shadow Break, but with the way the camera works, it’s very hard to keep track of which is the real Jette, and they don’t have a low amount of HP either.  It just makes the battle infuriatingly long.

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_154613.873

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_154622.778
Like I said, at least the clones don’t do as much damage as Jette does.

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_154648.673
Also, I managed to take out the real Jette, and that doesn’t actually end the battle. You have to defeat the clones as well.

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_154657.513

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_154704.833
Jette: I see your future! I see… a bleak future for you all! Ha ha ha ha! Yours is a future of eternal despair. A dark wilderness!

And then Jette dies.

Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_154713.113 Ep. 32.mp4_20150726_154717.441
Well… we’re actually going to stop here. Jette has been destroyed. Next time, we’ll take out the last Mist Generator! WHOA.

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