Nivora Ravine AKA Showdown Time – Legend of Legaia Ep. 27

Hey guys, welcome back to Legend of Legaia! Last time, we managed to get the Fire Droplets after dreaming at uru Mais, and a lot, lot, lot of talking. This time, we have to go to Nivora Ravine to set off some TimeSpace Bombs to defrost the Genesis Trees in Buma so we can revive them. For love, according to Cara.  I like to do little synopses like this because it lets me really reflect on how insane RPG plots are.

Well, let’s get to the Ravine!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_231937.761
I may have gotten into a fight or two on the way, but here we are!

MUSIC: Mist Infested Area

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_231941.560
Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_231953.561
Noa: Oh, goodie! Goodie! There’s gonna be a BIG explosion!
Gala: I’ll set the TimeSpace Bomb. When I press the buttons, I’ll give the signal. When I do, run and find shelter!
Noa: Gala, it explodes in three seconds, right?
Gala: That’s right.
Noa: In three seconds, Nivora will change! In one, two, three!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232021.848
Gala: All set! All right, I pressed the switch! Run!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232030.048Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232032.656 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232034.792

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232038.360
Noa: Dr. Usha, you liar! I counted right! I counted one-two…
Gala: Was it defective? Why did it explode so soon? Is everyone all right? Well, there are no doubts about the TimeSpace Bomb’s power. Look at the entrance!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232058.232
Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232106.528
Noa: if the TimeSpace Bomb is so powerful, why didn’t they use it on the Genesis Tree in Buma? Then they could have melted the ice on the Genesis Tree right away.
Terra: No, no, you can’t do that! Now listen, Noa. A powerful bomb like that would destroy the Genesis Tree… and Buma and everyone there!
Noa: Oh… I guess the TimeSpace Bomb is too powerful.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232129.280
Inside we go!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232146.519
There’s some new (pallet swapped) enemies inside.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232204.551
Luctes: Now that the Genesis Tree of Sol is revived and the Mist around it gone, this is our chance to charge the Floating Castle!
Soren: Don’t be hasty! Zora is powerful!
Luctes: Quiet! Someone’s coming!
Noa: Vahn! Gala! Over here! There’s no Mist over here!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232222.959
Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232230.976
Gala: Noa, what’s wrong?
Noa: That’s strange… I thought I saw someone nearby.
Gala: I don’t see anyone.
Noa: Never mind! Vahn, Gala! Let’s go!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232256.303
Ooooh, the Warrior Icon is a sweet accessory. It allows you to counterattack your enemy. It has something like a 1/3 success rate, which is actually pretty darn good.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232324.696
Save point already?

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232337.423
Gala: We’ll have to split up from here and make way on our own. Vahn, Noa, are you ready?
Noa Vahn: Yes!
Gala: Good! I’ll take the Thunder Tunnel on the right, and head for where we’ll set the bomb.
Noa: I’ll take the middle tunnel. That means you have the left tunnel, Vahn.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232356.767
So the party does indeed split up here, for pretty much the only time in the game. For the next section, each character is on their own, but it’s a fairly short section, so it’s not that challenging.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232408.174
The game pretty much makes most battles one-on-one, and all of our characters are easily strong enough to take on a regular enemy by themselves.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232418.223
We continue on with Vahn until he runs into this blocking point, where we can switch to someone else.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232420.966
Someone else in this case being Noa!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232424.590 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232432.215
Pssssht, EZPZ.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232448.871
Noa stepping on this glowy crest here allows Vahn to pass through underneath.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232452.566
Pushing this makes it rotate, allowing Vahn to pass through, and it also allows Noa to cross over on the higher level.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232509.702

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232519.822 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232522.943
Yet another obstacle, so that means we have to switch to someone else for Vahn to make any more progress.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232530.438Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232559.526Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232612.254Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232613.805 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232618.334
Well, Noa’s made it! Now we just need to get Vahn and Gala through.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232620.494Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232634.238 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232642.317
Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232711.541Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232727.469 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232730.317
Well, that means Vahn can get through, but we may as well just push on with Gala for now.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232738.901
Ozma: Now we have to wait until everyone is in position.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232744.501 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232749.365
Gala: Hey! Vahn, can you hear me? Let’s set the TimeSpace Bombs!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232800.165
Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232805.357
Lu Delilas: A millenium of Mist and followers is our goal! That is what we promised Lord Zora!
Che Delilas: Swine! You are enemies of Lord Zora and therefore our enemies. You shall die!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232817.773 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232822.541Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232828.117Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232835.453Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232840.949Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232843.580
I could have cut some of that down, but holy crap, I actually laughed out loud at this image of Gala facepalming.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232848.932
And then this one too. Noa is still into the whole idea of battle poses.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232851.012
Che Delilas: Ha ha ha! Fight me! I will show you how strength is used!

Oh hey, it’s a boss fight!

MUSIC: Boss Battle

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232907.700
Each of our characters now has a one on one duel with a member of the Delilas Family. This is actually the toughest one, Gala vs. Che. However, one thing to keep in mind is that the Delilas all follow a pattern. 2 turns of regular attacks, followed by their “big” attack, then repeat until someone dies.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232917.108
Here’s a shot of Gala taking a left straight to the face like it ain’t no thang.

Oh man, that “counterattack successful” message will never, ever get old.

Megaton Press is Che’s big attack. But since the enemies follow a set pattern, it’s pretty easy to Spirit beforehand to mitigate a bunch of the damage.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_233844.524
The battle takes a long time, but it isn’t particularly difficult. We also get the Thunder Book III for our troubles.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_233859.240 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_233903.745
He then flops over the side of the cliff.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_233907.344
Lu Delilas: You! Get over here, kid! I’m gonna send you to the next world!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_233916.904
Same kind of battle. 2 turns of regular attacks, 1 “big” attack.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_233929.392 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_233939.384
This battle won’t last as long, since Noa’s damage output is so much higher.

Man, Lu is all about the poses.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234254.831
Then again, so is Noa, I guess.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234301.182Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234302.870Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234306.150Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234310.119
2 down, 1 to go. Same song and dance here as well.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234936.108 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234942.012
Che is definitely the toughest battle, probably because Gala doesn’t slam out as much damage per round as Vahn and Noa can.


Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234951.124Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234956.804 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235002.707
I remember this part being a lot more difficult when I was younger, but I’m a lot more over-leveled intelligent than I was back then.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235006.235
Gala: All right, everyone! Let’s set the TimeSpace Bombs!
Noa: Okay! I put my TimeSpace Bomb in place!
Gala: I hope they explode aftger 3 seconds… Not sooner! All we do is press buttons and run like demons. Ready? Press on the count of 3! Three! Two! One! The button is pressed! now run!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235028.892Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235030.628 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235033.195
Well, that went extremely well.

MUSIC: Fight the Mist Generator Guardians

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235045.236
Gi Delilas: Stop whimpering, Che. I-I’m right here. Where is Lu? Is she alive?
Lu Delilas: I’m right here, my brother.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235059.219
Gi Delilas: Look! Koru is still alive! The thermal energy… the thermal energy he’s stored in his belly for so long… Let’s release it!
Lu Delilas: Brother! Do you mean the three of us will merge with Koru?
Gi Delilas: Correct! Lu, is life that precious to you?
Lu Delilas: N-no! Of course not!
Che Delilas: Har har har! In doing so we lay waste to all of Karisto! I like it!
Gi Delilas: Listen! We must use our remaining strength! Those Ra-Seru will wish they’d never been born!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235132.091Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235129.235 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235141.171
Gala: Such a strange light! Noa, Vahn! Look! It’s Koru! The light is coming from Koru!
Noa: Huh? But we blew Koru up with the TimeSpace Bombs!
Meta: It seems the Delilases have merged with that Seru and commanded it to self-destruct! If Koru blows up, everything between here and Sol will be vaporized!
Noa: No!
Gala: How could this happen… Ozma, how can we stop them?
Ozma: I don’t know, but since they are controlling Koru, perhaps if we defeat them…
Terra: Whatever we do, we’d better do it quickly!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235254.386 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235300.498 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235257.866
Everyone has learned their last Hyper Art!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235305.539 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235312.923
Noa: Yeah! If Koru blows up, you guys will die too!
Gi Delilas: Ha ha ha! We are all prepared for death!
Che Delilas: Once Karisto is flattened, Lord Zora will build the kingdom of the Mist there!
Lu Delilas: If you want to fight us, come on over. We’ll play with you until the explosion comes.
Gala: That suits me just fine!
Ozma: Be careful, Gala! If we don’t finish them quickly, we’ll be caught in the explosion!

MUSIC: Battle Against Koru

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235334.570
Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235336.370
This is an interesting fight. We have to end it within 4 turns, and it says Koru has 100 HP. The counters are a little funny, but the amount of damage we do corresponds to the 100 HP in the bar up there.  I don’t really know how the conversion works, but we should be able to pound out enough damage.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235349.322 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235354.993
Kemaro still deals an admirable amount of damage.

Here’s Hurricane Kick and Explosive Fist, Noa & Gala’s strongest Hyper Arts.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235954.983
Our damage output is way more than enough to take out Koru.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150726_000003.560 Ep. 27.mp4_20150726_000006.872Ep. 27.mp4_20150726_000015.263 Ep. 27.mp4_20150726_000025.281
We’re able to defrost Buma completely now.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150726_000042.311
Ozma: Seru merely Amplify the strength of humans.Terra: Whether a Seru does good or evil ultimately depends on the person using it.
Noa: But Terra, you’re a good Seru, right?
Terra: Hmm. We Ra-Seru are the way we are because we have been in the human world too long. Now, let’s go back to Buma.
Noa: Okay, the ice in Buma must be melted by now.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150726_000110.799 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103238.253
NEXT TIME: We get to check out the newly defrosted Buma!

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