Dreams, Tieg, AND THE GREAT TEXT DUMP OF LEGAIA. – Legend of Legaia Ep. 26

Welcome back to Legend of Legaia! Everyone strap in, grab a tasty, hot beverage, and settle down, because this update is going to have ALL of the words. It’s interesting, but hot damn, I am going to have to do so much typing…

Anyways, when last we left off, we were heading to Uru Mais to dream some dreams, so Tieg will show up and hand over the Fire Droplets, which we’ll use to make TimeSpace Bombs that we’ll use to blow up Koru, which in turn should defrost Buma, meaning we can revive the Genesis Trees there.

I never said this plot wasn’t convoluted. LET’S HOP TO IT.

MUSIC: Uru Mais

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_224914.886
Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_224922.501
Gala: But Vahn, have you noticed something unusual?
Vahn: There’s no Mist here?
Gala: That’s right. There’s no Genesis Tree to be seen, yet the Mist doesn’t flow in here.

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_224933.558
Noa: Vahn, Gala, there’s no one here. Where could Tieg be?
Gala: Vahn, do you remember what Dr. Usha said?
Vahn: We have to dream.
Gala: Very good, Vahn! Well, let’s go dream, like Dr. Usha told us to. Then we’ll see if Tieg will actually give us the Fire Droplet!
Noa: Vahn, Gala! There’s some weird house here! Let’s go inside!
Gala: Noa, wait! Don’t go inside by yourself! What are we going to do with that kid?

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225002.917
Ooooh, intrigue…

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225006.669
This is in the house that Noa runs off into, but it’s really the only interesting thing besides PLOT.

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225016.765
Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225020.532
Gala: I don’t see any place where we could use the Ruins Key from Mrs. Usha.
Noa: What?
Gala: Noa, what’s the matter?
Noa: I hear something! I hear something! It’s a voice! I hear a voice!
Gala: A voice? …! Vahn, Noa, I hear it too! I hear words inside my head!

MUSIC: The Ra-Seru Speak

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225050.421
Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225055.540
Gala: Whose voice is that?
Noa: Vahn! Gala! Did you see that light? I saw a light down there!
Gala: Whoever it is seems to have opened the door because we have the Ruins Key!
Noa: Vahn, let’s go inside!
Gala: This must mean that this door leads to the Fire Droplet. All right, let’s go inside!

We can go through any of the doors, but I just happen to go for this one first.
Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225135.277
Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225137.157
Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225145.300
Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225147.956
It looks damn cool inside too.

MUSIC: The Genesis Tree

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225156.380
Tieg: Vahn. Vahn. Vahn and Meta. Welcome, human. Welcome, Ra-Seru. The Stone Sage awaits you. It awaits your dreams, it awaits your minds.

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225203.740
Gala: Hey, Vahn! What’s going on? You can’t go by yourself!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225210.405
Noa: Look, Gala! Vahn is sleeping!
Terra: Noa! Can you hear me? You mustn’t awaken Vahn! Vahn is dreaming! Dreams mirror the heart. Vahn is looking into his own heart, and Tieg is watching.

MUSIC: Dreams in Uru Mais

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225226.988
Village Elder: If only we had Drake Water, then Nora would be all right. With this Mist, it would be next to impossible to reach Drake Castle.

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225237.229
Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225241.907
Village Elder: Ah, Vahn! You’re such a good child! I’ll be going now. Vahn, take good care of your mother.

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225249.884
Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225253.108
Nora: So, please… Look after… Nene…

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225258.491
Val: Don’t worry, Vahn. I was just talking to myself. Your mother will get better. Vahn! It’s almost dark! Don’t go outside the Wall now!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225309.076
Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225311.579
Hunter: I couldn’t find Vahn!
Val: Just as I thought. Vahn must have sneaked outside the Wall when we weren’t looking. Oh, no! He must be going to Drake Castle! He must have heard me talking to the Village Elder! He’s going to get Drake Water!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225330.115
Village Elder: If I cannot convince you otherwise, then so be it! I give my permission to open the gate!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225339.708

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225344.035
He survived, but they say his leg will never be the same again! And Nora! Oh, what a poor family!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225401.795 Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225405.940
Vahn, my child, your dream is fulfilled!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225417.925

MUSIC: Dream Fulfilled

Gala: Vahn, if you don’t want to tell us what you were dreaming about, that’s okay.
Noa: Hey! Vahn, look!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225427.005
Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225429.188
Gala: Whoever it is must be using the light to show himself to us. Maybe that’s Tieg! Vahn, let’s go look!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225442.491
Hmmm, not totally complete yet. Well, we still have two more doors to go through, so let’s check out the next one!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225458.667Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225501.410Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225510.883 Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225514.275

MUSIC: The Genesis Tree

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225521.011
Tieg: Noa. Noa. Noa and Terra. Welcome, human. Welcome, Ra-Seru. The Stone Sage awaits you. It awaits your dreams, it awaits your mind, Noa.

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225532.234
Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225537.250
Gala: Vahn! Listen. You can tell by Noa’s breathing, she’s sound asleep!
Ozma: Gala! Noa is being drawn into Tieg’s spirit world! She’s going to have an important dream now!

MUSIC: Dreams in Uru Mais

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225549.754
King Nebular: I am thinking of naming this child Noa.
Queen Minea: That’s a lovely name. Noa, the promise of a new era!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225558.971
Jette: Your Majesty! Your Majesty! I’ve come on a most pressing matter!
King Nebular: Jette, enter.

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225612.226
Jette: Actually… (speaking in low voice)
King Nebular: What?! Cort did that?
Jette: You see, your Majesty… (speaking in low voice)
King Nebular: I understand. I’ll go at once!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225631.363
King Nebular: It’s… it’s nothing to worry about, I’m sure. I can’t talk now. I’m going below to investigate the matter for myself.
Queen Minea: Noa… Conkram’s future… Your future… Noa, I want you to have a happy, prosperous future.

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225836.066
“Get rid of the Seru!”
“Lock the doors!”

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225851.618

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_225854.273
Queen Minea: I care nothing of my own life. Let the Mist take it. After all, I am the Queen! I must share the same gate as this nation. But this newly born child, Noa… I want her to see the future! Please, take this child to a land untouched by the Mist! Take her to a world with a future! Please!
Soren Soldier: Your Majesty, your courage is inspiring! I will take Noa as far as I can, however far that may be.
Queen Minea: Now, hurry! The Mist is getting closer.
Soren Soldier: Your Majesty…
Queen Minea: Go now! Hurry! The Mist draws near!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230012.544 Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230016.920 Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230023.146 Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230030.075 Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230039.105
Terra: I am Terra! I have decided to live with you!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230047.392Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230051.520 Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230055.793
Noa, my child, your dream is fulfilled!

MUSIC: Dream Fulfilled

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230116.232
Noa: Uh-huh. Vahn, Gala… Let’s go to Conkram after we destroy the Floating Castle! Someone’s waiting for me in Conkram! Someone who knows me! So we have to go to Conkram, okay? Do you promise?

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230137.400
Noa: Vahn! Gala! There it is again… the light!
Terra: That light is called the Phantasmal Light. It’s activated by your dreams.
Noa: Phantasmal Light? Vahn, Gala, that’s neat! This is fun!
Gala: Ozma, you’ve heard of this before?!
Ozma: What?

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230157.240
Ozma: Well, I…
Gala: Tell me what you know about it. Or are the Ra-Seru trying to manipulate us for some purpose?
Ozma: No! That’s not it at all! Gala, you must believe me! We just wanted to talk to your minds, rather than explaining things with words.
Gala: Well, if talking is that disagreeable to you, do what you must. But listen, Ozma… if your intentions ever diverge from mine, then believe me, you won’t get away with it!
Noa: Gala, what are you so angry about? I don’t understand! Boo-hoo! Come on, Vahn, we have to have the last dream.

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230252.495 Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230255.511 Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230303.232

MUSIC: The Genesis Tree

Tieg: Gala. Gala. Gala and Ozma. Welcome, human. Welcome, Ra-Seru. The Stone Sage awaits you. It awaits your dreams, it awaits your mind, Gala.

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230312.623
Noa: Vahn, Gala is walking away! Vahn! Listen! Gala is snoring!
Terra: Noa! Can you hear me? You mustn’t awaken Gala! Gala is dreaming! Dreams mirror the heart. Gala is looking into his own heart, and Tieg is watching.

MUSIC: Biron Monastery

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230333.992
“He has to be! Songi can train all he wants, but he could never match Gala’s spiritual strength!”
“Silence! It’s Master Zopu!”

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230345.911
Zopu: I am pleased at how hard each of you is devoting yourself to your training. Now, as you all know, tomorrow is Biron’s Transmigration Festival. As always, we will hold the ritual tournament. Gala!
Gala: Yes, Master Zopu!
Zopu: Songi!
Songi: Yes, Master Zopu!
Zopu: As monks of Biron, there are things expected of you. You must fight with all your skills in order to make this a chivalrous tournament.
Gala: Yes, sir!
Songi: Yes, sir!
Zopu: That is enough training for today. Time to begin your individual tasks!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230419.511
Songi: Hey, I don’t like that look in your eyes! Gala! I bet you think you’re going to win, don’t you?
Gala: No, I…
Songi: To hell with you! I’m not stupid! I can tell by that look in your eyes! Hmmf. Ah, forget it. Let’s just have ourselves a good time tomorrow, all right? Ha ha ha!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230451.559
????: If you take Jigul grass, your body will go numb and you won’t be able to fight!
Songi: Mind your own business! I can’t take this headache anymore! Besides, everyone knows that Jigul grass is the best thing for a headache. So quit yapping and just give me the Jigul grass now!
Woman: All right, but don’t blame me if things go wrong… Songi, do you want water?
Songi: No! I’m going to take this after I go back to my room.

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230515.182Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230518.287 Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230523.534
Songi: I was afraid that you’d beat me tomorrow, and… I knew I shouldn’t, but I took Fury Boosts to help me fight better tomorrow!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230529.854
Songi: So here! You take a Fury Boost, too!
Gala: But why?
Songi: This is a contest, so we gotta be fair, right? And I want this to be a fair fight! So go ahead, take it!
Gala: Well, I don’t know… All right, I’ll do it!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230543.382
Songi: Pretty good! You just gulped that right down! Ha ha ha! Okay, let’s go!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230550.839
Zopu: In praise of the great benevolence and miracles of Biron, we hold this ritual tournament! Let the tournament begin!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230558.270
Gala: Uh…

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230601.950 Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230604.694
Monk: Gala lost!
Monk 2: I don’t believe it!

Songi: Ha ha ha! That’s right! I beat Gala! Me, Songi! I win!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230627.430
Woman: Stop playing dumb! You may think you’ve tricked Gala… but he knew! He knew all along!
Songi: What?
Woman: I told him! I told him that I gave you the Jigul grass. And I warned him not to take any medicine you gave him! But Gala just laughed. “Oh, Songi’s my best friend! Don’t worry!” he said.

MUSIC: Dreams in Uru Mais

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230648.550
Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230651.974
Songi: You think it’s funny to make a fool of me like that? Some best friend! You hypocrite! You’ll never get away with this… Never! I’ll crush you! Gala, I’ll beat you to a pulp!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230712.045 Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230716.581
The words echo in Gala’s Mind. Gala, my child! Your dream is fulfilled.

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230739.174
Gala: In my dream, I remembered something I didn’t want to. So that means we are all finished dreaming?

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230746.885 Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230750.935
Tieg: You did well, my children! Your dreams are now all fulfilled, and our souls are recalled to life. We shall teach you the Past! We shall teach you the Future! That is Tieg’s gift! That is the mission of Tieg, the Seru-human, both Seru and human!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230801.861
Gala: Tieg? Both Seru and human?

There are now a bunch of Tiegs that are around the top of Uru Mais. We need to talk to all of them. I’ll just put all the text here, as it’s all one big story.

Tieg: In the beginning, there was Tieg, and Tieg was everything. Then Tieg divided Himself into two. These were human and Seru. Tieg also divided the world into two: the human world and Seru-kai. To protect two worlds, Tieg placed ten Genesis Trees in human world and a Mother Genesis Tree in Seru-kai. To govern Seru-kai, Tieg chose a small group of Seru and gave them special Ra-Seru power.

A thousand years ago, by the human calendar, the Ra-Seru Rogue plotted behind Tieg’s back. Rogue gave the humans Seru, but humans coveted the Seru’s power, bringing chaos to the human world. Tieg learned of the plot of the Ra-Seru Rogue and sealed him in the eternal dungeon of Rogue. But a few Seru in the human worlds were left to serve humans, who had built civilization with Seru. The Mist is the breath of the evil Rogue. But the Mist covering Legaia was created by humans. Tieg sealed the Ra-Seru into the human world’s Genesis Trees. And he ordered them: Help the compassionate humans save the world if a Rogue or other evil presence should appear.

Vahn, Noa, Gala. Do the three of you now understand the Seru, Ra-Seru, and Tieg? Tieg knows all. Now Tieg will entrust you with the Fire Droplet! From an age when chaos was the world and the world was chaos…The Fire Droplet is chaos, and chaos is the Fire Droplet. Tieg, the pure, perfect being, Seru-human who is of spirit only…He shall now answer the hopes of human and Ra-Seru by opening the door to His world here and now!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230922.237
Gala: We must make room for Tieg.

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230951.460Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230937.180Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230955.821Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_230959.461Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231009.996 Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231017.438
Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231027.252
Tieg: Vahn, use your courage. Gala, use your pride. Noa, use your hope. With these three things, knowledge will create the future. Never forget that.

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231040.636
Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231044.444
Noa: Thank you, Tieg. I hope we can meet again some day.
Gala: We did it! Now, Vahn, we must hurry back to Dr. Usha’s laboratory!

MUSIC: Juggernaut Approaches

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231102.836
Noa: No! That’s not Tieg! Look! The whole forest is shaking!
Terra: Noa! That is a Seru that doesn’t belong on the surface! It’s the evil Sim-Seru, Juggernaut!
Noa: Juggernaut…
Meta: We must run away now! Vahn! It’s too dangerous! The only thing we can do is flee!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231121.731Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231129.972Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231131.868Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231135.428Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231138.188 Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231141.276

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231153.051
Gala: Now we can never borrow the power of Tieg again?
Terra: The enemy… the Mist’s henchmen must have felt the Words of Tieg.
Ozma: Tieg was an obstacle to their goal.
Meta: That is why they unleashed Juggernaut on this holy place!
Gala: But we still have the Fire Droplet that Tieg gave us! Come on, everyone! Let’s teach those henchmen of the Mist a good lesson!
Noa: Yeah! Let’s teach them a lesson! Let’s get ’em real good!
Cara: Ha ha ha!

MUSIC: Cara’s Theme

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231217.660
Gala: Cara! What are you doing here?
Cara: Ha ha ha! Well, that’s a fine how do you do! I can do whatever I want, wherever I want!
Noa: Hey, Cara. Why don’t you give is that egg of a Ra-Seru you have?
Cara: Egg of a Ra-Seru? Oh, you mean this Ra-Seru egg. Hmmm… okay!
Noa: Yeah! Hooray! Let ME have it! I want it! I want the egg!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231243.331
Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231323.235
Noa: I knew it…
Cara: If you awaken Buma’s Genesis Tree, like you did the one in Sol… Then I’ll give you my Ra-Seru Egg as a reward.
Gala: That was your plan from the very beginning.
Cara: Well, get to it, kids.
Gala: Cara, wait! Tell me why? Why do you want us to awaken Buma’s Genesis Tree?
Cara: …Well, if I said it was for love, little kids like you wouldn’t understand anyway. Ha ha ha!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231356.787
Vahn: I don’t know either.
Noa: So you don’t know what love is either? Well, let’s try and figure it out together!
Gala: Hurry, both of you! We have to deliver the Fire Droplet to Dr. Usha!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231416.874
The Magic Grail is awesome. It will restore some MP at the end of every turn. Great for Gala, who is pretty much our dedicated mage/healer.

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231434.939
Back to the Usha Research Station!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231441.715
Dr. Usha: You came back with the Fire Droplets! Tell me! tell me about Uru Mais! Tell me about your dreams! About Tieg! About the Fire Droplets! Wait… we have no time to waste if we are to free the world from the Mist! Now then! Give me the Fire Droplet!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231516.090
Dr. Usha: Assistant 1! Assistant 2! Are you ready?

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231525.946Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231531.610Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231534.730Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231537.882Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231539.834Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231541.010  Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231542.970 Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231544.266Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231545.482    Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231548.826
Dr. Usha: Sometimes I impress even myself! Ha ha ha! Here they are, the TimeSpace Bombs!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231555.898
Dr. Usha: Why four TimeSpace Bombs? There is a reason. Listen! One is for blasting open the entrance to Nivora Ravine. Place it in front of the block of ice at the entrance and press the switch. The bomb will explode three seconds after you press the switch, so find shelter quickly! The other three must be set off simultaneously. In Nivora Ravine, the road splits into three tunnels. Thunder Tunnel, Fire Tunnel and Wind Tunnel. You must each enter a separate tunnel! Each tunnel leads to Koru. When you all get there… you must set the TimeSpace Bombs at the same time! Koru can only be destroyed by the combined blasts of all three bombs! Good luck! I know you can do it. You can melt the ice of Buma!

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231635.465

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231637.121

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231641.338

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231647.178

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231653.201

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231659.882

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231706.098Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231708.137
Oh.  Well, that was pretty nice.

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_231711.969

GOOD GOD, THAT WAS A MONSTER OF AN UPDATE. This will be the longest one by far, except for maybe the last one.

NEXT TIME: Nivora Ravine!

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