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Buma & the Sorens – Legend of Legaia Ep. 28

Welcome back to Let’s Play Legend of Legaia! Last time we managed to defeat the Delilas Family as well as Koru. With that done, Buma is now defrosted, so now we can (in theory) revive the Genesis Trees in Buma. And then we’ll figure out all the stuff that gets to go along with that.

Let’s get to it!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103315.725
Well, let’s see how Buma looks when it isn’t completely frozen!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103320.484
Wow, that’s… actually really cool.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103332.572
Noa: Vahn, Gala! I don’t believe it! Buma isn’t frozen anymore!
Gala: You’re right. I didn’t know Buma was such a beautiful town.
Noa: Stop standing around! C’mon! We have to go revive the Genesis Tree! I’ll go ahead of you!
Gala: Ha ha ha! What an impatient girl! Come on, Vahn, let’s go!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103407.844
Noa: The ice on the Genesis Tree is melting away!
Gala: It’s just like Dr. Usha said.
Noa: Terra! Now we can wake up the Genesis Tree!
Terra: That’s right. Since there are three Genesis Trees, let’s split up.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103433.573 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103437.340
Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103536.931Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103539.611
Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103544.292Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103546.348
Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103550.107Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103553.955
Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103559.843Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103608.891 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103617.139
Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103620.484
Noa: I’m so happy, Vahn! Terra feels stronger now!
Cara: Who would have thought the Genesis Tree had such power!
Noa Gala: Cara?
Cara: Well, excuse me, but I was watching you the entire time. It’s amazing. So the Genesis Tree of Buma had such powers after all. I thought that it was too late for us to do anything.
Noa: Um, Cara… can I have the Ra-Seru Egg that you have?
Gala: Now that Buma, your home, is back to normal, you don’t need the Ra-Seru Egg anymore!
Cara: Sorry, but I haven’t gotten my “time” back yet. So please, just leave me alone.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103706.891
Cara: I buried something here. That day, I buried my heart here.
Gala: There’s nothing we can do, Vahn. Let’s just leave Cara alone for now.
Noa: I didn’t know you could bury your heart and live. Oh, I just don’t get it!
Cara: Long ago, I buried my heart and Grantes’ heart here.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103738.586 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103743.266
Gala: Humanlike bodies but with Seru Wings. Those are Soren, all right. They must have found out about Buma’s Genesis Tree. They’ve come to take a look!
Noa: Hey, Soren! It’s me, Noa! Over here!
Gala: Ha ha ha! Noa, you’re too far! They can’t hear you!
Noa: I wish the Soren would land over here.
Gala: Hey, that’s a good idea. If we had their help… Then we could get to the Floating Castle, where the Mist Generator is. We just have to talk to those Soren.
Noa: The Soren! They’re gone!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103814.306
Noa: Cara, you’re bleeding! Your hand is all bloody!
Gala: Cara, is that it? Is that what you buried under the ground?
Cara: Ha! Go ahead and laugh if you think it’s funny! You’re right. This is the only memory I have left. This is the music he… Grantes wrote after hearing my song.
Noa: It must be love! That’s great, Cara! That stands for your love! I don’t know much about love, but… let me see that!
Cara: Uh…

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103840.763
Noa: I’ll take this music to Grantes for you. Leave it to me!
Cara: Well… thank you.
Gala: We don’t really have time for that, but… oh, well.
Cara: Please, do this for me! I’m sure that if Grantes hears that song, he’ll change his mind!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103947.649 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103956.682
There is, of course, a new Arms Shop in Buma. Luckily for me, there are only two new items, new weapons for Vahn and Noa, and I’m actually able to afford them without any trouble.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104014.378
We still need to heal up after our showdown with the Delilas Family, and then the battle with Koru as well.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104026.098
King Nebular: Noa. I feel you’re presence so strongly. You’re right near us. But this will be the last time we can send you our words.
Queen Minea: He… he has found us out.
Noa: Who has? Who are you talking about?
Queen Minea: The man who brought the Mist into the world.
King Nebular: The man who invaded the realm of the Gods by changing the Seru and creating Sim-Seru. His name…
Queen Minea: He is Cor…

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104054.305
Noa: Mother? Father?

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104101.362
Noa: Who is that? Who’s there?!
????: Ha ha haaaa! How desperate you are! Noa! Foolish Noa! I don’t need to give you my name! Ha! You and that idiot Ra-Seru can struggle all you want! The more you struggle, the more I can taste your despair!
Noa: Bastard! What have you done with my mother? What have you done with my father?
????: Listen well, and I shall tell you! If you have the power, come to Conkram for yourself and see! Your parents are there!
Noa: Conkram!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104128.601
Noa: Are you afraid of me? Fight me! I’ll kick your butt! Fatherrrr! Oh, Mother!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104145.993
It really bothers me how they don’t mention the dreams. At all. Ever.

So I decided to Door of Wind my way over to Sol, because it’s not really worth the time to trek across the world map. I then make my way up to the Cafe where Grantes is drowning his sorrows.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104224.752
Noa: Here! Here’s some music! Play this!
Pianist: Hmm… This is so… simple. Hmm.
Noa: Are you going to play it or not?
Pianist: All right, I’ll play it! Geez, what an impatient young girl! Ahem!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104304.137
Noa: Grantes! You know what? The Mist in Buma is all gone now.
Grantes: The Mist… The Mist at Buma is gone?
Gala: I know I’m young and inexperienced compared to you, but I’ll tell you this! Now I don’t know what happened to you in the past. I don’t know whether you hurt the one you love… And you can turn your back on your past and sit around despondent about your future, but I have no respect for someone who tries to kill his own spirit like that!
Grantes:  That song… did Cara…?
Noa: That’s right! Cara loves you, and… she wants you to remember that love!Gala: Cara said that no matter what happens, that love will always be true.
Grantes: Cara said that? I remember now. That’s the melody she was playing on my flute the first time I saw her. I came down to the surface following that melody. That’s when I found Cara. She was playing the flute! I know I’m a horrible man. I didn’t take responsibility for the love I felt. Cara… do you think she’ll forgive me?
Vahn: Of course she will!
Grantes: Sorry, fellas. I guess I’m still depending too much on others. Now I realize that! You taught me a lesson. Now that the Mist is gone from Buma, I’m going to go to Buma on my own two legs and tell Cara! Tell her that it’s never too late to change as long as the desire for change is there! Maybe if I tell her that I am grateful, from the bottom of my heart, maybe she would forgive me, and then… We’ll be waiting for you! Both of us, together, will be waiting in Buma!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104447.840
Gala: Even with Grantes the way he was, love was still alive! A miracle is sure to happen!
Noa: Wow, Gala! You’re great! You know everything about love!
Gala: Uh, ahem, well…

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104458.735
Noa: Wow, you’re great!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104522.896
I just use another Door of Wind to get back to Buma, because again, forget the world map.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104551.967
Cara: It’s all right, Grantes. Now that you’re ar my side, everything is all right.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104601.487 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104604.399
Noa: Cara! Grantes! So, you made up, huh?
Grantes: A-Actually, I… We’re just…

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104619.087
Noa: What do you mean, Gala?
Gala: If you don’t mind, I’d like to hear what happened.
Cara: I don’t mind. Why don’t you tell them, Grantes.
Grantes: I was… torn between my love for Cara and Soren law. It was then that Zora, the master of the Floating Castle, appeared to me. Zora said she would give Cara Seru Wings, if I helped her. Like a fool, I believed her and stole this town’s Ra-Seru Eggs. There were three Eggs. I gave two to Zora. The remaining Egg I gave to Cara.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104650.319
Cara: He gave it to me and said it was a symbol of our love.
Grantes: But of course Zora lied. Ha! She never gave me Seru Wings. I escaped with my life, but my Soren people found out everything I did. As punishment for breaking Soren law, they took my Seru wings and banished me to the surface. For ten years after that, as you know, I…
Noa: Grantes lived alone. Cara was alone too. I understand!
Grantes: Yes, I was alone. But you saved me. At first I didn’t want to give up being Soren, but now I’m ready to live as a surface-dweller. With Cara.
Cara: Oh, Grantes!
Noa: Love! That’s love! I know it! Love is wonderful!
Gala: I hate to interrupt, but we have to see the Soren. Can you help us?

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104746.718
Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104749.534
Grantes: This is a flute the Soren use to call for help. A surface-dweller has no use for it. If you want to meet the Soren, go to the summit of Mt. Dhini and play this flute. The Soren will think you’re a Soren and fly right over to you! Ha ha ha!

…We don’t see that as a problem? Impersonating a Soren when the Soren hate anything that isn’t a Soren???  All right then.

Cara: Also, I want to give this back to you. This can’t help me anymore.
Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104813.326

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_104819.158
Gala: Noa… We must get going.
Noa: Huh? Why?
Gala: We don’t want to bother the two lovebirds, do we?
Noa: I don’t really understand, but since you know about love, Gala, I’ll do what you say.
Gala: Hmm.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105056.405
Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105104.637
Now that there is no longer a giant glacier in the way, the party can make their way north past Buma towards Mt. Dhini.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105111.733 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105118.517
You know, I really have to question the effectiveness of the Genesis Trees. Especially in this case, as there were 3 of them. And they don’t seem to have cleared off that much Mist.

MUSIC: Mt. Dhini

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105123.125
So, here’s Mt. Dhini. It’s not that exciting.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105131.045
Mt. Dhini, sacred land of Soren. None may climb Mt. Dhini without the mark of the Soren. The Soren Flue inside the satchel suddenly began to shine. I hear a voice from Birdman Gate! Mt. Dhini is open to those with the mark of Soren!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105145.253

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105150.237
I can’t remember if the Garnet is new, but most enemies by this point are pallete swaps of earlier enemies.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105203.381  Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105207.893Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105213.436
I think this means an enemy can’t block your attacks? Who knows. I could try it out, but my accessory setup is pretty good as is.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105224.141 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105237.268
A new Seru! And the next level of Mushura. Mushura is super fun to say. Also, a Phoenix, which are always handy and welcome.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105428.428  Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105448.204Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105450.267 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105507.739
Wonder Amulets are awesome, preventing all status effects. I think I have 2 now. But to be honest, the only real crippling status effect would be Rot. The rest are just kind of nuisances.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105539.171
Gained a level while scaling the mountain.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105545.643 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105627.963 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105556.011Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105559.499
The Good Luck Bell helps lower the encounter rate, which would be great if I didn’t have to constantly be fighting to make sure I have enough money for the next set of equipment. I might find some use for it at the ass end of the game though.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105643.091 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105644.259
Noa: Play the flute to call the Soren!
Gala: There’s no Mist at the summit! The Soren can fly here on their Seru Wings! Vahn, why don’t you play the Soren Flute you have with you?

MUSIC:  Evil Seru(?)

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105714.610
Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105723.538
Noa: From Grantes! Grantes gave it to us!

Oh, dammit.

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105727.986
Luctes: This is the Soren’s holy place. You earthbound humans must leave here at once! Come! We are leaving!
Gala: What are you, allies of the Mist? Are you protecting the Mist?

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105737.995
Gala: Then you are prepared to fight the Mist and its allies?
Luctes: Of course we are! That is why we punished Grantes, for helping build the Floating Castle. Many brave Soren have died trying to attack the Floating Castle.
Noa: Then we should work together! We’re on the same side!
Gala: We revived the Genesis Tree. The Mist is gone! Now we need the power of the Soren to destroy the Mist Generator in the Floating Castle!
Luctes: !

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105803.178
Luctes: All right…

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105818.882
Luctes: You shall come to our camp and speak with our Elder! Is that agreeable? Good! We’re going to fly, so hold on tight! If you fall, you’ll die! Carry them gently! Gently, do you hear? I said G-E-N-T-L-Y!

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105842.577  Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105844.690Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105856.258Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105907.258Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105920.258

MUSIC:  The Soren Fly

I mean… we COULD do that… but…

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105935.897 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105938.594

Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105940.850 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_105944.993

…oh, goddammit. Well, SEE YOU NEXT TIME.

The Floating Castle – Legend of Legaia Ep. 29

Well, hey there! Last time on Save File plays Legend of Legaia, we actually had a legitimately feel good moment when reuniting Cara and Grantes. We now have access to the Soren camp, and we need to talk to them in order to try and assault the Floating Castle to take out the Mist Generator.

We’re getting into the home stretch now, so let’s hop to it!

MUSIC: The Soren Fly

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114009.745 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_113848.393 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_113826.481 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_113822.833 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_113819.681
I got all the damn new equipment. I got myself through it by convincing myself that I won’t have to grind much more (I hope).

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114035.768
Cructes: Most impressive! I now realize that you truly possess the determination to save the world. We’ve tried every tactic against that Floating Castle. But you, with the powers of your Ra-Seru, should be able to destroy it! I have decided that the Soren should help you! Go speak to Luctes, in the square. He will take you to the Floating Castle.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114103.816
Luctes: Now, then. I’ll take you to the Floating Castle! Good! Now hold on tight!

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114114.959 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114124.720
Luctes: Are you ready? That’s the spirit! I see you are ready for battle! We’re going in!

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114141.432 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114148.239
Luctes: We’ll be waiting here. If you succeed in destroying the Mist Generator, come back here.

Time to head inside!  Unfortunately, this game is… pretty bad at making dungeons interesting. They don’t even look that cool. So I probably won’t have too much to say until plot starts happening again.

MUSIC: Mist Generator

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114156.520Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114204.375Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114219.135Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114225.887 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114237.039
Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114247.319Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114321.407 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114323.959  Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114307.991
Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114335.510Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114354.262Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114341.327Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114409.470
That’s a lever that I’m moving so I can get further into the dungeon.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114423.222Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114436.182Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114438.910  Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114503.390 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114508.382
Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114513.278
Puera: Just between you and me, that Zora is a real slave driver! We don’t even need to guard a power unit like this, but she ordered us here anyway.  Hmm. Wait a minute! Zora didn’t say anything about new people coming! That means… You are those Ra-Seru wearing fools! You son of a… I’ll teach you a lesson!

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114526.102
The Puera is an interesting enemy. Almost 100% of the time, it uses its special ability Death Game.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114542.390Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114546.774  Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114549.694 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114553.029
It’s your basic carnival game. Four cards pop up with 4 different options. Puera dies, targeted character dies, targeted character gets healed, or both get damaged. However, as long as you’re paying attention, you should almost always be able to pick out the Puera dies card.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114555.869
And, as promised, the Puera dies.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114642.054 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114646.597
I don’t know what the Soren Secrets are, but I have them now.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114654.134Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114659.389  Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114701.989Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114716.357 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114718.965
I don’t know why they act like the Pueras are a threat. I guess if I wasn’t paying attention (likely, I’ve been playing this game with YouTube going on my other monitor) there’s a chance I might pick one of the other cards.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114749.093
Vahn: Yes, I hear it too!
Noa: But she’s not here… Zora, the one who deceived Grantes. I thought she would be here.
Gala: You’re right. This is the castle lord’s room, but where’s Zora?
Noa: I wanted to defeat her and get back the Ra-Seru Egg…

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114804.373
Luctes: This is bad! Everyone hide! Don’t let him see you!

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114817.869 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114824.317
Luctes: I know how you must feel, but… our mission is to wait for those three to return.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114832.948
Noa: Since she’s not here, let’s destroy the Mist Generator.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114841.053 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114846.660
Well, balls.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114849.004
Vahn: Let’s look for Zora!
Noa: Good idea! Let’s get the egg back from Zora!

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114912.517
Noa: Zora! Are you Zora?
Zora: And what if I am?
Noa: Give me back the Ra-Seru Egg you tricked Grantes out of!
Zora: Oh, little Noa! You are just as silly as I heard! Ha ha ha! I am loved and protected by Cort. Surely you didn’t expect me to just hand you the Ra-Seru Egg!
Noa: Boo-hoo!
Zora: But don’t worry… I will fight you! If you win, I will tell you where the Ra-Seru Egg is.

MUSIC: Mist Generator Guardian

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_114937.244
Okay, wow. I usually don’t make jokes/say things like this, but Zora needs to eat a damn sandwich. That does NOT look healthy.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115011.788 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115019.684 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115030.116Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115039.484
Miracle Arts are so beautiful.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115646.538
Dark Typhoon hits pretty hard, but Spoon can heal that right up.

All in all, Zora isn’t too bad of a boss fight. Her single target attacks are very manageable, Dark Typhoon hits hard, but as long as I keep everyone’s HP pretty high, that’s not much of a problem either. She can also turn a character to stone, but Vahn and Gala are both wearing Wonder Amulets to prevent status changes, and I have plenty of Medicine to cure it if Noa gets hit.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115710.041
Gala may not have his Miracle Arts yet, but Electric Fist + Neo Raising is still one hell of a combo, allowing him to stay in the respectable damage range.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115736.585

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115744.513
Noa: Zora! Tell me where the Ra-Seru Egg is!
Zora: You silly fool, Noa. I used the Ra-Seru Egg… long ago, as an important component of the Mist Generator.
Gala: What? The Ra-Seru Egg is a component of the Mist Generators? Ozma? What does this mean?
Ozma: What Zora says is correct. Mist Generators use both Ra-Seru and Ra-Seru Eggs…
Noa: Terra, why didn’t you tell me before?!
Terra: I’m sorry, Noa. I was afraid you might get the wrong idea… that the Ra-Seru are creating the Mist.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115812.729

MUSIC: Songi’s Theme

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115815.377
Noa: Songi! So you came to help Zora, eh?
Songi: Sorry, but I’m not interested in someone more than twice my age.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115827.360 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115830.929
Songi: Sorry, but I’ve got business with the Mist Generator.
Gala: What? What do you want with the Mist Generator?
Songi: Ha ha ha!
Gala: Vahn, let’s follow Songi!

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115849.297 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115855.376

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115902.008
Gala: Could it be Songi? Could he have destroyed the Mist Generator?
Songi: You are indeed correct! Ha ha!

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115911.552
Gala: Why? Why would you destroy the Mist Generator?
Songi: Oh, you are too much! The musclebound oaf is still as dumb as ever! I’ll tell you why I did it. The whole Floating Castle was just a trap to lure you in and kill you. The Floating Castle’s Mist Generator was just a piece of junk! Even its Mist was no good! I was going to destroy it and you with it after you finished off Zora.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115929.553
Songi: Zora! You’re still alive!
Zora: C-Cort tried to kill me…?
Songi: That’s right. He used you as bait for that very important trap. Not even Cort would expect you to defeat the Ra-Seru!
Zora: But… Cort loved me… He said he loved me.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115944.864

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_115948.616
Songi: If this meddlesome woman hadn’t opened her big mouth, you would have fallen into the trap, and I wouldn’t have had to destroy the Mist Generator!
Noa: Songi! What trap? What do you mean?
Songi: Ha ha ha! Stupid, simple-minded barbarian girl! Use your little brain and think! This Castle used the Mist Generator’s energy to float. Here’s a tough question. What happens to the Floating Castle when the Mist Generator is gone?

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_120011.863

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_120015.864
Songi: Congratulations, you answered correctly! Your prize is a rapid free-fall to the surface!
Gala: Songi, wait! If the Floating Castle was a trap for us… Then where’s the Mist Generator creating the Mist in Karisto Kingdom?
Songi: Gala, you are a hopeless dimwit! Instead of the Mist, you should be worried about your own life! Only six minutes till impact! Bye! Have a nice trip! See you next “fall,” haha!

MUSIC:  Run away! RUN AWAY!


Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_120034.936 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_120039.184 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_120046.831
You can get into battles, but luckily the timer stops during battles. If it didn’t, you’d basically be guaranteed to die. I just equip the Good Luck Bell to decrease the amount of encounters and book it on out of there. There’s nothing special, just leave the exact same way you got in.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_120109.712 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_120120.567
Gala: They must have sought shelter somewhere.
Noa: What are we going to do? We got away, but we’ll all die if we don’t do something!
Gala: …is it my destiny to die now?

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_120135.543 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_120139.311
Oh, dear me.

Luctes: I’m sorry!!!

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_120147.575Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_120154.695 Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_120159.471
Whew. Wow, you’d think that would make a bigger splash with the amount of water it’s displacing, but whatever. WHAT DO I KNOW.

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_120207.487
Luctes: I apologize. We had to get away from the Seru monsters, and so we were watching from the air.

MUSIC: The Soren Fly

Ep. 29.mp4_20150726_120217.943
Meta: The Mist Generator is a machine that uses Ra-Seru as a catalyst to make the Mist.
Ozma: A Ra-Seru also has the power to take the life of other Ra-Seru. So far we have destroyed the Mist Generators by killing the Ra-Seru sealed inside.
Gala: It must have been painful to kill a fellow Ra-Seru, even if to destroy the Mist Generators.
Noa: Terra, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize why you were so sad.
Terra: There was nothing else to do. But I am sure the Ra-Seru who died with the Mist Generators are better off dead than living to serve evil.
Gala: It was a bittersweet victory. Even so… Songi said that the Floating Castle was merely a trap. If that’s true, then where is the Mist in Karisto Kingdom coming from?
Cructes: I can’t understand what the Ra-Seru are saying to you. But if you are discussing Gala’s question, I have already investigated that. Having now learned that the Floating Castle’s Mist Generator is powerless, I ordered a reconnaissance team to find the Mist Generator generating the Mist over Karisto. They found it in the mountains of North Karisto! If only we could destroy it now. All of Legaia would be free of the Mist forever! The Mist Generator is near Conkram, which once fought a war with Sol. In Conkram, you may also find out about Noa’s parents as well. It is the Soren’s duty to take you there! This I have already ordered Luctes to do. You should leave for Conkram as soon as you are ready.
Noa: Vahn, did you hear that? Conkram! We’re going to Conkram! I finally get to go to Conkram, where my mother and father are!


Nivora Ravine AKA Showdown Time – Legend of Legaia Ep. 27

Hey guys, welcome back to Legend of Legaia! Last time, we managed to get the Fire Droplets after dreaming at uru Mais, and a lot, lot, lot of talking. This time, we have to go to Nivora Ravine to set off some TimeSpace Bombs to defrost the Genesis Trees in Buma so we can revive them. For love, according to Cara.  I like to do little synopses like this because it lets me really reflect on how insane RPG plots are.

Well, let’s get to the Ravine!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_231937.761
I may have gotten into a fight or two on the way, but here we are!

MUSIC: Mist Infested Area

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_231941.560
Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_231953.561
Noa: Oh, goodie! Goodie! There’s gonna be a BIG explosion!
Gala: I’ll set the TimeSpace Bomb. When I press the buttons, I’ll give the signal. When I do, run and find shelter!
Noa: Gala, it explodes in three seconds, right?
Gala: That’s right.
Noa: In three seconds, Nivora will change! In one, two, three!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232021.848
Gala: All set! All right, I pressed the switch! Run!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232030.048Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232032.656 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232034.792

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232038.360
Noa: Dr. Usha, you liar! I counted right! I counted one-two…
Gala: Was it defective? Why did it explode so soon? Is everyone all right? Well, there are no doubts about the TimeSpace Bomb’s power. Look at the entrance!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232058.232
Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232106.528
Noa: if the TimeSpace Bomb is so powerful, why didn’t they use it on the Genesis Tree in Buma? Then they could have melted the ice on the Genesis Tree right away.
Terra: No, no, you can’t do that! Now listen, Noa. A powerful bomb like that would destroy the Genesis Tree… and Buma and everyone there!
Noa: Oh… I guess the TimeSpace Bomb is too powerful.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232129.280
Inside we go!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232146.519
There’s some new (pallet swapped) enemies inside.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232204.551
Luctes: Now that the Genesis Tree of Sol is revived and the Mist around it gone, this is our chance to charge the Floating Castle!
Soren: Don’t be hasty! Zora is powerful!
Luctes: Quiet! Someone’s coming!
Noa: Vahn! Gala! Over here! There’s no Mist over here!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232222.959
Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232230.976
Gala: Noa, what’s wrong?
Noa: That’s strange… I thought I saw someone nearby.
Gala: I don’t see anyone.
Noa: Never mind! Vahn, Gala! Let’s go!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232256.303
Ooooh, the Warrior Icon is a sweet accessory. It allows you to counterattack your enemy. It has something like a 1/3 success rate, which is actually pretty darn good.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232324.696
Save point already?

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232337.423
Gala: We’ll have to split up from here and make way on our own. Vahn, Noa, are you ready?
Noa Vahn: Yes!
Gala: Good! I’ll take the Thunder Tunnel on the right, and head for where we’ll set the bomb.
Noa: I’ll take the middle tunnel. That means you have the left tunnel, Vahn.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232356.767
So the party does indeed split up here, for pretty much the only time in the game. For the next section, each character is on their own, but it’s a fairly short section, so it’s not that challenging.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232408.174
The game pretty much makes most battles one-on-one, and all of our characters are easily strong enough to take on a regular enemy by themselves.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232418.223
We continue on with Vahn until he runs into this blocking point, where we can switch to someone else.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232420.966
Someone else in this case being Noa!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232424.590 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232432.215
Pssssht, EZPZ.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232448.871
Noa stepping on this glowy crest here allows Vahn to pass through underneath.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232452.566
Pushing this makes it rotate, allowing Vahn to pass through, and it also allows Noa to cross over on the higher level.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232509.702

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232519.822 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232522.943
Yet another obstacle, so that means we have to switch to someone else for Vahn to make any more progress.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232530.438Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232559.526Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232612.254Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232613.805 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232618.334
Well, Noa’s made it! Now we just need to get Vahn and Gala through.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232620.494Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232634.238 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232642.317
Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232711.541Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232727.469 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232730.317
Well, that means Vahn can get through, but we may as well just push on with Gala for now.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232738.901
Ozma: Now we have to wait until everyone is in position.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232744.501 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232749.365
Gala: Hey! Vahn, can you hear me? Let’s set the TimeSpace Bombs!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232800.165
Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232805.357
Lu Delilas: A millenium of Mist and followers is our goal! That is what we promised Lord Zora!
Che Delilas: Swine! You are enemies of Lord Zora and therefore our enemies. You shall die!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232817.773 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232822.541Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232828.117Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232835.453Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232840.949Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232843.580
I could have cut some of that down, but holy crap, I actually laughed out loud at this image of Gala facepalming.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232848.932
And then this one too. Noa is still into the whole idea of battle poses.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232851.012
Che Delilas: Ha ha ha! Fight me! I will show you how strength is used!

Oh hey, it’s a boss fight!

MUSIC: Boss Battle

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232907.700
Each of our characters now has a one on one duel with a member of the Delilas Family. This is actually the toughest one, Gala vs. Che. However, one thing to keep in mind is that the Delilas all follow a pattern. 2 turns of regular attacks, followed by their “big” attack, then repeat until someone dies.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_232917.108
Here’s a shot of Gala taking a left straight to the face like it ain’t no thang.

Oh man, that “counterattack successful” message will never, ever get old.

Megaton Press is Che’s big attack. But since the enemies follow a set pattern, it’s pretty easy to Spirit beforehand to mitigate a bunch of the damage.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_233844.524
The battle takes a long time, but it isn’t particularly difficult. We also get the Thunder Book III for our troubles.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_233859.240 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_233903.745
He then flops over the side of the cliff.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_233907.344
Lu Delilas: You! Get over here, kid! I’m gonna send you to the next world!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_233916.904
Same kind of battle. 2 turns of regular attacks, 1 “big” attack.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_233929.392 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_233939.384
This battle won’t last as long, since Noa’s damage output is so much higher.

Man, Lu is all about the poses.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234254.831
Then again, so is Noa, I guess.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234301.182Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234302.870Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234306.150Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234310.119
2 down, 1 to go. Same song and dance here as well.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234936.108 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234942.012
Che is definitely the toughest battle, probably because Gala doesn’t slam out as much damage per round as Vahn and Noa can.


Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234951.124Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_234956.804 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235002.707
I remember this part being a lot more difficult when I was younger, but I’m a lot more over-leveled intelligent than I was back then.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235006.235
Gala: All right, everyone! Let’s set the TimeSpace Bombs!
Noa: Okay! I put my TimeSpace Bomb in place!
Gala: I hope they explode aftger 3 seconds… Not sooner! All we do is press buttons and run like demons. Ready? Press on the count of 3! Three! Two! One! The button is pressed! now run!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235028.892Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235030.628 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235033.195
Well, that went extremely well.

MUSIC: Fight the Mist Generator Guardians

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235045.236
Gi Delilas: Stop whimpering, Che. I-I’m right here. Where is Lu? Is she alive?
Lu Delilas: I’m right here, my brother.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235059.219
Gi Delilas: Look! Koru is still alive! The thermal energy… the thermal energy he’s stored in his belly for so long… Let’s release it!
Lu Delilas: Brother! Do you mean the three of us will merge with Koru?
Gi Delilas: Correct! Lu, is life that precious to you?
Lu Delilas: N-no! Of course not!
Che Delilas: Har har har! In doing so we lay waste to all of Karisto! I like it!
Gi Delilas: Listen! We must use our remaining strength! Those Ra-Seru will wish they’d never been born!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235132.091Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235129.235 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235141.171
Gala: Such a strange light! Noa, Vahn! Look! It’s Koru! The light is coming from Koru!
Noa: Huh? But we blew Koru up with the TimeSpace Bombs!
Meta: It seems the Delilases have merged with that Seru and commanded it to self-destruct! If Koru blows up, everything between here and Sol will be vaporized!
Noa: No!
Gala: How could this happen… Ozma, how can we stop them?
Ozma: I don’t know, but since they are controlling Koru, perhaps if we defeat them…
Terra: Whatever we do, we’d better do it quickly!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235254.386 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235300.498 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235257.866
Everyone has learned their last Hyper Art!

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235305.539 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235312.923
Noa: Yeah! If Koru blows up, you guys will die too!
Gi Delilas: Ha ha ha! We are all prepared for death!
Che Delilas: Once Karisto is flattened, Lord Zora will build the kingdom of the Mist there!
Lu Delilas: If you want to fight us, come on over. We’ll play with you until the explosion comes.
Gala: That suits me just fine!
Ozma: Be careful, Gala! If we don’t finish them quickly, we’ll be caught in the explosion!

MUSIC: Battle Against Koru

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235334.570
Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235336.370
This is an interesting fight. We have to end it within 4 turns, and it says Koru has 100 HP. The counters are a little funny, but the amount of damage we do corresponds to the 100 HP in the bar up there.  I don’t really know how the conversion works, but we should be able to pound out enough damage.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235349.322 Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235354.993
Kemaro still deals an admirable amount of damage.

Here’s Hurricane Kick and Explosive Fist, Noa & Gala’s strongest Hyper Arts.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150725_235954.983
Our damage output is way more than enough to take out Koru.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150726_000003.560 Ep. 27.mp4_20150726_000006.872Ep. 27.mp4_20150726_000015.263 Ep. 27.mp4_20150726_000025.281
We’re able to defrost Buma completely now.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150726_000042.311
Ozma: Seru merely Amplify the strength of humans.Terra: Whether a Seru does good or evil ultimately depends on the person using it.
Noa: But Terra, you’re a good Seru, right?
Terra: Hmm. We Ra-Seru are the way we are because we have been in the human world too long. Now, let’s go back to Buma.
Noa: Okay, the ice in Buma must be melted by now.

Ep. 27.mp4_20150726_000110.799 Ep. 28.mp4_20150726_103238.253
NEXT TIME: We get to check out the newly defrosted Buma!

Dreams, Tieg, AND THE GREAT TEXT DUMP OF LEGAIA. – Legend of Legaia Ep. 26

Welcome back to Legend of Legaia! Everyone strap in, grab a tasty, hot beverage, and settle down, because this update is going to have ALL of the words. It’s interesting, but hot damn, I am going to have to do so much typing…

Anyways, when last we left off, we were heading to Uru Mais to dream some dreams, so Tieg will show up and hand over the Fire Droplets, which we’ll use to make TimeSpace Bombs that we’ll use to blow up Koru, which in turn should defrost Buma, meaning we can revive the Genesis Trees there.

I never said this plot wasn’t convoluted. LET’S HOP TO IT.

MUSIC: Uru Mais

Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_224914.886
Ep. 26.mp4_20150725_224922.501
Gala: But Vahn, have you noticed something unusual?
Vahn: There’s no Mist here?
Gala: That’s right. There’s no Genesis Tree to be seen, yet the Mist doesn’t flow in here.