Dr. Usha – Legend of Legaia Ep. 25

Welcome back to Let’s Play Legend of Legaia. Last time, we ended up having to put Gaza down, but his spirit was used to revive Sol’s Genesis Tree, so I guess it all worked out in the end, right? RIGHT?  That said, let’s see what’s changed now that we’ve taken care of that!

MUSIC: Sol Tower

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_222842.870

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_222900.758
Soldier: What am I doing here? Ooh, my aching head! My whole body hurts! What’s going on here?!

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_222905.750

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_222908.342
Child: But I still can’t find them…


Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_222914.158
Old Man: It’s not that they just want to make money. I think they want to live and work like humans again.

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_222924.677
Vahn: Yes.
Old Woman: You know him! Is he safe? …Oh, I see. I survived the Mist, but had I been unlucky, maybe Gaza would have killed me as a Seru monster. You’ve seen such terrible fighting… and poor Gaza. He put down his sword, but after his grandchildren were killed by the Mist, he took it up again. Poor, lonely Gaza… his only choice was to live by the sword again. I know you are careful and have a fine Seru, but a Seru is a Seru! It’s just a tool! People are more important than tools! Never let a tool rule your heart!

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_222946.883
Oh come on! I just saved the town! You’re still going to charge me??  Grump grump grump…

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_222957.013
… it is? Um…


Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_223002.102
Emperor Etora: You there. Are you the one called Vahn?
Vahn: Yes.

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_223008.985
Emperor Etora: Many citizens fell victim to the Mist in the long years before you arrived. But you have saved us. I also foresaw the danger posed by the Floating Castle… I ordered Dr. Usha to seal the Sage’s Gate. I was correct in doing so. I have a message from Usha. A message intended for the heroes who revive the Genesis Tree.

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_223023.589

Emperor Etora: That is the message! I now entreat you to destroy the abominable Floating Castle! Good work! Give my regards to Usha when you see him!

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_223100.741
Oh geez…

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_223112.453
Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_223121.173
WHYYYYYYYYY… Well, it’s a good thing I have that Golden Book now, right? RIGHT? HAHAHAHASLHGFASLGHASLKGHJASLDKGJ

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_223142.644
This is me heading out of Sol Tower to go grind for several hours.

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_223146.653

MUSIC: Mist Generator

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_223150.965
Zora: Not bad.

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_223155.773
Zora: Ha ha! You’re quite confident. But leave them be. While they’re wandering around, Koru will…
Lu Delilas: Don’t worry about Koru. Leave him to the Delilas family!
Zora: Ha ha! Then go! I’m counting on you!
Che Delilas: Yes, ma’am!

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_223213.284
And what do you know, somehow Songi manages to be involved.

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_223224.957
Before I begin the grindfest, I just want to show off the we DID actually receive Gaza’s Astral Sword, and it is totally possible to equip it. It’s pretty dang powerful, but…

Ep. 25 P1.mp4_20150725_223307.332
Not exactly worth it.

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_223417.251 Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_223455.723 Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_223441.316 Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_223436.939 Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_223433.155 Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_223430.963

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_223514.555
Now I can OFFICIALLY leave Sol.

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_223519.939 Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_223527.155 Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_223523.891
Here’s everyone decked out in their spiffy new equipment.

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_223539.491
So to get to our next destination, we have to head back south, and past the train station that we arrived in Karisto Kingdom at.

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_223547.451 Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_223613.931
We can then loop upward and find this town. It’s totally possible to come here before Sol, but there’s no point in it, so I didn’t bother.

MUSIC: Buma in the Mist

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_223617.428
Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_223622.882
Noa: I’m going there! I’m going ahead to the Genesis Tree!

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_223631.763
Noa: Vahn, Gala, look! The Genesis Tree! Come look at the Genesis Tree! Oh, this is terrible! It’s frozen stiff! It’s frozen!
Gala: Oh, no!

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_223736.363
Noa: Terra! Terra! Will everything be all right? Won’t the Genesis Tree wake up?
Terra: I never imagined that something like this would happen to the Genesis Tree! We still have to try!! We’re going to focus our energy! Come over here!
Ozma: Gala, let’s give it a try!
Meta: Ready, Vahn? Let’s go join them!

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224007.337
Ozma: Visualize the Genesis Tree!
Meta: Concentrate! Harder, harder!

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224019.489
Terra: It’s no good! If we try any harder, we may damage the Genesis Tree.
Noa: No! No, we can’t give up! We can’t! I’ll do it! I’ll wake up the Genesis Tree!
Gala: Noa! Stop acting like a child!
Noa: Ohhh! Wait! That’s it! A Ra-Seru egg! This is a Genesis Tree, so it should have a Ra-Seru egg!
Gala: Noa is right! Ozma, can we at least get a Ra-Seru egg?
Ozma: Well, actually… It looks like there are no Ra-Seru eggs here.
Meta: It looks like all the Ra-Seru eggs have been taken from every Genesis Tree.

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224058.745
Noa: I’m sure of it, because she had eggs!
Gala: I see. It’s possible. I don’t know for sure, but it’s possible.
Noa: Can’t we melt the ice? If we could, we could revive the Genesis Tree.
Gala: There’s only one thing I can say for certain… and that is, dawdling around here isn’t going to get us anywhere! Noa, Vahn! Let’s look for other leads!
Noa: Gala, you sure do talk big.

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224132.544
That’s all we can do in Buma for now. Again, we could have seen this before going to Sol, but it wouldn’t have achieved anything.

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224149.528

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224157.153
That looks promising.

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224202.049
Oh hey, perfect! Just where we want to be!

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224217.081
Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224222.552
Dr. Usha: Who is it?
Noa: It’s me, Noa! I came to see you, Doctor!
Dr. Usha: Noa? I don’t know any Noa!
Gala: We’re on a journey to wipe the Mist from the face of the earth! We came seeking knowledge, Dr. Usha. Please, let us in!
Dr. Usha: Well… You may just be clever Seru. You say you want to destroy the Mist… if you’re telling the truth, you must know the password from someone in Sol! Well? Let me hear the password!

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224257.632
HOPE YOU WROTE IT DOWN SOMEWHERE. Otherwise, you have to trek all the way back to Sol to get it. (Or look it up on the internet, but WHO WOULD DO THAT?)

Dr. Usha: That’s it! So you are the heroes! You’re finally here! Just wait a moment. I’ll send down the elevator, so wait a moment.

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224305.647
Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224312.864
Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224325.520
First things first! FREE SWAG!

MUSIC: Usha Research Center

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224334.256
Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224337.815
Luckily, there’s no new equipment here. Not really, at least. The accessories are pretty good if you can afford them. We already have an Ivory Book, but another wouldn’t hurt. The Bronze Book seems kind of cool, but we wouldn’t really get anything unique from it. The Bad Luck Bell increases the encounter rate though.  In conjunction with the Golden Book I have, it will really speed up my “grinding for money” process, which I hopefully won’t need to do that much more anyways. I pick up a Bad Luck Bell for the heck of it.

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224350.816
Mrs. Usha: You’re the first strangers I’ve seen in ten years! I’m so happy! Nice to meet you all! The doctor awaits you in the laboratory up there. Go pay him a visit right away!

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224357.607
Boy, do I know how that guy feels. That is basically how I feel every time I eat spicy food too.

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224415.927

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224427.167
Gala: All three of us hate the Mist and we’re going to destroy it by reviving the Genesis Trees!
Noa: I hate the Mist too!
Dr. Usha: Oh, ho ho ho! I knew it! So those are Ra-Seru on your arms, right?
Gala: Doctor, you know about Ra-Seru?
Dr. Usha: Of course, of course! But who are you? Where do you come from? Why don’t we start with that question.
Noa: I, um, well, there was this wolf, and, um, I was about to die, and so then, this Ra-Seru. And then the Genesis Tree, yeah, that’s it, then I…
Dr. Usha: Calm down, young lady. We have plenty of time. Try to speak more slowly.

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224456.327
Destruction of Rim Elm’s Wall! Terra and Noa! Their fateful meeting at Mt. Rikuroa! Biron, Songa, and Gala! The Sky Gardens of Jeremi! The mystery of Octam! The tragedy of Hari, the prophet! The windless city of Vidna! The Seru brides of Ratayu! The swift flying train! Gaza, the swordmaster of Sol! And the ice-covered town of Buma! The Mist and the Genesis Tree. The Genesis Trees and Ra-Seru. It was an amazing tale. In turns the three spoke. It was morning by the time they finished their tale.

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224514.953
Dr. Usha: What a dreadful ordeal you have undergone for such a young age! Overcoming such adversity to bring peace to the world! How noble! You are indeed the heroes! I will do whatever I can to help you! My knowledge is at your disposal.! Of course, destroying the Floating Castle should completely eliminate the Mist from Karisto. But the Floating Castle can only be reached by air. To revive a Genesis Tree is key. There is a Genesis Tree in Buma, but it is covered in ice. It is impossible to revive it in that state. However… The ice can be melted! There’s a Seru in Nivora Ravine to the north that breathes cold air. Its name is Koru. It was once a peaceful Seru, but the Mist has made it savage. The only thing to do is to destroy that Seru!

He’s wearing a lab coat. Did you seriously think he wasn’t going to info-dump us?

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224546.319
Dr. Usha: Noa, calm down. Koru has been storing heat in his body for many years, and is extremely dangerous. Make a wrong move and KA-BOOM! Koru will explode and destroy you all! With the TimeSpace Bomb, we could trigger thermal reversal and destroy him neatly. But we have no Fire Droplets with which to fabricate a TimeSpace Bomb!
Noa: Fire Droplets? I’ll go get them!
Gala: Doctor, where can we find Fire Droplets?
Dr. Usha: In Uru Mais! An ancient book describing how to build a TimeSpace Bomb says…

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224610.183Dr. Usha: “The dream will summon Tieg, who will bring the Fire Droplet.” I don’t know who Tieg is, but I do know that the home of the Seru is Uru Mais! And if you have a dream there, that Tieg will bring the Fire Droplets. It could be easy or difficult. But this is the only way! My wife has the key to the door to Uru Mais. You can get it from her.
Noa: Vahn! Gala!
Gala: Uru Mais. Dreams. Tieg. Fire Droplets. Nothing but riddles!

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224718.462
Mrs. Usha: I heard you talking to the Doctor through that speaking tube over there. Now, I may be a worrywart, but I’m a little uneasy about this. Here are some questions to see if you properly understood everything! Answer all of them correctly, and I’ll give you a Ruins Key as a prize.

That’s right. No only did we get info dumped to hell, we have to correctly answer questions about everything we just heard in order to progress.

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224729.662

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224737.238

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224742.550
THE FIRE DROPLET, DAMMIT, NOW GIVE ME THE K… Swimsuits for adults? What the heck? Why is that even an option?

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224750.726

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224753.518
Mrs. Usha: Now here’s your prize!

YES. Now we can finally head to Uru Mais.

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224818.477
We can also talk to this lady here, who is the equivalent of an Inn.

Ep. 25 P2.mp4_20150725_224838.389
NEXT TIME:  Uru Mais. If you thought there was a lot of text in this update… hehehahahahaHAHAHAHAA… just you wait.

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