The MUSCLE DOME – Legend of Legaia Ep. 24

Welcome back to Save File Plays Legend of Legaia. Last time, we fought Gaza (and kicked his arse), but he was then spirited away by Songi. Today, we need to get to Warrior’s Square down at the bottom of Sol Tower, but… there are some obstacles in the way.

So first of all, Vahn is going to take on the MUSCLE DOME.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211426.670
I’ve got him the best equipment available, and he is accessorized with the Life Grail for automatic regen, the Power Ring for more general power, and the War Soul so his Arts will hit harder. Basically, I’ve made it so he’ll hit as hard as possible, and hopefully will have to heal as minimally as possible.


Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211436.014
Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211437.486
Referee: A colorful finish in only 1 minute, 47 seconds. The contestant in the blue corner has won a record victory.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211446.981
Hostess: You want to enter? Wonderful! The fee for registering is 100 tokens. First, tell me which one of you will be entering.
Vahn: That would be me.

Sidenote: you need to exchange G for Tokens. 1 Token = 100G. So that means you need 10,000G to be able to enter the tournament. So… that’s an extra amount of money you need to progress.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211501.533
Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211503.141
Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211505.821Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211508.318
At this point, we’re really only strong enough to take on the Beginner Course, but that’s okay, that’s all we need. There are 8 rounds, getting progressively tougher. Most of them I can beat in one round of attacks, but I’ll show off the tougher ones.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211520.813
In between rounds, you get this shot of Vahn in his corner with Noa and Gala rooting him on.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211524.309

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211533.133

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211541.029
A bit of a surprise, but Caruban really isn’t that tough anymore. This one took 2 rounds of attacking.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211604.669

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211610.141
Okay, this might prove a little tougher… but Vahn has a few tricks up his sleeve…


Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211626.548
This is more of a breather round than anything.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211633.532

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_211637.237
Oh. Well, then.


Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_212507.505
Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_212519.377

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_212521.977
Woo-hoo! NAILED IT.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_212524.081
Vahn is awarded 818 coins!

Oh, you’re far too kind! That’s actually 18 more than I need.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_212531.801
We can now trade 800 coins for 8 Soru Bread.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_212637.280
Alternatively, you could go to the Bakery and pay 6000G for each Soru Bread, which would amount to 48,000G

The more astute among you might thing “But Dinosaur! You paid 50,000G for the Life Grail and to enter the Muscle Dome! You LOST money by doing what you did!”

To which I would respond: you are correct. However, 2,000G is only about 2 extra battles of grinding, and now I also have the Life Grail, which will never NOT be equipped on one of my characters. I would say it’s a pretty fair trade-off.

Now we can go and take care of all the Sage’s Treasure Chests!

MUSIC: Mist Covered Town

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_212605.104
Sage’s Treasure Chest: I smell something good! That smells so good… it’s Soru Bread!

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_212616.657
The Sage’s Treasure Chests are all scattered on the lower levels of Sol, but it’s really not that difficult to find them all.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_212750.864 Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_212811.199 Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_212821.208 Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_212828.407
Gala gains a level while I try to finish off this inane, game-padding, tedious mission.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_212911.431 Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213020.959Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213030.278  Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_212939.247 Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_212926.592
At least they’re good items.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213042.615
WTF, it’s still here!

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213046.294

He who seeks the Warrior’s Square must sate the Sage’s hunger. Then the Sage’s Gate will open. All the Sages have been satisfied.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213053.959
Gala: Calm down, Noa! Listen! I hear something!

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213059.886
Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213103.342
Well, at least we can get past now.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213107.270  Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213109.159Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213111.143

MUSIC: Dr. Usha

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213115.150
Dr. Usha:  Dr. Usha! I am pleased to make your acquaintance!
Noa: Hi, Dr. Usha!
Dr. Usha: Don’t be alarmed. This is a mechanical device. It is not the real me! I know not whether I will still be alive by the time you hear this message. I recorded this message just after sealing the Sage’s Gate. This I did to protect the Warrior’s Square from the approaching Mist and its cohorts. If I am lucky, I will survive the Mist long enough to meet you. Proceed with the Genesis Tree seedling. Heroes! Drive the Mist from Sol!

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213139.662
Gala: Vahn! How did Dr. Usha know we were here? We should take the Genesis Tree seedling to Warrior’s Square, like Dr. Usha said.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213154.134
Well, let’s get to it.

MUSIC: Mist Covered Town

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213212.182
There are some new(ish) enemies down on the lower levels of Sol. The Mage is new. but we’ve seen Kemaro before. I wouldn’t mind getting another one of those for Gala or Noa, that is one of the Seru spells that still really holds up throughout the game.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213300.686
Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213329.286
Wonder Amulets are AWESOME. We’re getting closer to the end of the game (we’re in the last third of the game now), and Wonder Amulets completely negate any status effects.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213342.397
This though… sweet crispy crackers, this is the best friggin’ accessory in the game. The Golden Book increases the amount of Gold gained after battles by 25%. THIS MEANS SO MUCH LESS GRINDING TIME. OH MY GOODNESS. THE GAME IS GOING TO TAKE SO MUCH LESS TIME NOW. I just wish this item could have been found earlier in the game, before I started to get freakin’ sick of it.


MUSIC: Warrior’s Square

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213354.973
Gala: The air is stale from being sealed in here for so long.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213404.150
Gala: That must be the Warrior’s Square that Dr. Usha was talking about. The Square must be behind those stones.
Noa: Ooh, I want to see the Square! I want to go through the stones!

What ensues is an annoying switch-pulling puzzle, which ultimately entails in timing based electric gates and the lowering of the obelisks around the square. It’s a tedious time extender.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213458.741
But after consulting a guide utilizing all of my brain meats, I manage to figure it out.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213501.677
Gala: Vahn! Hurry! I’m worried about Songi and Gaza!

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213507.525

MUSIC: Songi’s Theme

Songi: I wouldn’t want to ruin my reputation by not living up to you moron’s expectations!

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213515.805
Noa: Songi! What did you do with the old man, Gaza?
Songi: Well, well. How touching! The barbarian girl is fond of the old geezer!
Noa: Ooh! I’m steaming!
Songi: If you want to see him that much, then go ahead! Gaza! Come out, Gaza! We have visitors!

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213537.685
Songi: In fact, I like him so much that I gave him a custom-fitted Sim-Seru!

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213543.852
Songi: Now then… I’ll leave you to the geezer. If you’ll forgive me, I must be going. I’m so busy now! I would wish you good luck, but that won’t do you any good! Ha ha ha!

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213554.541
Gala: Noa! Stay away from him! He’s possessed by a Seru!

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213600.924
…Damn. That’s actually somewhat intimidating.

MUSIC: Boss Theme

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213604.092
Noa: He’s being destroyed!
Gala: He’s in a frenzy! There’s nothing to do now by fight him!
Gaza: T-Thou wouldst hinder my path of carnage. You must die! Prepare to die by the steel of my Astral Sword! Prepare to meet thy doom!

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213622.268
Now, for some reason, I was under the impression that Gaza was easier this time around than the first battle with him. I don’t know what convinced me of this fact.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213632.492
Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213634.500
To be fair, damage output like this just further reinforced that idea.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213653.260Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213701.484Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213706.292 Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213715.315
And then with Noa and Vahn able to pound out Miracle arts with alarming frequency, netting around ~4500 damage per round, I was feeling pretty good.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213722.500
Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213724.252
Gala’s new Super Art, Back Punchx3 leaves a little to be desired, compared to those two, but it still deals nearly 1,000 damage per round, pretty respectable.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213726.764
Let’s talk about a false sense of security.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213732.635

Neo Star Slash can ruin your day pretty damn fast. There’s no way to predict it, and it does about 1,000 to each party member without Spirit, which is a lot scarier to our party than it is to him.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213747.843
Luckily, I have quite a few Phoenixes hoarded up in my inventory.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213752.684
Astral Wave also hurts quite a bit more when you haven’t used Spirit beforehand.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213811.244
Also, you can see here that Spirit cuts the damage of Neo Star Slash by a little more than 50%. It is very, very important.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213841.819
After being humbled a bit, I manage to take Gaza down without many further problems.

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213847.747

MUSIC: The Funeral

Gala: Look, Noa! The horrible Seru is separating from Gaza’s body!
I d-dropped my guard… I am… utterly defeated… by the enemy. Failed to keep the vow… I made… My dream… never to come true! Mar! Theodore! Belde!

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213907.115
Noa: Terra, you’re a Ra-Seru! You have amazing powers! Please, help the old man!
Terra: Noa, Gaza’s body is dying. There is nothing we can do. However… yes, that’s it. It may be possible to keep his spirit alive.
Ozma: Special powers are needed to raise the Genesis Tree seedling into a full-grown Genesis Tree.
Meta: Gaza’s strong spirit, which trapped Gaza in its prison… It’s pure and earnest enough to provide the Genesis Tree seedling with the energy it needs!
Terra: Gaza’s soul will live eternally in the Genesis Tree in Warrior’s Square!
Noa: You mean that the old man is going to turn into a Genesis Tree here?
Gaza: I… am to become a G-Genesis Tree? Now that I have failed… to uphold my vow… then I can die contentedly. Please help me join with the Genesis Tree!

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213941.939
Noa: Old man! If you really want to join with the Genesis Tree…
Meta: Vahn! Place the Genesis Tree seedling next to Gaza! Let his energy flow into it!

MUSIC: Reviving a Genesis Tree

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_213952.899Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_214001.627Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_214008.930Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_214016.883Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_214025.954Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_214033.227  Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_214037.243
Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_214041.474
Noa: He wants us to use it now that he’s gone!

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_214048.883

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_214051.450
Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_214054.322

Ep. 24.mp4_20150725_214101.562
Well, I think that’s a good stopping point for today.  Next time, we’ll see what’s in store for us now that Sol’s Genesis Tree has been revived!

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