Gaza – Legend of Legaia Ep. 23

Welcome back to Legend of Legaia! Last time, we made it to Karisto Kingdom, and started to work our way up Sol Tower. We also met the swordsman Gaza, as well as got some background information on Cara. It seems like she has a bone to pick with some dude named Grantes.  We also stopped by the Arms Shop and were woefully underfunded… so I’m going to start off with the last photo from last episode.

Music: Biron Monastery

Ep. 22.mp4_20150725_204825.689

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205113.064
So while grinding up ridiculous amounts of money, (around 100,000G), Vahn gained 3 levels, Noa and Gala each gained 4. I probably spent about 3 hours grinding on the lower levels of Sol. I also managed to get everyone Spoon, the best party-heal spell in the game.

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205204.367
Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205207.799
Old Deez: None but the followers of Biron may enter. Let alone those wearing the despised Seru on their person! Go away! Now!

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205214.719
Gala: I am Gala. I embraced Biron and studied under Master Zopu. Please listen to what we have to say. Please!
Old Deez: Zopu? So, you speak the name of Zopu! He certainly is of Biron… But…
Gala: Please forgive my impertinence!

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205237.806

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205241.663
Noa: Gala, you’re so cool!
Gala: Biron Martial Arts, seventh degree. What do you think?
Old Deez: Hmm. There indeed is deft mastery in your techniques. Those could only be the secret arts of Biron, taught by Zopu himself! Having seen your skills, it would not do to turn you away. Come with me.

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205256.958
Old Deez: Your tales, Gala, Vahn, and Noa… The Ra-Seru and Genesis Trees… To witness such miracles! I am indeed impressed! I apologize for my rudeness earlier. Yes, there is a Genesis Tree here. However…

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205316.575

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205318.615
Noa: Hey, Vahn! That’s only a…
Gala: That’s… a seedling! This tiny, frail-looking Genesis Tree is going to help us?
Old Deez: Correct! This is a Genesis Tree seedling! That is what we call it. One hundred years ago, the wilted Genesis Tree of the underground Warrior’s Square was transplanted here. Amazingly, it transformed into this seedling. The prophecy of the Holy Emperor Etora IV says that when the time is right the Genesis Tree in Warrior’s Square under Sol will come back to life. I now entrust you with this Genesis Tree seedling!
Gala: I am honored, Master Deez.

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205350.302
Old Deez: Good luck to you. And may Tieg smile on Sol. Open Sage’s Gate and go to Warrior’s Square. The Genesis Tree seedling should revive.

I… I can’t believe I made it through all of that without making a DEEZ NUTS joke.  Aw, dang it…

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205401.862
Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205405.246
YES! No more spending money at the Inn for this guy!

Monk 2: The secret to opening Sage’s Gate is in the treasure chests in the lower floors of Sol.

This is a hint to an upcoming “puzzle.” And I hate it.

Monk 3: To think that there are Biron warrior-monks wearing Seru like Gala does… There must be many things beyond our imagination in the outside world now that the Mist is gone.
Monk 4: Warrior’s Square is located under this town. However, the only way there is through Sage’s Gate, which is tightly sealed!

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205428.286

Music: Boss Theme

Gaza: This I have vowed on my honor, and on the mighty Astral Sword! No one who would prevent me from keeping that vow shall be spared! Now put down that Genesis Tree seedling! Do not resist me! Lest thou die by my blade!

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205459.077

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205501.486

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205508.126
Gaza: I bear thee no ill will. Yet if thou doth seek to drive away the Mist and with it the Seru, then I would be forced to stop thine evil scheme by taking thine lives. Now, how dost thou reply?
Noa: You’re weird! I don’t understand a word you’re saying, but I can tell you’re a weirdo!

Gala: There’s no reason for us to fight, Gaza! The awakening of the Genesis Tree and your vow… They are the same thing! That means you, old man, and we share a common goal! There is no reason for us to fight! We are not sworn enemies!

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205535.125
Gaza: The grounds where my sword holds the power of life and death is the demon’s lair below! I exist to fight there! My sword was forged to slay the demons! I live for carnage!
Noa: Power of life and death? Demon’s lair? Carnage? Ooh! That’s too weird! That’s just too weird! There’s something wrong with this old guy!
Gala: The Mist can twist people’s minds with its very existence.
Gaza: Enough idle talk! Let thine steel do thine talking!

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205636.333

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_205644.669
Gaza is a pretty tough cookie, but I’m at a pretty decent level, as well as decked out with the best equipment. Plus, when spirited, Noa now has 9 attack slots, which means she has a few new tricks up her sleeves…

Oh baby, that’s not even the end of it.

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_210027.755
Of course, Gaza isn’t going to take that lying down. His astral Slash hits pretty hard on a single character, and of course he has a full-party attack as well.

But now we have Spoon! Spoon is like a better version of Orb.

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_210111.155
Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_210117.987
It’s pretty much a guaranteed full heal for the entire party at this point in time.

Along with that…

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_210146.515
See this input? This is one of the most beautiful things in the game…

Miracle Arts are beautiful. Each character can use Miracle Arts once they have 9 inputs. Miracle Arts are long inputs of regular arts strung together in one attack of awesome. They take 99 AP to perform, but hot damn, they are worth it. It’s also worth noting that the move at the end of the chain is not the name of the Miracle Art. Noa’s Miracle Art is called “Noa’s Ark,” and she’s also the only character to get a completely unique attack at the end of the string. We’ll get to see Vahn’s and Gala’s once they become available (which might be relatively soon for Vahn, and is still pretty far off for Gala).

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_210655.528
Can’t touch this.

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_210700.777
Gala: Such a senseless fight! Why must human fight human? Vahn, the old gentleman still lives. We must treat his wounds, quickly!

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_210707.328

Music: Songi’s Theme

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_210710.768

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_210716.561
Songi: You’re all a disgrace! Your cruelty puts the Mist’s henchmen to shame! Bloodthirsty beasts! How could you murder this poor old man just because he was a little eccentric? Oh, the horror! Just watching it sent a chill through me!

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_210729.304
Songi: Hey, wait! Wait, you simple-minded, muscle-bound oaf! I will save the old man! After all, I’ve taken a liking to him… And unlike you, I am a merciful person. Ha ha ha! I’ll heal him, and help him recover! SO stay alive long enough to see him get better! So long!

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_211125.047
Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_211128.167
Gala: That Songi… What is he up to?
Noa: Vahn, is the old man going to be OK? I’m worried about him.

Music: Biron Monastery

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_211158.759
Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_211201.167
Oh man, I love Miracle Waters.

Music: Sol Tower

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_211241.998
Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_211245.366
Oh yeah, so Vahn is only supposed to be 14. I think Noa is only 11, and Gala is probably 16-17. They made the protagonists uncomfortably young in this game.

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_211248.415
This place is very, very important. The next part of the game sucks, and I’m doing it differently. It doesn’t make it suck any less, but I get a little something more out of it…

On the lower levels of Sol are 8 special treasure chests called Sage’s Chests (or something like that). We have to feed all of them Soru Bread in order to unlock the Sage’s Gate. We need to unlock the Sage’s Gate to get to Warrior’s Square to revive the Genesis Tree. There are 2 ways to get Soru Bread. Pay 6,000G for each of them (mind you, we need 8), or do what I’m going to do, which will save you 8,000G, and net you an amazing accessory.

Either way, you need at LEAST 40,000G to progress past this part of the game, or 48,000G. Also, tack that on top of the exorbitant amount of money I spent to get everyone their best equipment… now you understand why I spent so long grinding for money.

This is terrible game design, in my opinion. You’re gated by how much money you have. It might be the game’s way of MAKING you grind, to try and get your levels up, if you’ve just been scraping by up to this point, but either way, it’s terrible. This is perhaps the most grindy RPG I have ever played. I love it, but hot damn, it is a slow game as it is, and the amount of grinding that is pretty much a necessity makes it take that much longer.



Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_211251.358

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_211254.486 Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_211257.734 Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_211301.622
So now we have the Life Grail. The Life Grail is an accessory that, when equipped, heals the wearer for 200 HP every turn. This… is… AMAZING. You may as well get this rather than waste your money on Soru Bread that you will use once and will then be gone.

Ep. 23.mp4_20150725_211324.815
And we’re going to put it to use in the Muscle Dome…


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