Dohati’s Castle – Legend of Legaia Ep. 21

Well, hello everyone. Last time on Save File plays Legend of Legaia, a lot of crazy shit went down. We went from an RPG to a survival horror game that was all kinds of messed up. That’s one of the weirdest parts of the game, and also one of the coolest parts. But now, we need to take care of the Mist Generator in Dohati’s Castle, so let’s get to it!

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171019.469
First things first, we’re still a little bit beat up from our encounter with Van Saryu. So we may as well stop by the Inn and rest up.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171022.556
Eliza: That’s why I’m going to be so grateful just to be alive from now on!

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171027.669
Oh, awesome! That’ll save me a spot of money.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171042.597
Now we can use the West Ratayu Key to open up the gate so we can get to Dohati’s Castle.

Music: World Map

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171047.877
It’s actually still quite a hike to the castle, surprisingly.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171054.604
And it doesn’t take long at all for us to start running into the Mist again either.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171101.413
Some new enemies, but nothing interesting, really. Gomboo is a pretty silly name for an enemy though.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171117.725
Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171136.516
Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171143.636
Dang, looks like the Mist Generator is all the way up at the top.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171201.220
Music: Dohati’s Castle

Unfortunately, there is really nothing interesting here, just a long dungeon with a lot of fights and some items and then a boss up at the top.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171204.796
Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171209.300
Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_171216.780
Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_185702.239
I should probably use these Elixirs sometimes, but the money is just too tempting.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_185718.607
Oooo, I always like leveling up!

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_185723.720
Oh, there are escalators. But you can’t really see them moving in stills, I guess.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_185725.160

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_190026.598
These will never not be useful.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_190033.134
I always think these things are so fancy. I love them. I guess you would call them covered bridges? Enclosed bridges? I have no idea, but they’re really cool.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_190042.326
Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_190100.574
Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_190115.070
Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_190122.237
Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_190129.606
When giving that Life Water to someone, I realized that I forgot to teach Gala his next Hyper Art, so I make sure to fix that.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_190152.190

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_190345.597
Oooo, now this is an accessory I will be putting to good use.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_190957.546
Increases the attacking power of Arts?  SIGN ME UP.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_191018.170
There are symbols on the floors scattered around the castle. They’re probably there to help keep you from getting lost, if you pay attention enough. Which I do not. I also end up getting lost quite a bit. Coincidence? Probably.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_191020.970
Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_191043.601
Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_191051.586
Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_191106.106
Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_191112.593
Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_191120.114
Well, we’re definitely making progress. We’re now in the second bridge-thingy, the higher one. Almost at the top!

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_191122.458
A Save Point! That means we’re almost to some sort of progression! Woohoo!

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_191133.105
Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_191147.937
Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_191152.969
Oh hey, we made it!

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_191154.385
Terra: We can destroy this machine by combining our powers!
Ozma: But be careful, everyone! I sense the presence of evil!

Music: Dohati Appears

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_191213.097
Dohati: How naive! To enlist the powers of Ra-Seru in creating Juggernaut… No doubt that is the best he can do with that second-rate Sim-Seru.

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_191222.641
Dohati: It is I who created Juggernaut and ordered Xain to kill that meddlesome Hari. I, with the superior Sim-Seru I received from Prince Cort! Fools! You shall all feel the power of my wrath! Now I shall show you which is stronger, your Ra-Seru or my Sim-Seru!

Ep. 21 p1.mp4_20150721_191238.953
And then he turns into a… thing.

Okay, maybe it’s just because the last part of the game (the Seru Brides) was so compelling, and then they just throw a generic-ass dungeon at you right after, but Dohati seriously feels like the most worthless villain we’ve fought so far. We had Zeto, who showed up and FUBAR’d Rim Elm, and then we had Songi who has his personal vendetta against Gala, and also we have no idea what his motivations are. And then we have… Dohati. Dohati, who was name dropped by Xain (who had way more personality than Dohati, by the way).

Dohati, who shows up here for the first time, has to rattle off all the evil things he did in order to make us care. “Remember Xain, and Saryu? They were evil because I’M evil!” And then he name-drops our next big bad, Cort. That… that’s basically his whole purpose, I think, to just name drop Cort. In short, Dohati sucks. He’s a poor, generic, “Look at me, I’m so EVIL!” boss, who has no build-up, and is just a stepping stone to the next part of the game.

Dohati, you’re lame, and I’m going to kick your ass.

Music: Boss Battle.

Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_191259.169
I don’t know what the heck he’s supposed to be, but Dohati is a boss in the same vein as Zeto. A somewhat lackluster physical attack, a stronger single target ability, and a strong whole-party attack. Unfortunately, he gives no indication that he’s going to use it. A general rule of thumb is that he does it every third attack or so. It hits hard, so try to keep your HP up, since you can’t always predict when to Spirit up beforehand.

Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_191301.993
Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_191304.521
Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_191306.409
But in reality, you should be using Spirit pretty much every other turn anyway.

Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_192536.820
Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_192539.716
Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_193515.024
Yeah, 3 hits can take out almost 50% HP off of Gala, our tankiest character. I guess I understated Dohati’s physical attack power.

Gala’s got some Super Arts in his repertoire now, but it’s not that great. Single hit attacks are more powerful than a regular hit, but hitting more times > hitting harder in this game.

That wasn’t too bad, but everyone had used Spirit beforehand.

Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_193721.135
Gala can really dish out the damage though, it’s pretty impressive.

Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_194023.301
Dang, Noa’s defense really sucks. She is the definition of the proverbial glass cannon.

Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_194058.373
Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_194100.285
Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_194103.149
Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_194924.993
YEAH!  No levels gained, unfortunately.

Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_194930.970
Dohati: However, my creation, Juggernaut, has already been set free. Rim Elm. That wretched cave. The Biron Monastery. All those foolish humans who think they have escaped the Mist! Juggernaut has unleashed the hand of destruction on them all! And Juggernaut continues to grow under the protection of mighty Prince Cort. Though I may die, Juggernaut will live.

Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_195037.417
And then he explodes.

Farewell, Dohati: Placeholder Bad Guy.

Music: The Genesis Tree

Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_195043.497
Meta: Listen, everyone! We must work together! Let’s go!

Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_195049.657
Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_195218.232
Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_195224.072
Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_195522.175
Another Mist Generator down!

Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_195549.614
Is that… a Ra-Seru?

Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_195557.679

Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_195601.799
Noa: Terra, something’s wrong! You were talking to it in a language I don’t understand.
Terra: I’m sorry, Noa. This is something I still can’t tell you about.
Meta: Vahn, I promise that someday I’ll tell you who I was talking to.
Ozma: So please don’t ask us to tell you now.
Gala: Noa, there’s no use crying about it. All you can do is believe in that promise.
Ozma: I’m sorry, Gala.
Gala: Well, at least the Mist is gone from Vidna and Octam.
Meta: That’s right! By the time we reach the outside, both towns should be back to normal!


Music: Ratayu Restored

Ep. 21 p2.mp4_20150721_195640.022
Saryu: Your homes were damaged by the Juggernaut I created. I am terribly sorry.
Noa: No! It’s not your fault, Saryu! It’s the Sim-Seru’s fault!
Saryu: Noa… I am told you are searching for your parents in Conkram.
Noa: That’s right! Hari told me they were there!
Saryu: There is but one way from the Sebucus Islands to Karisto Kingdom, where Conkram is. That is by the flying train. There is a flying train station in Octam. I do not know if it is still in operation, but it’s worth a try.
Gala: I see. Songi is where the Mist is. Vahn, we must go to Karisto Kingdom!
Noa: Vahn, did you hear that? I want to go to Octam and ride a flying train!


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