Mt. Letona – Legend of Legaia Ep. 19

Welcome back, dear readers! Last time on Save File plays Legend of Legaia, we royally screwed up Vidna, and realized how much Octam’s mayor sucks. On the other hand, at least he gave us our next objective: To revive the Genesis Tree on Mt. Letona, located to the East of Ratayu, all places we haven’t been yet. So let’s hop to it!

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_173553.185
So since we haven’t been to Ratayu yet, we just have to hoof it.

Music: World Map

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_173609.217
We’ve been to Octam and the Shadow Gate. This sign is actually pretty useful, since the Sebucus Islands kind of suck to navigate.

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_173616.081
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_173628.441
Here we are, this looks promising.

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_173634.962
Meta: Wait a moment.
Terra: I sense something. Noa, can you? Do you sense it?
Ozma: It’s a Genesis Tree! There’s a Genesis Tree nearby!
Meta: But wait… The Genesis Tree’s energy level is fluctuating wildly… What does this mean?
Terra: The Genesis Tree is to the east! Let’s pass through the town and head east!

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_173700.025
This game is kind of annoying with it’s hard to navigate places.

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_173707.025

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174041.792
Oh, jeez. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a Viguro. In fact, last time we fought one, it was a boss. This is a Lvl2 Viguro, and it’s just a regular enemy. It’s pretty beefy, but nothing to get too worried about, at least.

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174050.055
Sometimes I have trouble telling East from West. Oh well, both of the checkpoints are locked at the moment anyway.

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174110.063
Nice! (I guess).

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174113.415
I just included this picture to show that random battles are still nothing to sneeze at. If you’re not careful, regular enemies can still destroy you without too much effort.

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174155.015

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174221.614
So we have to head into the palace at the head of town.

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174435.126
It’s pretty extravagant, to be honest.

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174445.054
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174506.414
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174522.046
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174524.246
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174527.453
There’s a lot of treasure to be found, at least.

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174530.933
Gala: What’s the matter?

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174535.669
Gala: Saryu? You’re possessed by a Seru… How can you speak to us?
Saryu: I cannot understand difficult words… I give you the key to Letona. The Letona Key will open the gate. You can reach Mt. Letona’s Genesis Tree there. The Mist can be driven from Ratayu. Then I can be with my bride. I am pleased. I give you this West Ratayu Key, too.
Noa: All right! I didn’t understand everything, but I got the part about the Genesis Tree!
Gala: I think he’ll give us a key to reach the Mist Generator, if we revive the Genesis Tree. It sounds good, but something troubles me…
Noa: But Saryu said something about brides! Gala, let’s help him!
Gala: Vahn, I will let you decide what to do.
Vahn: …

Seriously, they don’t even give you a dialogue option there. I really feel like they should have.


Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174630.565
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174646.364
The Ivory Book is pretty sweet. It’s an accessory that can help you absorb Seru if you have it equipped. Unfortunately, like I said a few updates ago, Seru aren’t as awesome as they used to be, unless they’re healing Seru, and there’s only one of those left to get in the game.

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174701.828

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174707.837
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174714.156
Ozma: The Genesis Tree must be at the summit!
Gala: With a Genesis Tree, we can make our Ra-Seru stronger, too! Hurry, Vahn!
Terra: But what do those strange energy fluctuations mean? Could it be something evil?
Noa: Vahn! Gala! Let’s hurry and go see the new Genesis Tree!

I’m going to montage our way up to Mt. Letona.  If you feel so inclined, you can listen to the montage music here. NOT WORKSAFE, by the way. I don’t know why you’d be reading this at work anyway, but if you are, thanks!

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174800.972
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_174819.316
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175015.771
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175023.323
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175036.203
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175039.683
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175110.235
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175120.362
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175147.483
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175150.131
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175205.371
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175210.642
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175224.515

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175246.826
Gala: What is this? I’ve never seen anything like it!
Noa: Vahn, this is weird! It’s a spooky wall! Let me touch it…

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175255.931
Welp, that went about as well as I think we all expected.

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175258.114
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175259.682
Okay, so we can’t touch it…

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175309.650


Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175313.210
Well, isn’t this a pleasant surprise?

Music: Songi’s Theme

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175317.394
Songi: I figured you simpletons would be coming, so I was waiting here for you. It took you long enough, you lazy dimwits!

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175327.121
Songi: So you’re not just a musclebound moron, are you? That’s right! It was me!

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175332.330
Songi: Ha ha ha! Well, do you want me to deactivate it?
Gala: Of course we do!

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175341.226
WHOA. Looking a little, uh… rough… there… Songi.

Songi: In the very unlikely event you defeat me, I’ll deactivate the force field.

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175347.946

Music: My Name is Songi

All right, it’s time to take on Songi, Round 2. This time we have the whole party fighting, which is good, because Songi is honestly pretty tough. Luckily, our team has been developing into some pretty tough bruisers themselves.

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175425.962
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175434.345
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175440.002
On a round when the entire party can attack after using Spirit, they can dish out around 2,000 HP of damage, which is pretty legit.

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175442.914
Comparatively, Songi’s physical attacks can hit for anywhere from 300-600 HP. Which is a lot more substantial to our party, meaning he can hit for anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 of our HP totals.

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175519.769
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175522.985
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175525.705
He’s also got a pretty strong lightning/beam attack that can hit a single target. This was a little too close for comfort, methinks.

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175550.089
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175552.465
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175555.793
Hyper Crush is his full party attack, and unfortunately, there’s really no way to predict when he is going to use it. So you should always make sure your HP is above 700 or so.

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175707.824
We’re able to beat him down eventually though, gaining some phat loot, a level for Vahn and Noa, and a new Hyper Art for Gala. Not a bad haul!

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175715.592
Songi: I am impressed! Your Seru are strong as well. Not bad!
Gala: Stop talking and deactivate the force field right now!
Songi: Well, a promise is a promise. All right, I’ll deactivate it. Watch and learn!

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175726.752
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175728.024
Songi: Now you are free to wake up the Genesis Tree. Use the Genesis Tree’s power to drive away the Mist and make your Ra-Seru stronger! I eagerly await your next feat of bravery! So don’t get yourselves killed! Farewell!
Gala: That blasted Songi! But he left so peacefully. I can’t figure him out.

Reviving a Genesis Tree

Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175759.832
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175803.648
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175805.848
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175813.072
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175956.383
Ep. 19.mp4_20150720_175959.279
Noa: And the Genesis Tree’s power drove away the Mist down below.
Gala: The Mist must be done now from Ratayu. But the Genesis Tree’s power is limited. Unless we destroy the Mist Generator, the Mist will cover Vidna where the windmills stopped.
Noa: Yeah, that’s right. OK! Let’s destroy the Mist Generator!
Gala: Vahn, let’s climb down the mountain and head for the town below, Ratayu. If we can get the Gate of Ratayu opened, we can reach the Mist Generator.

Sweet! Genesis Tree activated! This is a good stopping point, thanks for reading.


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