The Fire Path – Legend of Legaia Ep. 17

Oh, hello there. Welcome to another episode of Save File Plays Legend of Legaia. Episode 17, in fact. Last time, the party made it to Octam, and met Hari, who infodumped them HARD, then promptly died.

He did, however, give us our next objective, which is to take out the henchmen of the Mist in the Fire Path.

So that’s what’s next, I guess!

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200309.433
We left off right in front of the entrance to the Fire Path. Let’s head right on in!

Music: The Fire Path

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200613.191
Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200615.535
Oh boy… how exciting…

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200622.496
Now is also when we start seeing lots of pallet swaps. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many more original regular monster designs.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200649.935
One interesting thing to note is that the Ra-Seru transform over time. Every time you awaken a new Genesis Tree, the Ra-Seru grow, or evolve, or whatever you want to call it.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200701.375
Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200705.839
I’ve also started handing out the waters. For the most part, I give them to people to try and even out their worse stats. So Noa usually gets Wisdom and Magic Waters, Gala usually gets Swift Waters, and I kind of spread the others out evenly.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200715.887
Have we seen that enemy type before? I honestly cannot remember. I’ve actually been playing the game a lot in order to beat it, so I can just do all the updates in one fell swoop, so this was actually played weeks ago. Heh.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200721.655
This is what happens to the houses in Octam. We can’t enter them, I just thought it was cool that they accounted for them.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200731.759
Gala: This is bad, Vahn. That pillar is holding up the town of Octam!
Noa: No! I don’t want to see anything sad happen anymore!
Gala: Noa’s right! Let’s hurry down there! If we hurry, it might not be too late!

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200751.543
I think the Stone Lizard is new. It’s a beefy enemy that just absorbs a lot of damage.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200845.622
Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200849.398
I guess we’re actually heading pretty deep underground. There’s a lot of going underground in this game.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200919.062
Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200940.366
Treasure is always good.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_200948.294
Here’s a new Seru. To be honest, at this point in the game, Seru magic kind of becomes outclassed by physical attacks, like in a lot of RPGs. I end up becoming a lot less concerned about absorbing new Seru, unless they’re healers.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201012.070
But hey, I always love leveling up!

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201152.366
Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201205.253
I’m not really a big fan of the “naming a weapon/piece of equipment after a character” convention.Maybe it’s just me, but having a “Gala Mace,” or a “Vahn Fist,” or a “Noa Feral,” just sounds a little silly.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201210.965
But it’s a nice +8 boost to attack, so I’ll definitely take it, silly name and all.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201225.868
It also looks pretty cool in battle.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201252.388
Oh, it’s a save point. We must be getting pretty close to the boss, which is good. I have a hard time trying to be witty or interesting with these dungeon crawls.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201306.813
Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201313.652
Gala: Wait, Noa! Don’t go by yourself!
Noa: Woah! Weee! Vahn, Gala! This is awesome!
Gala: Vahn, it looks like there’s no other way.
Noa: Vahn, what are you waiting for? Hurry! Let’s go!

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201338.533
So now we’re riding around in lava on a big rock. Hey, I’m not one to argue with video game logic. At least not all of the time…

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201347.108
I’m sure this will come in handy at some point.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201401.356
Oh, geez…

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201405.908
Wow, he’s just punching the crap out of the Stone Pillar.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201421.548
Xain: Didn’t you hear me? I said I’m in the middle of something important! We can talk after I push over this stone pillar and kill everyone above us! Hey! you don’t take no for an answer, do you? What on earth do you want? Hey, those Seru on your arms… those… those are… Ra-Seru, aren’t they? Oh, no! Just my luck! That means you guys… are the enemy, right?
Vahn: No.
Xain: Whew! I guess I was wrong. Ha ha! Am I glad! Don’t worry about me, I’ll be concentrating on this, so just watch me from over there. Killing humans who disobey the Mist is so much fun! Alright, here we go!

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201500.163
Oh, crap. I probably just killed like 10 more people by lying to this guy and saying I wasn’t the enemy.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201505.996
Vahn: Yes.
Xain: Uh-oh! Ooooohhhh! Oh, this is not my day! You guys are the enemy! Ah, shucks! Why didn’t you say so before? Dohati will get made at me if I don’t kill you. So, come on, come at me, BRO!

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201534.011

Music: Boss Battle

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201540.388
Like most of the bosses in this game, Xain is a pretty tough cookie. He’s got his super-strong, charge-up, hit everyone in the party for tons of damage attack, a strong single target attack, and a pretty strong regular physical attack too. As usual, though, my method is pretty much the same:

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201544.140
Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201546.307
Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201548.291
Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201553.347
That damage is pretty rough, considering Noa had used Spirit this turn. That’s about 1/3 of her HP total in 2 hits.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201630.723

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201635.379
Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201644.371
Our party can give as much as they get, if not more. Vahn kind of gets the short end of the stick right now, because his Super Arts still only hit once at the end of the chain.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201648.523
Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201650.987
Bloody Horns is Xain’s strong single-target attack. It hits pretty damn hard.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201708.899

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_201728.267
When you see this, it’s time to stop whatever you’re doing, have everyone use Spirit, and hope their HP is close to full…

Not too bad, but keep in mind everyone had used Spirit to prepare to tank this attack.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_202420.031
Oh, crispy craps.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_202422.935

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_202445.056

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_202515.951
And then Noa promptly destroys Xain’s ass for knocking her down. And he feels so bad that he vomits out the Wind Book II, so Noa can learn her next Hyper Art.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_202524.015
After beating Xain, this little dude flies off of the Centaur body.

Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_202529.015
Xain: I’ve lost my host body… Now I’m going to die… I bet you’re happy! You’re as happy as can be over defeating me, aren’t you! I can’t stand it! Just looking at your face makes the anger swell up in me! I’m going to use what strength I have left to bother you! Now watch with your own eyes and see what will happen…because you defeated me! Watch in vexation! Ha ha ha!

Dang, he MUST be mad. He just busted out “vexation.”

“vex·a·tion” – vekˈsāSH(ə)n/: the state of being annoyed, frustrated, or worried.


Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_202546.271
Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_202550.711
Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_202554.495
Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_202557.191
Ep. 17.mp4_20150709_202602.087
Noa: Boo-hoo! Vahn, I’m cold! I hate the cold! Hurry! Let’s go back to Octam!
Gala: I never knew the Seru of the Mist had the power to freeze molten lava! Vahn, the danger to the town above is over for the time being, but… What Xain said troubles me. I have a bad feeling about this. Let’s go back up and check out the situation.
NEXT TIME: I’m sure freezing a river of flowing magma won’t have any sort of environmental repercussions, RIGHT?!

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